4840 Tasting Notes


As I wrote in my full-length article – http://sororiteasisters.com/2014/10/21/vanilla-almond-black-tea-blend-from-the-secret-garden-tea-company/ – this tea is unbelievably smooth. So sweet and silky and delightfully yummy.

There is very little astringency to this – the earliest sips were not astringent and as I continued to sip, I started to pick up on a light dryness. It’s very smooth from start to finish.

The vanilla is noticeable right from the start. I would pick up on the almond somewhere between the start and mid-sip, and I found that the vanilla and nutty flavor were very complemented each other well.

The black tea base is smooth and even-toned, I suspect it is a Ceylon. A really nice tea.

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drank Apple Embrace by Monarch Tea Co.
4840 tasting notes


This comes from Edition 7 from Postal Teas subscription. I was thrilled with the box because it featured a company from which I’ve not yet tried teas.

And this is a tasty tea. I like that the black tea notes are prominent – this is a tea first and the flavorings do not overpower the base – the apple flavors are subtle but develop as I sipped. The flavoring reminded me of apple pie filling, complete with a touch of cinnamon. It’s a gentle warmth from the cinnamon, again nothing overwhelming here. Just a really nice black tea with a level of flavoring designed to accentuate the tea.

I enjoyed the packaging from Monarch tea – they’re a company that can be found on Etsy and the packaging has a very ‘homemade’ sort of feel to it and I liked that. It’s rustic and attractive, cute and artsy.

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The aroma of the brewed tea is quite lovely.

I can’t say that I’ve tasted a lot of currant flavored white teas. I’ve had many currant flavored black teas, but not so many white or even green teas flavored with currant. I really like this combination though. The crisp, sweet flavor of the white tea is nicely paired with the sweet-tart flavor of currant. It’s a really nice flavor combination.

Here’s my full-length review: http://sororiteasisters.com/2014/10/20/white-currant-tea-from-caraway-tea/

It’s a tasty tea – I’d be happy to drink this again.

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drank Peppermint by Simple Loose Leaf
4840 tasting notes


As I wrote in my full-length article about this tea – http://sororiteasisters.com/2014/10/19/peppermint-herbal-tisane-from-simple-loose-leaf/ – yes, this is plain and pure peppermint, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. The leaves produce an invigorating cup that is crisp and cool and refreshing. It’s nice to sip.

I enjoyed this offering from Simple Loose Leaf. It’s as simple as it gets – pure peppermint – but it’s a quality leaf and it’s a very enjoyable cup. It’s great served with a squeeze of lemon!

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This is another of the teas that I just had to try.

I think I may have steeped it a little weak. I’m getting buttery, creamy flavors but this is remarkably delicate tasting, like I didn’t add enough tea to the teapot type of delicate. I taste all the flavors, it’s just not as strong as I’d like it to be so next time, I’ll add a little more leaf.

leaf in hot water

ooh irish cream like…Baileys?

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Yes, the leaf does look green – but the label says black! But I’ve come to expect that from a Darjeeling tea.

This is a lovely Darjeeling: Sweet, crisp and refreshing. The liquid is much paler than some of the Darjeelings that I’ve had in the last year and it has a greener taste to it. And since it’s a first flush, there isn’t a strong muscatel to this cup.

Light notes of vegetation and hints of jasmine. Sweet grassy notes. A really nice afternoon tea.

Here’s my full-length review: http://sororiteasisters.com/2014/10/19/gopaldhara-wonder-tea-first-flush-2014-from-darjeeling-tea-lovers/


I’ve found that Darjeelings, especially first flushes, looks and steep more like green teas even if they technically aren’t.


agreed. I always steep a Darjeeling at 195°F or sometimes lower if the leaves look really green. When I used to steep Darjeeling at boiling temperatures, they’d end up too bitter and astringent. But when brewed at a lower temperature they’re quite lovely.

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drank Blueberry Hill Shou Mei by 52teas
4840 tasting notes


This is a tasty blueberry blend. As I said in my full-length review of this tea – http://sororiteasisters.com/2014/10/18/blueberry-hill-shou-mei-white-tea-from-52teas/ – I can taste the blueberry and I can taste the shou mei. There’s a sweet, blueberry-ish goodness with a light, hay-like note from the Shou Mei.

Really good iced. This one is good for multiple infusions too.

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The sachet produced a very strong tasting tea. The gooseberry is bitter and sour and I must admit that those are not my two favorite tastes. The mint and the cinnamon help to soften the bitter and sour tastes just a bit and I appreciate that. I’m glad to say that this tea isn’t all about the gooseberry and I can taste the warmth of the cinnamon and the crisp, cool flavor of the mint. The green tea is a little lost in the shuffle though.

Here’s my full-length review: http://sororiteasisters.com/2014/10/16/revitalize-ayurvedic-tea-from-teaveda/

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drank Apple Brandy Assam by 52teas
4840 tasting notes

Sipping on a cup of this now and writing my review for it for SororiTea Sisters – it won’t appear there until later this month.

I like the base of Assam for this blend. It’s difficult to tell if this is a “wine-like” Assam with the brandy flavors but since I’m not picking up on a strong malty presence I’m going to go with a “wine-like” Assam. I do taste hints of malt, but it’s not as obvious a taste as I usually get from an Assam. I do taste the brandy, though, and as one who doesn’t really drink a lot of alcohol, I wouldn’t really know the difference between a brandy or a wine, but I do taste that wine-like or brandy-like flavor.

And then there is apple. The apple is a nice flavor to go with the brandy and the Assam. It’s crisp and adds a nice sweetness to the cup.

Overall, this is a pleasant cup. I recommend letting it cool just slightly (still hot but not piping hot) because I found that the flavors developed with some cool time.

And I’ve decided that I’m no longer going to rate teas numerically. You’ll learn more about why later.

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The brewed tisane smells amazing. Distinct notes of vanilla and it smells heavenly.

It tastes good too! I’m not really big on rooibos (as you’re probably aware) but the nutty flavors of the rooibos work well with the strong vanilla tones. I also taste subtle floral tones and hints of the berry flavor, and even a bit of that berry tingle in the aftertaste.

It’s a relaxing tisane and it has a desserty flavor to it, nice for after dinner. Here’s my full-length review: http://sororiteasisters.com/2014/10/15/secret-garden-rooibos-tisane-from-the-secret-garden-tea-company/

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