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I started my day with this, but because it is Monday and my Mondays are weird, I found myself on the go before I could sit down and write about it.

A very pleasant vanilla black tea. After reading my SororiTea Sister’s (TeaEqualsBliss) tasting note on this tea, I find that we are on different sides of the spectrum with this tea. Interestingly enough, though, we rated the tea the same. We both like it, but I think we both were experiencing different things with this tea.

I find this to be really less sweet than some vanilla teas I’ve had. In fact, I think that this would be a really good vanilla tea for someone who might typically find vanilla teas to be on the cloying side, because while this is rich and creamy but it isn’t overly so. It is sweet, but not quite as sweet as some other vanilla teas might be. In fact, the tea is more of the focus here, with the vanilla playing the accent flavor role as it should be. A really good vanilla, but not the vanilla for someone who wants the vanilla flavor to be in their face. This is not as sweet as most vanilla teas out there.

As for me, I like it a lot!

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drank Earl Grey #1 by Kally Tea
4846 tasting notes

I love Earl Grey!

This is a good Earl Grey representation. It has a vibrant bergamot aroma and flavor. The black tea base is a Ceylon, and it is quite a strong tea for a Ceylon as I typically think of Ceylon as a milder base, but, this one has some gusto to it. It also has a moderate to fair amount of astringency to it, and the astringency seems to build as I continue to sip … starting out softer with the first few sips and now that I’m mid-cup I notice it more. It is a dry astringency, but it doesn’t bother me. I am not an astringency wimp. But it’s there.

The flavor is very much like what I’d expect from an Earl Grey: tangy, uplifting … not perfume-y. A very good Earl Grey – not the best I’ve had but definitely one that’s worth my while.


my first flavored tea! it hooked me.

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drank Grapefruit Dragon by Butiki Teas
4846 tasting notes


Another tea from the W-O-D.

I am so glad that I decided to order this tea. It is so good. I often mentioned in my grapefruit green tea tasting notes that I was on a quest to find the right grapefruit green to rival my experience at Tohono Chul Park in Tucson, I had actually found that ACTUAL tea but somehow it just didn’t taste the same when I got it home. Maybe it’s the water temperature, maybe it’s the water itself … or the amount of leaf they used in the teapot … Who knows? All I know is that somehow, that grapefruit green tasted amazing at Tohono Chul Park but only tasted good, even really good, but not amazing when I brewed it at home.

A couple of months ago, I found a grapefruit tea that finally satisfied me enough to declare the search for the grapefruit green over, but, as I tasted this tea, I realized that it may have been premature to declare the search over … or at least, that I had found another grapefruit tea that was just as good if not BETTER than the grapefruit green – and yes, I think that this one IS better than the grapefruit green – at Tohono Chul Park.

The grapefruit flavor is so true to the fruit, but it has a sweeter flavor. There is definitely the tangy bitterness from the grapefruit too. After I sip this tea, the flavor that is left, tingling in my mouth in the aftertaste, is similar to the sensation I’d experience if I were to have taken a bite of real grapefruit. Amazing!

The Dragon Well works great with the flavor of the grapefruit, it imparts a slight sweetness and vegetative tone that works quite harmoniously with the flavor. Very enjoyable, this is one I’m really glad that I have in my stash now.


Ohhhhhhhhhh! Grapefruit!


i am SOOO glad you enjoyed this! If Helena gets GMS, this might just be my tea after harassing stacy about it for months. It’s a good thing she’s forgiving! I really think this captures grapefruit pretty damn fantastically!

Butiki Teas

So glad you are enjoying this tea!

Sil-This is definitely your tea. Hahaha. I pushed it to the top of the list after your friendly reminders. :)


Ooo, putting this on my xmas wish list


Gravitea oh man doooooo iiitttttt!

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Another tea consumed during the W-O-D. I really liked this Darjeeling, it had a very crisp, distinct flavor, a bit lighter on the muscatel than I would have thought given the name of the tea, that’s not really a complaint just an observation. I noticed the faintest notes of mint in the background that sort of took me by surprise. There is a fair amount of astringency to this one, it is both a cleansing astringency as well as slightly drying. I find that the astringency plays to the muscatel quite well, giving the tea a very wine-like finish.

Very pleasant, agreeably sweet, I found this to be one of the more energizing Darjeeling teas I’ve tasted. Most Darjeeling teas, for me at least, tend to be more relaxing and calming, and therefore I usually save them for afternoon enjoyment after I’ve had my stronger teas. But this tea had that kind of profile to it that I could easily enjoy in the morning and I don’t find that true with most Darjeeling teas.

A really nice Darjeeling.

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Another tea enjoyed during the W-O-D. This is a really pretty tea with lots of golden tips. A deliciously complex Yunnan, starts out with a strong caramel presence that eventually tapers to more of a light, honey-esque tone. It has a gentle peppery note that melds with a hint of flower, and this produces a really interesting sweet and spicy tone.

Overall, a very enjoyable Yunnan. Thanks to TeaEqualsBliss for sending it my way.

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I had this over the weekend of despair (also known as: the weekend when there were no tasting notes), and I was really surprised at how well I liked it. I ordered it because it sounded very intriguing but after ordering it I worried that it would have too much going on to be able to taste anything but possibly the mint, which tends to be a very aggressive herb in blends.

