I generally turn up my nose at the bitter and nondescript jasmine tea served at Chinese restaurants, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from this tea. I opened the pouch and was immediately greeted by the potent perfume of sweet jasmine blossoms. The floral scent is no less striking when steeping and drinking the tea. The jasmine flavour does not overwhelm the palate, not even after a few cups. The tea is neither bitter nor astringent, but sweetly perfumed. It is truly a bouquet in a cup. The second steeping is lighter, but still decidedly jasmine. This is the finest jasmine tea I have ever tried.

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Mr Steep likes tea plain, or variously with lemon, fruit juice, honey, spices, cow’s milk or soy milk, as appropriate.

Mr Steep avoids flavoured teas: flavouring rarely makes something out of nothing.

Mr Steep applies this philosophy to good coffee, too.


Calgary AB Canada

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