4788 Tasting Notes

drank Peach Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
4788 tasting notes

I made a smoothie for dinner. Yogurt, frozen fruit, bananas, and some pineapple juice, and a heaping teaspoon of peach Matcha. This is the perfect way to disguise the overly chemical taste of the Peach Matcha.

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Thank you TeaEqualsBliss for sending me a bit of this tea. I am so glad I got to try it because I’ve been really curious about these Disney Teas. I love Disneyland, I love just about everything Disney, so I am thrilled to be able to try some of their teas!

Unfortunately, while I think that Disney can do many things right, I don’t think that tea is one of them. This is just sorta alright. I taste the bergamot and the orange, but the bergamot tastes kind of funky to me. It doesn’t taste like the exotic bergamot I’m used to tasting in high quality Earl Grey blends. This tastes more like … soda pop orange flavor in a tea.

It’s alright, I’m enjoying it and I’ll certainly finish the cup, but, this tea certainly won’t be the reason I want to go to Disneyland.


ROFL I think I sent you some of that too! HAHA!


Yes! Some of them are pretty good and others are just ‘alright’. :)

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drank Gooey Butter Cake by 52teas
4788 tasting notes

OK… first, I need to thank Azzrian for suggesting this flavor. It is so amazingly good.

I love Gooey Butter Cake. My favorite one is the Lemon Gooey Butter Cake from Paula Deen’s baked goods that are sold at WalMart. I don’t like to shop there, it’s like my least favorite place to shop, but, when I do shop there, I always visit the bakery in search of Paula Deen’s Gooey Butter cake, specifically, the lemon gooey butter cake. Oh my goodness it’s so good. But I’m pretty sure it is not healthy. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s the opposite of that, and something I shouldn’t eat. So the idea of having a gooey butter cake in a tea flavor without all the fat and calories that I’d get from the gooey butter cake, that’s sounds like a wonderful alternative to me.

Now… I’m not going to say that this is just as good as a gooey butter cake, because … it isn’t. Nothing really takes the place of the gooey butter cake, but … I think that this tea is tastier than NO gooey butter cake, and that’s about how much gooey butter cake I should eat. NONE. This is really good, and has the flavor that I love from the gooey butter cake (a little more lemon might be even better since I prefer the lemon variety). Sweet, buttery, rich, yummy.

And fat free.


Mmmmm makes me wish I’d gotten this one lol either that or I need to make a cake this weekend :)


Your welcome :)

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This is really quite lovely. So smooth and delightful. Not overly done with any flavor, it allows the natural flavors of the pouchong to really sing and the pouchong seems to be perfectly matched with the flavors of lemon-y citrus and vanilla. Sweet, silky and really wonderful. Nice to sip after a long day.


Mmm…this sure sounds nice.

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drank Toffee Dream by Zen Tea
4788 tasting notes

Finally getting around to trying this sample from Zen Tea. I am sorry it took me so long to try it! But I’m really thrilled to be trying it now.

This is really tasty. The white tea is soft and vegetative, reminding me a bit of the taste of the air around the hay and alfalfa fields after they’ve been cut. Sweet and green with notes of hay. The warmth of the hay really complements the flavor of the sweet toffee flavor in a very pleasant way.

A really lovely cup. My full-length review will be published on SororiTea Sisters on the 12th of November: http://sororiteasisters.com

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This has to be one of the most unique chocolate teas I’ve tasted in quite a while. The kukicha adds a slightly smoky dimension to the cup, as well as lightens the body a little bit. The chocolate is not as strong as I would like it to be, but then, I’m a chocoholic that adheres to a simple philosophy: some chocolate = good. More chocolate = better. There is some chocolate in this blend … therefore it is good. But more chocolate would make it better.

As it is though, I find it very unique and interesting. I like the compelling differences between this and just about every other chocolate tea that’s out there. I like the Kukicha in there… I like how it pairs with the Nilgiri black. It tastes rich, but it also has a lovely lightness to it. And the smoky/toasty taste is really a nice touch.

A very interesting cup, indeed. I like it.


should be nice knowing how “chocolatea” lover you are :)

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drank Mango Tango by The Tea Spot
4788 tasting notes

This is so yummy! When I was flavoring teas way back when, I had a Mango flavored tea … and it was even called “Mango Tango.” But, that’s where the comparison really ends, because this is different!

It isn’t just mango, but also passion fruit. And the addition of the passion fruit essence makes a big difference. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my Mango Tango, it was very mango-y, and absolutely delicious (if I do say so myself), and while this doesn’t taste the same, it too is quite delicious!

This is sweet, luscious and absolutely delightful to sip. The flavors taste true to the fruits, and the black tea is brisk without being too intrusive on the flavors. A really nice balance of tastes.

The Tea Spot is currently hosting a contest! Free tea for a year! Yes, that’s right. Now through the end of the year, you can enter by liking them on facebook, and filling out their short (very short!) entry form on their facebook page. A double entry can be earned if you answer the question “what inspires you” on their facebook page.

No, I don’t work for The Tea Spot, I’m just an avid fan!

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I’m pleasantly surprised by this blend. I didn’t expect to like it … that’s my normal expectations when it comes to herbal blends. But, this blend takes the classic flavors of cinnamon and orange and teams them up with an organic rooibos base rather than the typical black tea base … and I’m liking how these flavors play together.

The nutty flavor of the rooibos melds quite nicely with the earthy tones of the cinnamon and the bright, sunny flavor of the orange. It’s a nice combination of flavors, especially later in the evening. I am really enjoying this … way more than I thought I would!


Nice, this sounds a bit like Mayan Mist, the Della Terra blend I recently tried and loved, without the chili pepper and peppercorns. Since I don’t like cinnamon in tea, I was also really surprised by how much I like it. I’m going to have to try this one, too.

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When I opened the canister, I could note the Riesling notes right away. It smelled very much like fruity, vibrant wine. It has that taste too. It’s very light and crisp, but I can taste the Riesling inspiration behind the tea too. Very nice.

I taste the honeysuckle notes and I’m loving that, and I taste the notes of apricot as well as a hint of citrus. I taste the floral tones of jasmine.

A really lovely, wine-inspired tea.

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What a lovely Oriental Beauty! So sweet and smooth.

The aroma is alive with floral and wood tones, and while those floral notes do not translate into the flavor quite as much as I expected them too, that’s quite alright, because the way this cup comes together is very beautiful, indeed.

It is sweet, woody, and strongly fruity with notes of peach and apricot, as well as a fermented muscat grape taste that surprised me. I taste notes of wood and musk, as well as a hint of spice in the background. It’s a very lovely taste, one that I am really enjoying.

A lovely, surprising Oriental Beauty. Very nice!

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I am obsessed with tea!

I’m currently trying to take over 52Teas – please help make my dream a reality: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/497705217/the-great-52teas-take-over

I am a co-founder of the SororiTEA Sisters:


My favorite teas are Yellow Teas with most Oolong teas at a close second. As far as “flavored” teas go, I love Earl Grey, Chocolate and Jasmine teas.

I also am intrigued by flavored teas with an unusual or unique flavor combination.


I don’t do a whole lot of swaps anymore, however, I do occasionally sell sampler boxes. I don’t always have sampler boxes available as it depends upon how much time I have as well as packaging supplies. If you’re interested, keep an eye out or PM me and I’ll let you know when I have some posted.


Most of the teas that I record in my notes here are going to have a fairly high rating from me. This is not because I am not discerning, but because I do not usually waste my time on drinking tea I do not care for, nor will I waste my time on writing about it.


Vancouver, WA



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