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It wasn’t Steepster who ate my tasting note this time. It was my laptop who died of low batter all of sudden.

Again a celebration tea.
I passed yesterday an exam from Algorithms and programming, yes, it is that one I failed week ago. It was close-call though even this time… but I have managed it.

I overleafed badly this tea though. I have used all remaining 7 grams for my small-ish gaiwan. But somehow I wanted to get rid of it. I remembered it wasn’t much impressive as I have hoped, but today it was better actually?

Yes, I wasn’t taking much care — I just filled thermos with boiling water and slowly I was pouring it into gaiwan, did some random long steep and poured the tea to my tea cup.

Wasn’t caring about it. That led to several not so tasty steeps. But then even short ones were nice! I noticed vegetal notes, sometimes it was full of astringency and bitterness, but following shorter notes brought the cake flavours. It was creamy, cake-y, some stonefruits (as actual fruit), sometimes bit juicy. It wasn’t typical poundcake flavours which I would expect, but it was pretty much okay.

I wasn’t that impressed about this tea though. Last time I was careful and was okay, this time I wasn’t careful and it was… just nice sheng. Nice sheng that impressed me with its energy that it gave me, although I am bit trying to not associate tea with some other aspects, I noticed something similar as Togo said. I was somehow filled with all the ideas i want to make true, what places I want to visit and even I decided to check out how to travel to Ljubljana (Slovenia) as I want to visit this country with my Swiss friend (I wrote about her here few times already). It is bit weird, but I don’t want go there with my best friend. Maybe because he isn’t that much into sights and those things. Maybe I just want have vacation wihout him.

Hmm. Slovenia don’t want Czechs in their country now though. Hopefully it will get better and maybe it will be something I won’t forget. But for sure I won’t forget that promise of visit!

Raising the rating a bit.

Flavors: Cake, Creamy, Stonefruits

205 °F / 96 °C 7 g 3 OZ / 85 ML

Cake sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate surviving that exam! Sorry the travel plans aren’t coming together just yet. Keep hoping!


Congratulations on passing your exam! Hopefully we’ll all be able to travel next year.


Congratulations on your exam!


Congratulations on your exam :)




Congrats on your exam. I was a comp sci major myself, I know that course isn’t easy.

Martin Bednář

THANK YOU A LOT everyone. Unfortunately, my laptop seems to have more and more issues. Not only bad battery and long gone “g” letter. Now, left ctrl key broke in half too. Time to upgrade I guess. I am using now a small keyboard I bought earlier with a touchpad-numpad, but it is not that good.

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A tea I have from dreamloomer. Thank you!

An okay fruit tea as yesterday Raspberry Herbal. But this one is apparently apple & cranberry.

It is very apple in taste. Fresh and ripe red apples with its skins, expected flavour, nothing artificial, it was quite genuine in taste. The cranberry was present as well, although much weaker but I liked it as it was present as bit tart, but nice aftertaste.

Enjoyable herbal!

Flavors: Apple Skins, Cranberry, Red Apple, Tart

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec 10 OZ / 300 ML

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A tea I have ordered and haven’t received from their subscription. I have hoped that it will be better than some typical Earl Grey but actuallly, it is it.

It is nothing exclusive, rather quite generic — but tasty Earl Grey.
The black tea base was tasty itself, as I wrote in previous note: malty, grapes. Nothing close to smoky. The bergamot itself is nicely present, leaves are well coated with oils probably. In the brew the level of citrus notes is right, the base is nice so… it’s nice earl grey.

Good tea, but I don’t really think I will re-order it. I will rather try something new.

Flavors: Bergamot, Citrus Zest, Grapes, Malt

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 10 OZ / 300 ML

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A tea bag from ashmanra. Thank you!

I am quite surprised it is so underrated. Actually people really hate it. I don’t see it that bad! Maybe I am much more used to drink those hibi blends.

It was actually quite tasty for me. It was mostly hibiscus, that’s right, but I noticed quite lots of raspberries, fresh and ripe. It was bit tart, as I have expected, but rasperries were genuine for me. Haven’t noticed any artificial flavours.

I look into ingredients list now and there should be spearmint and peppermint but haven’t noticed them at all.

Overall decent tea. Certainly not one of the best, but I can imagine it offering it to others :), at least it got actual fruit notes.

Flavors: Raspberry, Tart

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec 300 OZ / 8872 ML

I am glad you enjoyed it!

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This tea it is needed to drink fresh. First brews I was amazed but now and recently it was kind of clove + green tea. No hot notes, as chilli or ginger. I haven’t used cinnamon as they suggest for autumn “kick”, but I can imagine being it nice.

Sad to see it go? Kinda yes. But autumn is coming and new blends with spices will come. Happy that I have finished it just before another upcoming teas.

