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Thank you to TeaEqualsBliss for sending me some of this tea to try. It’s yummy!

This is also my 3200 tasting note! Wow. Do I drink too much tea? nah … perhaps the issue is that I spend so much time writing about it.

This tisane is indeed tasty. The coconut and almond flavors are well pronounced … the cookie is not quite as obvious, but, the sweet, nutty flavor of the rooibos sort of give a bake-y kind of flavor that could translate into “cookie” I suppose. I think a buttery note might take this tisane to another level and really give it that cookie taste.

As it is, though, it’s really tasty. It’s a nice, cozy kind of tea.


3200! I have a long ways to go to catch up :D


Congrats on 3200!


That is a LOT of tea ;)


And … I don’t know if I should actually admit this, but, I don’t even log every tea that I drink. I usually log every tea at least once, so if it’s a new-to-me tea I will log it. But, occasionally, I skip one. And if I’ve already logged it, I usually do not log it when I drink it a second or third time.


I’m a science nerd by trade and this got me to thinking just exactly how much is 3200 cups of tea. That’s about 200 gallons or 2 entire full-to-the-brim bathtubs of tea. And as LiberTEAS mentioned – that’s just 1st run tasting notes, that’s not counting everything that’s been drunk. Sounds to me like some needs an intervention!


LOL! I guess I shouldn’t mention that my cups are actually mugs that hold about 14 ounces …


350 gallons…


I don’t know that I need an intervention though … see, if you’ll look on my bio, I admit that I’m obsessed with tea. And admitting you’ve a problem is half the solution, right? So, I’m halfway there. I’m just not actively working on resolving the other half…

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Oh… this is so good. So very, very good.

There was a time … early in my tea years when I first tried an Oriental Beauty … and I fell instantly in love with it. And for several years after that tasting, I thought that Oriental Beauty was the ONLY Oolong that there was. I didn’t know of the many different types of Oolong that I know of now (and I’m sure that I’m still rather ignorant when it comes to Oolong tea, because they still continue to amaze me, and I still seem to discover Oolong teas that are new to me). Since that time I’ve discovered many other Oolongs, some that I might enjoy even more than an Oriental Beauty (Ali Shan comes to mind), but, of the many Oriental Beauty Oolong teas that I’ve tasted, this one deserves to be right up there as one of the very best.

It is SO good. Sweetness touches my palate first, a sweetness that is somewhere between brown sugar and honey … leaning more toward the honey than the brown sugar. After just a moment of the sweetness, I notice the intense peach tones to match the wonderful peach-like aroma of this tea. By mid-sip there is a sharpness to contrast the soft sweet notes, a flowery note … this floral tone is sharp yet sweet, almost perfume-y. As the floral note heads toward the finish of the sip, the sweetness of the honey comes back so that it may linger in the aftertaste, which is light and sweet and delightful.

A truly lovely tea.


Subsequent infusions are smoother, the sharper floral notes are softened significantly and the flavors become much more harmonious. They were really delightful as they were before, but I would say that they were much more distinct in flavor – the honey was a distinct note, as was the peachy flavor and the floral notes. Now, these flavors seem to have melded in a very unified and seamless way to create a smooth delivery from start to finish.

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I resteeped the leaves and am loving the second pot of tea as much as I enjoyed the first. The flavors taste even smoother now than the first time, and the first time it was remarkably smooth.

This tea is incredible. Definitely one worth checking out.

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These leaves are gorgeous! And they brew up the most beautiful, pale green colored liquid. So very pale … like a color blending of alabaster and the softest, palest green. So beautiful!

The flavor is unbelievably good. So sweet and it seems to sparkle on the tongue… it’s almost effervescent. The flavor starts out with a very, very subtle vegetative tone – almost barely existent – tasting of the mildest, youngest steamed artichoke heart. Buttery and rich, but with only a hint of vegetative taste. As I continue to sip, the vegetative tones develop somewhat, but they never become a really STRONG taste. Everything about this tea is very soft, delicate, and almost white tea-like. I mean that to mean that it tastes of such an exceptional quality, something that is in the furthest reaches of green tea (I like green tea, but, this is like a step beyond green tea, even).

I really love this. A truly remarkable tea.


It is very good, isn’t it? This is one you could drink every day.


Happily! So good.

