139 Tasting Notes

drank Fruit Basket by Tea Sparrow
139 tasting notes

Edit: does anyone know why my dashboard notices might have stopped functioning? The last one I received was over a month ago, and I haven’t received any for my recent post likes or comments.

Third of my four Februay teas. This one seems to be an in house blend directly from Tea Sparrow, which intrigued me. Unfortunately the concept is simple and unoriginal. This is a basic fruit blend: too tart without additional sweetener featuring the usual flavours of mixed berries. Rather unimpressive, and the tea is so heavy that the package only has enough for two cups. Pretty disappointing, but considering the type of tea: unsurprising.

Roswell Strange

From the sounds of this has happened to many people over the last month, myself included. For me it’s been around two weeks since my last notification. mrmopar is another user whom it’s happening to. Jason is aware of the problem, and has said he’s working to correct it.


Thanks for the info, Roswell! It’s been about two weeks since my last notification as well.


Good to know, thanks Roswell!


I havent had any for weeks either


Thanks for the heads up! Mine isn’t notifying me either and I hadn’t quite noticed it was an issue since I have been busy the past several weeks and not on here as much.

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drank Organic Honey Moon by Nunshen
139 tasting notes

Second of four teas in my February Tea Sparrow box. This one has an amazing berry aroma from the dry leaf and while brewing. The blackcurrant and raspberry scents really come through clearly in the aroma, and translate fairly well into the flavour as well. The green tea base is lovely, very slightly smoky and vegetal with a medium body (I do like to brew my teas a bit stronger), adorned with the fresh and sweet notes of berry. Lovely tea, very enjoyable to drink! Nunshen has impressed me so far with two wonderful blends.

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drank Heavenly Peach by Enchanted Teacup
139 tasting notes

I’ve been drinking this one at work every since I removed it from GCTTB Round 6, and I am quite happy that I chose this one. It’s a quite lovely mix of light flavours: peach, floral notes, and delicate white tea. Not much else to say, other than I am almost out and since I liked it so much I am considering getting more!


Unfortunately the company I purchased it from went out of business awhile ago. :(


Ooh, I see. What a shame! Know of any good replacements?


Passion fruit teas work well. My last favourite tea is gone as well.

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drank Organic Kanchenjunga by Nunshen
139 tasting notes

Hello again Steepster, I am back! I do lurk here and there at times, but I am not as actively reviewing teas these days. My mind is occupied with figuring out my life direction for the next little while (either finding a new job or moving somewhere new. Big plans!). I did, however, recently receive a new box from Tea Sparrow. How exciting! I missed having new teas to try, and so I decided to reactivate my account for two months – February and March. This is one of the February teas I received last week.

I was looking forward to trying this one just based on the description on the packet. It is described as a quality Chinese black tea mixed with black currant and other fruity flavours – including mango and bergamot! The dry leaf smells really quite delicious. Once brewed, it turns into a nice light coloured amber and the fruit aroma mellows out.

The flavour profile is not quite what I was expecting. The fruityness doesn’t fully translate and I feel like a lot (read: most) of it is lost. Thankfully the black tea base is light and smooth, so even with the loss of intensity of the other flavours, the tea is still enjoyable to drink. Instead of the citrusy tang I expect, it turns rather sweet in the background. Perhaps it is the mango and coconut bringing that out. It’s just a little disappointing that the fruityness is only really present in the aroma of the dry leaf. I would have loved to see more of that in the actual flavour profile of the tea, which makes the experience a little disappointing. It is a quality black tea, otherwise.

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drank Skylark by August Uncommon Tea
139 tasting notes

Hello, Steepster, I am back from my vacation/hiatus! It was awesome to get away and see my family for the holidays, and also great to be back. :)

This evening I am drinking a new tea, one I pulled from the GCTTB. I couldn’t find much information about it on Steepster, only that it was a green tea, so I opted for less than boiling water, and steeped for only about 2 minutes. This one smells kinda weird: rather herbal and bitter, almost minty. Have no idea what to expect on my first sip.

I just looked up the tea on August Uncommon’s own website, and apparently this tea is with strawberries and silver linden. When I looked up that latter ingredient, I immediately get shown a picture of a large silver tree. Bingo. This is what I am smelling. I couldn’t place the aroma at first, but I would now say that it is very close to being a sharp pine-line smell. No sign of any strawberries so far. I didn’t have any pieces in the remaining sample (while they are shown on the tea’s picture on AU’s website), so I doubt there will be a detectable strawberry presence this time around.

The tea is not tasting as sharp as it hits the nose (which I am more than OK with). I was right about the strawberries: not to be found. This is mostly now a weak green tea with strong herbal notes. Not something I would drink again, but suppose it was an interesting enough experience. At least I learned what silver linden was.

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drank Nostalgia by Liquid Proust Teas
139 tasting notes

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drank Earl Pink by Liquid Proust Teas
139 tasting notes

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Wow, this tea is amazing! I don’t know anything about dianhong, as I’ve never tried it before, but I must say that this flavoured version is absolutely delicious. I only used one ball this morning for a quick steep. It had barely begun to open up so once I get home I will try a couple more steeps to see how the flavours change. It smelled decadently sweet and creamy – some of the notes I got were vanilla, custard, butter, and whipped cream. To be honest, I’ve never had authentic french toast before (that I can remember), so I am unsure how well it holds up the the expected flavours, but on its own it’s extremely flavourful without being overly sweet. Smooth, creamy, and quite rich. I am pretty excited to see how this tea changes with more steeps.


Love this tea.

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Second tea that I had neglected to write notes for on Monday. I remember rather enjoying this one. I agree with the observation that Jillian made a out it being a very dainty old-fashioned tea. It really does seem like that. The rose scent was surprisingly well blended with the bergamot (furthermore, I just realized that I’ve been spelling bergamot wrong every single time for the past year… Just wow…) and wasn’t overpowering. However, I don’t enjoy the very floral note that rose petals typically add to a tea, so I couldn’t love it. Though the rose notes weren’t too strong, they were a very specific type of rose scent that makes me think of those fake dried rose petals (I would sometimes find them in little bowls in bathrooms?) that were scented and typically smelled like old lady perfume. Maybe that’s why this tea seems so old fashioned. Honestly though it wasn’t bad and I didn’t mind drinking it, but again just not for me.

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I joined Steepster Nov. 2/’15. I am an aspiring law student, currently studying for the LSAT. Meanwhile, I drink a lot of tea, work as a legal assistant and watch Netflix in my down time.

Ever since joining Steepster, I have tried a whole bunch new tea, met awesome people, and learned quite a lot! I am still expanding my tea horizons, currently working on exploring the oolong and puerh territories. Oolong has been a pleasant journey so far, while puerh is more rocky and uncertain. I shall keep trekking on!

My favourite teas are blacks and greens, both flavoured and unflavoured, and I have a few staples that I drink all the time.

I love to try teas that I would otherwise not have access to, and therefore I am always looking for people to trade samples with. Send me a message if you are interested!

My Wishlist is teas that I would like to restock (as a note to myself). My ratings are mostly arbitrary. Generally, anything above 90 I will likely restock. 70-80 I enjoyed, but will not go out of my way to get again. Anything below 70 was not that great, and the lower the mark the less I enjoyed it.


Vancouver, Canada

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