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A rich and satisfying Ceylon. Those are two words that I don’t usually think of immediately when I think of Ceylon (Brisk, crisp, mild tasting are words that I associate with Ceylon.) But this Ceylon even has some maltiness to it. It’s a good one.

I taste notes of fruit and flower in every sip. Distant notes of earth and leather. It’s a pleasant cup of tea.

Here’s my full-length review: http://sororiteasisters.com/2014/02/14/lovers-leap-estate-indigo-black-tea-from-eden-grove/

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drank Bourbon Chai by Vintage TeaWorks
4227 tasting notes


I’ve had this chai a few times since I’ve written my original review of it: http://sororiteasisters.com/2014/02/13/bourbon-chai-blend-vintage-teaworks/ and I really enjoy this chai.

The “dry” leaf looks wet – as though it has been marinated in honey. The tea smells like bourbon to me (even though there’s no actual bourbon in the tea), perhaps the combination of ingredients evokes thoughts of bourbon.

Sweet and warmly spiced. It’s “spicy” but it’s not a hot type of spice. It’s more like a sweet-spicy kind of spice. The spices are very harmonious in this blend.

A very satisfying chai!


My mom loved this one!

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drank Jasmine Orange by Tea of Life
4227 tasting notes


Having tried the Lipton jasmine orange tea (and this one from Lipton still being the only tea from Lipton I like), I wondered how this might compare to it.

I was satisfied with this tea. It has a light grassy taste, with notes of jasmine and a bright citrus splash of orange. It’s light, invigorating and sweet. Enjoyable.

Here’s my full-length review: http://sororiteasisters.com/2014/02/13/green-tea-jasmine-orange-tea-life/

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drank Sugar Plum Shou Mei by 52teas
4227 tasting notes


I was really excited to try this tea. When I saw what 52Teas created for their Christmas week, I was really happy. I love sugar plums. I’m talking about the jelly belly sort of sugar plum here, not the real sugar plum thing … I’m not really sure what that it is … I tried looking it up online and I got a few confused ideas of what it is … so when I think “sugar plum” I’m thinking of the sugar coated tart plum looking gummy/jelly thing that you can buy in the candy store in the mall.

There is a nice plum flavor to this tea and I found that it complemented the natural notes of the Shou Mei quite nicely. Then I noticed hits of lavender emerging.

This is a good tea. I don’t know if it’s quite what I hoped for or expected with a name like Sugar Plum and all the thoughts that “sugar plum” evokes … but it’s a tasty cuppa.

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At the time that I enjoyed this particular cup of tea, it was snowing outside. We had quite a snowstorm some time ago … and this was lovely to enjoy while it was so blustery outside. I loved the warm, tropical flair of this tea.

The black tea is the strongest note, and that’s just what I want from a tea – I want to taste the tea! This is a medium-bodied, mild-tempered Ceylon with a nice flavor.

Then I notice the tart lime. It is tart, sweet and there is even a hint of bitter to the lime. It’s a nice contrast to the sweet, creamy taste of coconut. The bitterness reminds me somewhat of grapefruit … but it doesn’t taste like grapefruit. Just evokes thoughts of the bitter fruit.

This is yummy. Here’s my full-length review: http://sororiteasisters.com/2014/02/12/key-lime-coconut-black-tea-blend-herbal-infusions/


hums “put the lime in the coconut”

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This is from my fifth installment of the customized subscription service that I had from Simple Loose Leaf. I have since switched it up to the New Selection Club … and I LOVE this new club. It’s awesome.

I really like this tea too. Creme Brulee is my favorite dessert, and so when I see a tea that is creme brulee, I want to try it. Not all teas manage to capture the thing that makes a custard creme brulee though – that yummy caramelized sugar topping. This one DOES.

It has a sweet, custard-y, vanilla flavor that melds nicely with the robust black tea, and then the flavor of the caramelized sugar sort of weaves its way in and out of the sip.

