This Eva Solo Tea Maker is my everyday tea brewer for 24-32 oz green and black teas. It is excellent, brews and filters perfectly, keeps the tea warm and is a perfect size for several cups. It also does not drip, at all! I love using this tea brewer every morning and actually look forward to getting up to fill it! Sounds crazy but its beautiful curvy shape and sexy zippered neoprene dress is quite alluring. The neoprene does keep the tea warm for an hour or so.

It is designed so you can either; let the loose tea leaves float in the glass vessel, which I love for green tea, insert the stainless filter and the leaves stay in the vessel when you pour. Or for teas that you want to brew for a shorter time frame you can spoon the leaves into the stainless filter instead, once brew time is chosen, fully depress the plunger to stop brewing and serve the tea, drip free.

I’ve read some other reviews on Amazon indicating that the plunger did not stop the tea from continuing to brew, this only happens to me if it takes me more than 1 hour to drink the carafe contents. When this occurs, I simply add a little warm water directly into my mug, no big deal. Like with any teapot each person needs to calibrate the amount of tea leaves to match their personal tea strength preferences. Cleaning it is very easy. My only reserve is the ABS rubber gasket that the tea has to pass through when using the plunger. I don’t like the idea of my tea going through a plastic even if safe. That being said, since I put my tea leaves into the glass vessel I find I don’t need to use the plunger at all. I love being able to carry my pet tea carafe around my home office and pour it into my mug with no spills or cleanup required. A great product, as are all the Eva Solo products I’ve purchased so far. They are very good Danish designers.

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I am an Architect, Planner, Educator by profession… 

My immersion into the rich world of tea began with brewing Kombucha which uses camilla sinensis tea. A conversation of the health benefits of green tea versus black lead me to look deeper. Since I can remember, I have been an advocate of alternative and naturopathic health and so am drawn to loose green teas from Japan at the moment because of their high catechin content and low oxidation. My love of tea has managed to engage and inspire me to know more about farming, geology, processing, chemistry, biology, history, economics, artisanal tea ware, trade routes and of course the endless subtleties of aroma and taste.


Santa Monica, California, USA



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