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Mmmmmm! I got this during BF. As a child I loved the chocolate bar donuts filled with Bavarian cream as well as eclair a and cream puffs. In highschool when I started my own cupcake company to help with senior year costs and save up for college, beside my red velvet cupcakes, my Boston cream pie cupcakes were a huge hit! I loved working with the Bavarian cream, though it took so much to not devour the whole batch of freshly made Bavarian cream! Ha ha. In college I worked at a French bakery in Monterey as a Bautista and server and oh man I fell in love with Napoleons! Mmmmm puff pastry, Bavarian cream and white chocolate swirled with dark chocolate. Mmmm mmm good.
Anyways this matcha takes me back. It reminds me of those pastries and desserts!
This matcha definitely has the creamy buttery richness that Bavarian cream holds. This is definitely a keeper!!! Top of my list so far.


Always thought this one sounded tasty!

BrewTEAlly Sweet

@Stephanie: ;) I sill have your package that I’ve been meaning and meaning to send ha ha it’s sitting on my tea cart.


Oh! I didn’t even know! Would have been a total surprise :D

BrewTEAlly Sweet

I think I told you a month or two back that I had a package for you but yup still sitting on my tea cart ha ha :)


LOL ok I don’t feel bad for forgetting then! :)


You make me feel bad about the Twinkie I just ate. :D


This is tied with almond flavor as my favorite Red Leaf matcha. My next latte will be a SIPDOWN, though.

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I got this in a huge “just because she is generous, super nice and amazing” package from Dexter3657 ! I love love love hazelnut coffee. It’s the only kind I will drink when I do drink it! And when I do I milk that baby down to mostly milk and sugar ha ha. This was sooooo good! Even better than I anticipated after reading Dexters tasting note last month! Those who follow me know I love chocolate teas, coconut teas and hazelnut teas! This is all of those! Ahhhhh I was so excited to have this for breakfast this morning with my frenchtoast I made with cinnamon roll bread and one egg fried to perfection! Ha ha!
Thanks Dex!

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Yes! This one is SO good!


I am so happy that it lived up to your expectations. (Try it iced..it is amazing as iced coffee…) :))

Tea Sipper

Oh, I got one of those Dex packages too. They ARE amazing. :D

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I’m loving all these new teas that I’m falling in love with through steepster select!
I loved this one too!

This is my second encounter with Red Robe… But I am far more in favor of this one!

The chocolatey aroma is apparent at first steep! The taste of hazelnut and caramel are definitely apparent and as it cools the floral notes become more apparent.

The info card that is included with each steepster select box describes this tea perfectly!

“Quite possibly THE perfect winter tea. A gorgeous wuyi oolong with a deep rich liquor, big aroma, and a complex flavor that lasts steep after steep. A tea for snowy weather.”

That it is! The perfect winter tea. Complex yes… Cozy yes…. Do i love it?


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Sounds divine!


Wow!! That does sound nice :)

BrewTEAlly Sweet

It is beyond divine!


I loved this one, too! So caramely!


I have been freezing all might. I saw your post and it made me grab this and brew it up. Amazing cup!!!

BrewTEAlly Sweet

Right?!?!?! I wish I could buy it!!!

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This was another tea from Stephanie’s surprise Christmas box!
I finally see what all the hype is about.
Definitely a creamy tea. The burnt sugar caramel taste is very apparent here. There is a slight note of vanilla. The pairing with the Assam was a very wise choice. I do get a tart citrus like flavor as well as a sweet raisin-esque feel! I definitely enjoyed this! Thank you!


Mmmmm…sounds like a cookie almost.

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Wow… Why are all the reviews for this so low:(
I actually enjoyed this one quite a bit!
I steeped it a little under boiling (I didn’t read reviews or this teas page before hand).
I steeped it for a little less than three minute, I usually go by smell when brewing tea and for how long. This smelled like a very earthy robust tea. The first sip, I got this mouthfeel that mint tea usually gives you. It doesn’t taste like mint but it feels like mint in my sip if that makes any sense. You do get that slight bitterness on the tongue that cinnamon gives you if you eat it straight ha ha which I highly recommend you don’t do. Being a baker I can depict the singular tastes of spices. I understand that in previous note they don’t get any of these notes… I think most people, when thinking of cinnamon think of the sweetness you get from the cinnamon component in desserts and baked doughs when cinnamon is combined with sugar. But cinnamon usually had a very bitter taste when on its own. Very earthy as well. The same with clove. Clove isn’t a sweet spice at all. It add a pinch of complexity to this tea. More earthiness as well. Over all this tea took me on a nice journey.

I loved the color of the dry leaves of this tea. Very beautiful! And the color of the tea steeped was amazing! You definitely see where the name came from. A beautiful velvety red!

Thank you for adding this as a tea for the January steepster select box! Really enjoying these teas:) not sure I can afford to keep up though. Have definitely enjoyed both December and January though! Thank you Jason!

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Good resteep. the spices came out for me more on the second.

Eco-Cha 一口茶

Hi BrewTEAlly Sweet,

Glad to hear you enjoyed this tea, and thanks so much for posting your thoughts! You’re right on with the cinnamon description (and the cloves as well), this is the flavor of raw cinnamon without any sweetener. Thanks for providing your baker’s perspective on that!

In Taiwanese culture, cinnamon is used as a medicinal ingredient in traditional herbal remedies and in cooking recipes that use traditional Chinese medicine ingredients for flavoring. The cinnamon taste in Red Jade is of the highly aromatic, slightly bitter quality in cinnamon rather than the sweetness that is associated with it in deserts and sweetened drinks.

Glad you enjoyed this tea and have a great day!