195 °F / 90 °C 5 min, 0 sec 4 g 10 OZ / 300 ML

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Had it in the afternoon, approx. 3 hours ago. I will try to recall at least something.

The dry leaf aroma was quite interesting and not that appealing for me. Noticed some sweet stonefruits as cherries, maybe tiny hints of apricots but mostly tobacco.

But I decided to brew 4 grams per 300 ml, freshly boiled water and… that’s different story.
That story is about strong malt and dried plums. Today I learned it is called prune in English. So okay, malt and prune.

The story starts with wonderful copper colour of the brew. It is dark copper with lots of shine and clear colour. I steeped it for 4 minutes and… it was just right.

First sips were somehow normal, typical malty Assam profile. But then the explosion of taste did the bang! Malt, prunes, some woody notes (eastkyteaguy noticed cedar, while I think more about sandalwood, sweet notes as molasses (another stuff I never had chance to try, but I imagine being it like that), dates and figs (as he noticed and I have to agree).

One of the most complex Assams I had. The aftertaste was long and it was very energizing! Would like more than 25 grams, but paying my one and half shift money for whole box (which looks amazing though) is way too much. But it’s worth every penny.

Thank you a lot Alistair and White Antlers. Truly exceptional tea!

Flavors: Apricot, Cherry, Dates, Fig, Malt, Molasses, Plums, Tobacco, Wood

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 4 g 10 OZ / 300 ML

Sounds delicious!

White Antlers

Doesn’t ‘dried plum’ sound so much more…I don’t know…appealing and tastier than PROON?!


Wow, you make this one sound like the best tea!

Martin Bednář

It is close to I suppose :)

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I made it strong today (5 grams) and it indeed lost its subtle flavours. It is nicely malty and floral, but somehow generic floral — maybe hints of muscatel there, but that’s it.

This stronger brew have different mouthfeel though. It is well coating the tongue, like honey + even some honey taste. Slight astringency lingers for quite long.

Needs light brew indeed. Rating may change.

Flavors: Floral, Honey, Malt, Muscatel

195 °F / 90 °C 5 min, 0 sec 5 g 10 OZ / 300 ML

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Received two tea bags from postcrossing week ago. It should be rooibos with plum flavour.

Honestly, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I do like plums, they are somewhere between sweet and savoury and I rather tend to enjoy savoury ones.

It should be brewed for 5 minutes as I found out while looking for this tea. I did bit longer, I guess it was around 8; but I don’t really think it will change the flavour profile too much, because…
well, it wasn’t much flavourful. Yes, rooibos was there. But not anyhow woody as expected, it was just plain base without anything. It was just plain. And the flavour? Well, it was bit of sweet side, but I would not recognize it is plum if you asked me without my knowledge.

205 °F / 96 °C 8 min or more 10 OZ / 300 ML
White Antlers

Sometimes it feels as if you need to take a a leap of faith as well as engage your imagination very heavily with these ‘flavored’ brews. But you tried! : )

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Tried to gong-fu it today and it was bit better.
4 grams — 85 ml.

It was still quite malty, but noticed more — some hints of sweet cherries, raisins, pear, cinnamon. The last one was prounced as well in something like aftertaste, but it wasn’t much strong. I had much stronger aftertaste in other teas.

72 → 80

Flavors: Cherry, Cinnamon, Pear, Raisins

4 g 3 OZ / 85 ML

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Drink in the afternoon. Received from postcrossing, from Germany, half an month ago. Postcard was nice though. See here: https://www.postcrossing.com/postcards/DE-9522879
After few hours spent with programming, I wasn’t able to do anything what would working as expected. And I need to learn it good enough till Tuesday. Worse is, that even my brother, who is programmer have no idea how to do it. Or he managed it, but it’s confusing for me.

The tea is unfortuantely dismal as well. Aroma was full of blueberry, but after brewing, all blueberry is gone. Elderflower wasn’t present at all, both aroma and taste.

Tastes actually like an another white tea, classical bagged stuff when it is rather light hay taste and nothing much more. Blueberry… maybe there was something behind all the hay, but… expected it being much more present. Expected floral notes of Elderflower. Nada.

At least new tea bag to collection.
Tasting note NUMBER 700, too bad it is so…boring tea

Flavors: Hay

195 °F / 90 °C 2 min, 30 sec 10 OZ / 300 ML

I am so old (creak, groan, squeak) that in college, training was not yet available for simple computer apps like word processing or spreadsheets. If you wanted to take a computer class, you had to take programming because that was all that was offered. So I tried. My brain is not laid out that logically! Oh, yeah, and I have actually used 5 1/4" floppy discs. Hope you can get the glitches worked out!


