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I have tried a couple of different Sun Moon Lake Black teas now, and I’m really enjoying them. They are certainly unique!

I love the aroma – rich and delicious with hints of fruit, and a little earthy, with notes of wood in the distance. It has a warm, comforting kind of fragrance.

Delicious. Sweet fruit notes, hints of sour, bold and invigorating while at the same time soothing. Hints of chocolate and an earthiness to it that reminds me of mushrooms. It has a woody/vegetative kind of taste too. It’s nice and complex… it has enough interest to it that it keeps me sipping.


Where did you get this tea? Was it sample or you purchased it. I looked into buying some of Fong Mong tea but a bit costly/pricey. I was eying their Dong Ding tea on EBay. Oh well.

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drank Climber's High by The Tea Spot
4366 tasting notes

WOW! This blend has a whole lot going on, but, somehow the immense combination of ingredients works together. It is hard to pin-point any one particular ingredient in this blend – but at the same time, I can’t imagine that this would taste quite the same without the blend the way it is.

I taste vegetative earthiness that I associate with the Yerba Maté as well as the Pu-erh, I taste the rich background that I would associate with black tea, but at the same time, I taste a light airy/sweet/creamy kind of taste and texture that I associate with the presence of white and green teas.

And the melangé of spices are quite nice, giving this an almost chai-like taste that is warm, cinnamon-y and peppery. I am loving the notes of licorice here, as well as the subtle hint of mint.

Yes, there is a lot going on, but, I really like this. I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say it’s a favorite of mine, but, it isn’t something I’d turn down, and if I were to go to a tea bar, and saw this on the menu and I was in need of a big caffeine boost, I’d definitely order it.

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Thank you to TeaEqualsBliss for sending me a bit of this rooibos.

This is seriously yummy. If you like Tiramisu but don’t want to indulge in all the calories, this is a tasty substitute. Sure, I’d rather eat the Tiramisu too, but, it’s not something I could eat everyday… this tisane, though … I think I could drink this every day. It’s yummy. Chocolate-y, caramel-y, sweet, and creamy. Hints of coffee. Rich and warm and really very good.

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drank Shou Mei White by BigTeaHouse.com
4366 tasting notes

This is an amazing Shou Mei, delivering a lot more flavor than I expected. I taste the vanilla-y tones, and the spice notes as described, and I also taste a sweet dried fruit note that is almost like golden raisin… and just when I think I’ve got it pin-pointed to raisin, it tastes almost like apricot. It’s really quite amazing, how much flavor I’m getting from this white tea.

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Thank you to TeaEqualsBliss for sending me some of this tea. I steeped it on the light side to avoid the effects of hibiscus, and it worked, all I’m really getting from the hibiscus here is color… I don’t even taste much from it, maybe just a hint of tart, which could just as easily be part of the berry as it could the hibiscus.

It is lightly sweet, a little tart, and pleasant to drink.

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drank Li Shan by Harney & Sons
4366 tasting notes

Thank you Russel Allyn for sending me some of this Oolong – it is delightful!

The aroma wafting from my cup at the moment is captivating, smelling sweet with hints of fruit, flower and honey. The early infusions also offered a very creamy element to the flavor and texture, with the creaminess waning by about the fourth infusion.

A really delicious Oolong – I love it.

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drank Yunnan Black by Peony Tea S.
4366 tasting notes

The aroma of the dry leaf is sweet. I agree with TeaEqualsBliss – I smell the sweetness of dates here. Even the brewed tea has a hint of the date-like fragrance, and this translates to the flavor. Sweet, with hints of earth and leather, fruit undertones, and even hints of chocolate.

An really delightful Dian Hong. This is one I could drink every day.


Oooooo dates!?! Leather!?! (Handcuffs?) Oops! Uh, chocolate!

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Wow! Loving this breakfast blend… although I don’t think it’s actually a blend … I think it’s pure Nigiri. It is rich and flavorful, smooth, malty and absolutely delicious. A lovely tea that manages to find the balance between invigorating-get-up-and-go-ness and slow-down-and-enjoy-the-deliciousness.

An outstanding breakfast tea.

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This is an OUTSTANDING Oriental Beauty – sweet, deliciously peach-like and honey-esque. Sweet, luscious and wonderfully complex! The peach and honey tones are strong right from the start, and once the palate becomes accustomed to these flavors, it starts exploring the other notes: earth, flower, and a creaminess that melds beautifully with the peach-y tones.

Each infusion is a delight… I’m on my fourth infusion now. By the third infusion, I noticed that the mouthfeel began to lighten and it became slightly less creamy… in fact, the flavors began to meld together and become unified… creating less diversity but a more luscious, enchanting flavor.

I love this tea.

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drank Wildberry Matcha by Shanti Tea
4366 tasting notes


Thanks to TeaEqualsBliss for sending me some of this Matcha. This is the last of the berry flavored teas I’ll be drinking today!

This is really yummy. The berry flavor is subtle at first, but develops as I sip… by the time I reached my last sip, I found the berry flavor … especially in the aftertaste … to be well-pronounced. Sweet, a little tart, and juicy tasting, reminding me of something between a blueberry and blackberry flavor. Delicious!

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