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1 sachet for 250mL water, drunk bare.

I’ve only seen Harney and Sons Tea in my city at Christmas time, and then only at the ChaptersIndigo (like Barnes & Noble) book store. The tins are pretty, especially the big ones that hold 30 sachets, but they’re also expensive. And tins that only show up around Christmas usually aren’t the highest quality in the land.

But I’ve done some research on Harney this year, and today I broke down and bought a 20-sachet tin of Paris and a 30-sachet tin of Tower of London. (Dang — thought the ToL was loose tea. Oh, well.)

Flavoured black tea and I often don’t get along. I found an Earl Grey I really like earlier this year and nearly tap-danced for joy. Too, too often the flavours mask a poor quality base tea.

Paris. Hmm. Visited Paris in May of 1989 and left a large chunk of my heart there. Totally hope to return. Paris smelled to me those weeks of fruit, coffee, diesel (?), dirty river (the Seine), dog turds, fresh baguettes, brie, oranges butter, chocolate and people. I loved it. A lively, not always pretty smell.

The Paris tea, however, is awfully pretty. The tin promises “natural and art [artifical, I presume] vanilla, fruit and citrus flavors.” Apparently this is a “fruit black tea with a hint of lemony bergamot.” It’s a pretty subtle hint. I can catch awhiff of it from the dry sachets, but in the brew all I’m getting is limp China black tea and a really heavy vanilla flavor. Almost sickly sweet. And grenadine — yeah, this reminds me of a horror I once tried called Vanilla Monk’s Blend. Oh. Yuk.

I really wanted to like this tea. But, for me, I gotta file it with dozens of other flavoured black teas: Don’t Bother.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec
Michelle Butler Hallett

Seriously, have I got a bad batch? Other reviewers are over the moon about Paris.

Meghann M

I have a tin of loose Paris if you would like a sample to see how it compares. I got it direct from Harney online along with Florence, Cranberry Autumn and Sally’s Secret if you would care to try any of those.


I recommend the loose leaf vs. the sachet. The rule that loose leaf is better than bagged seems particularly true when it comes to Harney’s tea!

Michelle Butler Hallett

Meghann, thank you, that’s very kind. I’m only gonna say No thanks — with sincere gratititude — for now because I did get a pile of teas I really like for Christmas, and I’m just not that intrigued by flavoured black teas. I wouldn’t want you to waste your time and postage on a grumpy curmuedgeon like me.

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Second infusion note.

1TB for 500mL water. First steep: four minutes. Second steep: a good eight minutes, easily, as I got distracted by laundry.

Only slight less sharp that the first infusion. No bitterness, which surprises me as the first infusion can get better past the four-minute mark. Not quite as much depth this time, but the differences are subtle. A bit more Yunnan pepper-mineral coming through.

Wow. What a cup of tea.

Boiling 8 min or more

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Second infusion … two minutes, almost indistinguishable from the first. I really, really like this yea.

180 °F / 82 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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2 TB for a 600mL pot

Received a lovely tin of this Dragonwell as a gift last night. The large leaved spied through the peek-a-boo lid are long, a bit twiggy, dark dark jade … and look good enough to eat. Ever the cynic, I dumped some tea out of the tin to see if most of the volume was fannings of broken leaves over which full leaves had been laid … but nope. All leaf, all the way.

First infusion: steeped for just under two minutes. Liquor is pale green with yellow tones. Scent is sweet and light. Body is light but creamy. Taste is sweet and very refreshing. No mineral or brine notes. Faint fruitness rounds out the aftertaste. Maybe some distant smoke — hard to say. Slight nuttiness.

A competitor’s Dragonwell promised improved concentration, which did happen. I’ll report later on this one.

Refreshing. I keep coming back to that, but yeah, refreshing to the point of being invigorating. Not at all a caffeine smack-up-the-head like, say, Damn Fine’s Captain Assam, but definitely a sweet buzz. Invites meditation.

190 °F / 87 °C 1 min, 45 sec

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1 heaping TB for 600mL pot, 1 packet of stevia, no milk.

Blueberries. I adore blueberries. And they grow wild, rampant and lush here in Newfoundland. Not the great big rubbery monsters that import from South America in the winter months, no: sun-warmed, low-bush, get-down-on-your-knees and eat em off the bush bits of deep blue heaven.

So I’m spoiled for blueberries. And I honestly believe the best wild ones grow here.

And I’m leery of flavoured black teas. Hubby, however, adores flavoured black teas — and blueberries — so he bought us a nice sized packet of Wild Blueberry from Britannia.

The aroma: redolent. Seriously penentrating blueberry. REAL blueberry, not that powdery horror that might scent an eraser.

