420 Tasting Notes


Sipdown! Thank you Terri for this sample!
Had a thoughtful two cups of this, and decided that it was too bitterly smokey for my liking

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An interesting take on Ya Bao, in Sheng format – a kind of combination between toasty white tea and the depth of flavor of Sheng, with a little lemony twist. A very comforting, sweet, mellow drink, that needs several washes and time to unfold its flavors (obviously in a Gaiwan or a Yixing teapot). No camphor taste, for those who avoid Sheng Pu’er for that reason. A nice evening treat to have curled with a book.


Sounds great with the curling thing :-)

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Dull me – another cup of this as an evening treat. I made some home-made granola tonight, and the house smells wonderful.


Sounds nice!

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Had a comforting cup of this at work. Hands down, best earl grey that I’ve ever had.


This is usual for me, first time I hear of a bergamot darjeeling…

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Made a large batch of this at work, and it went down well. People do appreciate good tea, even if they don’t always know where to get it or how to make it themselves

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I got this tea from Terri. Thank you Terri!
This is not a great darjeeling, but it’s a nice enough and not too memorable tea. If you don’t like Darjeelings, then you could probably still enjoy this tea. It has less acidity and astringency than more pronounced Darjeelings, but also lacks the more ethereal muscatel notes, or the fantastic mouth feels that good Darjs have.

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Bold, malty, fruity, sweet, Assam –
A great way to start the day.
How did you start yours?

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This is a good, gentle Darjeeling, which is a kind introduction into the world of Darjes, if you are new to it. A colleague picked up this tin at work and said, “I love this tea’s smell, let’s make some”, so I dutifully brewed up a batch. This is no morning brew, as it brews light (as all Darjeelings do), and it actually doesn’t have the famous, desirable “muscatel” notes, but rather more citrusy, and with an ethereal note to it. It lacks the amazing body that Ronnefeldt’s Darjeeling Earl Grey has, but it still is a very good, bright tea.

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drank Chai Kit by Verdant Tea
420 tasting notes

This took a long time to make, for tea, but I wouldn’t have complained if it was worth it. The spice balance here is “all wrong” for the kind of Chai that normally comes to mind (at least to my mind) – it completely lacks spiciness. It was a shame to ruin such a good tea base with such a poor chai mixture. I am going to make my own spicier blend next time.

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End of day relaxation tea, brewed three times in a Gaiwan, and then all merged into a single class cup. Yes, I am sacrilegious, blending East and West with such abandon. But this tea can take it, and the result was as comfortingly “bread-y” as usual.
Still one of the weirder looking teas that I own.


Yes, sometimes it feels good to just let loose!

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An Israeli computer programmer with a passion for tea (mostly bought in yearly shopping sprees in the UK), particularly black, oolong and white. I don’t generally enjoy flavoured teas or herbal infusions, but if a tea sounds interesting and smells nice I’ll most definitely try it. I drink several cups of tea a day, usually one or two in the morning, another one after lunch and one or two in the evening. My favourite tea so far is Lao Cong Zi Ya from Norbu Tea, but I’m constantly trying new teas. Only in the past year have I branched into Pu’erh and non-roasted oolongs. Finding good tea in Israel is difficult, so I import most of my teas from yearly visits to London, or from online retailers. If you see something in my cupboard that sparks your interest and you would like to swap with me, then please message me. I’m almost always up for a swap.


Tel Aviv, Israel

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