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Cold brewed, this is like blueberry juice. It is so freaking delicious. Hot steeping this is a waste of tea as far as I’m concerned. Why I only made 500 ml of this is a mystery. I need to make an entire pitcher. Litres and litres. Because now it’s gone and I’m sad. I must get this back in my cupboard for a summer drink. (Something’s happened to my favourite goji pop. This last batch I bought tastes funny. Chemical in a way. So I need a replacement “juice” tea. Might be this one)

Iced 8 min or more

oooohhhh I need to try this iced!


Cold brewed. Not iced.

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drank Pink Lemonade by DAVIDsTEA
277 tasting notes

I used to like this! The first time I bought it iced to go while in store I thought it was delicious and promptly bought 102 grams. Subsequent attempts were not as successful. Today I made it and it tasted kind of wrong, probably the stevia, not sure. So I fixed it by mixing in a splash of orange juice. It’s really good like that. I have enough for a couple more cups but I’m definitely not repurchasing.

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drank Secret Weapon by DAVIDsTEA
277 tasting notes

A tea friend at work is expecting and can no longer drink this because “something in it induces labour”, she says. Maybe the licorice root, I am too lazy and too uninterested to actually search this out. It’s her body and her baby and totally her call. Because she has quite a bit left and cannot drink it she offered it to me. I took 2-cups worth of leaf and gave her back the rest because soon the baby will be here and she will no doubt regret parting with what she says is a favourite.

I can’t see why this would be anyone’s favourite though. I have never tried this before but I looked it up and saw gojiberries and orange as featured ingredients on DAVIDs site. The sample is full of almonds. Dry leaf smells like almonds, ditto for the steeped tea. But it’s weak at 1.24 tsp / 8oz, 195F for 4 min and I would have no clue there’s citrus in here were it not for the website. Not satisfying at all.

Flavors: Nuts

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drank Buddha's Blend by DAVIDsTEA
277 tasting notes

I bought this forever ago for my partner. She is an occasional tea drinker so this is still lingering in my cupboard. As a general rule I avoid jasmine but today I grabbed it. I remembered it being a little strong, a little bitter but it’s been months since I made it so I forgot to alter my steeping parameters to allow for this. So I’m drinking a strong, slightly bitter cup of jasmine/peach. I’m not enjoying it much but I have the pot with me and I’m too lazy to move and make something else just yet.

I wonder if anyone’s tried cold steeping this. Easy to find out, I suppose, just read through all 99 tasting notes on it. Umm… Nah.


I didn’t like it cold brewed – but me and jasmine are not friends.


I put the spent leaves in a jar this morning, for something to do. Bonus if the stuff is drinkable. I’m the same, jasmine and I used to be friends but it’s been years since we broke up.

Roswell Strange

I’ve cold brewed it. I still found it to be quite disgusting cold brewed, though…

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Someone (dexter) was having this the other day and seeing the note reminded me of this tea and made me miss it. So I went out yesterday and bought some. I’m having it now. I do remember there is a lot more flavour if this is cold steeped but I am impatient by nature so I rarely, very rarely have the foresight to cold steep. Usually when I want things I want them NOW! I definitely fall into the instant gratification camp when it comes to, well, mostly everything. Because, you know, “you can’t take it with you” and “what if that day never comes?”.

There was an article in the Globe and Mail a few weeks back, discussing the two types of people. The “now” and the “later” tribes. It was an interesting read. It started with a scenario like: you’re on the subway platform and it’s crowded. Do you a) leave because the train is obviously not coming or do you b) stay because it’s obviously been a long time therefore the train must be coming.

Yeah. This became so not about this tea. Let’s rectify.

I added sugar. I taste blueberry. I usually have fruit teas cold because I think of juice that way but today wanted more of a blueberry Danish type feel so I added creamer for the first time ever (first time ever for any fruit flavoured tea for that matter). It’s going to be cold again tomorrow, and snow (wtf) so I wanted me some comfort. I’m also having it with blueberry brown sugar with flax cookies (lifestyle selections). The end.


B> if there are a lot of people waiting it’s obviously coming soon.

LOL yes I was drinking this the other day (for the first time). I thought it was really, really sweet. I haven’t tried it cold or cold steeped – if I ever buy more of it I’ll have to try it. :))


my answer is it would probably depend if I was going somewhere important or not. ;)


I have no idea about the subway platform, but I definitely fall into the instant gratification category. I keep not caring about too far into the future because I think it’s presumptuous to think I’ll live that long (not in like, a suicidal way—I just mean I don’t cling to any notions that I—more so than other people—am going to be the one with a long life). Also I am extremely impatient and want everything yesterday in general. I can’t wait to hang out-we’ll get on swimmingly.


Keychange, I think we are dangerously similar. I have a feeling I should leave most of my wallet at home during our meets.


I’d probably do well to leave mine (mostly) at home also. Although I must always be prepared to pay for…you know..emergencies and stuff. So I couldn’t leave it behind. Because these emergencies…you just never know when they’re going to happen. ;)


Yum for blueberry!

