4453 Tasting Notes

drank Good Afternoon by Grey's Teas
4453 tasting notes

Thank you to TeaEqualsBliss for sending me a bit of this tea!

When I opened the package I could smell a hint of smokiness and a rugged, earthy kind of smell. After brewing, a smoky aroma really emerged, as well as a hint of peppery essence … kind of like what I think it might smell like if I were to burn peppercorns in the fireplace along with pine wood.

This is much different than I anticipated before opening the pouch… I expected a typical afternoon tea… you know, something on the lighter side, like a Darjeeling blend. This is more like a powerful kick-in-the-pants kind of pick-me-up in the afternoon. I’m enjoying it though!


I find myself liking this one the more I sip on it… now that it has had some time to cool just a bit, it has become really quite nice, with sweet caramel undertones and a creaminess to it that marries with the smoky tones in a deliciously unexpected way.

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drank Tamarind Pop by Butiki Teas
4453 tasting notes

I’ve been so excited and eager to try this tea since I saw that Stacy from Butiki Teas was going to try to make a Tamarind blend for AlphaKitty. The only other “tea” that I’ve had with Tamarind was a sparkling yerba mate RTD, and somehow, I don’t think that really qualifies since it’s a RTD. And it’s yerba mate. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED that yerba mate, but, I have been wanting a “real” tea with tamarind since tasting that sparkling yerba mate.

I LOVE the aroma of the dry leaf. It smells like candy: sweet with hints of chocolate and vanilla and brown sugar. The brewed liquor smells lovely as well.

The flavor is rich. I like that I taste that Guranse base first and foremost. It is earthy and rich and bold – even bolder than I remember my tasting of the pure Guranse. Maybe the tamarind brings out the stronger side of the tea? Anyway, the natural fruit tones of the tea seem to play very well with the flavor of the tamarind.

Even though I grew up in Southern California and I’ve had a lot of experience with Hispanic foods, tamarind is one that I never really became very familiar with, so I haven’t really tried a lot of tamarind (at least, not to my recollection or knowledge) But, I really like this. It tastes sweet, a little bit sour, and quite unlike anything I’ve really tried before.

I am tasting this straight today, but, Stacy told me that I should try it both ways – sweetened and unsweetened – as they are two totally different teas. Tomorrow, I shall brew a pot and sweeten it and see how it turns out. But for now, I’m really enjoying this cup unsweetened. It has a very unique flavor, not like anything else I’ve tried, and I’m loving it.


I’m really happy I picked the Guranse base for this—I almost went with Ceylon, but I don’t think it would have been nearly as good or made it into the regular lineup! I adds such nice earthy notes.


Yum….it’s good. I love the Guranse!

Butiki Teas

Alphakitty-Guranse was definitely a great choice.
LiberTEAS-Very curious to see what you think of the tea with sugar.

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drank Gold Rush (organic) by DAVIDsTEA
4453 tasting notes

A big thanks to DaisyChubb for sending me a bit of this tea.

Wow! this is really delicious.

Dry, the tea smells like coconut and berries. So, I found the flavor to be very surprising, because I don’t taste coconut or berries at the start … I taste caramel. Sweet, creamy, delicious caramel.

After a couple of sips, the coconut flavor begins to come in to focus, and the creamy sweetness of the coconut melds seamlessly with the caramel, perhaps this is why I didn’t notice the coconut at first. The mulberry adds a pleasant hint of berry flavor, with a more defined berry tone toward the finish and in the aftertaste.

A really unique, delicious tea. I’m really glad I got to try this one! Thanks again DaisyChubb! I think this one may find itself on my shopping list!


Really glad you liked it!

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This is an excellent White Peony. Sweet, slightly grassy, but more hay-like than of grass. It is very delicate, but even though it is delicate, there is such a pleasing complexity to it that develops as I continue to sip it. Such a sweet and memorable tea.

Toward the finish I notice a slight dryness, with the aftertaste that is sweet, dry and tasting a bit of the clean, mountain air in the winter. Cool and crisp like that.

As I said at the start, this is an excellent white peony… I highly recommend this one.