And the first few sips WERE indeed like that. This tea needs a few minutes to cool slightly – I’d say I let it cool about 3 minutes – to be able to realize the other flavors in the blend. When served piping hot, fresh out of the teapot, the mint is really all I tasted. but after that three minutes, I could taste the other flavors come through.

The mint hits the palate first and remains throughout the sip. The chocolate is there too, but it is more of a low note, but it does remain throughout the sip and I really liked that. The raspberry came through toward the end of the sip, and lingered into the aftertaste with a distinct tart-yet-sweet berry taste.

The black tea also comes through, and it is a rich and full-flavored tea although it does struggle a bit to keep up with the other flavors here.

Overall, this is a really tasty blend that certainly lives up to being a Chocolate Raspberry Mint, although, if we are going to go in order of flavors that are tasted, I’d say it should be Mint Chocolate Raspberry.


Ha :) I figured if I just kept working backward through your notes, I’d find out what WOD stood for!


I just did the same thing gmathis! It truly was a weekend of despair, I kept hopefully refreshing to look for new tasting notes.


I felt like I was locked out of my house when I couldn’t post tasting notes. I didn’t realize how addicted to steepster I am.

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drank Gingerbread Chai by 52teas
4846 tasting notes

Backlog: Last night, I finished off what little I had of this blend – I found it hiding in my stash … I had thought it was gone before this! I prepared it strong and served it latte with several gingerbread men marshmallows tossed in. YUM!


Oooh, gingerbread men marshmallows??! How cool!!!


yes… I don’t usually buy grocery store marshmallows because they just aren’t very good (I love the handmade marshmallows from 240Sweet, I’m addicted to those), but, when I saw those gingerbread marshmallows I had to have some, they’re shaped like gingerbread men, and they taste like gingerbread + Marshmallow. Really good.


Gingerbread marshmallow brand, please? (Fat chance I’ll find them around here, but it’ll be fun to look.)


If they’re supermarket marshmallows, I reckon they might just be Kraft? I found this: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006F6QAWK

They’re also on FB, because apparently now the whole world is: https://www.facebook.com/jetpuffed

And they’ve got other seasonal flavours, too:

Hope that helps!


Yes, that’s correct. Sorry, @gmathis, I missed your comment. They are Kraft. They were released first last year, and now this year. They are pretty awesome, which is high praise for me to give grocery store marshmallows.


It’s really too bad that they are not vegan. Maybe if I ask nicely, Sweet & Sara (sweetandsara.com) will make them. :D

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drank Zulu Chai by Assam Tea Company
4846 tasting notes


The third and final tea from the Amoda Tea Tasting Box for the month of November. I liked this Rooibos Chai, easily one of the best Rooibos Chai blends I’ve had. I liked the way the spices were brought together.

Not surprisingly, it is very fragrant. Dry, I smell the anise and the cardamom. Brewed, I smell the cinnamon and clove with notes of anise and orange in the background.

The organic rooibos can be tasted, but the flavors meld well with the other flavors of the chai … it completes the flavor very nicely, actually. The orange acts to brighten up the cup without playing a strong role in the overall cup, and the spices are warm and spicy without tasting spicy hot … this one warmed me up from the inside out.


Ack! I really need to get on top of tasting my tea box from Amoda!

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drank Cola Chai by Kally Tea
4846 tasting notes

I thought I had seen this tea reviewed here before, but I guess not!

This is really quite an interesting tisane. I could distinctly smell the cola notes when I opened the sample pouch, brewed, the cola aroma is not there so much – it’s a spicier fragrance. But dry, it’s definitely cola!

And I can taste cola notes too. This is definitely one of the better rooibos chai blends I’ve had, and that’s difficult for me to say since I actually had a rooibos chai blend that I created when I was doing my flavoring and blending thing. But, I am loving the cola aspect of this chai. It is really awesome!

The combination of the cola flavor and the spices is really yummy, it isn’t overly spicy-hot, the cola tapers the spicy flavor a bit, making it taste like a spiced soda but … served at a warm temperature and without all the bubbles … I bet this would be really good if it were brewed at a double strength and then served with soda water to give it some bubbles. It’s good now, without.

Really, surprisingly tasty.

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A big thanks goes out to my SororiTea Sister Azzrian for sending me some of this tea. It’s my first Whispering Pines tea, so I’m excited!

I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of Elderberries, the truth is, as far as I know, I’ve only had them in tea. But, I have liked the teas I’ve had with Elderberries in them … and I like this one really well also.

The elderberry together with the rosehip creates a rather tart flavor, and the white tea is delicately sweet, but not enough to offset the tartness of this cup … I don’t feel the need to pucker after a sip, but, it is … just there. You know? Right on the verge. I like the way the flavors play together here… There is a dry astringency that lends itself well to the overall cup, giving it a very clean, crisp taste. It’s very enjoyable, very REFRESHING. Nice.

Whispering Pines Tea Company

If you have enough – you should try this coldbrewed. 1/2 tbsp in 8oz cold water for 10 hours. It’s REALLLLLLY good :)


It is good cold!

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