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This one is pretty roasty, but not overly so. It has a slight slant towards a more green, floral oolong, but the primary flavor is the roast. It’s smooth, and not too harsh or in your face like some roasty oolongs are.
But it’s just a nice and smooth Li Shan. Makes for an enjoyable cup (:
Thank you for the samples, Teavivre!

Flavors: Floral, Roasted

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drank Eggnog & Pralines by Butiki Teas
342 tasting notes

So…this one smelled super creamy and green-tea-ish. xD Vegetable-ish…I don’t know the word. xD This tea really reminds me of pistachio Ice Cream, which I really didn’t like.
I love pistachios, but wasn’t really for me I guess.
Both of those teas taste wayy too green and creamy for me. :S Couldn’t really get over the green-ness in this one, so couldn’t really decide if it reminded me of egg nog. :/
Oh well. Least I got to try.
Thanks for the sample, Stephanie!

Flavors: Cream, Grass, Green, Vegetables, Vegetal

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In the birthday package Albertocanfly sent me over a month ago, she included this tea. She mentioned not being able to figure out the best way to make it (though I think she figured something out eventually), and wanted to see if I liked it or could find a way to make it better. xD
Well, the answer to both of her questions is, no. xD
Honestly, this one just tastes like wood to me. Nothing else at all. Didn’t even oversteep it. It’s just…just one of those black teas. :P
Glad I got to try another from Tao Tea Leaf though! One thing I won’t have to order from them! XD Thanks for the sample, Albertocanfly!

Flavors: Wood

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Teavivre generously sent me some more oolong samples to review. I love the selection that they carry of oolongs, they definitely have some of the best oolongs I’ve tried so far!
It’s always a privilege to try more!
Right when this tea began to steep, a strong, buttery aroma filled the air.
And the taste was nearly the same as the steeping smell. It’s super buttery, but also mixed with floral notes. So I really am enjoying this one!
Wish there were more floral in this one of course, but It’s still a lovely oolong. I will enjoy sipping down the rest of these samples! :D Thank you, Teavivre for giving me more opportunity to try more of your teas!! :D

Flavors: Butter, Floral

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drank Lemon Chiffon by Della Terra Teas
342 tasting notes

Why don’t I drink this more often? Part of me was thinking that it was kinda a sour lemon…I have no idea why.
I’ve been craving this for the last few days and was all hesitant about drinking it again. But my memory served me wrong! SO WRONG!
It’s not sour at all!
It’s creamy and smooth. Delicious lemony goodness. Dessert in a cup! ^^

Flavors: Cream, Lemon, Sweet

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drank Darjeeling Highlands by Harney & Sons
342 tasting notes

Yeah, okay, I still am not really understanding darjeelings. Not at all. XD
I steeped this one for the appropriate amount of time and it’s STILL overly strong and tastes like ink…with a hint of malt in the aftertaste. xD I just.. I don’t know anymore haha oy ><

Flavors: Malt


I can’t seem to get into them either. Did you steep at a lower temp? I’ve heard that helps.


Maybe try reducing the leaf as well. I find that doing this often reduces earthy, leathery or harsh and sharp tones in teas. The temp idea is a good idea too. I find that darj. Specifically can have very different characters at different temps.


I steeped it at 180. Not sure what it says to steep it at, now to think of it. xD
But the last one I had, I steeped it at the time and temp that it said, but it didn’t taste right. Unless they just aren’t for me. :P


That temp should dfinitely be low enough. Outside of leaf the other thing to experiment with is steeping time. I tend to keep my Indian teas at the sorter end of the spectrum for the most part except for a few exception. Usually between 2.45-3.30. Having said this darj. Or this particular one may just not be for you. One of my favourite teas is a darj.( Lopchu), but otherwise I haven’t gone out of my way to try many:-).


Interesting…This one came in a tea bag…but good to know next time I try one that’s loose leaf. Thanks for the tips, yyz!

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drank Carol by Lupicia
342 tasting notes

Well, It’s a good thing I didn’t have high hopes for this tea, because this totally reminds me of Momoko. They can do Strawberry flavors…but vanilla…I don’t know, it just tastes incredibly fake to me. xD I’m really not a fan of this one. ><
It smells so sweet and like candy…and it would be a lot better if it was only a Strawberry tea.
Glad this was just a sample-haha!

