282 Tasting Notes

drank Jumpy Monkey by DAVIDsTEA
282 tasting notes

If you subconsciously associate the “Chunky Monkey” ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s with this tea, well… Try not to.

I had a visions of a sweet almond caramel nutty tea, maybe even banana. You see, I was so certain what it would taste like that my mind just glossed over the ingredients when I read them online before buying. Because I must have read them, I’ve been looking at this tea for a good few weeks now.

So I bring this home last night (along with forever nuts and a few others) and I just got around to making it. Stick my nose in the bag and I see something very similar to North African mint. I see some green grass looking things, brown tea leaves and so on. If you have both these teas, go look at them now. They both even have cloves. You will see what I mean. Now the smell. Mostly cloves. Let me tell you, I’ve been drinking strictly coffee until about a month ago. This stuff does NOT smell like coffee. I just get cloves and some grass.

So I brew it even though I’m already sceptical. I brewed using their instructions. Des it taste like coffee? Nope. I can’t tell a predominant flavour, it all kinda blends for me. I do taste the clove though. Not overpowering, more like a…. "What is that taste back there? "

I don’t hate it but it’s so very far from what I thought it would be that it will take a few cups to decide if or how much I like it.


“What is that taste back there?” Mate?


Clove! Lol


Sorry, I misread that. LOL I still don’t get much or any clove in this tea. I am still fascinated how everyone’s tastes are different


I guess if there’s a particular ingredient one is used to more than others, you will pick it up faster. the proper way to infuse the milk for bechemel sauce is by way of a studded onion. (take onion, stick bay leaves on it with the aid of cloves). Also can’t say I’m a fan of cloves so I’ll find it even if it’s faint. I can put cumin in my burgers and Jen won’t have a clue it’s in there. But I can taste it because I love cumin. End of unsolicited lesson. :)

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drank Tropical Breeze by Tealux
282 tasting notes

It’s good if you like apple juice. Mostly apple with good cherry aftertaste and distant, barely there coconut. Looks like apple juice also. I’m drinking it cold. Not iced, just cold. I steeped it a couple of hours ago and left it on the counter to have later. This was later :)

Thank you to Dexter3657 for sharing this.

195 °F / 90 °C 6 min, 0 sec

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drank Eight Candles by Della Terra Teas
282 tasting notes

I really was going to have the pineapple bacon from 52teas this morning but in the end this tea won me over with its colourful additions to the dry leaf. I decided to drink it almost before I knew what it was about but once I read the description the decision was solidified. Marshmallow and caramel? But of course! It smells sweet. It is sweet but not enough for me, of course I had to add sugar. (I can hear some of you gasping from way over here!).

Golden brown liquor, slightly opaque. Astringency, zero. I think I remember a note where someone said it was very astringent. Ummm.. 1 tsp for 8 oz, 2 minutes with boiling water gave me no astringency at all. I would never dare go for the 5 minute steep, I’m just not there yet. I am not fond of astringency. And for those enjoying the wine references, you’d typically lay down a very tannic bottle of red for a couple or more years so the tannins can mellow out. Nobody likes to feel like they took a big bite of paper napkin.

As for this tea, as it cools to a drinkable temperature, it is marshmallow but theres a funky taste to it. I don’t know enough about tea to tell you what this is. There is a powdery sediment in my jar and usually nothing goes through the fine mesh of DAVIDs Steeper.
Aftertaste is marshmallow with funk. The rating is mostly for my future tea purchases because I doubt I’ll remember all of them as I continue to drink increasing amounts and wider varietals.

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I must have been a Parisian in another life. I wish desperately to have been born of French parents instead of Eastern European ones. As a chef, I am trained in classical French cuisine and it is still my favourite cuisine, although the Indian and Mexican are closing the gap.

I don’t think of tea being a French thing and it would take some tea to steal me away from coffee on Saturday morning. With my warm baguette (yes, I went to the bakery at 6 am and got that) and my triple-creme Brie, croissants and the truffled eggs I made this morning, you just have to have coffee. This morning was no exception. What does this have to do with tea you ask? Well, tea is all about the senses, as is food. I’m sure you didn’t need to know my breakfast habits but I’m also sure you’ll think of it when you’re having your cereal or toast.

