4840 Tasting Notes

OK, so I held off on trying this one again until I felt it had some time to cure … and it’s been a little while so I think it’s had the time it needs.

Today, I brewed two cups of this tea … the first, I served straight up with no additions just to see how it turned out after a couple of weeks left to cure. Then I had a latte with this tea, and while it is tasty served straight, it is even better as a latte. The milk brings out the creamy notes of the caramel and the sweet, luscious notes of the almond.

This is really yum. I’m very happy with this!

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drank Kyobancha - Obubu by Tealet
4840 tasting notes

This is my first known experience with a Kyobancha … it is sweet and toasty, reminding me a bit of a cross between a white tea and a Houjicha. It is roasty-toasty like a houjicha, and light and sweet like a white tea.

The sweetness here reminds me a bit of raw sugar cane, it is so sweet and yummy. The roasted flavor is slightly nutty, and there is very little vegetative tone to this tea … it’s slightly vegetal … a hay-like vegetal tone … but it is barely there. This tea is light in body and texture as well as taste … and it is so lovely … relaxing to sip!

I like this a lot!

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This is lovely! I’m on my third cup (the combination of the fifth and sixth infusions) and I am loving this cup even more than I enjoyed the first two. Those were good … this one is great! The flavor is less earthy/smoky now than in the first few infusions, but there is still a pleasing woodsy tone that reminds me of a walk in the woods just after it rains (and there is plenty of opportunity for these kinds of hikes here in the pacific northwest, let me tell you!)

There is a fruit-like sweetness to this cup too – something between a peach and a plum with the faintest grape-y note … sweet, juicy, and not too floral. This is definitely a masculine cup of tea. But a smooth masculine … not what I’d call rugged. Like a charming gentleman.

Very nice way to spend the evening all wrapped up in this Big Red Robe!

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Thank you to TeaEqualsBliss for sending me a bit of this tea!

This is fabulous! I was not expecting it to taste as wonderful as it does. I don’t know, but the idea of jasmine and coconut just doesn’t seem to mesh well in my brain … but, these two components worked it out and they taste amazing together.

I think it has a bit to do with the fact that the tea is not an overly floral one, and no one component overwhelms the other … with the possible exception of the rooibos, as in, the Pouchong, coconut and jasmine nearly obliterate the flavor of the rooibos. And that’s fine with me. Being one who is not so fond of rooibos and more fond of Pouchong, I’m liking that I am tasting the Pouchong and not the rooibos here. I taste maybe the faintest note of an earthy tone from the rooibos … but, it is very faint.

I really like this a bunch! Completely YUM!

Whispering Pines Tea Company

Glad you like it! :) What were your brewing parameters?


I brewed it at 170F for 2 1/2 minutes… and a resteep for 3 1/2 minutes. This resteeps well … the resteep is primarily the Pouchong with very little coconut, a bit more jasmine this time too… but still really nice.

Whispering Pines Tea Company

Perfect. :) Yeah I usually go 2 minutes at 180 and resteep 2 1/2. The bottom of the cup is also my favorite for some reason.

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Thank you to Azzrian for sending me some of this tisane. I’ve already had two black teas this morning, so I don’t really need the buzz that Guayusa delivers, but, I randomly selected a tea from Azzrian’s box, and this is what I grabbed, so I’m going with it.

This smells really kind of odd, but, in a very alluring kind of way. It is such a weird smell, but, somehow it is enticing me to sip it. It doesn’t exactly smell like vanilla or lavender or mint … but there are elements of each of these ingredients in the aroma, as well as an earthy/vegetative overtone … like the smell you might experience if you were gardening in the spring, and then somehow a light breeze came over the garden that held notes of vanilla in the air.

But it tastes really good. I am in agreement with TeaEqualsBliss about this one, the flavors sort of jump around. In one sip, I’ll notice the vanilla as the strongest note, and then in the next, the earthy notes of the guayusa and the mint really emerge, and then the next, I notice lavender. It’s like the flavors in here juggle around, and you never know which flavor you’re going to notice next.

I like this a lot. No surprise there, really, since it’s from Butiki Teas!


words choice are wonderfully descriptive; like on a foggy day seeing all things as clear as day. “weird smell but enticing”; “smells kind of odd but in a very alluring kind of way.”

You are brave as I cannot make out Guayusa flavoring at all. Thank you.


smells like some sort of dessert (I think) and very tasty :D

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drank Lemon Chai by Shanti Tea
4840 tasting notes

Thank you TeaEqualsBliss for sending me a bit of this chai. I visited the Shanti Tea website and I can’t find it … it must be discontinued already.

This blend has a lot of lemon grass in the blend … something I mention only because I don’t think that my SororiTea Sister, Azzrian, would be happy about that. :)

The aroma of the brewed tea is ANISE-y! Yay! I love anise. I also smell hints of clove and citrus, but the primary scent is anise.

The taste … it’s surprisingly smooth. I guess I expected more tartness or something from this tea called Lemon Chai, but, it is a smoother, sweeter lemony note, with only a slight twinge of tartness arriving on the palate in the finish.

And the anise is strong here! Yippee! I love this blend. Boo hoo! It’s not on the website any longer.

I am glad that I got to try it though. The black tea is smooth yet strong, pleasing notes of anise, clove, and citrus. I don’t get a lot of the elderberry here, perhaps though, it is the elderberry that provides that twinge of tartness, because as I explore that a little more, it does seem to be more of a berry tartness than a lemony one.

Very nice.

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A huge thanks to Geoffrey for sending some of this tea my way. I tried some from the previous harvest, but am glad to try this harvest as well. This is really a delightful white tea. I love that it is grown here in Washington State, I love how refreshing it tastes – sweet, light, and a wee bit creamy. So nice.

I think I’m going to up my rating on this, just because I remember really enjoying it last night.

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Mondays tend to be my craziest day of the week, my husband is usually off on Mondays (sometimes he gets called in), and we seem to always be running, running, running. I don’t have the kind of time I’d like to have to enjoy a pot (several pots!) of tea, so, I usually grab a bagged tea and gulp it down before we start our running. Instead, today, I brewed some of this and poured it in a travel mug and drank it while running around. It was certainly a welcome part of the errands run. Rich and bergamot-y. I like this Earl Grey quite a bit.

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drank Schizandrae Rooibos by TeaSpree
4840 tasting notes

This is an unusual blend. The first couple of sips, I assumed that it had pretty much lost its flavor (it is an old tisane) because I tasted nothing but rooibos, but, now I taste pepper. It’s like pepper and rooibos, with a lovely hint of magnolia. I actually quite like this… the flavor of the rooibos goes nicely with the peppery note. Different, but, enjoyable.


I had a rough time with this one LOL


(I can’t resist the urge to say gesundheit when I read “schizandra.”)

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