235 Tasting Notes

drank Wedding Tea by Harney & Sons
235 tasting notes

Does this count as a sipdown if I only got this as a sample? XD Well this is the last of my sample. But I’ll have this again soon enough-whenever H&S has free shipping at a lower price. Still absolutely love this tea. It’s the best lemon tea I’ve ever had!
Sadly I couldn’t finish my first cup of this in the morning because I had to leave earlier for my dr. But even a few hours later that I steep it again it tastes wonderful! Not nearly as lemon-y, but the buttery, vanilla taste is still there with. Not as good as before, but nice to come home to. (:
Need to restock this one!

Flavors: Butter, Lemon, Vanilla


Lemon makes everything better :-)

Miss Starfish

This is one of my favourites! It’s so good and solid. If you like coconut, try the royal wedding version!


Ooo looked the Royal Wedding version up. Looks so good! Thanks! :D

Miss Starfish

Haha, I mean….
You’re most welcome and it really is. It’s slightly different to wedding – different enough that I have both in my house, but I do LOVE wedding, so that does factor into it quite a bit…

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drank Buttermilk Lemon by TeaGschwendner
235 tasting notes

Got a sample of this tea in a swap from kimquat.
Not really what I expected. Most lemon teas I’ve tried are pretty strong but not sour. This one is more sour. I guess the cream and butter flavor kinda outweighs the sour lemon taste. But just not enough for me. Not my favorite lemon tea for sure!

Flavors: Butter, Cream, Lemon

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drank Love In A Cup by Della Terra Teas
235 tasting notes

Got this from whatshesaid’s stash sale. (: Couldn’t resist
This is so ridiculously chocolate-y and caramel-y. Ugh the perfect chocolate combo. It’s pretty strong, but not too much. Though it does leave that weird aftertaste in your mouth that all chocolate teas do. That’s probably my only dislike of this tea. But it seems like a pretty universal thing for all chocolate tea. I enjoyed this. ^^

Flavors: Caramel, Chocolate, Marshmallow

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drank Butterscotch Banana by 52teas
235 tasting notes

Pretty sure that this is only bitter because I over-steeped it by two minutes. It’s hard to taste any butterscotch in this cup but I definitely taste the banana. I’ll have to try this again.
Thanks to Albertocanfly for sending me this sample along with a sample of every tea she owns. She is awesome! ^^

Flavors: banana, Bitter, Butterscotch

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drank Jasmin Mandarin by Lupicia
235 tasting notes

Yup. Your pretty average jasmine Green Tea. xD Nothing new here haha!

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drank Bailin Gongfu Black Tea by Teavivre
235 tasting notes

I’m not sure if I had great expectations for this tea, but I was definitely looking forward to trying it. As soon as I poured the hot water in my mug, the aroma of sweet potatoes filled the air. The taste even surprised me more. There was more honey than I expected. And though it was slightly malty there was that hint of earthiness in the back of your throat when you swallow. I don’t know what to think of the earthiness to be honest. Besides that this tea is a winner!
It’s not a horrible earthy taste…I don’t know what to think just yet. But glad I tried it!

Flavors: Earth, Honey, Malt, Sweet Potatoes

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drank Momo Oolong Super Grade by Lupicia
235 tasting notes

The more I have this tea the more it’s growing on me! I learned if you steep it a little longer than 2 minutes like it says then you get a more perfume-y taste. Which I really seem to like in teas. I’m really really glad that I picked some of this up at Lupicia!
Thanks so much, mj for sending me a sample of it in the first place! It’s such a great tea!
Bumping my rating!

Flavors: Peach, Perfume

Cameron B.

Hah, I think this is the first time I’ve seen someone mention a “perfumey” taste as a good thing. :P


Haha I know it’s weird but I like it! :P


I’m glad you like it more now!

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Like 100% I steeped this wrong. I boiled the water at 190 instead of 170, then steeped it for a minute and a half. It would be a good genmaicha if it weren’t for the burnt flavor in the back of my mouth when I drink this…I need to redo this I think. xD So I won’t rate it or anything xD


The Burninator!


xD Yup hahah


Burninating the countryside.


And the Trogdor comes in the NIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!!!


Haha wow you guys xD


Getting our geek on.

