4449 Tasting Notes

drank Organic Golden Amber by Tazo Tea
4449 tasting notes


I don’t often drink RTD teas, because they’re usually way too sweet and taste more like the sweeteners and flavors than they do tea. I also am not fond of the sediment that seems to accumulate at the bottom of the bottle.

But, my daughter brought me a bottle of this tea one day, so I decided I’d give it a try. The first thing I noticed: no sediment at the bottom of the bottle! Bonus.

I was also happy with the ingredient list that was just water, organic Oolong tea, sugar and citric acid. I like nice, short ingredient lists like that.

And this isn’t too sweet. I’ve found that often with Tazo’s RTD teas they are way too sweet but that isn’t the case here.

My biggest complaint is that it’s cold. I find that Oolong teas tend to be more flavorful when they’re served hot. The cold seems to mute some of the beautiful complexity of an Oolong and this just tasted rather boring. I mean, it’s alright. A pleasant Oolong flavor with notes of flower and fruit, but it is missing some of the complexity that I think I’d be experiencing if it were something that I brewed myself and enjoyed while it was a hot tea.

If I were in a convenience store though and I was thirsty and I saw this, I might pick up a bottle based upon the fact that it is not too sweet and it tastes pretty good. It’s refreshing, it’s organic and it’s not an overly complicated ready to drink.

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drank Nina's Japon by Nina's Paris
4449 tasting notes



I steeped this at 185°F for three minutes and I was very happy with the result. I could taste the richness of the black tea as well as the light, sweet, fresh notes of the green tea and the roasty-toasty goodness of the genmaicha. And I love the way these teas meld with the caramel and vanilla notes!

A deliciously different blend that I really enjoyed.

Here’s my full-length review: http://sororiteasisters.com/2014/06/23/ninas-japon-tea-blend-from-ninas-paris/

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A very finely chopped CTC, so finely chopped that it almost resembles a fine ground coffee. But as I say in my full length review of this tea – http://sororiteasisters.com/2014/06/22/kyaukme-black-tea-2014-from-shan-valley/ – don’t let the fine cut of the tea dissuade you. A finer chop just means that you should adjust the brewing parameters a little bit (and it also means that you’re probably going to be experiencing a very bold flavor tea – a good kick in the pants!)

The aroma also reminds me of coffee. The earthiness of coffee as well as the roasted notes of coffee. A good, strong tea with a rich and satisfying flavor. Robust with notes of fruit (I tasted raisins and plums) and a nice molasses-y type of sweetness.

A really good cup of tea – an excellent choice for that first cup of the day.

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drank White Tropics by Tea & Bloom
4449 tasting notes


A tasty combination of creamy coconut and sweet pineapple. The white tea is delicate, as are the flavors and I’m happy that the flavoring doesn’t overpower the white tea flavor. It’s not an exceptional tea by any stretch of the imagination but it’s alright. I won’t go out of my way to order it again but if it were offered to me, I’d be happy to have some.

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Lovely! I love Genmaicha, and I generally like it even better when it’s been dusted with Matcha. The Matcha gives it a richness in texture and a deeper and sweeter flavor. It just makes it yummier.

Sort of like … ok, a cupcake is tasty, but it’s even better when it’s been filled and frosted. Like a lemon cupcake that hasn’t been frosted … it still tastes good, but when you fill it with lemon curd and then top it with a luscious creamy lemon cream cheese frosting it’s even better. It’s sort of like that only it’s not cupcakes, it’s genmaicha tea.

I think I shouldn’t listen to this song when I’m writing backlogs of my reviews because the reviews get kind of weird.

Anyway, this tea: delicious, roasty-toasty, nutty, sweet genmaicha that’s been dusted with a light coat of matcha that adds a sweet flavor and creamy texture to the cup. Oh, did I mention that it’s also organic? Bonus points!

Read my full-length review here: http://sororiteasisters.com/2014/06/21/organic-genmaicha-with-matcha-green-tea-from-shi-zen/

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drank SBT: Black-N-Blue by 52teas
4449 tasting notes


I was really happy when I saw that SBT made this tea by mistake (instead of making Razzleberry), because this was one of the most memorable teas that 52Teas has ever made. I loved this tea. I loved it so much that it was one that I hoarded. Normally, I’m more than happy to share my teas that I have with others because I have a lot of tea.

Seriously, I have a lot of tea

Anyway … normally I’m happy to share my tea with others, but, this was one that I didn’t share. I kept it all to myself like a selfish Nelly because it was so good. So when SBT made a version of it I was so happy. And this is almost as good as I remember – if not just as good as I remember – the original being. That doesn’t usually happen. Usually the original 52Teas version is better than the SBT version but this … this is quite possibly equally as good as the original 52Teas version.

In other words, it’s seriously good. And I won’t share my used teabag with you. So don’t even ask.


But is it good?

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reviewed One Touch Tea Maker by Breville
4449 tasting notes

I am revisiting this product because I have news about the product and the company.

And here is that news:

A few months ago, I broke the jug. I was devastated. Beyond devastated. I felt as though I was grieving. I didn’t even drink tea for like two days during this grieving process. Yeah … pretty pathetic, I know. I was severely depressed.

After owning the product for around four years, it had become one of the most important products I owned. As I mentioned on the SororiTea Sisters blog, if the house was on fire and all my loved ones were out of the house and safe and I was able to run back into the house for one more thing to rescue, I’d probably rescue my Breville. This and my grandmother’s quilt. Pathetic, right?

