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I think I’m enjoying this cup better than the previous attempts that I’ve had with this tea. I can taste the chocolate and bacon much better today.

Quite yummy.

Geoffrey Norman

Oh, dear. This is a “WANT!”


Seriously no actual bacon in this!? LOL – Last I knew it was soy…might have to double check with Frank…

Southern Boy Teas

No actual bacon. In fact it is completely vegan and Kosher, even, which kind of cracks me up.


Excellent! :) Thanks!!!

Michelle Butler Hallett

The idea of chocolate and bacon tea cracks me up — in a good way. Go, Frank, go!

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drank Rooibos Garden by Urban Tea
4846 tasting notes

OK, so while I’m sipping this, I can’t help but hum this tune:


Why? I don’t know. Rooibos and Octopus don’t even sound the same. But, yeah, maybe it’s just late and I should go to bed. But, I still need to watch FRINGE! So no bedtime for me just yet.

I LOVE this blend. It is SO GOOD. I think this is my last of the samplings that I had from Urban Tea, but I do believe it is my favorite of the bunch. Delicious! I love the combination of coconut and lavender. It’s absolutely brilliant.

Boiling 8 min or more

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drank Indigo Dreams by Mad Pots of Tea
4846 tasting notes

Absolutely lovely!

The jasmine and lavender are the strongest components in this blend, but they don’t really compete… rather, they seem to work together harmoniously to create one of the most beautiful flavors that ever graced a teacup!

The green tea tastes lightly sweet with very little (meaning, barely any at all) vegetative flavor. Just smooth, sweet deliciousness.

I don’t like this one better than my own blend by Madam Potts – because, well, that one was for me – but, this one comes in pretty close. I do love this!

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drank Lime Darjeeling by Lupicia
4846 tasting notes

This is a very temperamental tea – do not overbrew it, use water that’s too hot, or use too much leaf – but when all parameters are in check, you’ll brew a pretty good cup! The last time I brewed this, it wasn’t very good at all. But, this time around, it doesn’t taste anything like that last cup.

The crisp flavor of the Darjeeling is a nice base for the lime essence – it really brings out the muscatel notes nicely.

I am glad that I revisited this tea, because I was worried that it just wasn’t good!

195 °F / 90 °C 2 min, 30 sec

I’d try nearly any Lupicia tea if you would want to send any my way! LOL

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drank Earl Grey by Samovar
4846 tasting notes

This is a very good Earl Grey, although I don’t know if I’d agree with Samovar in saying that this is the best Earl Grey in the world. I like that this one lacks that floral aspect. This one has a very lemon-y taste to it, much more so than a typical Earl Grey. It is very citrus-y and not so flowery.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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OK, I’ve never had a Whiskey Sour before, but I still had to order this tea. I haven’t figured out why though. Maybe it’s the Yunnan.

I like this. I can taste the whiskey. I can taste the lemon. I can even taste a touch of cherry in there.

I think I need to spend some more time with this one before I rate it though.


Whiskey Sour??? I’m in!!! Would LOVE to try! OH!! Also…just sent you an email!


You’ve never had a Whiskey Sour?! You’ve got to get that fixed.


@Jaime – no I never have. I’m not much on drinking alcohol – I drink maybe a bottle of wine (maybe 2) per year! Seriously. Besides I am too busy drinking tea to try to drink anything else! haha! I do have a couple of sample bottles of tea flavored vodka… which I’ve had for months now and haven’t tried. LOL


Oh, the sweet tea vodka is rather nice mixed with lemonade. Had that at a conference last year. I actually don’t drink alcohol all that much, but I really enjoy the flavor and am very excited that tea blenders are combining them now!

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drank English Breakfast by Drink T
4846 tasting notes

I do love this English Breakfast blend from Drink T. It has a lovely sweetness in the background, along with a hint of smokiness, a pleasant baked-bread kind of essence and a nice malty flavor. Very well-rounded taste.

I just wrote a review for it to be published on the Tea Review Blog soon!

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I received some of this tea from Jaime – thanks Jaime!

Because I am currently drinking this in bagged form, I don’t want to give it a rating. It has been my experience with Harney & Sons tea that their bagged teas are just not as good as their loose leaf.

That being said, tasting this HAS inspired me to order a sample of the loose leaf tea. Because for a bagged Earl Grey, this is good.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

Oh, I can’t wait to hear how the loose compares.


Well I haven’t ordered it just yet. I will probably wait to place the order for a week or two, just for my own sanity, given how much tea I have in my possession at the moment. But, it is next on the list. Maybe I’ll get lucky and Harney will do another free shipping sale by the time I’m ready to order.


I have it loose leaf, and it is my favorite Earl! It is also a very pretty tea with the Ceylon Silver tips mixed in.

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woo hoo! My package from 52Teas arrived today also… the problem with receiving so many teas is that I don’t know which to try first… but somehow the aroma of this one captivated me and the decision was made. (All of them smell amazing, though)

The same HUGE blueberries that are in the blueberry cheese danish tea are in this… they’re enormous!

The brewed tea smells so good. It smells like warm, yummy blueberry pie or something.
Oh yum… this is so good. If you happened to miss out on the strawberry zabaglione I highly recommend this one. This one might even be better! And I love the strawberry zabaglione (plus I generally prefer strawberries over blueberries).

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

I’d love to try this one!


This is tempting me out of my self-imposed tea buying embargo! :)

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drank Superior Pouchong by Drink T
4846 tasting notes

Delightful. I love the buttery taste as it mingles with the slightly sharp floral tones of this tea. It is smooth and rich and delicious.

And it does have a nice mouthfeel (sorry TeaEqualsBliss!) that lingers long after the finish.

I absolutely love this!

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 0 sec

I don’t know what it is about ‘mouthfeel’ that freaks me out! LOL


lol! I feel the same way about “vegetative”—reminds me of hospitals.

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