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Would like to thank the great TheTeaFairy for this sample. I didn’t like it much, I got mostly kinda generic base and a bit of vanilla. I added creamer and sugar and it was a bit better that way but still nothing I’m going to rush out and buy.

Thanks for sharing your off the beaten path teas with me, fairy!

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drank Blue Lagoon by DAVIDsTEA
277 tasting notes

This is another tea where the ingredients sound like they’d be good together, the dry leaf smells good (mostly of blueberry) but the taste falls flat. It is weak if you follow the suggested steeping parameters. I steeped 5 minutes. Tastes mostly of lemongrass and it has a pretty unfortunate colour. I bought with the intent to have it iced because the season is coming and I can’t be guzzling only goji pop. I bought 24 grams but will not refill. It is kind of a miss. Not awful but definitely not what I thought it would be. I added some lemon slices to the pitcher to see if I can can brighten it up a bit.


Awww. That’s too bad that it didn’t work for you. I agree it could use a certain something, but when I think of drinking blue whale candies, that somehow makes this tea better…


I’ve never had a blue whale candy. Don’t even know what it is. Sorry!

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drank Cool Cucumber by DAVIDsTEA
277 tasting notes

Everyone, run out and buy yourself some cool cucumber! You can thank me later :)

I made a 500 ml mason jar of this over ice. I didn’t think I’d dig hot cucumber anything, let alone tea, so iced it is. I would bet my house this has mint in it, but the ingredients don’t say anything about mint. However, if you look at the photo associated with the cool cucumber tea on DAVIDs website
you will clearly see, to the right of the two cukes with sunglasses there is something that looks a heck of a lot like a sprig of mint. So I’m gonna say that part of the “natural and artificial flavouring” is mint. Go ahead and tell me otherwise :)

But I like mint so it doesn’t bother me. I love how you can taste the melon and the cucumber and that bit of mint that isn’t there makes it all very refreshing. 1.5 tsp of demerara sugar to the concoction while it was steeping. I will be going back to get more of this. lots more. Goji pop more. (note: goji pop more means restocking in 150 gr amounts biweekly)

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 15 sec

I confirmed it is spearmint flavour.


Thanks, OMGsrsly! Tells us all we ain’t crazy. I love how a lot of tasters said.. Yo, there’s mint. But there’s no mint. Now we know!


Even in-store, some people said there was mint and some said there wasn’t! I cannot stand spearmint, and my BFF is hideously allergic to peppermint, so I needed to know. :)

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drank Peaches & Cream by DAVIDsTEA
277 tasting notes

This tea smells a lot better than it tastes. Thankfully I only bought a small sample, enough to finish off a gift card I received from a tea friend a couple months back.

It looks like it might have chamomile in it — all the yellow things I guess — and it smells faintly like it might have some but I asked the store sales person and she said “nay”.

It brews weak if you use the amounts they suggest 1.25 tsp for 8 oz and steep for 4 minutes, which I did. I usually leave herbals longer but I also usually follow steeping instructions first time around.

It also tastes quite fake and perfum-y. Aftertaste is very much vanilla, which is not bad, except to get the aftertaste you have to actually sip it and , well, that part is not so pleasant. Thumbs down. No improvement even with added sugar. Waste of sugar.

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drank Coffee Pu'erh by DAVIDsTEA
277 tasting notes

A long time ago when I first started drinking loose leaf I thought I was so emancipated (or adventurous) that I could and would drink anything that came my way. So of course I bought 100 grams of Coffee Pu’erh. Why not? I made one cup, struggled, maybe even dumped it and promptly mailed the rest to Dexter3657. All of it except one teaspoon or so, in case this became my love and could never be found again.

Given that it is one of the first teas I purchased, dated sometime last spring, it’s time that I bid it farewell. Either dump it or drink it but I can’t drag it around in the tin anymore. I need the tin :)

And so here I sit with this here tea. I don’t like it. I made it with sugar and creamer so it resembles coffee. And it does, but the pu’erh is stronger. Oh boy. Not as unpleasant as some other pu’erhs I’ve tried, at least this one tastes of something… At long last I can remove it from my cupboard, never to be seen again!

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I started drinking loose leaf tea in the spring of 2013 (why do we feel compelled to mark the date of tea drinking somewhat like addicts counting their sobriety days?)

Never been much into tea before. Growing up in Romania, tea was something mom made for you when you were sick. As an adult, my hot beverage of choice has been coffee, both flavoured and regular. I’ve recently stumbled upon Teavana and DAVIDs TEA and quickly got addicted to the latter. Then came steepster and all else followed.

Formerly a mathematician and insurance adjuster, I gave up the corporate world and am now a professional chef. I drink wine and sometimes cheat on it with tea.

I lean heavily towards flavoured black teas. I’ve started to crave the occasional straight oolong and green but so far unflavoured black teas leave me unimpressed.

I’m learning so I drink them all. Am even introducing myself to pu’erh. So far I can do fine with the sheng cause frankly, they don’t taste like pu’erh to me. The shou is another story.

Note*: The virtual cupboard does NOT contain any of the samples I hold since most of them are one-cup quantity.

Note**: My partner, our home improvements, gadgets, mortgage, travel, wine and food have budget priority over tea.


Toronto-ish, Canada

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