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drank Blueberry Zabaglione by 52teas
158 tasting notes

To be fair, I have to warn you that my favorite tea is 52teas Blueberry Cream cheese Danish… All blueberry teas will be compared to that masterpiece of a tea. So, I am sorry to say, that while this is delicious, it isn’t quite at the level of mouthwatering mastery of Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish!

The dark leaves are 52teas new black tea base. I find it to be a little stronger tasting than the previous one. I smell the blueberry with a hint of tartness followed by the scent of black tea which mingles in your nostrils for a while. There are quite a few whole dry blueberries surrounded by the tea leaves. 

Once brewed, the liquor is dark brown and strongly scented of blueberry. I still find a bit of tartness in the scent, but the is a creamy note that I couldn’t find in the dry tea. 

I first tried it unsweetened… and wow was it astringent. Immediately sweetened it and obtained a tasty cup of creamy blueberry deliciousness. The blueberry flavor was the first thing to stand out. 52teas has a particularly delicious blueberry flavoring! The creamy note came second as more of a sensation than a flavor, but it was very definitely there. Finally a delicate wave of astringency and black tea rolled across my tongue.    

I recommend this to any one who hasn’t had the opportunity to try 52teas blueberry flavoring yet. It really is spectacular. If you like this tea, then I think that you will love Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish! 


Still not quite as good as Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish though, eh? :D


I need to know how to bribe Frank into re-blending the Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish. I. Must. Try. It. Not that I’m obsessing or anything. :)


@*Incendiare*- Nope… No quite!

It really is a must have! :)


i highly recommend the Berry Blue Berry from http://www.theteaexchange.com
i’m normally a straight plain tea guy and don’t go for most of the fruit blends, but i have to say this one blew my mind :-)

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I have officially increased the rating of this tea… It has been a while since I brewed it last, and wow… it really has become delicious! I was in the mood for something sweet and fun to drink tonight. I had a good day at work and picked out a nice dress for my boyfriend’s brother’s wedding. So, time for frivolous tea enjoyment!

The scent was pure cotton candy with a hint of the smell of the black tea base. While it brewed I stood over my cup and sniffed at the sweet promise of a good cup of tea. It made me smile as my mind was reminded of all of the time I have had cotton candy. Cotton Candy, at least for me, is entirely related to positive happy times. The smell of this tea captured it perfectly. 

Once brewed I sweetened and enjoyed. Deliciously sweet and reminiscent of Cotton Candy. My only complaint is that I couldn’t sip it slow enough for it to last me long enough… I guess I will have to brew another cup! … Why do I decide that this is delicious after it is sold out!?!?! Ah well… I will enjoy what I have left of my original little package. 

This is best described as a sweet and happy tea! :)


One of my favorites!


Ok I’m sold lol

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Work has been so stressful lately… I believe it is driving me crazy. I have a big project in the making and I coincidentally found out that there is another company who seems to be doing the exact same thing. So, I have to work harder and faster to make sure my project gets out there first… The most stressful part is that I am not entirely sure when they intend to launch…. All I can do is my best! Wish me luck!

On to the tea… This tea smelled incredibly creamy today. It was great to just sit and sniff it while relaxing. I love how creamy it smells and the green tea  scent that mingles behind completes the deliciousness profile of this tea. 

I still get hints of citrus in the flavor. The aftertaste reminds me a bit of lemon. What makes this tea great, more than the flavoring itself, is the creamy mouth feel. The smell, with the sensation of smooth cream is enough to make you wonder if cream has somehow been hidden in this blend. If only it had a bit more vanilla it would make it into my favorites… 

I love that matcha has become a night-time tradition for me. For some reason, I get no effects from the caffein… In fact, it helps me wind down and relax!  Thanks Red LEaf Tea for making it possible for me to get matcha delivered to Ecuador and for fueling my nightly matcha habits! 

Hesper June

Good luck! I know you can do it:-)
So glad you have tasty tea to help you unwind at the end of your stressful days.


Thanks Hesper June! I can use all of the motivation I can get! :)


Best of luck with that project! this sounds yummy


Good luck with the project! This tea sounds terrific. I should probably just give up and give Red Leaf Tea my money. :)


Veronica – it’s inevitable lol


Thanks indigobloom and Veronica!


Good Luck!

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Weekends always seem too short… Weeks should be four work days and three rest days!! It makes perfect sense doesn’t it?? Well, since that won’t be happening any time soon… I might as well enjoy delicious tea in the mean time!