Black tea base is quite mild—China blacks, I’m guessing. I followed instructions — three-minute steep — and got a beautiful amber liquor, clear all the way through, with that delicious, now almost winey scent of blueberries. I also used water just off the boil so as not to scald the fruit, ’cause yes, there are dried real blueberries in here!

The light sweetening does bring out the berry taste, but I think I’ll drink it bare from now on so I can taste the black tea, too.

Lovely flavoured tea. I’d recommend this for evening-in sipping, or in place of / alongside port, cognanc etc.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec
Michelle Butler Hallett


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2 scant TB for a 600mL pot, drunk bare.

A most resilient tea. This time I nearly ruint it — really, too much leaf for the pot, but even though the brew got slightly bitter, it’s still great. Also brighter and more assertive, in a cheery way, like a noisy and well-loved friend announcing herself as she swings open the door. I had planned to make this tasting note a warning not to use too much leaf, but I’m really liking what I made here.

Mineral notes are also more pronounced, but, as I’ve noted elsewhere, mineral notes may come from my tap water, which in turn comes from a lake.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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1 rounded TB for 500mL water, drunk bare.

Teatime! Elevenses!

Sipping this beautiful brew after a quick, um, breakfast of slightly stale toffee loaf chopped up and soaked in coffee-flavoured yogurt. Puurrrrrr …

But the tea, the tea! Mineral and slightly smoky this morning with a rich Yunnan finish. I love how this blend subtly varies so much. Mad hot, refreshing, especially after an insanely rich morning of capucinno, hot chocolate and the above-mentioned alleged breakfast.

Some Assam (?) depth as I sip further down the cup. Peace.

I find the recommended four-minute steep to be perfect. HB can get bitter if steeped longer.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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1 scant TB for 400mL water, 1 packet of stevia, no milk.

Ah, a new bag of Super Chocolate under the tree, lucky me!

Luckier than I knew … SC is temporarily out of stock. David’sTea assures me they’re not discontinuing this one, just re-formulating. They suggest I drink their Spicy Chocolate Rooibos in the meantime. SCR is nice, but it’s red rooibos and can get a bit woody. Hmph. Be keeping my eye on this …

This particular 250g bag has much more cocoa in the nose and in the flavour than my last two, which were apple-y (and delicious). But it’s good to have a decent whack of cocoa back in this blend; the chocolate scent wafts out the cup and beckons you to kiss it and sip in green rooibos goodness, that apple-y taste, if not so pronounced this time, plus a bit of cinnamon.

I got two great steeps from the 1 TB in the 400mL mug. Not so great a second steep in a 500mL mug, which makes sense.

Super Chocolate is also fabulous chilled. So if you let some go cold and don’t want to nuke it, fret not! Just knock it back.

Hope everyone’s having a great time.

205 °F / 96 °C 8 min or more

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1 scant TB for a 400mL travel mug. Drunk bare.

Steeped just four minutes this time instead of six — much more balanced. Water just off the boil vs at a rolling boil yields a better liquor, more complex, sweeter. The Assam remains assertive but does not get all woody on the aftertaste. Much more oolong and Darjeeling up front. I agree with another reviewer that Stash’s Christmas Morning rivals Tazo’s Joy. I think the Stash CM is a bit sweeter with the Assam finish, but Tazo’s Joy has more oolong in the nose. I’d need them side by side to determine which one a I like more.

All told, a beautiful blend.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

Good to know. I like Joy, but it’s a little hard to hunt down around here. (Literally and … figuratively? :)

Michelle Butler Hallett

I’ve got my 100g of CM one-third GONE. Yeesh, better switch gears today. Back to Damm Fine Holiday Blend!

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4TB for a 12-cup pot, drunk bare.

Dry leaves: some tips, faint scents of jasmine and Keemun and a lovely comforting hug of Assam.

Steeped: jasmine disappears but resurfaces very subtly in the taste. Oolong aromas. Slight smokiness from the keemun. Winey-ness from the keemun dances with the wine-to-maltiness from the Assam. Aftertaste: Darjeeling, and Yunnan pepper. Some astringency, but I did steep this for 6 minutes; 4 minutes would be better, I think. Medium body. No bitterness. Quite lovely. I feel very relaxed and blessed, drinking this one.

I used water just off the boil out of respect for the oolong and jasmine in the blend.

205 °F / 96 °C 6 min, 0 sec
Michelle Butler Hallett

A slightly woody finish — I definitely steeped this just a bit too long and allowed the Assam to jump around. But delicious. Oh, so good.

Geoffrey Norman

I sampled this last week. What a surprisingly good blend it was.

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I prefer straight teas but will try almost anything … so long as it’s not tainted with hibiscus. I loathe hibiscus.

Floral oolong and complex black teas are my favourites.


St John’s, Newfoundland, Canada

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