But since this is a tea review, I’ll tell you that I did manage to squeeze in a cup of this before I went to the bakery. I like it, a lot. There’s no mistaking the lemon peel flavour, even the uninitiated one can attest to this. I grew up with lemon in tea — every cup of tea I ever had growing up had a slice of lemon in it — so this tastes very familiar. I was 2 for 2 with butiki teas and so I had to try this one, my third. It is not a breakfast tea for me but an afternoon patio drink. Kinda like this:

Thank you to dexter3657. Gawd, I think I need to buy some tea of my own! But now I am getting to know my likes and dislikes somewhat.


well as a French I would say tea is a French thing too with Mariage Frères, Dammann Frères,Betjeman & Barton, Kusmi teas, Palais des thés…sure you’ll find a pleasant blend to go well with your baguette pour un bon petit déjeuner :)


Thank you, Ysaurella! I know there are a lot of french tea companies but sadly i have not tried any yet. I’ll have to educate myself further of course, but I always thought tea was first Chinese and that drinking tea became popular with the British first.
I’m going to Europe for Christmas and New Year so I’m hoping to score some French tea then (if not sooner)

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sigh of relief Thank goodness I’m not crazy. A really deep inhale of the brewed tea… Another one… Is that jasmine? No, it can’t be. But I KNOW Jasmine and it’s in there. I don’t remember any of these people writing about jasmine, only about rice and cocoa and whatnot. But it’s jasmine I swear. So I looked up the tea and read the ingredients. Oh, there it is, jasmine freakin’ rice!

The aroma is really, really nice. Can’t get enough of it nice. But it smells savoury, like I should be eating this, not drinking it. Speaking of food teas, I wonder what it feels like to drink… well.. bacon. I have small baggie from, you guessed it, Dexter3657 so i’ll find out soon enough. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have eggs with a side of Pineapple Bacon Rooibos (52teas).

Anyway, back to this tea. This is very tasty. Now I get what the fuss is about. And it’s really nice to finally drink a tea that you’ve read all the notes and everyone is tasting these things and you wonder if you too will taste this, even though maybe you have the palate of a mat (you know, like doormat). Happy to have tried this.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 15 sec

buwahahahaha…. i know with the rice! i didn’t read about it, i tasted it and then saw it when i turned the contents of my tea ball out. bacon? seriously? i’ll be waiting to read that review!

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drank Tamarind Pop by Butiki Teas
282 tasting notes

Earlier today I explained that some of the teas I got in a treasure box from Dexter3657 smell similar and I realized it must be a cross-contamination of sorts. I was looking for the offender, the tea who shamelessly pushed itself onto others. Well, I found it and thus I punished it by drinking it. Some of it, anyway.

I had to drink it. The smell has been driving me nuts for two days now. I was sniffing the air like a hound on a hunt and looking a little crazy, it has to be said. I’m trying to make friends with black teas and I’ve had some success. This being one of the more successful attempts. Only very slightly astringent and a very unique flavour indeed. I sweetened it. I always do. I only use unrefined or minimally refined brown sugars or agave. In this case Turbinado was used.

I have absolutely no desire to try this iced. It is the fastest I ever drank a black tea. The thing is I can still smell it all over the other bags. You know what this means… I have to drink those too!

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec
High Adventure

Have you ever tried rock sugar in your tea? I have a lot – if you want I could send you a bit to try.


Omg, @High Adventure. Yes, I have tried. It’s too addictive. At the rate I go through sugar, it’s not a good idea. That’s like giving a nice Chateneauf-du-Pape to someone who is perfectly happy with fusion. (those who are into wine will get this). But thank you so much for offering. Seriously, I am certain I ruin half these teas by dumping immoral amounts of sugar. I really need to cut it out. I’m drinking a lot of tea now and can’t afford to ingest 1/4 cup of sugar a day.

High Adventure

Hahaha, I’m the same way with loving sugar! I rarely put it in my tea because I love to eat chocolate and sweets. I eat the little rock sugar lumps more often than I put them in my tea, which is incentive to give some away. Let me know if you change your mind!

Perhaps there are teas out there, like the ones with licorice, that wouldn’t make you want to add sugar? Something worth exploring!

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drank Cherry Goddess by Tealux
282 tasting notes

Oh my god, I think I love hibiscus. I get the feeling I’m in minority here.

Can’t tell the dry leaf nose because a few teas decided to make friends in the box they were huddling in and despite the careful double bagging that occurred, they kinda smell the same. I have yet to find the offender who lent its smell to all others but I will eventually.

