I’m almost out, which means I really need to go buy some more real soon, because I can’t end a day without my nighttime tea. I steeped this tonight with about a tsp of herbal infusions vanilla cacao tea. Yummy! It added a hint of chocolate, which complimented the vanillamintiness so deliciously. And the smell of the two together, mmm. So comfy smelling.

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20 years old
I love green tea, its an old favorite and my favorite standby! Oolongs are quickly becoming my second favorite.
I’ve only recently began exploring straight blacks and puerhs, and I’ve been loving the one with cocoa and bread-like notes the most!
I love dessert teas, basically if it’s vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, or anything of the sort, it’s bound to have my heart.
I also have been really into fruity teas lately, and I love to drink them iced!
I will always love a good chai.
I despise licorice and bacon.

Notes I like:
Vegetal, Grassy, Seaweed, Spinach
Cocoa, Bread, Caramel, Nutty, Vanilla, Cream, Honey, Butter, Maple, Marshmallow
Fruity, Berries, Lemon, Jasmine

Notes I don’t like:
Banana, Bacon, Licorice, Smoke, Astringency, Bitter



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