I’m right there with you BrewTEAlly Sweet, the cool mint and bitter cinnamon and clove are totally apparent as I sip the tea and read your description. Thanks for helping me identify those flavors!

I’m also in the same boat, canceling my membership even though I’ve thoroughly enjoyed December and January’s shipments.

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I got this from Stephanie in my Christmas package. I could have swore I ordered this in my BF Teavivre order but I got some other jasmine pearls… Hmm oh well. Anyways, I so wish I would have ordered these! They are heaven and by far my favorite jasmine pearl tea! Wow! I need these in my life. The simplicity of this tea is so indulgent at the same time. Keeps me wanting more and more and more. If I only had this tea to drink the rest of my life I would be more than satisfied with that!
I love that the peach and jasmine pair perfectly together. One isn’t stronger in flavor than the other. A perfect balance. The jasmine isn’t too perfumey like most jasmines!
Thank you so much Stephanie I envy that this is in your cupboard and not mine!
Love at first sip!

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I’m all out of it now, too…I will DEFINITELY be ordering more eventually. Especially now that I know if I do a 2/3 peach and 1/3 plain jasmine pearls combo it works out just perfect for me :)

BrewTEAlly Sweet

I might have to go in on that with you!

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Yet another from my BF order. This was my morning tea yesterday.
Wow this is a close call with roasted almond cookie from utopia. I will have to do a side by side taste test. Definitely both delicious as lattes. This made me crave amaretti cookies ha ha!
Definitely another creamy and nutty tea to add to me list of deliciousness.
Butiki always does a great job with their blends:)


How does this compare to Della Terra’s Almond Biscotti?

BrewTEAlly Sweet

I’ll have to try and biscotti again and get back to you. Last time (which was my first time) I tried it I over steeped it bad! :(


Awww :( It’s definitely worth another shot!

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This was one I purchased during my HUGE haul from Black Friday. Butiki was my main Black Friday order! I mean I definitely laid down some mulah for this order. Ha ha anyways… I made a cup of this as I made some chocolate brownie cookies:)


Mmmm mmmm mmm. This tea was a great compliment. All the different types of nuttiness and the sweet honeysuckle notes! Perfect duo. This tea was very bold and to my likings. I will have to sit down with this tea and do better tasting and more steepings to give this the true rating it deserves :)


Darjeelings can be freakin awesome, right? :)


MMMMMmmmmm cookies – tea party at your house?

BrewTEAlly Sweet

Ha ha I have been in a cookie baking mood lately. 4 differ batches in the past week.


OMG those look so tasty!

BrewTEAlly Sweet

They are! And only 3 ingredients…!! The texture is that of a thinner brownie and they stay gooey in the center for many days!!! Delicious!


That sounds like something even I can make. Recipe?


Yeah, recipe! Plz!

BrewTEAlly Sweet

PM me your email:)


Yay! Thanks.


That sounds amazing! Please send me the recipe!! :) I’ll PM you.

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Another one Stephanie sent me from the Amoda box. I’ll be sending the rest back to her so it can truly be enjoyed. It’s not my favorite egg nog tea. I can never make green blends work for me quite often… And I hate it. It must be me. I wish I could have made it work. It was definitely an earthy and nutty tea though:)

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Aww, well thanks lady :)

BrewTEAlly Sweet

My pleasure:)

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Holy mother all mighty!!!! This is love! True loves first kiss! Sweet tooth satisfaction! The most indulging of all indulging cups! This needs to find me! Come to me from a far off land please! I wish I could get my hands on a lot of this! Thank you so much Stephanie for adding the rest of your sample into my Christmas gift!!!! I love it! I’m just so sad it was one serving. But don’t you worry… I savored every moment with this tea. It was so spot on. I’m usually very skeptical off teas with apple… But it’s like they aren’t even there! You can smell them but not taste! This is spot on a French macaron! The soft chewy outer pastry shell and delicious buttercream filling! Wow this is like eating one right out of the oven! I am flabbergasted! Wow! Wow! Wow! Loss for words.
I need this. End of story. Period.

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BrewTEAlly Sweet

I would sell most of my stash just to get my hands on this


I don’t think this is available from MF anymore. I still have a small stash. I like it alright, but I would be quite more than happy to send the rest of mine away to one who loves it :) Let me know.


nm – i just checked and it is on their website again (I couldn’t find it before) anyway, my offer still stands. (^^)

BrewTEAlly Sweet

Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! Would you really do that?!?!?!?!?!? Is there anything from me you want! I can send you multiple different teas for it!


of course :) I haven’t been drinking it as much recently and it would be best if it was used before the flavor goes flat. I got it about 6mo. ago. I’ll let you know exactly how much I have and pm you later. I wouldn’t mind a swap, but not necessary :)

BrewTEAlly Sweet

I must give you tea for this:)

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Hi! I am a 20 year-old from Salinas, California. I attended school in Monterey and played softball for my JC. I recently moved to San Luis Obispo, CA where I got a job as a full time baker and I LOVE my job! I have always loved to bake and cook since I was young and actually started my own cupcake business in highschool to help pay for my senior year as well as pay my way through college. Once I moved my cupcake business was put on hold, but I still love what I’m doing now. I love to work with children and hope to transfer soon to a college for child development or family psychology. I would also love to go to culinary school! I have a lot of things I want to do and am determined to do them! I am a huge tea enthusiast. I love to read about tea. Learn about tea. Make tea. Drink tea. Taste new flavors.

I am also very big on reading and always enjoy a good read. If you ever have any reccomendation never be afraid send it my way!

I am really excited to be a part of this tea community and can’t wait to trade tips, teas, recipes and treats!

PM me with any of the above and I can’t wait to meet you all!


(Salinas, Ca ) San Luis Obispo, CA

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