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A very nice raw Pu-erh, very sweet – almost like molasses, with softer earth notes than I typically experience from a Pu-erh, and more of a floral tone. very pleasant, soothing. Smooth and mellow.

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Oh my. Oh yum num num num num! So good!

The green tea and flavors of pistachio and cream meld seamlessly together … so sweet and creamy and nutty and GOOD. The green tea is sweet and barely vegetal. I taste hints of vegetation, but, they are very faint. The pistachio tastes sweet and nutty, and adds a delectable toasty note to the cup. The cream tastes … well, creamy. Smooth and rich and offers a sweet vanilla tone.

This one is awesome served hot, and just as delicious served iced. Love this one … absolutely LOVE it.


I know it sounds like a fru fru tea you won’t like but golly gee you do!


sounds good


Tell me your brewing secret! I didn’t get much out of this the first time I made it, and I have a bit of a sample from Azzrian left as well as some more en route from my recent Butiki order, so I would like to figure out how best to prepare it :)


Well, I steeped it in my breville. Water was set to 170°F, and I steeped it for 2 minutes.


Does the Breville hold the water temp at 170F?


From what I have heard / read / etc I think it does for 30 minutes


Yes, that’s what makes it significantly different from brewing in a teapot or other methods – the temperature does not drop while the tea is brewing. So, one thing I learned over the course of the year that I’ve had my miraculous machine is that I need to lower the steep times slightly from what I would have when I would steep in a teapot, because the brewing temperature remains intact during the brewing process.


I didn’t think this was a fussy tea to brew and I’ve had it several times. I use a old fashioned tea cozy from April Cornell to keep my pots hot! $14 online and big!


Hmm, interesting. I always brew just in-cup, and I know a fair bit of heat is lost during the infusion. I could use my Timolino to hold a water temperature, or my new double-walled glass… thanks for giving me some ideas to play around with!


Krystaleyn-you probably know that if you use a single cup, pre warming it with hot water helps a good deal in keeping the tea warm, or you can get an electric mug warmer pretty cheap. In the case of teapots-pre warm the teapot, or there are teapot warmers that you place candles in (I wouldn’t recommend scented candles for this), and place the teapot over the warmer. :))

Butiki Teas

Krystaleyn-I haven’t found this tea to be particularly picky about temperature. I’ve had a chance to test this tea with a large amount of people at events. Of all the flavored teas that I do this one is the one that gets such a mixed reaction. I’ve heard a fair amount of either its not my thing or its ok but it also gets crazy fanatics that want to buy the rest of what’s in stock. It’s a very unusual reaction compared to my other teas. I’ve almost discontinued the tea a number of times but the tea does have some fans that purchase regularly. The only thing I would recommend is trying it with some crystal sugar. That really makes the flavors pop. If that doesn’t work, then you probably just don’t like the tea.


@ScottTeaMan – I am guilty of the sin of microwaving my water (so I don’t have to worry about preheating my cup). My options are really limited. I have an electric kettle at work but it’s a pain to ferry it back and forth… I am contemplating getting another though.

@Butiki – I was having trouble getting much flavour at all – what I did taste was nice, but it was WAY too weak. Perhaps I’ll try again now and use up what I currently have. Sugar is another option too – my preference is not to use it, but maybe it’s worth a shot!

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A lovely Oolong – sweet, and so delicate! The floral notes are very soft in the first cup. With subsequent infusions, the flavors do pick up a little bit, but they remain a little on the delicate side. It is like drinking the air that breezes through a garden: the flowers and the grass, and the clean, crisp air. So delicate and serene.

It is very refreshing too, I find the delicate quality of this tea to be so thirst quenching, and less dry than a more astringent tea might be. Sweet and exotic, and just the right tea for this afternoon. I find myself adoring this tea more and more with each sip.


Love your description of this one! Sounds amazing.


Very convinced I screwed this one up horribly my first try. Have got to give it another shot soon.


oh that does sound deeeelish!!


