I got this tea at a grocery store in Chinatown for only a few dollars. I was told that elderly people like it, but I had no idea that it was pu-erh. It was hard as rock and sat forever in my cupboard, having eluded all my efforts to break it apart. One day, I decided to deal with it once and for all. I took it into the basement and struck it variously with a hammer and an axe. Chunks bounced off the walls. I reduced it to manageable pieces that I collected in a jar without losing too much. I began to drink it assiduously. It turned out to have a rich body and a good flavour, rather earthy in character, but in no manner musty. It suffers only in its impossible packaging, for which I docked 5 points.

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Mr Steep likes tea plain, or variously with lemon, fruit juice, honey, spices, cow’s milk or soy milk, as appropriate.

Mr Steep avoids flavoured teas: flavouring rarely makes something out of nothing.

Mr Steep applies this philosophy to good coffee, too.


Calgary AB Canada

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