This matcha is tasty. No doubt about it. I love that I ended my Monday with a nice frothy cup of hot blueberry matcha. 

I felt that the blueberry flavoring was stronger this time around, but it didn’t overcome the matcha flavor so it was perfect. I love how versatile matcha can be. I added a tiny bit of milk to the last few sips and I had a green tea blueberry milkshake! (except it was warm…) 

Well, a good way to start my tea week! I will need to repurchase this one soon (and I purchased a large!…) I am having a hard time deciding which Red Leaf tea Matcha flavors to try next! :) So many yummy ones to chose from! 


MMM another flavour I need to think about picking up.


If you like blueberry, it is really worth a try! :) There are so many good options to pick from… I am having trouble on deciding which ones should be in my next order.


Oooh, I love blueberry. I’m going to have to give this one a try. Sounds delightful!


I have pear and uh…cheesecake on the way :) I really want mocha and then every fruit under the sun haha

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Something really important happened this weekend… Something important enough to keep me away from tea and Steepster for a weekend! … It was my 27 birthday!!! 27… Wow… I feel like I was just graduating from University… Time flies… In celebration, my boyfriend took me to a resort at the natural hot springs here in Ecuador (Papallacta) and we spent a great weekend there. We even got massages and champagne! I think it was a surprise worthy of a tea break, though I am thankful that I got to have my cup of birthday tea today! 

Pancake is such a happy flavor. This tea captures it perfectly. I have bought it so many times, and I will keep on doing so until Frank gets tired of making it. I go through it too quickly. Sweetened it fools your mouth into thinking you are eating pancakes. It never fails to amaze me. 

I sipped my cup while sitting with Sencha (my dog) and just enjoying the tea. I got no bitterness, just a tiny bit of astringency. The tea flavor shines through the pancake flavor just the right amount to make it a tea and not just a cup of hot water that tastes like pancake. Tea is wonderful like that, it magically turns a cup of water into a delicious beverage that makes every moment brighter!

Now, off to have my second cup of tea for my birthday after a long and positive day at work! :) Happy Birthday to me!


Happy Birthday!


Thanks Amanda! :)


Hope you had a wonderful birthday!


Happy birthday! =)


Happy Birthday!!! sounds like it was a fun one :)


Woot! Happy birthday!


Happy birthday! ^^


Happy 27th youngster!


Happy 27th!!


Happy Birthday!!!


Happy birthday! :)


Happy birthday!


Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday!!


Happy birthday! (P.s: Awesome name for a dog.)


Happy Birthday!! your a little older than me :D


Bonne Fête Ninavampi!


Yay Happy Bday!


Happy birthday! You chose a wonderful bday tea!


Happy Birthday!


Thanks everyone! It was like having a second birthday celebration from all of my friends here on Steepster! :)


Happy birthday. :)

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Blueberry is one of my favorite flavors, second only to vanilla. Unfortunately for me, blueberries don’t grow in Ecuador. We have “Mortiño” which is a type of blueberry, but it is tiny and sour. So, any time I am able to get something blueberry flavored, it is a no brainer. I MUST have it. This tea was no exception. Since Red Leaf Tea is amazing and ships to remote corners of the world (ex. Ecuador) I placed my order immediately!

Blueberries are native to North America. The flowering end of the berry (the one that isn’t connected to the stem) is a perfect 5 pointed star. Because of this, some Native American cultures referred to it as the “Star Berry”. They had many uses for it, including relieving persistent coughs! In modern day, it is known that blueberries are incredibly high in antioxidants. Also, it is one of the few naturally occurring blue pigments in plants. How can you not love blueberries? They taste delicious, are good for you and are interesting too!

Since blueberry is one of my favorite flavors I am very picky about it. There are delicious blueberry flavored things and not so tasty artificial blueberry flavors. I had my fingers crossed and hopes high for this Matcha. So far, Red Leaf Tea has been nothing but positive surprises. This Matcha was an incredibly delicious experience. I have downed 4 cups of it so far, and fear that I will have to order quite a bit more soon! Oh blueberry flavored Matcha… My wallet laments that you are so delicious!

As soon as I opened the big golden packet (I went ahead and got a large…) I smelled blueberry. It was like taking a fresh blueberry pie out of the oven. My mouth started watering and I couldn’t wait to have it in my cup. The green powder smelled so much like blueberries that my brain kept wondering how it could still be green rather than blue!

