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Backlog from yesterday. I had a horrible time on the phone with the cable company. My cable doesn’t work, and the technician that was supposed to show up (unsurprisingly) didn’t. So I needed something to cheer me up that wouldn’t keep me up at night.
This was delicious, but I think that it’s more of “winter tea” for me.


Keep up the posts my friend! :)

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As I’ve said before, I’m starting to think that Ronnefeldt can do no wrong. This is my favourite Nepal – a juicy, fruity tea, full of the smell and taste of dark plums and raisins. I have about two steepings left, and I find myself cherishing this tea, in hopes of making it last longer.
There are signs that another 72 hour ceasefire may be signed, and hopefully the talks during that time will be more fruitful.
Keep calm and drink tea.

Flavors: Plums, Raisins


Praying for peace


I hope this one holds and that there is some movement towards more permanent solutions.

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Backlog from yesterday. Used this delicious white to wash down the taste of the not so great Ceylon that I had earlier.
I wonder if Verdant will ever add this to their “normal” collection, seeing as they deal in small batches of tea anyway.

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I enjoy Ceylons, and so when I got this sample ages ago from [b]Terri[/b] and it said “Champaign of Ceylon” I was looking forward to drinking it. I’ve brewed it both hot and cold, but either I haven’t had a chance to sit down and write a review, or steepster swallowed it. Anyway, Champaign of Ceylon it is not. Champaign of dryness and astringency, maybe. There is nothing of the lovely “teaness” of Ceylon, nor of its brisk and cheerful brightness. Great Ceylon tastes like TEA in all capitals, oftentimes with lovely fruit thrown in. This tea was boring, with no distinct flavour – just a muddy mixture of astringency, dryness and acidic flat tea.
If you hate Ceylons, this will reinforce your hatred of them. If you love Ceylons, I doubt that you will enjoy this one much.
Thank you very much for the sample, [b]Terri[/b]. There’s a box of tea on my table waiting to be shipped to you (and Sil) in September, once the post office returns to normal working hours (they are now on summer hiatus, and their hours are ridiculous).
Going to rummage in the tea cupboard after something delicious to wash this tea’s flavour away.

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Had a lovely cup of this, shared with three coworkers, at work this afternoon. This is a lovely tea, especially in the afternoon, and even if you aren’t a huge bergamot fan.

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Another busy morning at work, so when I had a breather, I brewed a super strong cup of this and had it with milk and sugar. I needed a morning kick, and this tea delivers.
It also has the added effect of reminding me of the cute Tea House Covent Garden shop.

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I like white teas, but this one failed to impress, despite the “wonder” in its name. Could be that the temperature was wrong, could be that it needed more steep time, but it tasted like a watered down green tea, just a little sweeter. Teabox recommends 10 min steeping at 85-90 degrees, so I will give it another try with those parameters, instead of my standard white tea ones.

Ceasefire is thankfully continuing. Here’s to hoping that it becomes permanent.


I hope so too! Hope you had a good and relatively quiet day!

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Crazy morning at work. Came in right after a major upgrade, and a lot of things weren’t working. Spent most of the morning chained to my chair, fixing problems. At 11:00 I snuck off to brew me some tea, and literally grabbed the first box at hand – not even looking at it until I brewed it.
I love this tea. It is such a surprise, since I thought it would be a boring breakfast tea, but it is delicious and charming instead.

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drank Noix de Coco by Palais des Thes
386 tasting notes

Working my way through this tea, because I happen to love it and because I want to clear room in my tea cupboard. Had it with a hint of maple syrup and brewed stronger this time, just to see how far it can go. The leaves grow large (although they are broken) if you give them enough time, and the coconut flavour was kind of lost in a strong brew. Brewed it lighter and it was much tastier. A testament to what brewing time can do to tea.

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An Israeli computer programmer with a passion for tea (mostly bought in yearly shopping sprees in the UK), particularly black, oolong and white. I don’t generally enjoy flavoured teas or herbal infusions, but if a tea sounds interesting and smells nice I’ll most definitely try it. I drink several cups of tea a day, usually one or two in the morning, another one after lunch and one or two in the evening. My favourite tea so far is Lao Cong Zi Ya from Norbu Tea, but I’m constantly trying new teas. Only in the past year have I branched into Pu’erh and non-roasted oolongs. Finding good tea in Israel is difficult, so I import most of my teas from yearly visits to London, or from online retailers. If you see something in my cupboard that sparks your interest and you would like to swap with me, then please message me. I’m almost always up for a swap.


Tel Aviv, Israel

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