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I’ve only had one other Silver Needle before this one. It was Harney & Sons’ Silver Needle. It was back when I first got into tea, and all I noticed was that it tasted strongly of hay. xD Which disappointed me at first because everyone always seemed to love silver needle, and I just didn’t get it.
I really wanted to like it. I love how it looks and how soft and fuzzy it feels. It’s just one of those teas that I just want to feel because it’s just that soft. If I were a bug, I’d totally want to make my home in this tea because it would be so comfy…
Okay, that’s kinda weird I realize…Sorry ‘bout that…
Anywho, this tea surprised me, while it still has that tea flavor, it also has like a natural sweetener in it. The sweetness of this tea distracts from the strong hay flavor. Not bad but not something I’d buy tons of. Definitely willing to try other silver needles in the future. Probably just won’t go out of my way to buy some.


I’m not a huge fan of white teas in general, though this one I do like because of the strength of the jasmine flavour. Maybe white tea just isn’t your thing.

Cameron B.

I got a silver needle sample from Shang, I’ll have to try it today. :P


Christina- Maybe not, but I am open to trying more. Just won’t buy it willingly. I am not sure that I noticed a jasmine flavor in this tea though…weird..
Cameron B- Hopefully you enjoy it! (:

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drank Laoshan Black by Verdant Tea
235 tasting notes

Hmm expected it to be more chocolate-y. But I definitely still enjoyed it. It’s nutty with hints of cocoa. Kinda similar to the Chocolate Genmaicha in my book.
Not too inspired for much today thanks to yet again, family drama.
But it was a nice cup of tea for today. (:

Flavors: Cocoa, Roasted nuts

Cameron B.

I still need to try this one at some point… I’m not surprised to hear it’s similar to the genmaicha, considering it’s the base tea. Sounds yummy.


You would like it!

Cameron B.

There are a few things I’d like to try from Verdant, and a few that I have tried and want more of. So I suppose I’ll have to make an order sometime soon. :P

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I’m not too sharp with intros, but I figured it is about time to give it a go.
I started out drinking oolong and green tea that my dad brought home from his China business trips.
Then I discovered Teavana, and fell in love with some of their teas. Eventually I stumbled across Steepster, and a whole ‘nother world opened up.
Have discovered so many different kinds of teas, and have been loving this journey! The tea world is insanely big and amazing! And I’ve met some of the kindest people here who have broadened my horizons in more ways I could have imagined! Happy to be here, and to be drinking so many amazing teas! :D

I don’t have an official rating system yet…but pretty much anything about 85 is amazing in my book, and I’m probably going to keep it on stock at all times if I can.
Anything below 70 is not my cuppa tea….at all. 0_0
But…that’s as far as my rating system really goes. One day I will have an official one! Just too lazy to make one now :P

I like pretty much any kind of tea except green tea. Unless it’s genmaicha or strongly flavored, I don’t like it usually.

My Tea Goals:
To find the Best Caramel Tea
To find the Best Vanilla Tea
To find the Best Da Yu Ling Oolong
To find the Best Malty Assam Tea
To find the Best Genmaicha
To find the Best Maple/Syrup Tea

Notes I like: Fruit(primarily peach, melon/honeydew, Banana, Kiwi, but I’m open to other kinds), Malt, Desserts (Toffee, Cake, Cookie,etc), Vanilla, Caramel, Floral, Sweet potato, Pastry/Bread,Jasmine, Honey, Cocoa, Chocolate, Maple, Nutty, Coconut, Almond.

Notes I’m Picky with: Lemon, Chai, Roasted, Blueberries, Hibiscus, Smoke, Earthiness, Puerhs, White Teas, and Cinnamon

Notes I hate: Citrus/Orange (Everything that I hate in this life that I have to take for my health is orange flavored, and it just makes me gag…so please…just no), Watermelon, Raspberry, Wood, Apple, Bacon, Lavender, Most mints, Pepper, Spicy, Tart/sour.

Yes, I am a picky tea drinker, but I’ll usually try any straight black or oolong tea that I receive. I like most oolongs, and I’m still discovering straight blacks. They always seem to surprise me no matter what!

And Swaps! I’m always down for swapping. Everything in my cupboard is swap-able. So just hit me up and send a message and we can totally do that!

On an unrelated to tea note, my other interests are limited due to health issues. But when I can, I enjoy reading and writing. Watching Netflix and YouTube have also been fantastic when I feel awful (which is most of the time).
I love Rifftrax, Rooster Teeth, Dexter, Hannibal, BBC’s Robin Hood, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Psych, and Parks and Rec.
Love watching all sorts of movies too, but that would be too much to list. :P
I’m definitely more of an internet person and love talking to people on every website I’m on. So if you ever wanna chat, shoot me a message! ^^


California, USA



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