Once prepared it frothed perfectly, the foamy surface was delicious. I prepared it hot and nice and thick. Each sip was smooth and sweet, even though no sweetener was added. Its thickness made me imagine a sip of blueberry smoothie in my mouth, it even made me feel full after finishing the cup! It is a delightful experience. I also tried it iced which was delicious and refreshing. I think this would be delicious to sip by the pool with a good book, or even better, by the ocean! Yumm… I think I will have to do that one day!

This Matcha is now permanently invited to live in my tea cabinet. It is a staple that I can’t imagine living without now that I have tried it! If you would like to try it (and trust me you should!) you can find it here: http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/blueberry-matcha.html . (Just keep in mind, that after one try, you will be hooked!) :)

Geoffrey Norman

I actually had this one, and I hate to say I got no flavor out of it. Nothing even remotely resembling blueberry.


@Geoffrey- that’s too bad! I really loved the blueberry in this matcha! To each his or her favorites. :)


Glad you are enjoying the matcha nina :)

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It has taken me way too long to get around to reviewing these samples that FONG MONG TEA graciously sent me to review. Sorry FONG MONG TEA! I really wish that I had gotten to this tea sooner… It is amazing… Really!

The little gold sample packet was nicely packed with dark green rolled leaves. The green was so dark and deep that it looked almost black, like a forest in the moonlight. The scent was deliciously sweet. It smelled of hints of honey with pine-nuts. Just in case you aren’t familiar with pine-nuts, they smell and taste nothing like pine trees, but more like a mix of walnuts and cashews… It was nuttier and smoother smelling than most oolongs. The scent was thick and inviting with undeniable sweetness.

Once steeped, the tea was a golden color with a tint of olive green. It smelled delicious, with the honey notes becoming more prominent without overcoming the nuttiness of the oolong. I couldn’t wait to sip it. Something about it seemed almost magical.

The first thing that struck me the most was that as soon as I sipped it, my mouth was filled with a sweet nutty flavor. It is the sweetest tea I have tasted so far. Absolutely surreal. I really had never experienced a tea that could fool me into thinking that sugar had been added… I am pleasantly shocked by the sweetness in each sip! I taste a tiny hint of smokiness towards the end of each sip, adding depth to the natural nuttiness of the Oolong.

Also unique and worth mentioning is the cooling sensation at the end of each sip, almost like what you feel after sipping peppermint tea. It is a great combination of flavors and sensations. It is by far the most unique tea I have tasted so far. Delicious and surprising all at once.

My taste-buds feel like they just came back from a SPA all pampered and relaxed. I think that this Oolong should be tasted by anyone who is a fan of Oolongs or sweeter teas. You really need to try it… Trust me… :)

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I feel that part of maturing your “tea pallate” is trying a whole lot of different teas. Trying to do this has lead me to a bunch of new teas and tea sellers. But, regardless of how many teas I try, there will always be a softspot and a nice little warm and welcoming place in my heart (and tongue…) for favorites that no matter how many times I drink them, will be favorites!

As I said yesterday, I have been through a rough time. So old favorites it is. This black tea with creamy blueberry goodness is the epitome of delicious relaxation in a cup. The leaves scent has actually grown stronger and more blueberryish during this period of sitting my cabinet. I have gone through my pound rather quickly… I fear that I might have to order another pound in the near future! 

This particular cup had a rather large blueberry in with the tea leaves. So large, in fact, that my tea basket is stained purple! This is a happy thing for me! Large blueberries that bleed the right color and taste delicious can stain as many pieces of tea ware as they want! They make my tastebuds dance and party! I added a tiny bit of sweetener today just for it to taste even more like dessert and sweet guilty pleasures. 

This is my favorite tea ever. I finished my cup of blueberry creamy goodness way too quickly… The creamy sensation and blueberry aftertaste is all that I have to remind me I did in fact enjoy my entire cup of tea and it didn’t just disappear.          

Hmmm… Maybe this tingly feeling is actually relaxation? Could it be!? … I am not going to let myself give in to feeling calm until the weekend comes and all the craziness of organizing the race has finally passed… Can’t wait for the weekend! 


Sorry you’re having a bad go of it. The season’s will soon change and I hope things will smooth out for you. Nothing stays the same in life. Real joy is in God, family and friends. You have friends here too that care about you!


Thanks Bonnie! I love being able to lean on all of you Steepterites!


