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Sample Sipdown!
Had the last of this tea last night. Not bad-all three times I had it it made for enjoyable and relaxing cups. Always happened to be when I needed it the most! I don’t think I’d buy this tea in particular, but it was pretty nice. Thanks again for the generous samples, Rosehips!


Glad it was well timed tea, anyway!

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So, for the last two days since having to do this horrible Ph Study thingy, I’ve been having to take pain killers 24/7 since I’m in so much pain. Which isn’t what I’m used to surprisingly. I’m using tremadol instead of vicodin today for a number of good reasons, but one of the bad things is that this pain killer is ultra sensitive to caffeine, and is easily counteracted. So I can’t drink anything with caffeine unless the pain killers don’t help anyway and it doesn’t really matter. xD
But today when I woke up I took it right away and for some reason half the time when I take it in the morning it doesn’t work. So it didn’t really work this morning and I ended up being able to drink two cups of this!
All that to say, I’m super duper happy I got to drink this finally! I have been wanting to drink this for like the past week but there hasn’t been a good moment to. But todayyy I finally could!! It was delicious as always. I can imagine this tea being a staple in my collection. Though kinda hard for it to be a staple when I’m sure the harvests change every time… Or at least have a good chance of changing. Like my “beloved” Golden Fleece from Verdant. D:
Sorry about the rant. xD When you’re feeling as horrible as I am every day you end up getting excited for all the little things, that probably just sound stupid to other people haha! :P Anyway, that just made me happy. And I wanted to write about it.
Guess having the pain killers not work in the morning wasn’t a total loss. :P

Flavors: Baked Bread, Honey, Smooth, Sweet, Sweet Potatoes


this one is a good one!


It is indeed!


This is sold out in the US shop or I would have added it to my order yesterday. Limited myself to this shop because the shipping is so much less.


Wow, this sounds like a good tea! I’m looking for some good black teas to add to the collection. :) Hope you feel better!

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Sample sipdown! :D
Been trying to sipdown all the many samples that I’ve tried and liked. I have a small box with a pretty decent amount left. So trying to sip them down sooner than later.
I’d definitely never buy this one, but it was a nice sample.
I really do prefer DavidsTea’s version, it’s much more creamy and caramel-y, with less woody flavors.
But it was alright. Not bad for a sample. Glad I got to try it, Thanks again for the sample, Albertocanfly! (:

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Trying this one again. This time I didn’t over-steep! Yah! :D
This one is mainly just peppermint. No vanilla or any other notes that I found. Really just a peppermint tea. Not sure it reminds me of peppermint bark sadly :( But it’s alright.
Glad I got to try it. I won’t have a problem using the last tea bag. Thank you for the sample, Rosehips! I’m so happyto have gotten to try it!

Flavors: Peppermint

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I really really needed something to calm me down after this morning when I had to go to the dr to have a horrible test done. My body hurts like hell and I can barely swallow. Seriously have been such a mess today.
But this tea.
This tea totally calmed me down when I got home. Hurt tons to swallow, but it was definitely worth it. Helped me to be able to sleep for most of the day. xD Which was good for me because this monitor in my throat is killing me. xD
Also I really do think that the blend of lemon and chamomile is pretty nice in this tea. One tea bag left. :O


Oh no! Saying a prayer for you to feel so much better, and quickly!


Feel better soon sweet girl…


((hugs)) feel better


Thanks you guys. I’m sure that if the dr lets me come back and get this thing out of my throat himself it will be better. But kinda doubting he will. But fingers crossed! >


Feel better soon, Ost!


I hope you’re back to spiffy soon!

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I was saving this for a special occasion. And so I thought that I’d take it to my grandpa’s birthday with me in a travel mug. I was so excited because i remember LOVING the sample Boychik sent me, and was eager to use up the rest of my sample.
I started steeping this tea, then had to go talk to my mum about something, and right in the middle of our conversation I remembered.
My tea.
I ended up over-steeping it for like 3 minutes…which doesn’t seem like much, but it was so bitter. I tasted a little maltiness, which made me even more sad to know how much I missed out on. And I didn’t even get to re-steep this one because I had to go out to my gpa’s b-day party.
Oh…it was such a heartbreaking day…
I look forward to the day where I will finally pick some up! Really enjoyed this one in the past, and sad I couldn’t enjoy it more. :(


Forgetting about a steeping tea is always a tragedy :(


Hate when that happens!


