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Love this one! I’ll be sad when it’s gone. So grapefruity and it wasn’t bitter at all. I was surprised and impressed that when I resteeped it it still have some grapefruityness to it.

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I was a little disappointed with this tea. I didn’t get any rhubarb notes at all, but instead a “strawberry quik” type taste. It isn’t bad, it just didn’t meet my expectations at all. I didn’t get anything out of the puerh either. It reminded me of Red Leaf Tea’s Strawberry matcha (which also seemed all flavouring and no tea). I might try brewing this a different way (cold brew? less leaf? I’m undecided) to try it again.

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drank Kenya Obsidian by Butiki Teas
61 tasting notes

This is a nice, mellow cup for me. It has a sweet, comforting smell (much more prominent with the dry leaf) and I’m so happy I picked it. The taste isn’t as strong as I expected, considering the smell, but I may not have steeped it long enough/used quite enough leaf (I only bought 1/2 an oz so I’m being a little stingy perhaps). My only other experience with a Kenyan tea is Davidstea’s Kenyan Tinderet which I didn’t care for at all (it was very bitter).

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drank Blue Lagoon by DAVIDsTEA
61 tasting notes

The blueberries are definitely the upfront smell upon opening the bag of blue lagoon. The smell reminds me of a blue/blueberry candy (gummy sharks maybe?) and although I like blueberries I don’t find it as appealing as I thought I would.

I decided this sounded best iced and steeped it overnight in the fridge. When I first added the water, the color looked awful – a dirty black-grey. I actually had to stop and think about whether I accidentally used our tap water from here (we are in the country right now and on a well – the water is safe to drink and doesn’t taste bad but has a high mineral content) instead of the water we bring from home. I left it though and overnight it turned a purpleish color that was much more appealing! (But doesn’t say blue lagoon to me – though I suppose artificial colors would be the only way to get the swimming pool blue I somehow expected, so I can live with the purple).

Taste-wise, it was sweet but not too sweet (I didn’t add anything to it) and had a light blueberry taste. I didn’t get any pineapple flavour, but I’d imagine that is what contributed to the sweetness.

Overall, this isn’t special enough to want to buy more of. I much prefer the assault of flavour from blueberry jam! This reminds me of blueberry jam that was resteeped a few times.

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drank Lemon and Ginger by Twinings
61 tasting notes

I can’t wait to get back to Canada where my collection of tea awaits me…I brought a few teas with me thinking that if I was moving to China there would be plenty of options for buying tea….well, no where close to me! There are supermarket teas that I can’t read and don’t particularly trust. And there are some that I recognize – like this one, which has become a staple for me as I try to ration my favourites that I brought along!

My favourite thing about this tea is that I find it wonderful for an upset stomach, which, unsurprisingly, is fairly common here. It’s a bit weaker than I’d like – if I was home I’d use two teabags, but I try not to go through it too quickly. Ginger is one of my favourite flavours – I’m a huge fan of homemade ginger beer so any tea that is gingery (Davidstea Super Ginger for example) is great for me!

I do find that the bag breaks apart sometimes and I end up with floaty bits of ginger in my timolino. Not a huge deal for me at all but it might bother some people.

A friend brought me two new teas to try from Taiwan – I can’t read the packaging but I think one is a green and one is an oolong. Lemon and ginger is nice but I’ll be happy to switch it up!

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drank Bravissimo by DAVIDsTEA
61 tasting notes

I really can’t rate this because I think it’s just awful, but if it works, who I am I to judge? Bleck! It really makes me think I’m sick – like Buckley’s. Tastes awful, but it works. I’m assuming that the overbearing sweetness is the licorice root? I’ll admit, I’m not a licorice fan but I don’t actually taste any in this blend, just an icky sweetness that takes over my entire mouth. Despite the taste issues, it does seem to be making me feel a little better. I made sure I stocked up on all the essentials before moving to China – but I’m glad I only have a small bag of this and a much larger supply of Cold 911.

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drank Banana Nut Bread by DAVIDsTEA
61 tasting notes

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I am just about at the end of this sample – It made I have no idea how many pots of tea, maybe 10? It seemed like a ton! I’ve lost count over the last few days. My last steep wasn’t particularly long, but for the first time I can tell it is getting to the end. I’ll probably do one more longer steep, but I can definitely say this lasted a longgg time.

When I opened it, the earthy smell seemed less pronounced than others that I’ve tried (that is a very small list anyway). Dry, it reminded me of charcoal leftover after a bonfire – the layers were so interesting. After rinsing, I was surprised at how many small bits of tea went through the strainer (I have a large strainer that fits in the teapot and so far this is the first time I’ve ever had anything go through it; it is very fine) but they remained settled at the bottom and didn’t have any affect whatsoever on the drinking experience.

My first steep was quite dark, but I should have left it a little longer (I’m still a bit afraid of turning it into fish soup…I don’t even know if that would happen but I’ve been doing short steeps to minimize the chance that I’ll need to pour it down the drain). It didn’t taste nearly as strong as I expected, but it had a strong smell that was clean, crisp, and earthy. Subsequent steeps were a bit longer (I’ve been judging based on colour mostly, once it gets nice and dark I take the leaves out) and each steep has been flavourful.

I’ll admit that the crumblyness and bits on the bottom had me worried at first, but this is definitely a very well rounded tea. Mellow is a great way to describe it and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it, particularly to someone who is either new to puerh or who – like me – has had bad experiences in the past!

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Venturing a little deeper into the pu-erh world is fun! This is my first raw pu-erh. I didn’t even read the label before I made it – but as soon as I saw the light, golden liquid I did! So different from the ripe ones I’ve already tried. The first steep was light and vegetal – the initial smell reminded me of canned green beans, but not as pungent. The taste was smooth but a bit astringent – just a little drying, but not bitter or unpleasant.

Second steep was sweeter – I got a distinct apricot smell. I steeped it a little longer this time (just over a minute, the first steep was probably around 45 seconds) and it was lovely.

I’m still working on my third steep but this is definitely a nice tea. I think I prefer ripe over raw, just because the flavour seemed more…blunt? My favourite thing about pu-erh is that I have experienced a mineral taste that just feels so quenching and healthy to me. I’m not sure I would buy more of this one for a while, simply because there are so many more ripe pu-erhs that I want to try, but I’d gladly drink it again :)

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drank Coconut Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
61 tasting notes

I want to LOVE this. I want it to be my daily matcha that I never ever run out of. But I can’t – It’s awful. I am reading the other reviews and trying to figure out what happened – maybe I got a bad batch? This and ginger (two flavours that I love) are the only two matchas that I wouldn’t order again (and may not even finish).

The first time I tried it I used warmer water and added a bit of coconut milk. I was so turned off by the taste that I didn’t try again until now, months later. But the funny thing is, I blamed the coconut milk; I had just assumed that it was “off” somehow. So today I made it as an iced latte (my favourite way to drink flavoured matcha) without anything added at first. I had to pour it down the drain and start again with a different kind.

The smell and taste are the same – plastic-y, chemical tasting, nothing like coconut (fresh, dried, toasted…it doesn’t matter. Nothing like it!). A few people have mentioned sun screen but I love the smell of sunscreen and would gladly eat something that smelled like it (as long as it was edible) and this just isn’t it. I’ve tried twice prepared two ways – I’ve had a lot of flavoured matcha – so I don’t think it’s me. Did anyone else get a funky batch of this? I don’t even feel like I could put it in a smoothie to keep myself from wasting it. I adore my other flavours from Red Leaf Tea so I won’t let this stop me from trying some new kinds but I am starting to think I am just not meant to find a perfect coconut tea!

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