1703 Tasting Notes

drank Big Apple by DAVIDsTEA
1703 tasting notes

A sample from DavidsTea in my last order. I decided to brew this up strong, and have it over ice. This is definitely the time for iced teas.

It smells more like baked apples, while Persian Apple is really fresh and sweet.

Yep, tastes like baked apples too. Like the fall, rather than spring or summer. The white base is rather bitter, which is something I really don’t like. It may be better with a lower temp (I did about 190F) or less time, but I used my whole sample for this cup.

I’m curious, and will probably pick up 10-20g at some point to see if I can get this tea to work better for me.

190 °F / 87 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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Received my GIANT BAG of tea today. Thankfully a lot of it will be going to my BFF. It is, after all, her favourite tea.

The water I used was too hot, so this is kind of bitter. And the bitterness is exacerbating the metallic taste I have in my mouth. Still, as an iced tea it’s pretty darn tasty.

Sweet granny smith apples (An oxymoron, but hey. It’s what it tastes like!), nuts, and rose. It’s an incredibly sweet tea, and I added honey. I suppose I thought that honey would make it better? It doesn’t need it at all.

This tea makes me crave rice pudding with rosewater and pistachios. Hmm. Since I’m limited to stove top cooking (so warm!), that might be a super tasty thing to cook! Even better, I might make it the fancy way out of risotto rice.

3 min, 30 sec

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My original note is on my computer at home. But.

I think this is an excellent tea, just not for me. It’s flowery, very green tasting, and the pineapple is quite nice, especially with a touch of honey. The second steep (iced), which is what I’m drinking now, is almost better.

I just prefer DavidsTea’s version.


I haven’t tried this one yet, but maybe I will if it’s better than Butiki’s. Maybe a cold brew would suffice?


I only got a sample, which I tried hot and iced. It’s just too floral for me, I think. Well, that and my inhaler is giving me a terrible metallic taste that makes hard to taste the more delicate flavours through. I’d probably add this to another order to play with it some more, but I’m going to end up getting a tin of the Davids version… I just know it.


I had no idea inhalers can do that to you. That’s brutal, I’m sorry.

I thought the pineapple in this one tasted too much like canned pineapple juice. But I should pick up some of DT’s next time I’m around one. Can’t hurt, especially if you’re talking about snagging a tin. :)


Ooh, yeah. This one is more pineapple juice. David’s is more pineapple candy, which isn’t surprising as it includes candied pineapple.

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This was a lovely sample I received in my order.

I brewed this up and am having a sake cup hot, the rest over ice. I think… I like DavidsTea’s pineapple oolong better. This one is tasty, but a bit spinach-y for me. The oolong is lovely quality, just not a flavour I prefer.

The pineapple is delicate, and really does come out amazingly well with a tiny bit of honey. As the hot cup cools, a juice-like flavour comes out. That’s no doubt helped by the freeze dried pineapple chunks in my sample. :)

(From this morning.)

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3 bags of this plus a tsp of honey, steeped 3 minutes then poured over ice into a mason jar. Yummers.

This is a really nice bagged herbal, imo. Not one I’d rush out to buy again, but if I’m somewhere there aren’t a lot of options? Oh yeah, I’d drink this.

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drank No. 10 by Murchie's Tea & Coffee
1703 tasting notes

I’m up for an online meeting, and ended up spending the 20 minutes I had set aside to shower, installing Java on my computer and fielding calls. This is the first meeting I’ve attended. At least I know for next time.

I’ve already had coffee. Now I’m moving onto tea.

This is a good tea to follow coffee. A little delicate, yes, but infinitely soothing. It’s a little spicy, fairly mild, really tasty with (gasp!) milk and honey.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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It’s been warm here. When I went to get laundry supplies at 9pm, the thermometer in the car said “27C!!” as though it was a good thing.

The only way that was a good thing is it was 27C because it had cooled down significantly from earlier in the day.

Needless to say, I’ve been guzzling iced tea. I’ve had 4 cups each of Pink Passionfruit (David’s) and Pink Lemonade (Murchies), and now I’m having this rooibosy weirdness they call “Lemon Myrtle”. This is on top of my normal caffeinated drinks, although I forgot about the iced coffee I have in the fridge. Cold brew coffee is the only kind my body tolerates well, and I broke down and made some.

Anyways. Back to this tea.

It’s so freaking refreshing. I like it best when it’s seriously overleafed and steeped an “Oh shoot I forgot about that!” amount of time, but 7 minutes will do. The orange peel, lemon myrtle and rooibos combine to give an incredibly weird, medicinal flavour that I really like. You’ll note I haven’t changed my rating, because I still look at the ingredients and the loose tea and think, “I actually want to drink this? Ugh.” But then I do, and it’s just what I want, somehow.

Now that I have a giant canning jar full of this, iced, I will go back to washing my hang to dry laundry, in the hopes of using it as a swamp cooler to make sleeping bearable.


apparently tomorrow will continue to be ghastly but the rest of the week will be more normal. or so says the app on my iphone.


At least my corner at work is so cold I usually use a heater. It should be pretty normal tomorrow! :)

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Sipdown! Yay!

Ok, umm. I like this tea, but I like Florence by Harney and Sons more. This one has a bitter nut flavour I Do Not Want. Otherwise, it’s nice. If you don’t mind that nut flavour, then definitely check this one out. It’s toffee and nutella, so it’s pretty darn good.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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Heck yeah. Made this double strong, poured it over a spoonful of sweetened condensed milk, then poured THAT over ice.

So. Good.

Yay Canada!

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 45 sec

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A friend gave me this tea as part of a thank you gift.

I prefer it iced (hot brewed, poured over ice), and with honey or sugar. Without, the hibiscus makes it too tart.

Sipping on some right now, trying to motivate myself to go out into the warm and pick up some groceries. I am not a warm weather fan…

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

I’m not a warm weather fan either! Anything over 20°C = no thanks.


Oh gods. And I went out for a “run” tonight which mostly consisted of me sullenly jogging, and then being a serious slowpoke for my walking breaks. :/


Don’t beat yourself up. We’re not lizards. This heat isn’t healthy for anyone!


Too true! Just.. I’m in a rather silent competition with my brother. I ‘need’ to be able to jog longer than him, and beat him in an arm wrestle. I already beat him at push-ups. :)

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Black teas are my favourite, although I do drink the occasional green tea. I am exploring herbal and fruity teas for summer icing and winter evenings, and oolong and pu erh are new and exciting… although I do not like a tea that tastes mostly of seaweed.

No: Spearmint or peppermint, licorice root, gluten (cookie bits, wheat, rye, barley, I’m OK with oats)

After sending my first box to the USA, bubble-envelope swaps are where it’s at.

When I rate, my ratings are based on the little faces, and depend on what face I make when I sip the tea! :)

Also: A map of tea places in Vancouver. I’ve been to some of them, but not a lot. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!


Vancouver, BC, Canada



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