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drank Brandy Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
4659 tasting notes

I don’t recall what it was that lead me to order this particular flavor of Matcha from Red Leaf Tea … available here: http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/brandy-matcha.html Was it on sale? Probably.

I’m not typically overly excited about alcohol-inspired flavored teas. Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed many of those that I’ve tried. (By the way, Red Leaf Tea has many delightful wine infused selections of tea too: http://www.redleaftea.com/wine-tea/) But, I’m just not a fan, in general, of alcohol, so, I don’t really feel the need to enjoy it via tea. As I said, I have enjoyed the various alcohol-infused and/or alcoholic beverage inspired teas that I’ve tried, some more than others … but, generally speaking I’d prefer other flavors over alcohol inspired flavors.

But, I REALLY do like this and am glad that I got it … whatever it was that inspired me to get it. When I first opened the pouch, it smelled of sweet brandy, kind of like a sweet, truffle-y filling in a alcohol infused chocolate. My order specifications for this particular matcha were my “go to”/usual specifications: distinctive level of flavoring with the classic grade of Matcha. This seems perfect for me as I taste a really pleasing balance between Matcha and flavor … although I don’t know that what I’m tasting is actually Brandy flavoring. Is brandy typically this sweet and fruity? (Again, not something I would know, since I don’t usually partake of “spirits”)

The Matcha is sweet and creamy and not quite as vegetative as some other Matcha. The vegetative tones are there, but they’re quieter, more elusive, and off in the background.

I do taste notes of what I’m going to call “brandy” if for no other reason than this is supposed to be a brandy flavored matcha … there is a certain alcohol-like flavor to this. But, it is also rather subdued in the presence of some rather strong flavors. As I quickly perused some of the tasting notes, I saw a comparison to “Juicy Fruit” gum and I get that comparison, it is sweet and almost candy like. As I mentioned earlier, the fragrance reminded me quite a bit of the sweet, truffle-like filling of a chocolate covered, brandy-infused confection. And I taste a lot of that same type of flavor here. Not an overwhelming, straight-up alcohol note, nothing strong or overbearing or drunkard tasting, instead, it is sweet and very, very smooth.

Yes, for this bowl of Matcha, I would say that smooth is the best descriptive. No sharp or astringent alcohol notes. Nothing at all off-putting. An aftertaste that is vaguely reminiscent of the aftertaste you might experience after a sip of brandy. (Again, that’s going off a distant memory because it’s been quite a while since I’ve consumed brandy)

Very enjoyable. I like this one a lot, and look forward to trying this mixed with other flavors! In case you forgot, you can get some here: http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/brandy-matcha.html


I’m not a big fan of alcohol and it’s been a struggle all my life, especially with all these beer festivals going on. 

I have the rum matcha and it tasted and smelled a lot like bubblegum. I wonder of its the same with your brandy…


It smells a lot like juicy fruit gum. I didn’t really make that connection, but someone else that has tried this did … and after reading that tasting note, I realized, why… yes it does! It’s very fruity in flavor and smell.

I have considered getting the rum, and I probably will at some point. If for no other reason than it makes me think of Pirates of the Caribbean (and Johnny Depp as a pirate).

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drank Swedish Delight by sTEAp Shoppe
4659 tasting notes

This is FANTASTIC! With the flavors of orange and cardamom you get a very “orange spice” kind of feel to the background. It isn’t overly spicy, just warm and exotic, and the orange is sweet and adds a little bit of brightness to the overall cup. But what really makes this blend unique is the lingonberry. Lingonberry can be very tart but here it isn’t overwhelmingly so. It is tart … but there is more of a sweet-tart kind of taste rather than straight up tart… which probably has a bit to do with the addition of the orange to this blend.

The sweet-tart taste is there throughout the sip, and the finish is tingly and tarty and lingonberry-ish. The warmth of the cardamom is also present throughout the sip, while the Ceylon plays a good support for the rest of the flavors – offering a delicious, medium-bodied flavor of black tea without becoming too intrusive on the flavor. In this case, that is a really good thing because it’s a lovely way to experience lingonberry.

I like this one a lot. This might just become my “holiday blend” alternative. Very nice.

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Oh yum. Oh yummy yum yum yum!