It’s not a lean, it’s a mutual hug!


Hope things will start looking up for you soon! This is one of my favourites. So darn yummy, and I completely forgot that Frank can whip up a pound of tea. I just may need to follow suit someday. :)


Mouth Watering….


Weird, I’ve had 4 tea’s from 52 tea’s and that’s all. All were
ick so I never bought any more. I’m glad this is a good one.


@*Bonnie* Which ones have you had? I would be glad to send you some samples of my favorites for you to try! :)

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drank Vanilla by Adagio Teas
158 tasting notes

Once again I have been absent from steepster for a while… But this time I come back with quite a story to tell. I will warn everyone that this is more a brief summary of my eventful past 2 weeks more than a review… Though the vanilla tea I am sipping does play a major part! : )

Last weekend, I went to Cuyabeno with the boyfriend and my family. Cuyabeno  is an Eco-Lodge in the Ecuadorian Amazon Jungle. By Eco-Lodge, they really mean ECO. There were no doors or glass windows. No electricity. No internet. No cellphone service. And lots and LOTS of bugs, frogs, snakes, and lots of other animals that you really don’t want to wake up next to (or find taking a swim in your toilet… as I did multiple times during the trip…). Anyways,  I took a bit of this tea with me on my trip and would make it with boiled water that they would give us at the lodge with dinner. It was great to have a strong vanilla tea that tasted creamy without needing milk to accompany me in the dark while I listened to the noises of the jungle and shared stories with the guides and locals. It is one of my comfort teas, so having its company helped my courage before closing my eyes to sleep surrounded by creatures of the night…

Once I got back to my house, I only had one week left before the big non-for-profit race that I organize (Ruta de las Iglesias). I had a whole lot to do, and it was sorta crazy and hectic. Getting everything ready for 8000 people to receive their competition chip and package as well as make sure the 10km path is all ready is quite a job for 2 people (my aunt and I organize the whole thing…). Well, all was going well, when my tummy started feeling funny. Then I started feeling cold. Then I had a super high fever… and it turned out I had an intestinal infection!!! Argh… What horrible timing! I couldn’t stay home from work the week before the race, so off to work with fever and all… It was miserable. But worst of all, I couldn’t drink tea because everything I smelled or tasted made me feel sicker… I didn’t eat anything or drink anything but Gatorade for 5 days! It was terrible…

The race was this Saturday. It was great and everything went fine. We calculated a total of 12000 runners (including those that ran without having officially signed up for the race). It was a huge success… until we realized that the company that managed the race results had given us the report with a HUGE amount of errors… So I have had to spend the past two days in front of a computer looking through the results and correcting the ones that had errors… 

So finally, now after these insane days, I am finally sitting down with another cup of vanilla tea to try to relax for a change. This tea smells as delicious as it tastes. The vanilla plays in well with the astringent (only a tad bit too astringent, but oh well….) black tea base. My favorite part of this vanilla black is that the the texture that this particular vanilla flavor gives the tea makes it seem like you have added milk to it. It really has the mouthfeel of a latte! I wish it wasn’t this late and I could enjoy another cup of tea, but it is too late… and another cup of tea right now would not be a very bright idea considering I have to go back and deal with more crazy work tomorrow! 

Please forgive my rambling! :) I missed everyone! I am glad to be back. 


You could probably use a good long nap now. :) Sounds like you’ve earned one.


yep definitely nap time for you, sorry to hear about your sore tummy…


ouches! hope you’re all better now. Glad the race went well!


Wow, that’s quite a serious of events. I hope the crazy you have to deal with gets dealt with swiftly! I hope your intestines are much happier now. :)


What a chain of adventures! Take care of yourself.


A nap sounds like a great idea… :)


wow I have always been fascinated with the Amazon. thanks for sharing :)
I love that you took this tea with you. I wonder what tea I would chose on a visit to the Amazon…


Hope you are feeling better now. Sounds like you had a rough week there!

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I love tea and have since I was a little girl. Once I could buy my own tea, I began to explore and learn about the extensive and delicious world of tea!

Also, love my French Bulldog (named Sencha…) and my tea oblivious boyfriend. I enjoy ice skating (I am a part time coach), reading, writing, baking, running, and lots of sweets!

My favorite teas tend to be on the sweeter side. Both flavored and plain teas are great to me. Currently going through a flavored tea phase. Enjoying it greatly! : )


Quito, Ecuador

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