153 Tasting Notes

I cold brewed this in the past and liked it but saved some to try hot.
I ruined my last cup, I can tell I need to change my water filter. I meant to use my gallon of spring water but I forgot.

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drank Fruit Sangria by Adagio Teas
153 tasting notes

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drank Earl Grey Lavender by Zen Tea
153 tasting notes

I adore this iced, not hot. The lavender and bergamot complement each other nicely and make a crisp refreshing drink. Not something I would drink all the time because I’m not normally in the mood for flowers but it is a nice change. I’m so exhausted of fruity iced teas right now I could scream.

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drank Golden Yunnan by Rishi Tea
153 tasting notes

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I was so excited when I received this as a sample with one of my ATR orders in the spring because I love coconut. I saved it just knowing I would love it iced in the summer. I was wrong; it is full of coconut taste but it’s so oily and kind of weird.

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drank SBT: Black-N-Blue by 52teas
154 tasting notes

Cold brewed, nice sweet blueberry flavor just a bit of tart blackberry
I would get it again if I had someone to share it with, maybe a family gathering.

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This last cup fail flat, I could still taste the vanilla bean I’ve adored in the past but it was almost like drinking vanilla water. It was a sample size that was not stored well that could be the problem. I’m not even sure if I like vanilla tea anymore after drinking this, which I need to figure out quick because I planned on having my mom bring back a ton of my favorite from London next month. Before tonight I had thought of this as one I would order if I was placing an order anyways and was running low on vanilla tea, now I’m not sure. Hopefully I just did not store it correctly.

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First thing I notice is an alcohol smell and somewhere along the way I realize its rum, duh! I forgot all about the rum in Pina Coladas, I always associate the drink with the flavors pineapple and coconut. I really don’t remember the last time I had a Pina Colada for a number of reasons, a few being: I’m cheap, to many calories, my husband does not like coconut so I will never make it at home and I hardly drink anymore.
I do notice the pineapple and coconut, I can’t tell which one I notice more. The rum flavor stands out the most for me and makes me wish I had tried some of Frank’s other Rum teas already. Yum!

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I feel I have lost part of my identity.
I was addicted to coffee until I got sick Dec 1 and since then I have had 3 6 cups of coffee(I lost count but it’s not everyday and I don’t enjoy it like I once did). Now all I can think about is tea. I do not know if this is a phase or not but I’m enjoying it.

I’m having fun trying dessert teas right now. It has helped me eat less without even trying and I have lost a few unwanted pounds which surprised me during this past holiday season.

I love Earl Grey, Earl Grey Cream, Vanilla black teas. I like straight blacks I just don’t know how to describe them yet. I have a hard enough time describing flavored teas.

Please don’t pay attention to my notes, my taste changes all the time and sometimes if I only try something once I don’t always get the opportunity for it to grow on me or understand it better.

Maybe this is weird, one of the reasons I do tasting notes is to practice writing. I would like to go back to school before my school money expires and I regret it but I’m not ready yet.

Steepsters is the best community!
I love everyone here :)

I’m a stay at home mom/wife most of the time and work part-time at a local coffee shop.

I’m looking into knitting just so I can make cozy for my Timolino.



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