Strong, malty, and yummy!

Here’s my full-length review: http://sororiteasisters.com/2014/02/11/creme-brulee-black-tea-simple-loose-leaf/


i really hope they manage to get shipping to canada sorted out


They’re from Canada!

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I LOVE this Darjeeling. It’s one of the finest Darjeeling teas I’ve yet to taste. This is the flavor that I think of when I hear the word “Darjeeling.” This is it! As close to perfect as a Darjeeling can get, in my opinion.

A beautiful muscatel. Sweet, floral, fruity, wine-like finish. Delightful.

Here’s my full-length review: http://sororiteasisters.com/2014/02/10/organic-arya-ruby-darjeeling-black-tea-second-flush-happy-earth-tea/


I’ve never had Darjeeling, but I do have one in my cupboard I have yet to taste. What sort of flavours should I look for when trying it?

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drank Rooibos Peach by Nuovo Tea
4227 tasting notes


This has a really nice peach flavor. It tastes juicy. I like the way the peach melds with the natural sweet, nutty notes of the rooibos.

I also LOVE the tins from this company. It’s a three tier tin, so it’s an ideal space saver (I’ve got so many teas that space is always something to consider when adding more teas to the collection.)

Here’s my full-length review: http://sororiteasisters.com/2014/02/10/rooibos-peach-tea-nuovo-tea/

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drank Mandarin Chai by Davidson's
4227 tasting notes


A friend sent me this tea as part of a holiday gift.

Meh … this is alright, but as far as chai blends go, it’s a little on the underwhelming side. There is a flavorful black tea base, but I found the spices to be a little lacking. It’s not really spicy, and while I’ve enjoyed many chai blends that I wouldn’t consider “spicy” or hot … I feel like this blend sort of misses the mark a little. I think it needs some ginger.

I do like the licorice-y snap to this, though. It’s got a nice warmth to it, I just want that peppery kick from the ginger, and I feel like this blend suffers because of the lack of ginger.

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One of the most unique tasting teas I’ve yet to encounter. Very unusual … and tasty! I’m in awe of Stacy’s blending abilities.

I’ve never actually tried potato pancakes and applesauce before. I’ve had the two foods separately, but never together. I like that I can taste both the potato pancake and the applesauce notes.

The green tea base is light and vegetative, but, I taste more potato than I do vegetal taste from the green tea. There is a buttery creaminess to this too, and that works to the potato’s favor.

The apple notes are sweet and add a really interesting contrast to the somewhat starchy, buttery flavor from the potatoes and green tea.

A very unusual blend, like I said, but one that I’d happily drink again and again. Here’s my full-length review: http://sororiteasisters.com/2014/02/09/potato-pancakes-applesauce-green-tea-holiday-series-hanukkah-from-butiki-teas/

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I am obsessed with tea!

I am a co-founder of the SororiTEA Sisters:

I also review teas for the Tea Review Blog:

In addition to my passion for tea, I am also a mixed media/altered arts artist. You can see some of my art here: http://eccentricpastiche.blogspot.com

I am also a self-proclaimed foodie. I review local restaurants and the food I buy online here: http://hungryinportland.wordpress.com


My favorite teas are Yellow Teas with most Oolong teas at a close second. As far as “flavored” teas go, I love Earl Grey, Chocolate and Jasmine teas.

I also am intrigued by flavored teas with an unusual or unique flavor combination.


I don’t do a whole lot of swaps anymore, however, I do occasionally sell sampler boxes here: http://liberteas.teatra.de/ I don’t always have sampler boxes available as it depends upon how much time I have as well as packaging supplies. I usually post at least one or two sampler boxes per month, though, so if you’re interested, keep an eye out or PM me and I’ll let you know when I have some posted.


Most of the teas that I record in my notes here are going to have a fairly high rating from me. This is not because I am not discerning, but because I do not usually waste my time on drinking tea I do not care for, nor will I waste my time on writing about it.


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