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drank Japanese Cherry by PureAromaTea
269 tasting notes

Buh-bye sample from Sil ! You were not all that cherry, just so you know. Actually, you were more nori than cherry at my second attempt. Not a fan on the liquid nori, sorry! You would make a good sushi tea I think.

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drank Goji Pop by DAVIDsTEA
269 tasting notes

Still my favourite tea to make Ice tea with. Sadly, I only have one cup’s worth left. And this is after restocking already. But I forgot to reorder with my last DT order and now I will have to wait a long time because it’ll be a while for the next DAVIDs. Hopefully the teas I did order, in massive quantities, will be just as good. My hopes are resting now on Paradise Found since I bought more than 0.5 lb (250 gr)

Goji pop is lovely. The melon comes through so nicely, probably more than any berry or other ingredient for that matter. It is a nice “juice” tea.

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drank Irish Breakfast by Butiki Teas
269 tasting notes

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drank Kanpe Tea by DAVIDsTEA
269 tasting notes

The houses on either side of ours have put in small above ground pools this week (there must have been a sale?) so I’m sitting here trying to enjoy myself on dry land with the sounds of water splashing all around me. So I’m taking out my large pitcher of Kanpe and trying to pretend that i also have a pool. if they splash hard enough I might even get a spray!

Getting back to this giant pitcher, sample sipdown, by the way, Dexter3657 so loved this tea that she sent me a generous sample thinking I will absolutely love as well and therefore will need a giant bag of it :) Not so.

This still tastes like apple cider to me, I think partly because of the cinnamon. I cold steeped it and am having it with a slice of lemon and some ice cubes. It is a pretty orange-pink tea but the only way for me to drink this is if I booze it up. It really is not a bad tea, I just don’t like apple cider. Maybe i should try this in the winter, hot, with a slice of orange and a cinnamon stick floating ’round.

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drank Paradise Green by Lupicia
269 tasting notes

Thank you Sil for this sample! (And it’s a sipdown!)

When I saw the two tea bags I wondered why I got two. Not complaining, just wondering. It all became clear once I read all the Steepster notes — people complaining one bag lead to weak tea —so I hot steeped both of them in just over 8 oz of water, added a slice of lemon and stuck it in the fridge to have for later. Now Sil instructed me to steep with boiling water, which I disregarded, and went with water just shy of boiling. I was afraid of wrecking it.

It’s a citrus tea. For me, with the ice and the slice of lemon it’s pretty much lemonade. It is a good green, it didn’t go bitter on me and you can’t really taste much of the base — hence my calling it lemonade. Patio umbrella is up, ice cubes and vodka in, let the weekend begin!

200 °F / 93 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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So this bag that I’m holding reads “Roasted Cocoa Mint” — Yerba Mate. Yet steepster insists it is called something else. I would have edited the info except it was Fusion Teas themselves who updated this info last month. Mindhump?!? The ingredients in here are exactly as those on my bag, in the same exact order. So get from this what you will.

The tea is good. The dry leaf smells of chocolate. there are some rather large chocolate chips in it. Not many, but on the large side. The yellow petals (marigold?) and toasted rice are also not hard to find. Everything else, you need good eyes for, it’s sparse.

Brewed, 1.5 tsp for 5.30 minutes the tea is dark and smells mostly of mint. Ditto for the taste, mostly mint. There’s some oily stuff floating on the surface and leaving a ring on the teacup. It also has a lot of sediment on the bottom and this is after transferring! I steeped in DAVIDs steeper and then I transferred to a teapot where the resteep will also go, on top. Yah, I will be blending the two steeps.

Anyway, It’s not a bad tea if you’re in the mood for mint. You have to be in the mood for mint because it is mint first and cocoa and everything else second.

170 °F / 76 °C 5 min, 15 sec

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drank Peppermint Patty by Butiki Teas
269 tasting notes

Can something smell creamy? if you smell this, there’s something past the mint. It is a not a dairy smell, its almost a sweet smell. Maybe it’s from the teaspoon of turbinado. Yeah, I tossed my no sugar rule out the window for this because how on earth can you drink peppermint patty without sugar (and probably cream except I don’t like the taste of dairy so I’ll have to do without the creaminess).

Sweetened, this tea is amazing. Not wintry peppermint, but sweet warm peppermint. And really, I just want to hold the liquor in my mouth for a long time so the taste buds go “yeah, yeah!” You ever get like that, where you know that if you actually drink it, you’ll just have to take another sip and another, whereas if you just take a sip and hold it you prolong the sensation until it becomes unbearable and you just have to swallow that tea. Although now you can’t taste anymore because it is on its way to your stomach and so you take another sip. And then you make another pot, and then you go online and buy 4 oz or more… you get where this is headed?

I don’t even know what else to actually tell you. There is a lot of chocolate inside and the dry leaf smells more chocolate than mint to me, but once steeped it doesn’t smell much like chocolate and it doesn’t taste like chocolate, it tastes like sweet, sweet, delicious mint.

If you made up your mind you don’t like mint, just prove yourself wrong and buy some of this. It’s available in 1/2 oz so you won’t go broke. And I’m sure you’ll always find willing souls if somehow you do not like it. Heck, I’ll buy it off you as long as you don’t tamper with it too much.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

I often hold tea, and other drinks, in my mouth for minutes at a time. I have been doing to since I was a child. I often swish it around too. I never knew why I did this, but I think you explained it well about the sensation it gives you.


silly ipad ate my comment – long story short, really enjoying you come to love stacy’s teas heh


Omg, Sil, I will go broke :)


probably :) that why you find cheaper, every day teas and hers become when you wanna treat teas :)

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drank Oo Nutty Delight by Tealux
269 tasting notes

The other head of the household is not feeling well tonight so I offered tea. “Whatever you like! Anything! I’m a buffet of tea!” Now of course you hope that when she says “chai” you actually have some. This is the last chai in the house. We must remedy that. Anyway, we killed off another sample. I only had two cups worth so we shared it. She had a giant mug and I had the resteep. Not sure but I might have had the better deal.

