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drank Coconut Flan Genmaicha by 52teas
330 tasting notes

I am always cautious with green teas, because there are very few I actually like. Genmaicha and I usually get along well enough, though, so I was hopeful with this one.

I’ve never had flan, so I don’t know how this holds up to that, but this teas was so buttery and creamy and I imagine the flan had something to do with that? The coconut adds a nice toastiness. It’s always nice to encounter a green tea that I really enjoy.


Flan is a kind of caramelly custard, so I’m thinking yes on it having something to do with the creamy buttery flavor. :-)

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drank Bananas Foster by 52teas
330 tasting notes

I have the reblended version of this from winning a month’s worth of teas from 52teas! I’ve had each tea in the box a few times now and am finally getting around to writing about them.

This tea is nice, but I’m not getting a ton of bananay flavors. I do feel like this is a bit unfair though, because I’m pretty sure the banana flavor that I’m looking for is something closer to a fakey candy flavor. I never tried the original so I can’t compare there.

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drank Chocolate Mint by Teaoli
330 tasting notes

Morning tea, a nice, somewhat sweet tea to start with.

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This has been made with the hot water from my office, so steeping my not be under the ideal conditions. Take my review with a grain of salt.

I love that neither the rooibos nor hibiscus are overwhelming in this one. The hibiscus adds just enough tartness to work with the lemon. The only thing I would add is a bit more of the strawberry flavor

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drank Green Jasmine by Tea's Tea
330 tasting notes

Trying to get back in the swing of drinking and reviewing teas. I HAVE been drinking tea, just haven’t been telling you guys about it!

I won some Tea’s Tea a few years ago, and haven’t really seen them since. But I found this a few weeks ago in my grocery store and wanted to give it another go. Just like last time, I’m always surprised that this isn’t extremely sweet, even though I’m pretty sure it says that on the bottle.
There isn’t a ton of flavor, but there is enough for it to not be water. The jasmine gets a bit bitter at the end of the sip, but overall this is a nice iced tea


Hi! Welcome back!


Welcome back, indeed!


Thanks, both of you!

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drank Roasted Pumpkin Mate by Tea Guys
330 tasting notes

Holiday TTB #8: I was hopeful for this one, since it smells so good. But i have this weird thing where nutmeg just never tastes good in teas to me. I should have known it would bother me in this too. I didn’t like this one, but I don’t think it’s a fair judgement on the tea itself

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drank Vanilla Velvet by Teajo Teas
330 tasting notes

Holiday TTB #7: This one smells very vanilla, both dry and steeped. But the main flavor is the roobios, with the vanilla adding a creaminess. I think I associate the rooibos flavor with cookies for some reason, and the vanilla in this only added, making me feel like a cookie tea instead of a vanilla one

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drank Santa's Secret by DAVIDsTEA
330 tasting notes

Holiday TTB #6: This was one of my favorite teas when I first got into loose leaf. I couldn’t help but try it again, after not having tasted it for a few years, and after all these new teas I’ve tried. It definitely was not as good as I remembered, but I can see why I liked it. It was a good stepping stone into more and different tea

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drank St. Petersburg by Kusmi Tea
330 tasting notes

Holiday TTB #5: I think I didn’t steep this long enough or something, because there was just not a lot of anything going on here

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Holiday TTB #4: It’s not in the name, but this one contains figs. Recently I bought some coconut fig snack things, and this tea tastes like the liquid version of that. It’s tasty, but the name doesn’t really fit

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I’ve lived in Hawaii, Mississippi, Colorado, Maryland, Texas, and California, and I’m currently in Oklahoma while the boyfriend gets his grad schooling on.

I’ve been into tea for about five years now and my favorite thing is that there is still so much to learn! I personally prefer black and oolong teas, though I love trying new teas whatever they may be.

I also knit quite a bit and sell things on my etsy when I’m not busy with school.

I really love swapping, so if anything in my cupboard catches your eye, please let me know!


Norman, Oklahoma



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