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Teaholic! Currently loving flavored blacks, greens, whites and rooibos blends, straight blacks and greens, and have a long-standing adoration for herbals/medicinals. Dessert teas top my list along with anything cocoa-y (like Laoshan Black, any of Verdant’s chai’s and Whispering Pines’ Mint Chocolate Chip). Missing living near a tea shoppe that offers a lot of options; other than DAVIDs a few blocks away, I’m buying most of my stuff online. Still, I have more than two cupboards devoted to tea, and a ridiculous amount of it!

In addition to loving tea, I’m a dating columnist, single mom, nerd, and avid knitter. I read way too much, type even more, and spend my ‘free’ time either running, swinging kettlebells, or hanging with friends.

I love tea swaps, and will gladly swap anything I have that I have enough of to share.

Allergies: Strawberries and all grains. I’m having a mild allergic reaction to both lavender and some roses in tea, and thus I’m avoiding these for now as well. I also avoid sugar and Splenda where possible.


Burnaby, BC, Canada

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