I must replace this bag. Chai must be represented in this household, it was the first type of tea we liked simultaneously!

Thanks for this generous sample, Dexter3657

And oh my god, James Gandolfini died today. Total shocker!


WHAT!!!! am remiss about keeping up-to-date ’bout star stuff. Now need to search what happened. Too young!!!

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Sil ‘s sample sipdown! I am not really counting my sipdowns but I’m trying to go through all these baggies that are taking over my kitchen! The goal is to finish off all baggies by July and just have properly stored teas — in their original packaging, be it tins or otherwise — of my shelf. All these bags in bowls are starting to get to me a little bit.

I keep forgetting this is a pu’erh because I like it and I really don’t dig pu’erh yet. It’s like I have a short term memory problem. Every so often I think “wait, this is a pu’erh?”, and then I remember, only to have to go through it again the following week as I drink it.

This gets too cinnamon heavy as it cools, almost loses the bread part so maybe you should try to drink it faster, don’t take it in the bathtub with you like I did, and then leave it sitting there in the corner all neglected.

Not as good as the first time because a) I accidentally let it cool and b) it lost the surprise/novelty element.


I think it’s only partly puerh, right? I understand the love/hate relationship with sample baggies haha

Terri HarpLady

I love your sipdown enthusiasm! My dining room table (which is big, luckily) has several boxes on it:
- tea trade from sil
- tea trade from Cavo
- tea trade from NofarS
- TOMC Bundle from Verdant
- Recently acquired teas from Mandala, Verdant, Butiki, thepuritea…As I try them, they get moved to the cupboard
- A box I’m packing for Sil
- A box I was suppose to mail yesterday to TastyBrew (sorry…I promise I’ll get to the post office tomorrow!)
- other random tea paraphenalia: journal, scale, etc…

There’s also some other samples from other friends on a shelf in the kitchen. I really need to do some major sip-down-age too!


Wow. Do you , errrr, dine on this dining room table? Lol

Terri HarpLady

Believe it or not, yes! It’s round, it’s big, the sides fold down so it can be square. One side is folded so its up against a wall. We eat on the edges

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I had all these plans for what I would do with my July tea budget but I think by July I am going to be scrapping most of the plans.

This afternoon I really wished I had ordered the Grapefruit Dragon like I originally intended to. It is beautifully sunny out and I’m making snapper with dill beurre blanc (fancy way of saying white butter dill sauce). I need a tea to go with it as there’s no white wine in the house. So thought to myself “self, you should have bought the grapefruit dragon!”

Oh well, next time.

Onto this tea. I wanted a green tea and I wanted the pistachio ice cream. Oh looky here, the pistachio icecream is a green tea! And to top it off, i had just I bought almond milk. Now I’m sure I’m zapping all the green tea healthy properties by adding sugar and almond milk but hey, it’s my tea.

I did try it without milk at first. I’m not really eloquent with this stuff so I’ll just tell you I get mostly pistachio, which is fine because that’s exactly why I bought this. Vegetal? Forget it. And here I thought green teas were mostly barely flavoured warm water. Nay!

I steeped using butiki parameters because I trust them more than I trust me at his point and I got a almost clear but not quite liquor which tasted and smelled like roasted pistachio. I should really drink this cold so that I am actually reminded of icecream but my ice cubes smell of freezer … wha?!? … so I can’t put any in.

Hurray for green teas, there’s hope!

PS. I also had “with open eyes” earlier, but that’s a whole different note.


i am certain you are reviewing your new butikis knowing it will torment me, lol. i ALMOST chose this one as my sample. so many choices so little budget!


Grapefruit Dragon is the only Butiki blend I have not been a fan of.


Stephanie, I have no idea what grapefruit dragon was even going to taste like but I was hoping for light grapefruit? I ended up pairing it with lupicia’s paradise green instead

Terri HarpLady

I still haven’t tried this one or the grapefruit dragon.


Terri – ill send you grapefruit :)

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Im a fairly recent follower of the loose leaf tea drinking cult. March 2013 to be exact. Never been much into tea before. Growing up in Romania, tea was something mom made for you when you were sick. As an adult, my hot beverage of choice has been coffee, both flavoured and regular. I’ve recently stumbled upon Teavana and DAVIDs TEA and quickly got addicted to the latter. Then came steepster and all else followed.

Formerly a mathematician and insurance adjuster, I gave up the corporate world and am now a professional chef. I drink wine and sometimes cheat on it with tea.

I prefer flavoured teas. It’s probably the newbie in me. I just don’t get cravings for a straight black tea. If I end up having one, I drop in a slice of lemon and artificial rum flavouring (ugh, what moron admits to this?). A black tea fixed this way reminds me of skating at an outdoor rink as a young one, with a thermos full of tea made just as I described..

Im learning so I drink them all. everything! Am even introducing myself to pu’erh. So far I can do fine with the sheng cause frankly, they don’t taste like pu’erh to me. The shou is another story.

NOTE: The virtual cupboard does NOT contain any of the samples I hold since most of them are one-cup quantity. Home improvements, mortgage, travel, wine and food have budget priority over tea.


Toronto Canada

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