336 Tasting Notes

drank Mint Verbena by Harney & Sons
336 tasting notes

TTB Tea 5: Right now, my tea is the only thing keeping me warm in the poorly insulated building where I work for one of my jobs.

I really like mint, so I was very interested in trying this one, and seeing how the other flavors play with the mint. Unfortunately, I’m getting mostly mint and not much else. If I had more, I’d be interested in playing around with the parameters to see what brings out the flavors that aren’t mint

Edit: Wow I said the word “mint” a lot in this very short review. Mint mint mint mint mint

200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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drank Pineapple Bacon Rooibos by 52teas
336 tasting notes

TTB Tea 4: I’m really glad I got the opportunity to try this tea! It’s a unique experience. However, I very much did not like the flavor.

Dry, it had a rooibos smell mixed with an oddly sweet scent that did not smell like pineapple. Steeped, lots of rooibos! It has a weird rooibos and bubblegum flavor. I can’t say I got any pineapple or bacon out of it unfortunately, though I tasted a not-sweet flavor that I’m guessing was intended to be the bacon.

Something I would just like to note: I intended to let this steep for about five minutes. However, I’m at work and got distracted. This may have steeped for ten or more minutes, so take my review with a grain of salt!

Boiling 8 min or more

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drank Retro Ted by Bluebird Tea Co.
336 tasting notes

TTB: This one was not all hibiscusy! I enjoyed it

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drank Easy As Pie by Custom-Adagio Teas
336 tasting notes

TTB Tea 2: I was hesitant to try this one, despite how amazing it sounds. I’ve found that I tend to not like nutmeg in teas, and pumpkin teas often have it. I’ve also had bad experiences with adagio teas before. I’m really glad I tried this one though! It has a very Fall scent and feel to it. I definitely get the pumpkin taste and the black tea, and the vanilla smooths them out and makes it creamy. I really like hazelnut, so I could stand to have more of that. But even without that, I really enjoyed this!

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TTB Tea 1: I got this box yesterday, in between my classes. I thought I would just open it and grab one to take with me to class. I underestimated just how much could be in one box. This one stood out so I went with it.

As soon as the water hit the tea bag, a strong cherry candy medicine scent escaped. It was REALLY strong. However, when I went to drink it, I didn’t taste much. I could get a bit of the tart cherryness, but that was it. I saw other reviewers say that using two bags works a lot better. Unfortunately, with all this tea I don’t have time to try it again, so I will take their word for it.

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drank White Delight by Xiu Xian Tea
336 tasting notes

I’ve had this tea for a very long time and I have never tried it! I’m getting more and more into white teas now and thought it might finally be time to try this one. I’m not really sure what they ingredients are in this one, but I definitely see some flowery-looking thing.
The instructions recommended 30 seconds per teaspoon, so I went with that at 1 minute fore two teaspoons. It definitely came out a bit light. I will resteep and attempt to get more flavor out of this. There is a strong herb smell that is slightly detectable in the taste. I recognize it but I just can’t name it! Grrrr this is going to bother me until I figure it out…

185 °F / 85 °C 1 min, 0 sec

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drank Paradise Peach by Culinary Teas
336 tasting notes

Smells like peach candy when dry, but very tart! This might be good as a cold brewed tea

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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Tea #8 from Traveling Tea Box C

I was going to hot brew this, until I noticed the other note saying that this was extremely hibiscusy. I decided to cold brew it instead to hopefully tame the hibiscus a bit. It doesn’t seem to have worked too much however. The main flavor here is hibiscus, with a bit of a generic sweet fruit flavor in there somewhere.

Iced 8 min or more

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Tea #7 from Traveling Tea Box C

Unfortunately, I’m sampling things at a much slower pace than I would like. I’ll have to cut my sampling short, but I’ll definitely grab samples of ones I’m interested in.

This one sounds really interesting, and I generally enjoy white teas. Dry, this one smells really weird. Almost a sour smell, but it hasn’t gone bad. No worries, its super tasty! The yogurt isn’t really noticeably there, but I really love the melon (honeydew, I would say) and the white tea together. I think I’ll be keeping this one!

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drank Pistachio Cream by DAVIDsTEA
336 tasting notes

Tea #6 from Traveling Tea Box C

Pistachio ice cream is one of my favorite ice creams. I was definitely curious about this one when I saw it in the box. Then I noticed that it’s an herbal with Mulberry Magic as it’s base! I really like Mulberry Magic, and was curious how it would work with the pistachio flavor.

I really like this one! The mulberry flavors are toned down, but still add a nice solid base, and add to the creaminess factor. And the pistachio flavor is very nice as well. Clearly present, clearly pistachio, without tasting weird or being over powering. And the whole thing is definitely creamy! I think I like this more than plain Mulberry Magic. This was in one of the small sample packs. I used about half for my sample, and I think I’m going to claim the last teaspoon unless anyone on the list dearly wants to try it.

Boiling 6 min, 30 sec

I like this one more too. :D


I saw your note about it after I had made this one! I’m definitely tempted to look into getting more of this

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I’ve lived in Hawaii, Mississippi, Colorado, Maryland, Texas, and California, and I’m currently in Oklahoma while the boyfriend gets his grad schooling on.

I’ve been into tea for about five years now and my favorite thing is that there is still so much to learn! I personally prefer black and oolong teas, though I love trying new teas whatever they may be.

I also knit quite a bit and sell things on my etsy when I’m not busy with school.

I really love swapping, so if anything in my cupboard catches your eye, please let me know!


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