They still had manual typewriters when I was in school….


I learned to type on computers in elementary school gifted class. When I got to 8th grade maybe ’96?, my public middle school was still using manual typewriters for the keyboarding class.

Martin: you’ve been here a year less than me and have surpassed me by a handful of tasting notes! Congrats. That’s a lot of tea-drinking, my friend. I hope one day one of your notes will be about a tea we shared in person :)


Wow, derk! What a cool thought! That would be awesome. Should we meet Martin in Prague or should he take a train across America and come see us all? :)

White Antlers

Martin always has a place to bunk here on the East coast.

I just donated my IBM Selectric to a non-profit a few years ago. Used it for decades and it was still in good working order when I passed it on. My cell phone? Still have a 25 year old Motorola flip phone. No GPS. No camera. No monthly plan. No internet on it. A young friend told me I had a burner phone…


White Antlers – you have a phone that has actually not broke in 25 years?!? Put that in the record books! I guess they don’t make them like they used to.

Martin Bednář

gmathis: I managed. With a help of my brother. Then we found it is incredlibly easy (I have solutions, but want to find my way). I did nothing about that today though. I need to make my brain rest a bit as well. But Tuesday is so close!

derk: Writing with all 10 is necessary today. Many of my classamates aren’t able. I am not able to follow the course, because I have learned otherwise. On my own! Thanks. Indeed I would love to write a note that we share in person. And honestly I write about every single tea I drink . No matter if it is bagged stuff or loose leaf. And usually it is every tea session as well. I have to save money to travel to US (getting ESTA would be another tricky stuff)!

ashmanra: Indeed cool thought! You are always welcomed (all of you) in my country. Prague? How about Pardubice, or my hometown? Haha. But I can be in Prague in two hours anytime. Just say you have landed, I will jump into train and we will met at main train station while I will travel 164 km and you from airport to train station. No. It’s not that bad from the airport. But you would not wait much for me.
I want to take the train across America. But North Carolina and East Coast (you White Antlers) and then to Cali? Whoawhoawhoa… it is getting bit pricey. But certainly unforgetable. Drinking lots of tea along the way, I guess two suitcases will be necessary. One for tea, second for everything else. And I will have to bring some beers to my friend.

White Antlers: If I ever happen to be over there, I will let you know! Thank you for that wonderful offer. It is amazing ot own that “old stuff” but honestly I can’t imagine it. But I am different generation and that’s why I guess.

All: How much I need for flight tickets? Probably New York would be safe bet to arrive? Or should I travel to CA first and then travel on ground back to East, then from East back to Europe? Right now cheapest tickets are for 366 USD to San Francisco and back. Well. I don’t have that now. And trains there are expensive as well, as well “the life”. But I am sure I won’t be able to eat whole BigMac menu on my own. The portions for US kids would be enough. Haha.

White Antlers

Martin, look for deals on flights. They crop up all the time. Traveling cross country in the U.S. by bus, like Greyhound, might be cheaper than train travel. My city has lots of craft beer and I would feed you. No Big Macs, either. Hoagies, pizza, cheese steak, TastyCakes, soft pretzels, food in Chinatown, barbecue, Mexican, Thai and Indian food. Seriously. Start saving your Czech crowns. : )

White Antlers

tea sipper, I grew up poor and thus learned how to take care of things because I had to. It’s a good phone. I have only had to replace the battery once in 20 some years. I have to do triple tap texting on it, which is a pain, but that encourages me to interact more in face to face time and waste less time tapping with my face in a screen.

Martin Bednář

White Antler: But I am railway buff, that’s why I want travel through with trains :) On East coast it shouldn’t be hard apparently, but crossing the US is actually for same price as a flight. I will start saving :)

White Antlers

Ah! A railway buff! I love trains as well, Martin. Maybe we should start a GoFundMe here on Steepster for this big trip. : )

Martin Bednář

Haha White Antlers. I would prefer to save on it on my own. Mybe some tiny little help would be nice, but not funding it completely by the awesome community. It would be lovely to see everyone who follows me, but well it means jumps to Canada as well (maybe next visit across the pond?). We weill see. Need to finish University first!

White Antlers

It’s my fervent hope that by the time you finish University, COVID will no longer be a pandemic; just a very bad memory. Travel should be easy again or at least easier than it is now. BTW, Canada is a beautiful place and the people are so polite (or at least the ones I met there) it’s wonderful. Of course, you’d need to visit both central Canada as well as the west coast of it, specifically British Columbia. Oh, to be so very rich with infinite time to travel…

Congratulations on 700 reviews by the way!!!!

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I am drinking almost everything. Tea bag collector who moved to wonderful world of loose leaf.


Czech Republic

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