4461 Tasting Notes

drank SBT: RadioactiviTEA by 52teas
4461 tasting notes

Backlog: I have been drinking this all afternoon. This one is really, surprisingly good. I had my reservations, mostly because I usually prefer strong, bold teas like this served hot, and I usually want a lighter tea for iced tea.

But, this one is really excellent: bold but not overly aggressive, it has a deliciously smooth character and a hint of fruity notes in the background, with a wonderful fruity quality. Absolutely delicious and very refreshing.


This is one of my top five favorites. I wish I could flavor it. It’s just too bold.


I really liked this way more than I thought I would. I mean, I figured I’d like it because it’s an Assam blend, but, as I said, I typically prefer an Assam served hot rather than iced, because I feel like the chilling process sort of mutes out all those little nuances that make Assam great. But, this just WORKED. It is so good. For those who want just a good ’ole black tea with nothing extraneous, this is it. This will blow away that grocery store tea.


I almost didn’t buy this one too. But after reading your review, I feel more confident now about trying it. Thanks!


I was scared of CTC tea until I tried this. I thought it was totally awesome.

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When I opened the package – it smelled so fresh! Like freshly cut grass kind of fresh. Very vegetative, very sweet, very clean and crisp and … fresh.

The brewed tea has a lighter scent, still very vegetal and fresh smelling, but, not quite as prominent an aroma.

The flavor of this reminds me very much of a high quality sencha, but it is less “brothy.” It still has a very pleasing mouthfeel and a thickness to it, but it is not as thick or soup-like the way I typically notice from a top-notch Japanese Sencha. The flavor is vegetal, but not quite as much as I expected based on the fragrance of the dry leaf (I expected this to be highly vegetative, but, this is a light vegetative taste with lovely flowery notes)

This is really lovely!


It looks very good and makes me think of The Tao of Tea Sencha or Sencha Shinrikyu tea. All are very good teas, I was fortunate to receive sampler set from Leah Tea Ware etc. Very good review.

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drank Tamarind Pop by Butiki Teas
4461 tasting notes

OK, today I added a spoonful of turbinado sugar to the cup and OMG! This REALLY, TRULY tastes like a soda! But not a commercially processed soda that’s filled with the icky-sickly-syrupy-sticky corn syrup. This tastes like one of those expensive sodas that was made with cane sugar. Yum.

I REALLY love this stuff. I am going to have to order more of this … the little bit that I have left I am sending to my SororiTea Sister but I know that I’m going to be missing this stuff in another week or two… craving it. Yeah… I think we need to increase the rating on this one.

It blows my mind how good this is.

Butiki Teas

Glad you are you enjoying this one. :)

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This is a lovely chai. It may be because it’s been a while (at least a week if not longer) since I’ve had a chai, but this is really tasting so very good to me right now. The spices are not overwhelming, and I like that the cinnamon and ginger are pretty much in check here. They aren’t overpowering, in fact, I’d say that the cardamom and cloves are stronger in flavor than either the cinnamon or ginger. The anise gives it a gentle sweetness in the background. This would be a good chai for even those who dislike anise, as it is not a strong presence here, and the anise seems to meld very well with the other flavors.

The black tea is equally as prominent as the spices, and it has a pleasantly smooth, rich tone to it.

Overall, a very pleasing cup. I drank this without milk, and just a wee bit (a half a teaspoon) of turbinado sugar, which helped to enhance the spices but didn’t make it overly sweet. Very nice.

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drank SBT: RadioactiviTEA by 52teas
4461 tasting notes

This is the one that I considered not buying … and I’m really glad that I changed my mind and went for it.

I cold-brewed this, and it is really good. It is not as bold as I think it would have been if I had steeped it hot, and now, it has a very smooth flavor with fruit notes, hints of malt, and a lovely sweetness. It is still good and strong, and there is no bitterness or astringency.

A really awesome glass of iced tea right here!

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Verdant Tea included this as a free sample with my last order… I’m really happy I got this opportunity to try it – it’s really, really good!

I’ve infused these leaves twice now. The first infusion brought a strong introduction of chocolate-y notes that were evident not just in the flavor but also the aroma. The aroma also smelled like freshly roasted coffee. Our local Costco has a coffee roasting station in the store, and when we go there we can smell the coffee roasting. It smells so good … almost good enough for me to want to try it, however, the sick feeling I’d feel a few hours later certainly aren’t worth that moment of weakness.

The taste reminds me a bit of one of those espresso infused chocolate bars. After a couple of sips, I noticed the yunnan peppery notes emerging. With the second infusion, those peppery notes morphed into more of a fruity, hot-pepper taste rather than a black peppercorn kind of taste. It isn’t spicy, but it is warmly spiced.

