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484 Tasting Notes


I bought this tea for someone who then gave it back to me. I needed more herbals in my life anyways. The name of this tea is kind of misleading. You’d think there should be a stronger ginger flavor but it’s really mainly lemongrass and citrus with a coolness from the mint. There’s also a sweetness that I’m thinking is the licorice and fruit. I don’t taste the fruit flavors though. The ginger is just barely there. I probably couldn’t pick it out if I didn’t expect it. And I’m actually a huge fan of mint, but I’m not sure how it works in this tea. It doesn’t mesh with the other flavors.
I think I’ll be saving this one for colds and sore throats. The soothing mint and ginger should be great for that. And the cold weather season is upon us so it’s perfect.

Boiling 5 min, 30 sec

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Mmm… This tea is lovely. So smooth and rich. It’s savory and sweet and slightly floral. This is not your typical white tea. And the leaves are lovely as well. After steeping they look freshly plucked. So green! They tea itself is a yellow that matches my teacup. Perfect for a sunny weekend morning.


Why so much caffeine? :(

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Hmm… pretty good! It like an earthy lemon. You can definitely tell it’s a rooibos, but it’s not as strongly medicinal. I think I’m slowly getting used to rooibos thanks to all of DaisyChubb’s samples, this one included. :)
There’s a hint of bitterness. I think it’s from the lemon peel. There’s a sweet sugary kind of background that I’m finding in all my rooibos and honeybush I’ve tried so far. I thought it was part of the flavoring, but now I’m beginning to think it might just be the rooibos. I should get some unflavored ones to taste.

Boiling 5 min, 15 sec

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I love this tea. It’s a good lemon green that everyone finds agreeable. Even kids like it. I don’t think there’s any flavoring. Most of the lemon flavor comes from the lemon grass. It’s a solid sencha base. Even oversteeped there is no bitterness. Good for up to 3 steeps. It’s the only tea my husband has actually specifically requested. Usually tea is just some hot drink, but this one stood out to him. Awesome!

:( I’m still sad SpecialTeas doesn’t exist anymore. Is it bad that I feel like I lost a good friend? Why am I still sad about this? I’m only adding this tea to the database cause I want to keep my cupboard up to date. (Let’s see how long that lasts.)

175 °F / 79 °C 1 min, 30 sec

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The blueberry flavor here reminds me of those blueberry gummies. I love gummies! So it’s not the most natural blueberry flavor but I guess I’m pretty used to artificial fruit flavors from all the candy I eat. So in short, this is pretty good. The green tea is a bit harsh, so I’ll have to be careful next time I steep.
Maybe I can drink this the next time I want candy.

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I’ve only ever had bamboo in savory applications so a sweet fruity bamboo should be interesting. Since everyone is saying that this tea is light, I was wondering how much leaf to put in, but I didn’t have to wonder long since I accidentally spilled some onto the floor and was left with what seemed like a little more than I’d want to use for one mug. Cool!

The liquid is lightly colored and it smelled a bit earthy and strawberry-y. I didn’t find the flavor too light, but I like light teas. There’s a hint of peppercorn and a strawberry finish. Very nice. There’s a character to the taste that I can’t describe. It reminds me of earth, not because it tastes like earth but because it is solid and grounding. I wouldn’t describe it as refreshing, but it is complex and tasty.

Strawberries always win.

Thanks for another great sample DaisyChubb.


I’m also glad you enjoyed this one, I love it too. You know, lately I’ve been finding black teas really harsh and turning to white and other ‘lighter’ teas and finding them full flavoured! What’s up with that? :)


Hmm. Maybe your palate is becoming more sensitive? I also used to like black teas but I find them harsh now as well. Maybe it comes with age. :D I hope you’ll still be able to enjoy all that black tea I sent you!


Personally, I go through phases. At one point I wanted nothing but chai, another was all about herbals and yet another was a devotion to unflavoured blacks. I would be heart-broken if I didn’t love black tea anymore…I have so many!!


Oh I will and am definitely enjoying it!!
I still need it in the morning to wake up haha

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The toasty apricot flavors become stronger by the third steep. The taste is still very strong. It can probably go several more steeps. The creaminess has faded to the background but it is still very smooth.

I’m lowering the rating here because I’m not really a fan of the more oxidized teas and this oolong is probably on the edge of being a black tea. It’s still enjoyable though.

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drank Movie Night by DAVIDsTEA
484 tasting notes

Very maple-y! I tasted more apple than popcorn, but that’s ok. It was like a caramel apple tea. Like others said, the flavor is light but pleasant. I did taste the green tea, but it was only in a slight metallic vegetal flavor. It added dimension to the apple.

I loved the look of the dry tea. I felt like I should be tossing it into my mouth by the handful. Very snack-y appearance.

It wasn’t really my favorite though. I think I needs something to balance the sweetness. The apple isn’t really cutting it. Maybe some citrus. But that would be a different tea entirely… Perhaps more toasty flavor! If I ever get more of this tea, I’ll try mixing in some genmaicha. That should help the popcorn flavor at any rate. :)

Thanks for letting me try this DaisyChubb!

180 °F / 82 °C 5 min, 30 sec

Ah great idea to mix some genmaicha in!! I find there’s not enough actually tea in this one usually, but that would totally solve the problem

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The leaves are small and fuzzy. They range in color from black to brown to red. There are some whites where the fur is especially dense. Clearly, these are young leaves. From the smell of the dry leaves, you can already tell that this is a more oxidized oolong. The scent reminded me of Hong Kong style milk tea. There is a smooth creamy character.

Flash rinse, then steep for 30 seconds. The tea is a light yellowish brown. It is milky and toasty. There is a hint of apricot and earthiness. It’s very sweet.

Very tasty. It’s definitely more like black tea than oolong, but it is very enjoyable.

Another win for this tea company! More info on the other steeps forthcoming. :)

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I got to try some of this thanks to DaisyChubb. It is fantastic! There are copious amounts of pineapple and coconut in the mix. I have to admit, the dry smell reminded me of vomit. But I pushed forward and was rewarded with a delicious fruity and creamy drink. Yummy! I love the smooth coconut flavor. Half way through my cup, I added sugar and evaporated milk. Wow! I felt so guilty having a creamy sweet dessert for breakfast. But wait! It’s just a cup of tea. whew! Next time, I have to get some coconut milk and add that instead of regular milk.

Afterwards, I tried to eat the pineapple bits. Not bad! :)

Boiling 6 min, 45 sec

I liked it too – I thought it might be a good iced tea as well


haha I’m glad the dry smell didn’t push you away!
I bet it is because of the packaging – other smells being near the bag, you know? They’re not the best bags to keep tea in x_x
Anyways, I totally eat the pineapple too, so this makes me happy haha :D


You’re probably right. :)


I’m glad that it’s not supposed to smell like vomit. haha. I actually wanted to eat the pineapple before I even brewed the tea, but I didn’t want to lessen the pineapple flavor so I told myself I could eat it afterwards. :)

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I came from a tea drinking family, but I never appreciated the different qualities and varieties of tea until older. All that time wasted! But I guess I needed to be mature enough to appreciate the tea experience. :)

My favorite teas are green oolongs and white tea. I also love greens, especially gyokuro. I have a huge appreciation for rooibos and honeybush as they are often that only thing I can drink in the evening. I am a relatively new convert to black teas. This is unfortunate for my wallet but extremely wonderful for my palate. :)

In any case, I have a love for both flavored and unflavored teas. They are different experiences for sure, but both enjoyable. I find that it often depends on my mood.

I am on a quest to find a tea that will win my husband over. I think I’m making some headway…

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