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drank ORGANIC LAVENDER TEA by Divinitea
58 tasting notes

Divinitea’s been pretty hit-or-miss for me. Sometimes you get really good teas like the Persian Plum Rose, and then you get ones that are just…meh. Sadly this falls into the latter category.

It’s terribly finicky to brew. There’s not enough lavender in the mix to stand up to the base tea, so if you steep it a little too long it’s overpowered entirely by tart, astringent black tea. Not really what I was looking for. Too short a steep time and it’s little better than colored water.

I’ve gotten my best results steeping it for 3-3 1/2 minutes and adding sugar. The lavender gets slightly more prominent as it cools, but it’s still very mild. If you like a subtle lavender flavor, this tea might be something you’d want. If you want something strongly floral, skip this one. It’s not for you.

I probably won’t keep drinking it, but if nothing else I figure the remainder will make a nice tea rinse for my hair.

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drank Jasmine Earl Grey by Twinings
58 tasting notes

It’s time for “impulse buys at Netcost” again! I was there to stock up on Ahmad’s Apple Refresh tea, since it’s so hard to find just plain apple-flavored teas lately and no other store around here has it, when I spotted this on the shelf. I figured hey, why not try it? If I like lavender Earl and rose Earl, another floral Earl can’t steer me wrong.

It doesn’t really smell or taste that different from Twinings’ regular Earl Grey. Maybe a little lighter due to the inclusion of the jasmine green. There’s a little bit of floral aftertaste to it, but maybe I’m just imagining things.

It’s a nice lighter alternative to their regular Earl. Just don’t go into it expecting much in the way of jasmine flavor.

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Mild fruit scent, mild mixed-fruit flavor. Nothing to really write home about. It’s not a bad tea, but it’s nowhere nearly as good as the description makes it sound. Drinkable, but not memorable.

On a side-note, I wish the literary teas came in smaller 1 or 2 oz. packages as well. As it stands, you can end up with a sizable quantity of a tea that’s merely okay.

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drank Earl Grey Bella Luna by Adagio
58 tasting notes

This is now known as “Werewolf Tea” in my house considering when it’s available. That said, I love both Earl Grey and coconut-flavored teas, so the idea of a coconut Earl reeled me in along with the clever marketing. Woooo, the limited-time tea tempts you, Orphie.

To be honest it’s not quite what I hoped it would be. It tastes a lot like Earl Grey Moonlight, without as much coconut flavor as I’d have liked. The only way I can tease out a bit more of the coconut is to stick closer to a 3-minute steep time rather than the 4-minute time I usually go for; any more than 3 minutes and the bergamot will overpower the other flavors. It’s still a tasty blend, but I doubt I’ll restock more frequently than every few full moons.

EDIT: Under no circumstances should you ice this. What is a perfectly tasty tea while hot tastes like bitter chemical death when cold. I don’t know if it’s Adagio’s flavorings or their finicky base, but I’ve had no luck icing any of their teas lately.

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Normally I like S&V’s flavored teas because they’re on the whole pretty good. Since I love coconut, I figured I’d try their coconut tea. Should be good, right? Well…not as good as I thought.

My problem with it is that whatever base tea they used is too strong for the coconut. I don’t even smell coconut in the dry mix or the brewed tea so much as I do a funky, musty cardboard-like scent. Normally I don’t mind tasting the tea along with the added flavor, but not this time. It’s a bit jarring when you get a pleasant, if light, coconut taste…and then cardboard funk. I had to play around with it for a bit to work around that unpleasant base.

My advice to you is don’t let it get cold, don’t steep it past 4 minutes, and for the love of all things good don’t try to ice it. As long as it’s warm and not oversteeped you’ll enjoy it. Let it cool or steep it too long though, and you’ll think you’ve brewed the box it was shipped in along with the tea.

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Another one of mine. I’ve been playing (and failing spectacularly at) Bloodborne for the past few months, and so I decided to blend a few Bloodborne-themed teas. I’m a sucker for crows and plague doctor masks, so of course I had to make one for Eileen. To that end I used blackberry, chocolate, and vanilla oolong, adding in ginger and chocolate chips.

The dry mix smells primarily like chocolate and ginger in the bag. Not so much the blackberry, even though it’s 40% blackberry. Go figure.

It tastes kind of like the Valentine’s blend, just with blackberry instead of strawberry. This is not a bad thing in any way. No ginger at all, but I’m convinced the accents are less to add taste and more for decoration sometimes. I assume the chocolate chips helped make it a bit more chocolatey though.

For any other Soulsborne fans out there, you can find what I’ve blended so far here: http://www.adagio.com/signature_blend/group.html?group=9942

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No rating, because it’s my blend.

It took me a couple of tries to get this one right; the chestnut overpowered the hazelnut and caramel when I first blended it. It smelled awfully good in the pouch though; there the hazelnut and caramel came out more so I didn’t expect it to be all chestnut, all the time. The cinnamon I added was nonexistent, but I kind of expected that.

With a little tweaking of the chestnut and caramel ratios, I ended up with the kind of sweet and nutty tea I wanted. Still no cinnamon, but that’s alright. I like my tea on the stronger side so I steeped it for four minutes, but since this is still Adagio’s base, I wouldn’t go any longer than that for fear of it getting too bitter.

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Nothing special. It doesn’t have any of the chocolatey hints you’d normally get in a Yunnan, just a generic “black tea” taste. Just something I’d drink when I don’t want to use any of my Black Snail or a flavored tea.

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The second of the two teas I purchased, and by far the better. It’s an incredibly pretty tea with all the pink rose petals and green cardamom pods, and it smells just as nice. A lot like a bagged plum tea I bought once, but much more so, which at least tells me that wasn’t using some kind of fake plum flavor.

It has a good, strong plum/floral flavor more than anything. Since fruit and florals are my favorite kinds of flavored teas, this suits me just fine.

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Even though my profile picture’s the worgen crest, rest assured my heart belongs to the Horde.

I’m a gamer girl who drinks a lot of tea. My tastes tend heavily towards black tea, though I won’t turn down a nice green or white either.

I stay away from most herbals because far too many of them have hibiscus. I find hibiscus disgusting. Nor am I a fan of rooibos; the taste has to be pretty heavily masked for me to drink it.

I’ll almost always put sugar in my tea, unless it’s something that really doesn’t work well with it (I will never ever add sugar to lapsang souchong again). Sorry. It’s my taste preference, and if it isn’t yours I don’t really care.

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