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A nice cup of earl grey to chase away the desire for hot cocoa. My last cup of tea I had at my fiancee’s house. It might be my last cup of tea for a little bit because mom and dad are re-modeling the kitchen. I might be able to sneak in some green tea or white tea later tonight if I can get to the hot water kettle safely.


thy needest a kettle in thine own room! :D


Oh yeah! I agree with that.

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My fiancee made this and let me take a few sips of it because I wanted to try it. It confused me because it smelled like a normal pu-erh (dusty and full of damp earth) but when I tried it I tasted flowers. It was light and smooth and floral. It felt like it was a contradiction to my senses. I think I like the chocolate pu-erh better.

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The vanilla in this is still too weak for my liking. A nice black tea even though it is a little on the weak side. The vanilla gets more brought out if you have peppermint beforehand. Just wish the vanilla was a little stronger.

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I really should know better than to try a delicate new tea at my fiancee’s house when he really doesn’t have a good way to warm up water. This is why I normally stay with black teas at his house.

It didn’t taste like much. Just water with a light splash of rose. I don’t want to discount this tea because I think it will taste better if I could brew it right. Next time it pops up in the assortment, I am taking it home and brewing it where I know I can get the water temperature a little lower.

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I’ve been at my fiancee’s house this weekend and I’ve been drinking his tea. Luckily he doesn’t mind too badly and he keeps a box of Aged Earl Grey at his house just in case I show up and want tea.

I decided that I wanted to try something different and this was the tea I picked. I have been wanting bold teas and I decided to take a risk with this chai. It was delicious! Most chais don’t taste like much to me, but with this one it was richly flavored with spice and I could taste the tea underneath.

I’ve been having a hot cocoa problem, but I think I need to find either this chai or a similar chai to get me over that. Just the strength I have been wanting with lots of nice flavor.

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drank Earl Grey Decaf by Twinings
538 tasting notes

Mom brought me home a bag from a restaurant when she went to pick up my little brother from school. Drinking it with milk. Yum.

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I need to start kicking my cocoa habit I have developed recently. I have been drinking up to 3-4 cups of cocoa a day. That is way too much for my liking. I think I might have to find some good chocolate teas and ask for a nice big tin for my upcoming birthday (in a few months so I have time to decide).

Back to watching Star Trek TNG with my mom, indulging in my TARDIS mug, and knitting the final bit on my big blanket.

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drank Decaffeinated Hot Tea by Lipton
538 tasting notes

I have decided that my family doesn’t put quite enough sugar in our iced tea. Either that or I need to take my sweet tooth down a few notches. I think we also need to find another tea to make iced tea out of because we keep drinking up mom’s supply in a few short days.

Daniel Scott

[Foo] doesn’t have enough sugar, or my sweet tooth needs to stop. Story of my life.

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I’m back from my fiancee’s house (and done backlogging). My mom didn’t pour out my leaves from my french press (I’ll have to hug her for that) so I got to make another steep. This is the very last of my sample and I am loving it. I have to be in the mood to taste the chocolate note in this tea. If I’m not in the right mood then it tastes more astringent. It is such a yummy tea though.

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My finacee got an assortment pack of Numi and this was one of the first ones he pulled out. He let me have a couple of sips of it to try it, but he kept most of it to himself.

His review: not as strong, tasted weaker and had less of a dirt taste, not much chocolate. Liked Numi Emperor Pu-Erh better.

My review: not as strong with a good splash of chocolate. I can taste a hint of vanilla and that is bringing the chocolate out of the dark chocolate place and closer to a milk chocolate place. Not quite there though. I liked it because it was a little lighter on the earthy taste. I think if you put a little bit of sugar in it, then it would bring out the chocolate for a more dessert tea. I would be more likely to grab this in the morning than a straight pu-erh right now.


I have had the Emperor and Mint Puerh, and only liked the Emperor. The mint one was Bleh for me.

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I like Steepster, but I find that I come and go as I please. I might spend months on here and then disappear for no apparent reason. It depends on how busy my life is.

I have been moving solidly into the loose leaf tea territory lately and loving it. I have a french press I like brewing my teas in and I have all of my teas straight with no additions the first time I try it.

I like to try everything and I am starting to like everything. I love black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong tea, yerba mate,and honeybush. I’m still not the biggest fan of roobios, but that is probably because I haven’t found the right brand yet.

If you are curious about more than just my tea selection, I am on multiple sites.

Twitter: MegWesley
Tumblr Blog: knitfrillsfood
Pinterest: MegWesley





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