Wonderful description! Now I wish that I would have asked for this one in my sample pack from teavivre.

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drank Queen Catherine by Harney & Sons
4315 tasting notes

This is awesomely amazing! Absolutely amazing. So rich, malty, and delicious. Bold, a little smoky, and sweet. Well-rounded. Chocolate-y undertones, earthy, and with a good amount of heft to it – this one has some get-up-and-go to it.

Definitely a great tea to start the day.

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drank White Lavender by SerendipiTea
4315 tasting notes

This is a very pleasant white tea and lavender blend. It is sweet and gentle, with a mild lavender flavor. It’s very soothing and relaxing. A nice tea with which to end the day.

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Yum Yum Yum! The buttery goodness is there, the nutty, honey-sweet taste of the honeybush works so well to provide a baked scone-like taste, and the orange is sweet, while the cranberry is tart. Delicious contrasts, sweet, tart, buttery, rich and decadent.

Loving this!

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drank Silver Needle by PekoeTea
4315 tasting notes

This Silver Needle is really quite lovely. One of the finest I think I’ve yet to encounter. Delicate, yes, but also intensely flavored … surprisingly so. Notes of cucumber and hay, as well as a very subtle young asparagus stalk that has been steamed and lightly buttered. As I continue to sip, a mineral-like taste seems to come into play. There are some delightful fruit notes to this tea as well, and I like the way they transition – starting out with a delicate apple-pear kind of flavor, and as I continue to sip, the flavor becomes more of a honeydew melon. It has a refreshing quality to it, and is one of the most complex silver needle teas I’ve yet to taste.


This one looks really delicious. There’s something about white teas-they just make my mouth water.


I agree!

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I ordered the newly rescued Gingerbread Chai from iHeartTeas and Rachel included this sample with my order.

This is really very nice. At first, all I really tasted was the slightly grassy taste of the green tea, but after allowing it to cool a few moments and taking a few sips, the raspberry really emerged. It is sweet and just a little tart, like a fresh berry would be. The apricot is there too, although it is a much softer flavor, asserting itself in the aftertaste more than at any other point.

Quite enjoyable. Sweet but not too sweet, and the combination of raspberry and apricot is very pleasing. My full-length review of this tea will publish next week on the SororiTea Sisters, but for now, this is a good one.


Sometime I am going to have to acquire a sample of this. It sounds so good.


I had a sample – I need to order it!


Yeah, I totally said the above, promptly went onto her site, and ordered it along with two other signature blends and some coconut pouchong. Self-restraint is not my best asset.

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

It’s good to know I’m not the only one with self resistant issues. :)

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YUM! This is one of the three different teas/tisanes that I purchased when I visited Tea Chai Té a couple of weeks ago. I don’t usually order yerba maté, so I thought I’d step outside of my comfort zone a little and try something I wouldn’t normally purchase, and when I saw Vanilla Macadamia Nut … well, that’s all I needed, really!

There are really too few macadamia nut flavored teas/tisanes out there. Tasting this makes me wonder why. This is really incredible. The vanilla tones are smooth and creamy and sweet, and the taste of the macadamia nut sort of sneaks up on you, starting as a rather subtle flavor and developing with each sip. By mid-cup, it’s delicious macadamia nuttiness!


sounds yummy!


That sounds delicious! I have always been a fan of vanilla.

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drank Rainbow Rooibos by Culinary Teas
4315 tasting notes

Decided to brew this as my last cup of tea (tisane) for the evening.

This is really good. Sweet almond flavor that melds deliciously with the rooibos’ natural nutty tones creates a very pleasant depth. The fruit notes of this are sweet and become very clearly apricot by the aftertaste. At first it just starts out with a tasty, sweet fruit flavor, but what type of fruit was not really distinct. But this flavor lingered well into the aftertaste, and at this point it was easy to identify it as apricot. Definite amaretto notes going on here.

Really quite good.

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