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Finishing off the last that I have of this – because it was a Russian Caravan, I sent most of this one to TeaEqualsBliss.

Although I must say that this is one of the better Russian Caravan teas that I’ve tried… the smokiness is mild. I don’t know if it’s because of the fruity flavors or what… but, other Russian Caravan teas that I’ve encountered (and I’ve only encountered a few) have been entirely too smoky for my liking. But this one is alright.

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drank After 5 by Lupicia
4841 tasting notes

I received a sample of this tea in the Lupicia Newsletter that arrived in my mailbox this afternoon.

This is really very good – one of the better mint green teas I’ve come across. The green tea tastes buttery and smooth, it’s quite rich! I really like the combination of spearmint and peppermint. The crisp, minty taste with the buttery/vegetative taste of the green tea is really delicious.

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RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

I just got mine today too can’t wait to try it. :-)

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The dry leaf smells quite nice, and there are great big dry blueberries in the mix.

The brewed liquor smells a little weird… kind of off-putting, but not enough to stop me from trying it.

The flavor of this tea is very unique… the combination of Ti Kuan Yin and berry is interesting as it hits the palate. I taste flower, vegetable, butter, and berries! It sounds strange and it is – but, I’m liking it. It’s a little difficult to get past the aroma, but the flavor is really working for me. Even with the hibiscus!

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Thank you to Doulton for sending me a bit of this tea!

My initial reaction when I took my first sip was “YUM!” This is really good. The chocolate is rich and the almond flavor is sweet and nutty and these two flavors meld perfectly with the Keemun tea. This is a yummy, robust cup of tea!

Those brothers Dammann sure know their tea!

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Doulton sent me a sample of this a while back. Oh man, I loved it! It might be my favorite chocolate flavored tea. (Of course, I never got to try yours.) ;)

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This is one of the newer offerings from Metropolitan Tea – so new, in fact that the description of it is not featured yet in their catalog… so I’m not able to add it here yet.

This one froths up really fast. There is a bit more bitterness to this matcha than I’m used to – but it is accompanied by the vegetative sweetness that I am used to with matcha – and of course, there is the jasmine which is very pleasant. There is some sharpness to the jasmine notes. I like the aroma of this as I take a sip… the jasmine is intoxicating.

Creamy and yummy… the bitterness does throw me off a bit though, so I am a little disappointed by it. Not extremely disappointed, because it’s still good… but it’s not as good as I hoped for.


must. order. NOW! =D

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drank Raspberries & Cream by Urban Tea
4841 tasting notes

This is a delightful raspberry tea. I like that the black tea base is an Assam rather than a Ceylon – this gives the tea a stronger presence and more depth of flavor. A very rich flavor.

The raspberry flavor is fruity, sweet, and finishes with a berry tartness that tickles the tongue. The creamy flavor is just right – not cloying or overdone. Pleasant.

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drank Misty Morning by Good 4 You Teas
4841 tasting notes

Well, this tea is certainly appropriate for the kind of morning we’ve had (and it has made it’s way on to the afternoon too) – it’s chilly and there is definitely a “mist” in the air.

OK… to start out with – I REALLY wish that tea blenders/artists would NOT put stevia in tea blends. I am not wild about stevia – sometimes it’s ok, but, mostly, I find it to give off a somewhat funky aftertaste that I don’t like. Also, I like to determine whether or not I want my tea to be sweetened, and then if I do decide to sweeten it, I like to decide what kind of sweetener to add.

Other than the stevia, this is a interesting enough blend. It is earthy and herbal in taste. There is a light lemony note that lingers – it’s nice.

Not my favorite blend out there, but, it’s alright.

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I am finishing off the last I have of this tea – looks like I’m going to need to place an order with Steven Smith soon as I can’t be without this tea for very long. I do have a lot of teas at the moment, enough to keep me busy and my mind off this one, but, I’m sure there will be a time soon when I want more…

It’s beautiful, as always! Smooth, rich, and delicious. A lovely way to wake up.

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Another backlog from this afternoon…

Still just as yummy as the first time I tried it… Delicious!


Ok, I’m sold! I’m putting this on my shopping list. :D I love anything watermelon or raspberry, so this is exciting.


Tabby: you should get it! It’s really delicious!

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Backlogging from this afternoon…

I was very nervous to try this blend because of the “Decaf” – I’ve had some really good Decaf teas and some REALLY BAD decaf teas so I didn’t know how this one would rate.

But, you know what, I TRIED to see if I could taste the “decaf” – but the truth was, I couldn’t! This was actually BETTER than the regular Chocolate cheesecake chai because the flavors of the spice, chocolate AND cheesecake emerged stronger in the decaf than they did in the regular.

And so I am here, pleasantly surprised by this tea. It is especially yummy as a latte.

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Good to know! I’m always on the lookout for strong, tasty decaf teas…

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