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Thank you TeaEqualsBliss for sending me a bit of this tea!

And what a lovely Keemun this is. I get what TeaEqualsBliss says about this being a “lighter” Keemun, but, I find a robustness to this too, not so much in body but more in the spice set in the background. This has a lovely complexity to it. It has a lovely peppery quality, rich yet calm and relaxed. This isn’t your “get up and go” kind of Keemun, it is more like a contemplative cup that you’ll want to explore.

Really nice.

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This is a fascinating Pu-erh. The earthy flavors of this tea are lighter than the aroma would suggest. What is really interesting in the first couple of infusions is the lightness of the body and the crisp, exhilarating sensation that comes with each sip. It is almost minty… but it doesn’t taste minty – it just feels minty, if that makes sense.

By fourth infusion, I noticed that the body became fuller, and much of that lightness I just mentioned is gone. With the heavier bodied tea comes interesting cinnamon and apple notes that were merely hinted toward in the first infusions.

I took this through six very incredible infusions, and I found myself enjoying each new infusion even more than the previous one. This one is definitely worth exploring!


It is cool. One of the best things about this Puer is it’s ability to change personalities. One moment there is the cooling almost mint, pine…refreshing Puer and then, a bread honey vanilla…what the?! How in the?! You can’t pin it down!

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drank Pomtini by Tea Oh
4391 tasting notes

This is pretty tasty. The pomegranate is prominent: sweet and tart. The vanilla comes in and softens the tartness just a bit, so that the palate can enjoy the contrast of flavors. The black tea is pretty mellow. An enjoyable tea, I’m liking this one iced!

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drank Premium Earl Grey by Fusion Teas
4391 tasting notes

Trying this again today, using a lower temperature and a shorter brew time (200°F / 2 minutes), and it made all the difference in the world with this Earl Grey tea. This tastes so much better!

The black tea base is rich and strong … the blend of Yunnan and Ceylon teas gives this a robust, full-bodied flavor with hints of spice in the background and I really like how that pairs with the bergamot tones. The bergamot is not quite as strong as in some Earl Grey blends, but, I wouldn’t call it light. Interestingly enough, with the lower temp and shorter steep time the bergamot is more pronounced than it was yesterday with the higher temperature and longer steep time.

This is an excellent Earl Grey.

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drank Sweet Merlot Black Tea by 52teas
4391 tasting notes

Backlog: I’ve been drinking this throughout the day today and yesterday – it is FABULOUS iced!

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drank Flaming Chocolate Mate by 52teas
4391 tasting notes

Oh wow! I LOVE this! This is AWESOME!

Hot and spicy and sweet, the heat that’s generated from the cayenne here is more like a slow burn, like the embers in a fire pit. I don’t feel like my mouth is on fire, but I feel the burn. The chocolate is a little on the light side (remember the formula: chocolate = good. more chocolate = better.) but it is very smooth and delicious, and the roasted yerba maté brings out the flavor of the cacao in a very rich and satisfying way.

I am LOVING this.


Damn damn damn, I was just thinking about maybe/maybe-not ordering this…. now I want it! Gahhhhhh dilemma! (I’m very sad that I missed out on the Double Chocolate Decadence… :( )


I know I should get this too!


Amanda bought some for me… I couldn’t resist!

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This is a delightful white tea. The mouthfeel is soft and velvet-y, and the flavor is remarkably complex. Delicate, yes, but, so many nuanced layers of flavor. In the description, notes of honey, nuts and vanilla are suggested, and I taste those, I also taste hints of freshly cut hay … like the air that surrounds you when you’re in a hayfield that’s just been cut. You can taste the hay in the air, and I taste mild hints of that with this tea … off in the distance. The sweetness of the nuts and vanilla and honey in the forefront, while the distance has vegetative hints, crisp air, and hay. This is very good, one of those white teas that I could drink daily and not tire of it.


Okay this goes on the shopping list! One of my first loose tea experiences with quality tea was that hay like aroma, flavor, essence, note – etc – I LOVE that!!

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drank Rain Drop by Kaleisia Tea
4391 tasting notes

This is pretty tasty! The strawberry flavor is so perfect! It is a strong, delicious strawberry flavor, it is sweet and a little tart like the real thing. The orange comes through nicely too, offering a hint of orange which accents the strawberry well. The green tea tastes lightly buttery with a hint of vegetative taste. Really yummy! This one will be awesome iced.


That’s too funny you have tea from Kaleisia, seeing as how they’re in florida and so am I, yet I still live too far south to go there! I havent ordered from them online though and literally have no tea shops to go to where I am. :( I cant wait to move to Washington!

Dylan Oxford

Yay, Washington!


@CupofTree that is kind of funny… I ordered this online though, and the shipping was fast!

Sandy Stith

That sounds super yummy!

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drank Plum Spice by Kally Tea
4391 tasting notes

Nice! This tea reminds me very much of the holidays, especially the fragrance which is very cinnamon-y.

The first flavor I noticed was that of the Nilgiri tea, and that brought a smile to my face … although I must admit that I was rather surprised at first, because I was expecting the cinnamon to be the first thing I tasted since it is so well-pronounced in the aroma. The cinnamon is a spicy-sweet cinnamon, but the flavor is much softer than the aroma led me to believe. Sure, the cinnamon is there, abundantly, but, it isn’t overwhelming. The plum comes in about mid-sip, but becomes strongest in the aftertaste where there is a distinct plum-y taste. YUM!

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drank Premium Earl Grey by Fusion Teas
4391 tasting notes

This is one that I think I will try again tomorrow before offering a numeric rating. Today, it tastes pleasant enough, but I think I will do a little tweaking with the brewing parameters. On the package it suggests a slightly less than boiling temperature, and I steeped it at a full boil. I think I’ll go according to suggested brewing parameters tomorrow and see if I enjoy it more.

Today, though, it is pleasant enough – a deliciously robust black tea, and a soft bergamot note. I guess I find myself wanting a wee bit more bergamot here, and that’s why I want to try it the way they suggested it to see if I’m happier with the flavor. It’s ok now, but when I drink Earl Grey, I want fabulousness.


The cooler temp helps I think. At first, I also thought it needed more bergamot. Then I decided that the French bergamot is just a different flavor than I am used to drinking. After accepting the difference I found it easy to like.

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My favorite teas are Yellow Teas with most Oolong teas at a close second. As far as “flavored” teas go, I love Earl Grey, Chocolate and Jasmine teas.

I also am intrigued by flavored teas with an unusual or unique flavor combination.


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