1216 Tasting Notes

drank Green Tea with Cranberry by Twinings
1216 tasting notes

Uh… What on earth did I do wrong here to have this smell and taste like dog feet?


Dog feet. Is that on the list of flavors here? :)


mmm mmmm good! lol


also… how do you know what dog feet tastes like? :)


Awww, I love to sniff my dog’s foot, lol. Maybe it smells like wet dog? :P


I guess I should say paw!


ahaha well I won’t try this tea for sure…I am a cat person :)


That’s a new one! :)

Eleonora ❄❆❅

Green tea and cranberry doesn’t sound like a good match to begin with


To be fair, I am dogsitting, and it did snow here today. Still, it was gross. First one of these that I couldn’t drink.

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This wasn’t available for sale as a one-off in the London Twinings store, so when I saw a sampler pack with this (and a few other green fruit teas) on the shelf in Brussels, I grabbed it.

Interesting. Well, it needs sweetener, but then the orange pops like no one’ s business. I get the Lotus flower, sort of, although it’s more in the event than anything. Juicy, light, yay.

Flavors: Flowers, Orange


neat! i love the varying blends and combos you’re finding

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drank Vanilla Black Tea by Twinings
1216 tasting notes

Picked this up from the “left behind” box in an Airbnb in France. I should’ve left it behind, too. Sure, there’s vanilla in there… And also cardboard and something odd. Only brewed one minute due to the other horrible reviews.

Flavors: Cardboard, Vanilla


ew lol


Sorry Sil, there’s some in the box for you!


no no there’s some in the box for whomever i send it to mwahahahahah

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Uh, so the ingredient list on my box of tea has a lot more than spearmint with flavoring in it. In fact, there’s no spearmint? Color me confused.

I’d call this a peach camomile, but whatever. It’s tasty.

Flavors: Peach

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drank Los Angeles by In/Fusion
1216 tasting notes

A French tisane, only sold pre-made, in Belgium, called Los Angeles? Okay, I’ll try it. It’s an unusual combination of pineapple juice, rosemary, Heather, ginger puree, grape juice and meadowsweet.

I’m getting mostly pineapple rosemary, but it’s more like a tea than juice. Is this technically tea? Dunno, you guys tell me. Would I but it again? Maybe, if I needed a savory sweet organic tea on the go.

Flavors: Pineapple


That… wow. Rosemary and pineapple?

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I seem to have accidentally stumbled upon Spanish tea in a random grocery store in Belgium. Mind you, this grocery store also carries Dammann Frères right on the shelf…

I grabbed it because it seemed unusual. Plus, I’ve get to grab any puerh for the trip, so why not a “diet” tea? (so named I’m sure because of the added artichoke and green tea extract).

Is it tasty? Sure. Can I tell what the “red fruits” are? Nope, although the bag doesn’t show red fruits, just tropical ones, and there’s definitely no strawberry (allergies). There’s a drying, astringent quality to this tea, and it needs sweetening. Do I love it? Nah. I enjoyed it much more last night for some reason.

Flavors: Drying, Raspberry, Stonefruits, Thick

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drank Blueberry Muffin by Lipton
1216 tasting notes

Well, this isn’t a fruit tea, so I need to change that. It’s a black with added flavors, and surprisingly good ones. I actually get “McDonald’s crappy Blueberry muffin” out of this… Or what I’d imagine it to be. The commercials have two ladies taking a bite out of their cups, and showing a Blueberry muffin. Pretty accurate!

Flavors: Artificial, Blueberry, Cake


I think if McDonald’s changed the name of their muffin as per your suggestion they might even be able to trademark it and sell way more haha


Oddly enough, you make me want to experience this crappy blueberry muffin you speak of.


Oh gosh. Well, imagine a muffin devoid of any nutrients whatsoever, but it’s like crack, you can’t stop eating it. Interestingly, McDonald’s in France and Belgium don’t sell them… Croissants and macarons all the way!

Really though, the ad isn’t my creation, it’s on TV in France constantly.


omggggggggggg Croissants and macarons at McDonalds!?!?!?!?!?

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Didn’t realize it was a green tea until well after steeping. Oops! Nice ginger kick when overstepped, definitely get the lemon and lime, just a bit dry and tart without a touch of honey (likely due to oversteeping the green tea).

Flavors: Drying, Ginger, Lemon, Lime, Tart

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Hm. Good, not great. Simple tea really, green with goji berries… And it’s pleasant, I’m having zero issue drinking it. Going down easily but mindlessly.

Flavors: Goji, Sweet

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Strange tea. Smells powerfully of lime, faintly of something like papaya or guava. The cacao throws me off because I can smell it too. It rounds things out a bit, makes it smoother, creamier, and at times its the strongest note drinking it. Can’t quite be sure what to make of this one.

Flavors: Cacao, Lime, Tropical

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Teaholic! Currently loving flavored blacks, greens, whites, green rooibos blends, straight blacks and greens, and have a long-standing adoration for herbals/medicinals. Dessert teas top my list along with anything cocoa-y.

I own an obscene amount of tea, and am always happy to share. Having said that, I’m traveling indefinitely (currently in France, was in Ireland and England prior, next up Belgium) so my stash will sit and wait for me, as I send back tea to explore more when I get home again.

In addition to loving tea, I’m a dating columnist, single mom, nerd, and avid knitter. I read way too much, type even more, and spend my ‘free’ time exploring, playing board games, reading, hiking, hanging with friends.

Allergies: Strawberries and all grains. I’m having a mild allergic reaction to both lavender and some roses in tea, and thus I’m avoiding these for now as well. I also avoid sugar and Splenda where possible.


Burnaby, BC, Canada

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