Fortunately, the flavour is all there, and untainted. Beautiful clear red liquor. You know, deep fiery sunset red. Or, as some of you will say, hibiscus red. It is very tangy. If you hate hibiscus, you would be advised to buy only a sample of this. I love it though. It is going to be amazing iced, I just know it.

Four giant ice cubes later

Move over “pink flamingo”, here comes Cherry Goddess! Ok, just kidding, there’s room for all of you on the shelf.

PS. You ready? Say it with me: " Thank you Dexter3657!"

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 30 sec

A little bit of this in with the Wild Cherry black that you thought didn’t have enough cherry will make all the difference in the world. If you ice a little of this – Malibu goes really well….just saying.

High Adventure

Malibu and tea? You just blew my mind, Dex! :D


I hope that’s a good thing. I put Malibu in fruit juice, fruit iced tea just seemed like a natural thing to do…..

High Adventure

It’s a very good thing! I may have to make a stop for some Malibu and try this out with friends this weekend. Tea + alcohol? I’ve never tried it, but I’m game. Thank you!


This is where I tell you I put booze in a lot of beverages. As soon as I had this iced I thought to myself “now if only I had some booze”. Goji Pop? booze. Pink flamingo? Booze. Organic Buttered Rum? Booze. Tropicalia? waste of your booze :)

High Adventure

Hahahaha! I love that comment! I tend towards the greener side of things, but I love mixing up a good drink every now and again.


LOL, Great comments guys, why did no one mention coffee pu’erh with hazelnut Kahlua? OH right, that’s MY favorite.

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I’m at work so this will be a brief one to start.

I am such a pleb. I like bold flavours. I don’t want “a hint of”. If you have a hint of whatever, you might as well not bother.

In the bag this smells so good I want to shove it in my mouth and eat it (what a barbarian, eh?). I might have under leafed, black teas scare me a little. So I’m getting some strawberry and almost no chocolate. I think the aftertaste is really goo though, get more chocolate here. I dumped in a bunch of sugar.

I’ll have to add more leaf next cup. It’s good but the aroma is way stronger than the flavour.

Can’t rate yet.

Ps. Thanks, Dexter3657 for sending this.
P.P.S: I get a feeling a lot of my notes will say thanks Dexter. Sorry if you’re bothered by it! I give credit where it’s due.


no way! i always try my best to thank folks for their samples :) If i have enough for multiple cups i sometimes only hit them on the first and last one but yeah

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drank Almond Happiness by 52teas
282 tasting notes

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Ok, now this pu’erh I can handle!

The dry leaf did not smell offensive (like some other pu’erh), I picked up mostly citrus. Tastes good too! Maybe it would be too much of a generalization to say I don’t like pu’erh. Actually, I’ve never really said that, I only said I didn’t like DAVIDs chocolate pu’erh. The first few sips I get almost none of the oh so unmistakeable pu’erh taste. As it cools I get a bit more of it but it’s not too much to be a turn off. Ladies and gents, we have a winner. For me, anyway.


I’ve heard a few people say this one is good, so I may have to try it. I’m not a huge fan of orange flavored teas, especially then ones with the orange peel/rind in it. So I’m a little cautious about trying this one. How orangey would you say this one tastes? Is it in your face, or just a hint of orange?

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I started drinking loose leaf tea in the spring of 2013 (why do we feel compelled to mark the date of tea drinking somewhat like addicts counting their sobriety days?)

Never been much into tea before. Growing up in Romania, tea was something mom made for you when you were sick. As an adult, my hot beverage of choice has been coffee, both flavoured and regular. I’ve recently stumbled upon Teavana and DAVIDs TEA and quickly got addicted to the latter. Then came steepster and all else followed.

Formerly a mathematician and insurance adjuster, I gave up the corporate world and am now a professional chef. I drink wine and sometimes cheat on it with tea.

I lean heavily towards flavoured black teas. I’ve started to crave the occasional straight oolong and green but so far unflavoured black teas leave me unimpressed.

I’m learning so I drink them all. Am even introducing myself to pu’erh. So far I can do fine with the sheng cause frankly, they don’t taste like pu’erh to me. The shou is another story.

Note*: The virtual cupboard does NOT contain any of the samples I hold since most of them are one-cup quantity.

Note**: My partner, our home improvements, gadgets, mortgage, travel, wine and food have budget priority over tea.


Toronto-ish, Canada

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