4424 Tasting Notes

drank Earl Grey by Dreamweaver Shop
4424 tasting notes

I’m finishing off the last of this sampling that TeaEqualsBliss sent me.

A very good Earl Grey. Nice bergamot scent and flavor. I’m getting less astringency this time than I seem to recall with my first tasting of this tea… still just a little astringency, but it isn’t strong. The black tea is bright and strong.

This is a pretty standard take on this classic. No bells or whistles… just good Earl Grey tea.

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drank Kashmiri Chai by Tavalon Tea
4424 tasting notes

Enjoying a cup of this before switching to iced tea… didn’t do a latte though. I was just in the mood for something a little spicy and this one fits the bill. The cinnamon is the strongest flavor, I do wish that the almond flavor was a bit more pronounced though.

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Thanks to TeaEqualsBliss for sending me this one (yes, I got the huge box! Thanks SororiTEA Sister)

This one… scares me. It’s smoky. I gave it a quick rinse before steeping (which I have found helps me enjoy smoky teas more). The aroma of the liquor still smells smoky but not too smoky.

This is not too bad… and I say it like that, because I was expecting it to be much worse than it actually is, but I can drink this. I’m not gagging, I’m not repulsed after taking a sip… it’s actually good. There… I said it. It’s good.

The smoky flavor is there, it’s strong, but it is not overwhelming. The smoky taste has a nice caramel-y back note that I find intriguing.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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We have a bunch of errands to run this morning, but I actually took a few moments to brew a cup of this to take with me in my travel mug. This doesn’t happen often.

Yummy… rich… this should (hopefully) wake me up and get me going!!!

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This tea is so yum. The Darjeeling is beautifully light. The fig and blackberry blend together into a delicious fruit taste that is complimented nicely with the muscatel of the Darjeeling. And the lovely little note from the anise is a perfect finishing touch.



This sounds awesome. Gonna have to find that one…

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drank Beatles' Blend by Mighty Leaf Tea
4424 tasting notes

I’ve had this a few times, but after checking, I see that I’ve never logged my tasting notes!

This is a very strong blend – very bold and invigorating. I like the blend – it is like Earl Grey but it isn’t as Earl Grey as a typical Earl Grey. That is to say that rather than the bergamot being the bold flavor in the cup, here the boldness comes from the tea, and the bergamot becomes an accompaniment rather than a feature player.

Lots of flavor, very brisk. I like it.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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This is a really delicious Mate blend. It does brew up very dark … and it has a very pleasant roasted taste to it that is quite like coffee, but I think it’s a little better. The carob in this blend gives a certain, deep, rich, savory chocolate-y-ness to it that I really love.

Boiling 8 min or more

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OK… so after reading mrawlins2 tasting note on this tea this morning, it inspired me to dig out my own pouch of this that I had purchased… oh… I don’t even remember when! I’ve had it a while, anyways… and it’s about time to give it a try.

This is really an interesting tea! I can taste the bananas, the strawberries, vanilla, pineapple, cherries and the chocolate. (Frank… more chocolate would be good… because, well, more chocolate = more chocolate. See how that works? I like it when math is simple like that)

My note to Frank aside, the chocolate in here is at a pleasant enough level, and quite honestly, if it were stronger it might overpower the other flavors. As it is, they are at a pretty harmonious level because I can taste each flavor in there, even if it is a very subtle taste.

And… apart from that, I can also taste black tea! Some astringency to this one, almost dry/starchy… not heavy on the drying, but it’s there.

Not my favorite from 52 teas but it’s still really good.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

I noticed the astringency also but drinking this tea as a latte seems to counteract that a bit.


RE: “(Frank… more chocolate would be good… because, well, more chocolate = more chocolate. See how that works? I like it when math is simple like that)” Actually laughed out out- I LOVE IT!

This tea wouldn’t be for me, but I love that you can still taste the black tea in addition to the schtuff. Even as just a reader of this tea, you make me proud Frank!:)

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drank Florence by Harney & Sons
4424 tasting notes

Delicious. I am going to increase the rating on this one a little…

I love the hazelnut flavor in this tea. It really adds something to the chocolate. Nice.


MmHm Indeed! I’m not even a fan of hazelnuts, but mixed with chocolate & tea it’s a winning combo ..

This was my favourite out of a bunch of H&S sample sachets, and I hope like mad my order of more arrives tomorrow as I really need another fix :D


I prefer my chocolate blend, but since I’m not actively blending anymore, I must admit that this one is pretty good.


I miss my stash of Florence! It’s YUMMY!

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I love Darjeeling… so I usually like most Darjeeling teas that I encounter. However, sometimes I come across one that is really delightful… like this one.

The flavor is amazing. Sweet, light, a hint of nutty flavor and even a floral note. Very smooth. Golden! It seems to shimmer on the tongue, it tastes so good and light and lovely.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 30 sec

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My favorite teas are Yellow Teas with most Oolong teas at a close second. As far as “flavored” teas go, I love Earl Grey, Chocolate and Jasmine teas.

I also am intrigued by flavored teas with an unusual or unique flavor combination.


I don’t do a whole lot of swaps anymore, however, I do occasionally sell sampler boxes here: http://liberteas.teatra.de/ I don’t always have sampler boxes available as it depends upon how much time I have as well as packaging supplies. I usually post at least one or two sampler boxes per month, though, so if you’re interested, keep an eye out or PM me and I’ll let you know when I have some posted.


Most of the teas that I record in my notes here are going to have a fairly high rating from me. This is not because I am not discerning, but because I do not usually waste my time on drinking tea I do not care for, nor will I waste my time on writing about it.


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