545 Tasting Notes


After having the Oriental Beauty, I was expecting Iron Goddess to be a darker oolong too, but it isn’t. It is a delightful green oolong. I don’t think I got the water hot enough on the first steep, but I’m on the second steep now after eating a big meal of pork fried rice with fried wontons.

The smell is wonderfully floral. It reminds me of a field of wildflowers in bloom. The taste is light and floral (not surprising). It is subtle and it does not remind you in any way of perfume. I know a lot of people worry about floral teas tasting like perfume.

This steep was brewed for two minutes and nothing has changed from the first steep. The flavor is just stronger. It is perfect to have after this type of meal and I will probably be drinking pot after pot of it tonight until I am done with it. I will update this note to say how many steeps it took me through tonight with my little two-cup pot.

Edit: It has lasted me through about four steeps in my french press. (8 tea cups) I can tell that the fourth steep is a little weaker than the third steep so it will be the last steep for me tonight.

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On no! I forgot to log this one when I had it! I remember it being a dark oolong and the first steep was like drinking smooth honey. Then the next steeps were just yummy. I’ll have to drink it again and actually remember to log the whole thing this time! It was really good though.

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drank Jumpy Monkey by DAVIDsTEA
545 tasting notes

I read one of the tasting notes that said that they prefer David’s Tea stronger, so I decided to brew up the rest of Jumpy Monkey using only enough water for one cup of tea instead of the usual two-in-giant-mug that I normally do.

Coffee, coffee, coffee! I taste coffee.

Slight woodsy from the mate, but mostly the bitterness from the coffee. I think I taste a slight hint of cocoa in there somewhere. But yeah, mostly the coffee.

I think that if I get into coffee more, then I would like this more. But when I drink tea, I want tea and not coffee. It is a good waker-upper though, so it is getting a green face smiley from me.

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec

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The tea mood has struck again with this wonderful tea. I wanted a black tea, but I wanted something light. This does the trick wonderfully. I’m getting a slightly caramelized sweet potato today.

I think what has prevented me from liking this tea as much as I thought I would from the very beginning is the fact that it is lighter than the full leaf version of this tea. I was expecting something that would really stand up and be bold instead of being a tea that would slink around in the corner and wait to be noticed. But now that I think of it of being a lighter black tea, I have fallen in love all over again.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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I am finally starting to want my loose leaf tea again. I am so happy. I have missed actually making my tea, but if I haven’t wanted any then I wasn’t going to force myself to drink some. I don’t drink enough water anyway, so I should really be drinking more tea. At least it is a liquid!

Anyway, this tea is the perfect tea to come back to. I put a little bit of sugar in it because I find it a little bitter on its own, but the sugar helps bring out the natural sweetness of the tea that I just don’t taste on its own. I am actually cutting back on my sugar and only put two teaspoons instead of three. The next time I make it, I’m going to put one teaspoon of sugar in. I’m trying. I might cut back on the brew time too and brew it for two minutes or maybe even a minute instead of three.

This tea makes me want to get some fresh mint to brew with it. Sadly, we don’t have any or else it would be even more awesome!

Have I mentioned I actually like this one? I really do.

3 min, 0 sec

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drank White Pear by Teaopia
545 tasting notes

Something didn’t work with this one. It smells fantastic. The smell of the wet leaves was amazing. The tea itself was really bitter to me though. Didn’t keep my cup full of this one.

5 min, 0 sec

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Eh, it was alright, but I don’t think I would revisit this Earl again while there are better versions out in the market.

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Mmmm, finally ran out of this one. It is so light and slightly fruity. Nice and fresh. But it means I get to open a new tea pack because I promised myself that I would finish off this one first.

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I had a cup of this last night and a cup of this in the morning even though I am just getting around to saying so. Rich and kinda sweet. Not too complex this time which was nice because I didn’t want something ultra complex, but unexpected since I can normally taste two-three different notes. My tongue must not be up to par yet. Too much cocoa. Lol.

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drank Earl Grey Decaf by Bigelow
545 tasting notes

Now I get to raid my mom’s Earl Grey because I am out and I want some. I swear the decaf tastes different than the normal one, but that could just be me right now. My tastebuds have been being weird this morning. Even my honey nut cheerios didn’t taste right.

My mom got me some more almond milk as a surprise. Yay. It is the unsweetened kind though so I have to remember that it is a little harsh when I have it plain. But she tries so hard to remember what I like. I love her and I tell her this often.


Awww, that’s sweet of your mom! :)

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I like Steepster, but I find that I come and go as I please. I might spend months on here and then disappear for no apparent reason. It depends on how busy my life is.

I have been moving solidly into the loose leaf tea territory lately and loving it. I have a french press I like brewing my teas in and I have all of my teas straight with no additions the first time I try it.

I like to try everything and I am starting to like everything. I love black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong tea, yerba mate,and honeybush. I’m still not the biggest fan of roobios, but that is probably because I haven’t found the right brand yet.

If you are curious about more than just my tea selection, I am on multiple sites.

Twitter: MegWesley
Tumblr Blog: knitfrillsfood
Pinterest: MegWesley





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