4837 Tasting Notes

drank Almond Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
4837 tasting notes

OMG – this is SO good. Thank you Azzrian for sending me some of it! I love this … this is actually one that I’ll be adding to my stash at some point because I’m really loving it.

Sweet and nutty – the two elements play with one another so well, both are sweet and creamy, and they seem to accent each other in such a beautiful way. Dinosaura likened this to liquid marzipan, and I agree… it is so good, like a dessert! Loving this!

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drank Russian Caravan by Bon The Place
4837 tasting notes

Thank you TeaEqualsBliss for sending me a bit of this tea!

I haven’t always enjoyed smoky teas, but I’m slowly coming around to the point where I can enjoy them. This one is pretty nice, smoky, rich, caramel-y, with a nice fruity tone that lies just beneath the smoky surface. Really pleasant.

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Thank you to TeaEqualsBliss for sending me a bit of this tea. It is a perfect holiday time tea … it reminds me so of the yummy chocolate oranges that you can find this time of year. So yummy!

It is rich and chocolate-y, with just a touch of orange … not too much, just enough to brighten the cup in a really lovely way. Sweet, rich and creamy. Very nice!


Ooooh, I love chocolate orange teas! (Well, I’ve only had one, but I loved it.) :D

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drank Golden Earl by Verdant Tea
4837 tasting notes

I’ve had this for quite some time now … I bought it way back when! It is a case of having a lot of tea to taste and not enough time to taste it all when I’d like to!

I think that I may have gone a little light on the leaf, because the flavor is a bit lighter than I’d like it to be … it is still quite enjoyable, just not as strong as I want it. I will hold off on rating it and writing my full-length review of it until I’ve had more time to spend with this tea.


This sounds like something that would appeal to me. Onto the list it goes!

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Mondays and Tuesdays are my “weird” days, because my husband is off work, and we spend a good deal of the time running errands and getting things done that we can’t do during the rest of the week while he is working. But, today, it would seem that hubby is enjoying resting, and it is well deserved on his part, so I am enjoying a cup of tea before he is ready to get rolling.

This is really so good. One of the very best breakfast/morning blends I’ve encountered that I didn’t craft myself. Rich, robust, malty, and delicious. Smooth. A great tea to get the morning started (even if one’s morning doesn’t start until nearly afternoon).


WOW! Looking forward to this one!

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drank Macabeo by ESP Emporium
4837 tasting notes

Thank you TeaEqualsBliss for sending me some of this tea… a very nice tea this is!

Quite floral in aroma and taste, I like that it doesn’t taste distinctly of one flower but of several. It evokes thoughts of a field of flowers. It is light and refreshing, with hints of fruit, strong floral overtones, and a very uplifting fragrance.

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drank Malawi White Peony by Butiki Teas
4837 tasting notes

Having a cup Malawi White Peony this evening. We spent most of the afternoon at the movie theater watching “Cloud Atlas” – it’s nearly three hours long, longer if you account for the previews! But it was a really amazing movie. Now I need to read the book.

Anyway… YOU too could be drinking this tea – did you know that we’re giving away a $20 gift certificate to Butiki Teas on the SororiTea Sisters blog? This giveaway ends tomorrow! http://sororiteasisters.com/2012/11/14/its-time-for-a-giveaway/ Did I mention that there is also free shipping that goes along with the gift certificate? Awesome!

This is really excellent – one of the nicest “white peony” teas I’ve had, and it’s not from China! It has a juiciness to it, the citrus tones really come right out and enhance the overall flavor. Vegetative too, and the fruit and vegetative notes really mingle well together. A really outstanding white tea.

I have a wee bit of this tea left, I think I shall send it to my SororiTea Sister Azzrian!


glad to hear cloud atlas was good! Looking forward to it :)

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drank Graveyard Mist by 52teas
4837 tasting notes

I brewed a pot of this for this evening’s tea drinking … I’ve been busily making journals in my studio today. I got to get these done!!!

Anyway, this tea is yum … I really like it. YUMMMMM!

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This is really a delightful Assam – rich and full-bodied! It has a slight maltiness to it but what I notice more is a fruity, almost wine-like tone to this tea. Very enjoyable, there is some astringency to this, but I find that it plays well to the fruit notes that the tea possesses. It has a very pleasing character, overall, and no sign of bitterness (although as with every Assam I wouldn’t recommend oversteeping it)

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I’m currently on my fourth infusion of these leaves, I’ve been enjoying this tea all evening while my daughter came over for a visit. She doesn’t have cable at her place, so she comes over every other week or so to watch episodes of Project Runway with me. It’s a nice way to visit with my baby who is not so much a baby any more.

Anyway… I’ve really enjoyed this tea. It started out rather delicate, with a soft, creamy Oolong and hints of cinnamon, and the flavor of the cinnamon progresses into the aftertaste. In subsequent infusions, I noticed that the Oolong became more floral and less creamy, and I like the way the cinnamon and floral notes merge. It is exotically sweet and gently spiced. Very enjoyable.

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