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Revisiting this tea today. Here is my full-length review: http://sororiteasisters.com/2011/08/23/wild-fresh-buds-puerh-from-in-nature-teas/

A very lovely, fresh tasting pu-erh.


Is this a Yabao? It looks a bit that way from the photo.




I believe Yabao is what Verdant calls a tea that looks very much like this. Wild Fresh Buds is what In Nature calls it. Another tea that is similar in appearance is Wild Arbor Buds from Mandala Tea.

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This is excellent. But then, I would expect nothing less from Aiya. Their matcha and gyokuro are exceptional, I was confident this would also be good.

Unlike other Matcha coated Genmaicha teas I’ve tried, I’m impressed at how clear the brewed tea appears. It doesn’t have unincorporated bits of matcha settling to the bottom of the cup. The flavor is sweet, toasty, and pleasantly mild. Very soothing and restorative.


I wonder how this compares to the Lupicia version. I just got some as a gift last week!

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OK, you HAVE to watch this video: http://raretea.m6.artlogic.net/news-and-reviews/videos/xaqGK6UTTQY Don’t worry, it’s short. But, it’s very funny.

And this tea is delicious. It does taste like tea. Delicious tea.

Rich, bold, malty, but I can taste the sparkling notes of the Darjeeling in this too. High fruit notes with a hint of muscatel. Very enjoyable!


Great Video!


I laughed out loud for a good three minutes after watching it for the first time.


Marvellous video. I’m off to my local Sainsburys to buy some. Can’t honestly say I have seen it in there, but I don’t spend much of my time down the tea aisle because I get most of my tea online. Especially loved the comment about SHI Tea.


Did you order it from England? I’ve been wanting to try her teas desperately, but keep hesitating because of the shipping. I should just bite the bullet!


haha! great video. I was going to watch it last night but my nook wouldn’t load it. Glad I came back to see it. :D


OMG!! HAHAHAHAAA!!! That video is hilarious! Is that an old commercial or a new commercial that they just made look old?

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drank Six Herb by Market Spice
4322 tasting notes


My final backlog from yesterday. I finished off the last of this tea last night. I like that this is tangy, but not so hibiscus-y as you might imagine, the tangy notes are well balanced – not just HIBISCUS but also citrus-y. I love the way that this is all so nicely balanced: peppermint isn’t overwhelming, it is tart yet sweet and just very mellow for a tisane of this nature. Definitely one that is worth a try.

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drank Creamy Toffee by Kaleisia Tea
4322 tasting notes


I finished off the last that I had of this tea yesterday too. You could say it was a day of finishing off the last little bits in my stash … or as some would say a “sipdown.” This is delicious, caramel-y and rich. Here is my full-length review of this tea: http://sororiteasisters.com/2012/05/11/creamy-toffee-from-kaleisia-tea/

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drank Monarch Blend by Ovation Teas
4322 tasting notes


Nice. I finished off my last of this tea yesterday, and I really love this tea. It is bright and flavorful, with delectable fruit notes and sweet, beautiful floral notes. A fantastic, well rounded tea that is deliciously mellow.

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I brewed some of this last night, and it is delightful. I drank about half the pot hot, and then allowed the rest to chill for iced tea, and it is even better iced than it is hot. I think it needs just a little sweetener when it’s served iced, because it helps the flavors pop a little, but it’s well worth that little bit of sugar (I used coconut sugar, I love how quickly it dissolves in cold liquid, and even though I love coconut and wouldn’t mind at all if it did impart a coconut flavor to the tea, it didn’t. Just sweetness).

The sencha is sweet and fresh tasting without tasting overly vegetal or grassy… there are mere hints of it in the background, very slight. The mango is sweet and lush and delicious without being too nectar-like which would throw off the delicateness of this tea. The pineapple is not really so much an obvious pineapple flavor as it serves as a highlight of the mango notes. That is to say, I taste the pineapple, and it tastes like pineapple, but, it isn’t a strong, obvious pineapple flavor – more like an additional tropical note to enhance the overall tropical-ness of the cup. I like this one very much.

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This is a tea that really benefits from a few minutes to cool slightly. When it’s piping hot, it comes off tasting weird. But, after a few minutes (give it at least 2 minutes, and a little more if you have the patience), the flavors develop nicely. Put it for a chill in the refrigerator, and you have a mighty fine iced tea! YUM!

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I am very pleasantly surprised by this tea. I ordered it hoping that I would – of course – taste both the caramel and the apple, but, I didn’t have my hopes up, as I’ve had some disappointing caramel apple blends.

But, this tea delivered. I taste the apple and I taste the caramel… and I taste the green tea. The apple is a bit more subtle than I would like it to be, however, I find that the caramel and the apple are pretty well-balanced. A very tasty tea.

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This is really nice. I love the way the slightly peppery, slightly minty tones of the tulsi marry with the lemony notes of the lemon myrtle. And I don’t usually notice much flavor from marigold petals but, I can taste a slight floral tone here. It is herbaceous without tasting too medicinal (maybe a tad medicinal, but not in an off-putting way) Everything is very pleasant and gentle. It’s very soothing. The more I sip it, the more I like it.

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