182 Tasting Notes

drank Vanilla Black Tea by Capital Tea Ltd.
182 tasting notes

Finished the last of this sample today…a sad sample sipdown.
I wasn’t super sure of it at first. But a few more cups of it, and it made me consider really buying it again. I really dig the malt in this one.
Malt and vanilla. It’s just such a good combo.
I really like it in this one.
Might have to get more of this one.
Thanks to Mandy for this sample again! ^^

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This tea will always make me so happy! It’s just like eating a sugar cookie, which I absolutely love! Makes me wish I lived in a place that actually gets a real “winter”. Would be the perfect tea for cold weather. Maybe one day I’ll live in a colder place. That would be nice.
But for now this tea will just leave me wishing. xD


Hah trade you! If I never saw snow ever again, I would be happy. I don’t mind short, mild winters, but here they’re usually incredibly long and bitterly cold.

This tea sounds tasty. Now I kind of want to bake sugar cookies.


Soooooo ready for a new box of this!

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feels like everyone has been drinking this lately…thought I’d join in finally. xD
I am happy I finally decided to drink it again now. Rough day. But this makes me feel a bit happier. It is comforting to have tea on the bad days (:
And it’s just as good as I remembered. Taste cherries and cocoa. And actually some malt that I don’t quite remember last time.
Lovely tea. Even on that bad days (:

Flavors: Cherry, Cocoa, Malt, Thick


I hope today is a better day. Good tea always makes me feel better during or after a rough day.


This is on my to try list!

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drank Da Yu Ling Oolong Tea by Yezi Tea
182 tasting notes

Got a sample of this with my Yezi Tea order.
A few months ago I got Tealux’s version of as a sample from Virginia, and I absolutely loved it! So when I saw this tea on the Yezi Tea website, I couldn’t resist getting it!
It has that floral, perfume-y tea that I so adored in the Tealux version.
It has a certain creaminess, that’s not really my thing in oolongs so much, but the floral-ness makes it more drinkable for me.
It has that certain creaminess that I’ve tasted in milk oolongs…the kind that makes me kinda feel sick. xD So I’m glad that there’s a lot of floral in this.
But I think I like the Tealux version better.
Still a lovely cup of tea though. (:

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drank Vanilla Comoro by Harney & Sons
182 tasting notes

After the last desert tea I began to get a craving for vanilla teas. I was going to drink The Persimmon Tree’s Periwinkle, but that will make me more awake than I want to be this afternoon.
Was kinda sad, but then I remembered that I had this vanilla black that’s decaf! :O
Harney & Sons has saved the day! :D
Mmm this one hit the spot. ^^

The Cookie Lady

That’s something I have yet to try…a decaf version of any normally caffeinated tea. Can you tell by taste that it is decaf?


Hmm I don’t think so. I have the decaf version of Paris and the normal version of Paris and I definitely taste a difference but I can’t really tell with this one.


In my opinion, this is the best decaffeinated tea that I’ve tried. I’ve tried quite a few and I’ve tried some really good ones and some not so great ones … this one is the best I’ve yet to try because it doesn’t taste decaffeinated.

The Cookie Lady

Well, that’s exciting news because I used to love drinking Bigelow’s French Vanilla at night till I figured out that might be why I wasn’t sleeping ;) It would be nice to find something that still has that kind of flavor (instead of a vanilla honeybush or rooibos) without the caffeine. Thanks for the tip!


Oh well that might be a good tea for you, The Cookie Lady! :D Definitely get some with your next H&S order!!

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drank Snowflake by Georgia Tea Company
182 tasting notes

This tea doesn’t seem to be very popular among the flavored teas here, but….man…it defininitely should! I have wanted to try this one so badly, but waited till a sale to order. Now that they have a 30% off sale on their site, I took my opportunity.
This seemed like a desert tea, since it has coconut and almond in it. I had hoped it would be sweet enough to not make me consider adding sugar. Basically I just had really high hopes for this one…
And you know what? My hopes were proven right!!
Coconut. Vanilla. Almond.
It’s all there! It’s all I hoped and more! Delicious tea!
If you like dessert teas, this one is definitely worth trying at least!
It’s delicious! And tempting not to go and buy more while the sale is still end…but I ordered from Verdant today…so I probably shouldn’t make any more purchases for a while. xD

Flavors: Almond, Coconut, Sweet, Vanilla


Sounds delicious!


It is! They have a pretty good sale right now if you’re that interested :P


love dessert teas…thanks for the recommendation!


Thanks, Ost, I will definitely check out that sale!

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So turns out I at least got like…three pretty good teas from the TTB. Wasn’t a total loss! I’m glad I got to participate in one. This one is less woody than the last Golden Tips Tea that I tried, but it’s still there, and still noticeable.
Tasting more malty-ness with this one though. Ahh, malty teas…one of my favorite parts of black teas! Need more malty teas!

Flavors: Malt, Wood

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Another one from the TTB….
Have really wanted to try something from Golden Tips Teas, so glad that someone threw this one in. So thanks to whoever put this in! :D
And guess what you guys!!
Probably is the best tea I’ve had all night. xD
It tastes a bit like wood, but there’s definitely some malt in it. Tastes almost creamy actually.
This is the win of the night!

Flavors: Cream, Malt, Wood

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drank Wuyishan Black by Steepster
182 tasting notes

Got another one from the TTB. The description on this was, “Sweet and smooth with notes of caramel and sour cherry”, so I figured I’d try it. This one had only a tsp left, so I figured it was safe to take.
It says “sour cherry”….but honestly…it tastes like sour wood. xD It’s like wood…with a bite to it. xD
This is just….weird. xD Apparently I did not pick out good teas from the TTB. XD

Flavors: Sour, Wood


I love Wuyi oolong. I wonder if i like this one. Probably yes.


How sad! The promised caramel and sour cherry sounds like it would have been a great combination.

carol who

Which TTB?

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drank Kenyan Tinderet by DAVIDsTEA
182 tasting notes

Got this one from the TTB I was in a few weeks ago. Been distracted with other teas so much lately that I almost forgot I had it! So finally trying it.
But ooo….this one….Almost too strong. 0_0
I steeped it for not even 4 minutes and holy shanghai…
It’s strong. Not bitter. But so strong that it’s almost inky… It tastes like ink, in the aftertaste a lot too. Oy.
I feel that I would have liked it otherwise…but it seriously tastes like ink.
Maybe a bad batch…not sure. But just…no…..Oy….


yeah this was not a winner in my book either

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