Really, really good. Thanks, Verdant Tea, for the sample!!!

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drank Mint Earl Grey by Red Leaf Tea
4461 tasting notes


This is a unique Earl Grey… I like the way the mint tones play with the bergamot. The two ingredients mellow each other out a bit, creating a rather smooth taste. The two flavors on their own can be somewhat aggressive but together they work very harmoniously.

I’m enjoying this.


This does sound really.. .interesting.

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Thank you ashmanra for sending some of this tea my way.

This tea is uncannily similar to the Fig Formosa from Teas Etc, from the name, to the appearance and aroma, right down to the color of the liquid. It’s been a while since I had the Fig Formosa from Teas Etc, so I can’t tell you without a doubt that they are the same tea … but, I suspect that they are.

Anyway, if this is the same tea, I’m happy to be drinking it again… and if it isn’t, well, that’s OK too. I’ll just talk about what I’m experiencing now and not try to hone in on my memories of the previous tasting.

Delicious fig flavor. I love fig, and this so reminds me of the flavor of the figs that I used to pick from the fig orchard belonging to the farm where I lived for a short while. One of my favorite things to do is walk through the orchard and pick the figs and eat them while they were still warm from the sun. Sweet and juicy and yummy!

This tea has a strong, delicious fig flavor. Very true to the fruit.

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drank Good Afternoon by Grey's Teas
4461 tasting notes

Thank you to TeaEqualsBliss for sending me a bit of this tea!

When I opened the package I could smell a hint of smokiness and a rugged, earthy kind of smell. After brewing, a smoky aroma really emerged, as well as a hint of peppery essence … kind of like what I think it might smell like if I were to burn peppercorns in the fireplace along with pine wood.

This is much different than I anticipated before opening the pouch… I expected a typical afternoon tea… you know, something on the lighter side, like a Darjeeling blend. This is more like a powerful kick-in-the-pants kind of pick-me-up in the afternoon. I’m enjoying it though!


I find myself liking this one the more I sip on it… now that it has had some time to cool just a bit, it has become really quite nice, with sweet caramel undertones and a creaminess to it that marries with the smoky tones in a deliciously unexpected way.

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drank Tamarind Pop by Butiki Teas
4461 tasting notes

I’ve been so excited and eager to try this tea since I saw that Stacy from Butiki Teas was going to try to make a Tamarind blend for AlphaKitty. The only other “tea” that I’ve had with Tamarind was a sparkling yerba mate RTD, and somehow, I don’t think that really qualifies since it’s a RTD. And it’s yerba mate. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED that yerba mate, but, I have been wanting a “real” tea with tamarind since tasting that sparkling yerba mate.

I LOVE the aroma of the dry leaf. It smells like candy: sweet with hints of chocolate and vanilla and brown sugar. The brewed liquor smells lovely as well.

The flavor is rich. I like that I taste that Guranse base first and foremost. It is earthy and rich and bold – even bolder than I remember my tasting of the pure Guranse. Maybe the tamarind brings out the stronger side of the tea? Anyway, the natural fruit tones of the tea seem to play very well with the flavor of the tamarind.

Even though I grew up in Southern California and I’ve had a lot of experience with Hispanic foods, tamarind is one that I never really became very familiar with, so I haven’t really tried a lot of tamarind (at least, not to my recollection or knowledge) But, I really like this. It tastes sweet, a little bit sour, and quite unlike anything I’ve really tried before.

I am tasting this straight today, but, Stacy told me that I should try it both ways – sweetened and unsweetened – as they are two totally different teas. Tomorrow, I shall brew a pot and sweeten it and see how it turns out. But for now, I’m really enjoying this cup unsweetened. It has a very unique flavor, not like anything else I’ve tried, and I’m loving it.


I’m really happy I picked the Guranse base for this—I almost went with Ceylon, but I don’t think it would have been nearly as good or made it into the regular lineup! I adds such nice earthy notes.


Yum….it’s good. I love the Guranse!

Butiki Teas

Alphakitty-Guranse was definitely a great choice.
LiberTEAS-Very curious to see what you think of the tea with sugar.

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My favorite teas are Yellow Teas with most Oolong teas at a close second. As far as “flavored” teas go, I love Earl Grey, Chocolate and Jasmine teas.

I also am intrigued by flavored teas with an unusual or unique flavor combination.


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Most of the teas that I record in my notes here are going to have a fairly high rating from me. This is not because I am not discerning, but because I do not usually waste my time on drinking tea I do not care for, nor will I waste my time on writing about it.


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