I love this thing.

So, I go to the Breville website – http://www.brevilleusa.com/ – and I search (in vain!) to find out how much a replacement jug would cost. I say in vain because they do not sell replacement jugs! As I was told by the Breville customer service the next day, it isn’t cost effective to manufacture the jugs for replacement. Sadness! That customer service representative offered me a 20% discount on my next purchase of a Breville tea maker, and I thanked her for the generosity and said I would call her back when I was ready to pay for a new tea maker.

But that’s not the end of the story because before I had called and spoken to this customer service representative, the day before (it was a Sunday when the jug broke and nobody was in the office), I also emailed the customer service department for help. So later that day (Monday), I got a call from the customer service department from Breville! This customer service representative offered to send me a new unit (well, a refurbished unit) – free of charge! – if I first sent them the base of my tea maker. So I wrapped up the base and sent it to them (so that they could refurbish that and resell it, I suppose!) and then two weeks later, I receive my refurbished tea maker! YAY!

JOY! HAPPINESS! Seriously … I was really happy.

So, basically, I wanted to share with you how amazing this tea maker is and also how amazing BREVILLE is! I am thrilled with this company and they are like the go-to company for me now. If I need an appliance and Breville makes that sort of appliance, I’m going to buy the Breville. Love Breville. Breville rocks.

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

I love my One Touch. However, I don’t use it as much as I’d like. I also have to Zojorushi Water Dispensers so depending on what I am drinking I may or may not use it. Though when I do it is so convenient.


This makes me so happy. I have 2 Brevilles and I don’t know what I would do without them. (One at home and one at work)


Wow! Amazing story to come back to steepster to find! :)

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Generally, I try to avoid blends like this (blends that have 2 types of tea in them, in this case, a black tea and a green tea) because to brew it properly to get the full flavor from the black tea, I would probably scorch the green tea and cause it to be bitter. So I instead brew it at the lower temperature and add an extra minute or so onto the brew time so that I can (hopefully) achieve flavor without bitterness.

That said, this is actually a pretty tasty blend. I like the combination of jasmine and passionfruit. The passionfruit is sweet and the jasmine adds a soft, beautiful floral note to the cup. The black tea is the strongest flavor of the tea base (not surprising) but I can still taste the green tea. It’s a softer taste for a black tea (again, not surprising because of the lower brew temp), but I still get a nice black tea flavor as well as a pleasing buttery note from the green tea.

Overall, a pleasant cup. I don’t know that I’d order it again. But I enjoyed what I had of it. It’s really good iced.

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drank Berry Patch by Tea of Life
4449 tasting notes


The aroma was inviting with notes of cherry and berry.

The aroma translates to the flavor and I get delicious, delicate notes of fruit with mellow notes of black tea. The fruit notes do not overpower the mild black tea flavor, I think a nice balance has been achieved with this blend.

Overall, a pretty decent blend. Here’s my full-length review: http://sororiteasisters.com/2014/06/19/berry-patch-black-tea-blend-from-tea-of-life/

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LOVE! I love most of the teas from Teavivre and I really can’t think of a tea that I didn’t enjoy from them. Some I liked better than others – as it is with all tea companies that sell more than one tea. This one is really good. Mao Feng teas are one of my favorites of the “ten famous” teas, and this is a really good Mao Feng.

I brewed a couple of infusions of this tea for this review: http://sororiteasisters.com/2014/06/18/nonpareil-te-gong-huang-shan-mao-feng-green-tea-from-teavivre-2/

I found that I liked the second over the first and I think I could have probably gotten a couple more infusions out of the tea.

The tea starts out rather delicate, but be patient with it because over time the flavors develop and your patience will be rewarded! Sweet. Notes of fruit which is a little surprising because usually I experience earthier/grassier/vegetative notes from a green tea but not always a fruit note. Here, I tasted a fruity note that was somewhere between green grape, apple and honeydew melon. Nice.

Nutty flavors arrive in the second steeping, as does a slight vegetal note. The second infusion I noticed less of a grape note and more of a melon-like note.

A very good tea. You can’t go wrong with Teavivre!

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I am obsessed with tea!

I am a co-founder of the SororiTEA Sisters:

I also review teas for the Tea Review Blog:

In addition to my passion for tea, I am also a mixed media/altered arts artist. You can see some of my art here: http://eccentricpastiche.blogspot.com

I am also a self-proclaimed foodie. I review local restaurants and the food I buy online here: http://hungryinportland.wordpress.com


My favorite teas are Yellow Teas with most Oolong teas at a close second. As far as “flavored” teas go, I love Earl Grey, Chocolate and Jasmine teas.

I also am intrigued by flavored teas with an unusual or unique flavor combination.


I don’t do a whole lot of swaps anymore, however, I do occasionally sell sampler boxes here: http://liberteas.teatra.de/ I don’t always have sampler boxes available as it depends upon how much time I have as well as packaging supplies. I usually post at least one or two sampler boxes per month, though, so if you’re interested, keep an eye out or PM me and I’ll let you know when I have some posted.


Most of the teas that I record in my notes here are going to have a fairly high rating from me. This is not because I am not discerning, but because I do not usually waste my time on drinking tea I do not care for, nor will I waste my time on writing about it.


Vancouver, WA



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