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drank SBT: Razzleberry by 52teas
4453 tasting notes

Yum! I cold-brewed this one, and I am loving these teas cold-brewed. The flavor is so wonderful! The black tea is smoother, not at all bitter, just good and strong and very pleasant. Very little astringency. And the flavors come through so well, this tastes primarily of blackberry at the start, but at the finish the raspberry starts to really emerge, and in the aftertaste, I just taste fresh, ripe raspberry. Juicy and delicious and so refreshing!

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drank Strawberry Island by iHeartTeas
4453 tasting notes

First of all, my apologies to iHeartTeas for taking so long to try these samplings you sent me! No excuses – I’m sorry!

This is tasty. I’m finding myself wishing there was more strawberry flavor in it … and the strawberry that I can taste is artificial-tasting. The coconut is nice, but I think that my favorite part of this tea is the vanilla, it has a nice, smooth, even tone to it. The black tea is rich and malty. This could be a really delicious tea, but the strawberry seems to be holding it back. It’s alright, but, I think I prefer the raspberry apricot blend I tried a while back.


this gets better as it cools … the coconut really emerges. The strawberry remains the same, though. But I enjoyed the way the coconut and vanilla flavor came through.

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drank Mojito Mint by Jeeves & Jericho
4453 tasting notes

A big thanks to TeaEqualsBliss for sending me a bit of this tea.

This is really refreshing. The mint is STRONG, but I like it! The citrus tones in the background really brighten the cup, while the peppermint provides a cooling, crisp flavor that is just what I need after eating my left over chicken salad (made with spicy grilled chicken, red bell peppers and bacon) – it was delicious but, the spices sort of kick me about an hour after I eat it. This is helping to soothe the stomach just a bit.

Sweet and tasty, pleasantly minty. I like that while the mint is strong, it allows the citrus to come through. Nice.

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This is FABULOUS! Sweet, creamy, and rich – but not in the same creamy way I’m used to – this is more like sweet cream rather than “warm milk” – and it is as if the cream has been sweetened with a fruit of some sort… I almost want to say plum, but a very sweet plum rather than a plum that is both sweet with a hint of tart. There is no tartness to this tea at all, just sweet, dreamy, creamy, wonderful flavor. Even the floral tones are significantly different. Not at all pungent or sharp, these remind me more of a cloud if it were a flower – something soft and fluffy, but still vaguely floral.

Truly lovely!


Oh boy! I wanted something to add to my orders for Silky Green! This one sounds DELISH!


Subsequent infusions become a bit more floral but still keeps it’s creaminess intact, making for a very smooth floral note – not at all sharp. Very nice, indeed.

Michelle Butler Hallett

A good oolong is bliss.


@*Michelle Butler Hallett* – Very true… :)


How does this compare to the Silky Green, which general opinion says tastes like a good milk oolong?


It’s been a long time since I’ve tasted the Silky Green, so I don’t feel comfortable comparing them.


Fair enough! Just piqued my interest as another tea to order from this company, and curious how different the two are. I may need to keep a close eye on ashmanra’s tealog!

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drank Hong Jing Luo by thepuriTea
4453 tasting notes

A fantastic black tea – brews up golden/coppery, a bit lighter in color than some black teas I’ve had recently, but, don’t let that fool you. It’s packed with flavor. It is a bit lighter (not so heavy), but, the lightness allows me to explore the complexity of this tea.

It is sweet. The sweetness first comes as an almost caramel-y, somewhat burnt-sugar kind of taste that quickly evolves into a raisin-y taste. That sugar-y, dried-fruit kind of note. As I continue to sip, I notice hints of leather and oak and cocoa.

Now, I’m awaiting my second infusion of these leaves… the first was so good that I just had to see if I could get more from them!


my second infusion is still light and coppery in color. The sweet potato and pumpkin notes are emerging now, with hints of brown sugar in the background. This is one that is well worth the effort to steep twice – I think I like this second infusion even better than the first!


This sounds absolutely amazing!

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drank White Twist by Tea Horse
4453 tasting notes

Nice! This is beautifully smooth with a light citrus-y tone. I was a little worried about the Echinacea because it sometimes tastes kind of funky in teas, but, it’s hardly noticeable here. There is a slight medicinal sort of note to this, but, it doesn’t taste off-putting. It melds so well with the other ingredients that it doesn’t come off as a strong, off-putting medicinal taste.

Overall this is a light, pleasantly sweet tea that I find quite enjoyable. A nice way to drink Echinacea – one of the nicest ways I’ve encountered!

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