39 Tasting Notes


I don’t know if the pouch I got was old, but this didn’t really have any of the flavor I associate with Yunnan. None of that cocoa-ey or raisin-y flavor at all; it was very light and honestly a bit weak. Even when I opened the pouch, the leaves were scentless. Since tea normally smells like SOMETHING, I associate that with it going stale.

The second steep was even worse; lighter and weaker than the first. I have bagged, supermarked-purchased Yunnan that tastes more like it should than this does. Again, I don’t know if this batch was old, or S&V’s unflavored teas are just really weak.

Might give one of their other Yunnans a try, but certainly not this one again.

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drank Ginger Pear by Simpson & Vail
39 tasting notes

It’s strange. I see the ginger pieces and I can smell them in the dry mix, but what do I get when I brew the tea? Pear. Only pear. I guess S&V’s pear flavoring is strong enough that it masks the ginger entirely, even on the second steep. That pear flavor’s just as strong as ever on the second steep, in fact.

Not that it’s a bad tea. Hell, I’ve had three cups today, so it’s safe to say that I enjoy it. It’s one of the more pleasant-tasting pear teas I’ve had, and I bet it’ll be good iced. Just…there’s no ginger. I might as well have purchased the plain pear tea instead. In fact, I’d suggest that you just do that if you’re trying to decide between the pear teas; just get the plain one. You won’t taste the difference.

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I’ve had a bad history with caramel-flavored teas in that I haven’t yet found one I liked. Sadly, this tea continues the trend.

When I opened the sample, I didn’t like the smell at all. It was a very strong, very artificial smell. At that alone my hopes for this tea dropped, because if I can’t abide the smell I’m probably not going to like the taste much either. And, well, I didn’t. The result was a mix of a strange sour flavor and that fake caramel taste. No amount of milk and sugar could ever make this okay. It went down the drain, and the rest of the sample went in the trash.

From now on I’m sticking to candy when I want caramel flavor. Normally I like Upton’s teas, but I’m more than a little disappointed in this one.

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I love rose tea. I have three separate rose teas on-hand right now. This one I picked up as a little present to myself while I was out gift shopping. It smells so wonderfully rosy when dry that I can just sit there with my face in the tin.

Normally I put sugar in my tea, but this? This needs nothing. The rose flavor is strong enough that it comes through without any help. Sometimes I’ll have it with sugar when I want something sweet, but it’s not necessary.

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drank St. Nick's Tea by Simpson & Vail
39 tasting notes

This tea smells delicious. Mostly it’s the cocoa nibs; I usually have a bag on-hand so it’s easy to pick out that scent. There’s a lot of them in the dry mix. That, and almonds.

It brews up a little lighter than I normally like, but it’s pretty tasty. Chocolate’s the main flavor here, with the almond in the background. Not really getting the “hint of maple” they say it’s supposed to have, but that’s alright. It’s really good with a little bit of sugar to bring out the chocolatey-ness that much more.

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drank Blueberry Nights by Greenfield
39 tasting notes

I can’t believe it; a tea with hibiscus in it that doesn’t make me scream, clutch at my throat, and drop to the floor in death throes. Again, picked up by accident (note to self: read the box more thoroughly), but in this case a happy one.

I was enticed by the idea of a blueberry and cream-flavored tea, so I purchased this. I guess the blueberry and cream flavors cut into the hibiscus and made it bearable, or this flavor just doesn’t have that much. I smell it more than taste it, though there is a slight suggestion of it at the beginning of the sip. It doesn’t taste overwhelmingly of blueberry either, but it’s creamy and sweet. Not bad at all.

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drank Barberry garden by Greenfield
39 tasting notes

I’ve never tasted anything barberry-flavored before, but hey, normally if it’s berry anything I’m down for it.

I didn’t realize when I bought it that it had the devil weed, hibiscus, in the blend. I hate hibiscus; I find its flavor obnoxiously strong and its presence in so many teas proof that some cosmic entity out there hates me. But I’d already spent money on it and opened the package, so I figured I’d give it a shot. The dry blend smelled nice, so I had some hopes for it. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. I brewed some up, took a sip, and…

‘HI ORPHIA I’M HIBISCUS. :D :D :D’ Yep. There it is, overshadowing the much more pleasant fruity taste in the background that I assume is the barberry. A shame, because I like the berry taste, but it’s hard to get over the pushy hibiscus, as usual. The berry flavor makes the hibiscus tolerable, but only barely. I finished the cup, at least.

Maybe it’ll be better iced, I don’t know. Whatever the case, I doubt I’ll be buying this again.

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As far as pumpkin spice teas go, this is more pumpkin than spice. In fact, there doesn’t seem to be any spices in the mix; no pieces of cinnamon, no cloves, nothing like that. It doesn’t smell particularly spicy either. Just the faintest whiff of them under pumpkin.

The spice comes out in the taste, but like others have said, it’s subtle. It’s got a definite pumpkiny flavor though. Not bad for the fall at all, and probably nice mixed with a little chai.

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drank Chocolate Toffee by Greenfield
39 tasting notes

I’ve had some chocolate teas that were really chocolatey. This isn’t one of them. It doesn’t even really have a chocolate scent; it’s more buttery than anything.

For a bagged dessert tea, it’s actually pretty tasty. While I don’t get any chocolate, I do get a butterscotch flavor that plays nice with the black tea base. Maybe I’ll experiment later and see if milk coaxes out any chocolate flavor. In the meantime, I’m just going to say that this is really more of a toffee-flavored tea as opposed to chocolate toffee.

EDIT: For the love of all things good in this world, don’t add milk to this. Just don’t. Sugar yes, milk no.

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Like several other people here I’m a Sagittarius, so I had to snag this for myself. The tea tastes like Earl Grey Moonlight with raspberry instead of orange peels. I think I prefer this to EGM, actually.

Also the tin’s purple. Not that it had anything to do with the rating; purple’s just my favorite color, along with black and red. Also it’s a black tea with red flowers. Happy day!

I’d suggest not going any longer than four minutes on the steep; I usually go for five with black teas, but when I did it had taken on a nasty bitter taste. Four was just right.

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Even though my profile picture’s the worgen crest, rest assured my heart belongs to the Horde.

I’m a gamer girl who drinks a lot of tea. My tastes tend heavily towards black tea, though I won’t turn down a nice green or white either.

I stay away from most herbals because far too many of them have hibiscus. I find hibiscus disgusting. Nor am I a fan of rooibos; the taste has to be pretty heavily masked for me to drink it.

I’ll almost always put sugar in my tea, unless it’s something that really doesn’t work well with it (I will never ever add sugar to lapsang souchong again). Sorry. It’s my taste preference, and if it isn’t yours I don’t really care.

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