Flavors: Artificial, Candy, Strawberry

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drank Vanilla Rooibos Parfait by Tazo
342 tasting notes

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drank Vanilla Rooibos Parfait by Tazo
342 tasting notes

I know a lot of people don’t like this tea because of the licorice. But I really love this one. I really don’t like Tazo teas, but this one I have always found to be soothing and comforting. Took me forever to find a place to buy this too-so it’s even more special now-haha! I like the fullness and texture the licorice brings to this one. The vanilla mixed in with the licorice is just perfect.
This one’s a keeper for me!
And plus, today is a bad day so I am trying to drink teas with little to no caffeine in them. This was the first one I picked. Definitely comforting for today (:


does the licorice taste get confused with the brandy like taste ?

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I really wish that I could have enjoyed this tea more, but I got super nauseous in the middle of it:( Stupid body..
From what I gathered, it’s pretty malty, but also pretty woody. I didn’t have enough time with it to decide whether or not I would like to try this again :/
But guess now I need to so I can write a better tasting note-haha!

Flavors: Malt, Wood

The Cookie Lady

I liked this note, but I DO NOT like you being nauseous :( Sorry you aren’t getting to enjoy this!

Red Fennekin

Sorry to hear about your nausea :(


Haha that’s okay :P Least I don’t get sick every time


I never felt that way when I drank tea.

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I’m not too sharp with intros, but I figured it is about time to give it a go.
I started out drinking oolong and green tea that my dad brought home from his China business trips.
Then I discovered Teavana, and fell in love with some of their teas. Eventually I stumbled across Steepster, and a whole ‘nother world opened up.
Have discovered so many different kinds of teas, and have been loving this journey! The tea world is insanely big and amazing! And I’ve met some of the kindest people here who have broadened my horizons in more ways I could have imagined! Happy to be here, and to be drinking so many amazing teas! :D

I don’t have an official rating system yet…but pretty much anything about 85 is amazing in my book, and I’m probably going to keep it on stock at all times if I can.
Anything below 70 is not my cuppa tea….at all. 0_0
But…that’s as far as my rating system really goes. One day I will have an official one! Just too lazy to make one now :P

I like pretty much any kind of tea except green tea. Unless it’s genmaicha or strongly flavored, I don’t like it usually.

My Tea Goals:
To find the Best Caramel Tea
To find the Best Vanilla Tea
To find the Best Da Yu Ling Oolong
To find the Best Malty Assam Tea
To find the Best Genmaicha
To find the Best Maple/Syrup Tea

Notes I like: Fruit(primarily peach, melon/honeydew, Banana, Kiwi, but I’m open to other kinds), Malt, Desserts (Toffee, Cake, Cookie,etc), Vanilla, Caramel, Floral, Sweet potato, Pastry/Bread,Jasmine, Honey, Cocoa, Chocolate, Maple, Nutty, Coconut, Almond.

Notes I’m Picky with: Lemon, Chai, Roasted, Blueberries, Hibiscus, Smoke, Earthiness, Puerhs, White Teas, and Cinnamon

Notes I hate: Citrus/Orange (Everything that I hate in this life that I have to take for my health is orange flavored, and it just makes me gag…so please…just no), Watermelon, Raspberry, Wood, Apple, Bacon, Lavender, Most mints, Pepper, Spicy, Tart/sour.

Yes, I am a picky tea drinker, but I’ll usually try any straight black or oolong tea that I receive. I like most oolongs, and I’m still discovering straight blacks. They always seem to surprise me no matter what!

And Swaps! I’m always down for swapping. Everything in my cupboard is swap-able. So just hit me up and send a message and we can totally do that!

On an unrelated to tea note, my other interests are limited due to health issues. But when I can, I enjoy reading and writing. Watching Netflix and YouTube have also been fantastic when I feel awful (which is most of the time).
I love Rifftrax, Rooster Teeth, Dexter, Hannibal, BBC’s Robin Hood, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Psych, and Parks and Rec.
Love watching all sorts of movies too, but that would be too much to list. :P
I’m definitely more of an internet person and love talking to people on every website I’m on. So if you ever wanna chat, shoot me a message! ^^


California, USA



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