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This was pleasant enough, but I can’t say the flavor was unique for me to want to return to it or crave it. It seemed like a fairly basic green tea, which is a bit disappointing for Le Palais des Thes. Still it was fine enough for the one cup. I’m glad it came in a sample pack though, rather than me having a whole supply of it.

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I’m always looking for good, comforting, mild teas for when I’m getting sick. This is a good one. A hint of citrus, but mostly just enjoyable warmth.

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I’m not usually a fan of fruity herbal teas, and I can’t say this will be joining my routine drinking rotation, but I wanted something relaxing and, well, fruity, this evening and this served well. It was enjoyable, but nothing I was blown away by.

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I usually don’t drink fruit forward teas, but this was highly rated in a travelling teabox I received, so I gave it a try – it’s surprisingly good! By no means could I drink it with the frequency I drink black tea, but it would make a good dessert or just afternoon treat. Made with real raspberries and juice, it tastes like…well, a raspberry.

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A really enjoyable black tea – would be perfect for my daily morning tea if I didn’t already have a ton of other black teas for this purpose. I’ll keep this one in mind if I ever have to buy more tea! Smooth and strong with good mouth feel – I’m pleased.

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This tea put me off with both it’s brewed and dry smell, but it was more pleasant once sipping. I could taste both the green and black teas in it, and peach with a slightly vegetative edge. It was a good cup of tea but I can’t see this becoming one of my go-to teas.

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I had a cup of Stash English Breakfast Tea this morning and thought it was good, solid flavor but nothing special. I thought it resembled a bit more of a generic black tea than specifically any “English breakfast” blend.

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I’m not really a big fan of black teas from China, and this was no exception. It wasn’t unpleasant to drink, just not very strong or particularly to my liking.

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I liked the taste of this tea far better than I thought I would from smelling the tin when it arrived. I bought based on the name because I’m a bit of a history buff, and I’m glad I did in this case. It’s just easy drinking and enjoyable.

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