This is really good. The blueberry flavor is perfect – tasting like ripe, juicy blueberries that are bursting with flavor. They taste like the cooked blueberries … the kind you’d taste in a blueberry muffin – and when you bite into it it just oozes with juicy flavor. Mmm!

Then there is the buttery cake taste that Frank captures so well. It is rich and dessert-y delectable. I can even taste the brown sugar crumble on top … all that’s missing is the crumbly, crispy texture. The subtle lemon note brightens the cup without intruding too much on the overall flavor.

This is better than my local bakery’s blueberry muffin. So yummy!

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drank Jolly Jellybean by DAVIDsTEA
4659 tasting notes

I’m finally getting around to trying this sampling sent to me by DaisyChubb (thanks … and sorry it took me so long!) I figured I had better get to trying it because the three jelly bellys that were in this sampling represented the last of the jelly bellys in the house (the large jar somehow disappeared) and I feared for these jelly bellys safety.

Oh… YUM! I like this. It is remarkably sweet, which should come as no surprise. It’s a bit like a handful of jelly beans that have been liquified and served warm. Sweet and tasting very much like jelly bellys.

I like that I don’t taste a lot of rooibos flavor here, just a slight woody/nutty note from it, mostly I taste coconut, pineapple and strawberry … in that order. Sweet and candy-like. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, this isn’t the right tisane for you.


Yay I’m glad you liked it! No worries, I still have some teas from you waiting for a special day for me to try them! Mostly A&D teas :3

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drank Laoshan White by Verdant Tea
4659 tasting notes

My tasting note went bye bye after Firefox crashed on me. :(

This is an exquisite white tea … the leaves are incredibly green. If I had not opened the pouch myself, I would swear that these were green tea leaves and not white. They are so tiny and delicate looking… and deeply green!

The flavor is amazing. Sweet and vegetative, tasting very much like sweet sugar snap peas as suggested by Verdant. I also taste the hint of almond to this, it tastes almost creamy like the creaminess of a raw almond, but, with the sweetness of a roasted almond (but not so much of the toasty flavor of the roasted almond). It’s really quite delightful. Delicate in the way that I taste generally only from a white tea, but, also quite green tea tasting. Very intriguing and lovely.

In subsequent infusions I notice more sweetness, like honey… reminding me of the honeysuckle of my childhood memories, but not quite that either. It’s somewhere between that honeysuckle and wildflower honey.

I really love this White tea … I can see why it has been so highly regarded by other Steepsterites. I’m enjoying this immensely.


We’ve been having Firefox problems lately, too.


awww poor Firefox. I use googlechrome and I haven’t had any problems :)


I’ve started composing my notes in word to keep track of them and prevent losing them.

It’s especially nice when I write matcha reviews and want to make sure I get to 200 words.

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Thank you to TeaEqualsBliss for sending me some of this tea.

This is an adventurous tea – it takes the palate on an adventure. It is also quite different than I expected it to be. With a name like Tropical Island, I expected something pineapple or papaya or mango … or a combination of these flavors. But I didn’t get those at all.

The first flavor that I tasted was lime. It really stood out over all other flavors in the cup with the first two or three sips. After that, the blackberry flavors began to emerge, and I also began to notice the flavor of the black tea. After a few more sips, I tasted a sort of “sweet and sour” kind of taste, and I guess that’s from the sour sap? Soursop? I’m not real familiar with this fruit, as I tend to shy from things called sour. But, I’m liking it just fine here.

By about mid-cup, I notice a hint … very subtle hint … of pear.

A really intriguing cup that kept me on my toes. I like the challenge that this tea offers.

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I am obsessed with tea!

I am a co-founder of the SororiTEA Sisters:


My favorite teas are Yellow Teas with most Oolong teas at a close second. As far as “flavored” teas go, I love Earl Grey, Chocolate and Jasmine teas.

I also am intrigued by flavored teas with an unusual or unique flavor combination.


I don’t do a whole lot of swaps anymore, however, I do occasionally sell sampler boxes. I don’t always have sampler boxes available as it depends upon how much time I have as well as packaging supplies. If you’re interested, keep an eye out or PM me and I’ll let you know when I have some posted.


Most of the teas that I record in my notes here are going to have a fairly high rating from me. This is not because I am not discerning, but because I do not usually waste my time on drinking tea I do not care for, nor will I waste my time on writing about it.


Vancouver, WA



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