Awww, been there. So sad!


bother me if you ever want a little bit to tie you oever util you can order some yourself


I’ve noticed that it’s particularly easy to over-steep assams, so I try not to brew them when I’m particularly busy.


But I’m sorry you didn’t get to enjoy this tea. I’m sure it would have been amazing.


Maybe I should try this one to get my day started!


Would be a good choice, Mike!


I just took a look at the website. I may need to get that 3-tea deal! That holiday blend with Yunnan, Ceylon and Darjeeling sounds gooooooood too! Thanks for the recommendation! :)


sure (:

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Got this as a sample from my last RoT order. Haven’t tried any of the teas in their wellness collection yet, but I kinda wanna try them all. xD I’m rather intrigued!
Anywho, I don’t think I was expecting much of this anyway, but when I found out it was supposed to be like nuts and vanilla, I found myself getting a litter eager.
The dry leaf and steeping aroma didn’t smell like anything which was kinda odd.
But the real surprise came when I began to drink it.
It tasted like cardboard.
Not even joking. xD
I could taste a little vanilla, but maybe their nut flavor just ended up being more like cardboard…I don’t even know xD Seriously haha!
I work in a warehouse, which is basically a kingdom of cardboard. I am all too familiar with the smell/taste of it. And it really doesn’t make for a great cup of tea to be honest. xD
I really do like the vanilla flavor in this tea, and I think that the idea of nuts and vanilla would blend well. But…Vanilla and cardboard?
No thank you!

Flavors: Cardboard, Vanilla

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drank Vanilla Comoro by Harney & Sons
659 tasting notes

Ugh this tea. Seriously of the best vanilla teas out there. Will always be a staple in my collection. Love how creamy and smooth this one is. ^^


AND DECAF! Ok, I need to go make myself some now. :)


me too.. :)


what about vanilla almond from any tea company?

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And Noowwww I know what valarian tastes like. I was beginning to think it was an exaggeration.
It’s not.
Definitely not. xD
Thanks for the sample though, Darby!


Yes valerian root is very unpleasant tasting, but it can help you sleep. I think to do that it has to be steeped for a long time.

Maddy Barone

Eeewww. I’ve seen these teas advertised and as I’m a fan of Downton Abbey I thought about getting some. I guess I’llskip that one!


Hahaha, yeah, it’s so gross by itself. You NEED to add other flavors. Strong ones.


Also as a warning, it doesn’t make everyone fall asleep and sometimes have the opposite effect in some people. I learned that the unfortunate way.


Ugh, my comment is at the top of my dashboard, and the tense issues are GLARING. Sorry all.

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Holy Freakin’ Shanghai.
Why on earth is RoT teas not more popular here? Like seriously. Their caramel and vanilla flavoring is amazing!
Are they not popular because most of their teas are in tea bag form or what? If you like caramel or vanilla teas, you have to try this tea!
At first when I started drinking It tasted almost exactly like their “Caramel Vanilla Cuppa” tea. So I was kinda disappointed. But as I drank more the caramel flavor kinda sunk into the background while the creamy vanilla taste took over.
Holy Shanghai.
You don’t even need any sweetener or anything. It’s just that freakin’ delicious!
Thank you so much to Darby letting me try it!
If you like dessert teas, this is an excellent one to try!! I highly recommend! Think that this is going to be a staple in my cupboard!
My only complaint is that it isn’t decaf. But the amazing flavor makes up for it :P

Flavors: Caramel, Creamy, Smooth, Sweet, Vanilla


I know for us, ROt isn’t readily and easily accessible…

Maddy Barone

I might have to try this one now! I think I can order it through Amazon.


They do have loose leaf offerings but I think mainly what stops me is the amount of tea in the tins. I don’t need 3.5 oz or 50 bags of one kind of tea – it will take me forever to get through. It was their Golden Yunnan that first turned me on to Yunnans, though, and it was a bagged form even.

I have looked occasionally online when they have sales and just can’t get past the price – it’s not that unreasonable for the quantity but it’s a good chunk of money to spend on one kind of tea. :) If I could find their Yunnan at the stores here in town that sell it, I’d pick some up. But it seems like most places here that carry them carry the white/green/fruit blends and not so much the blacks and straight teas.


i would love to have more of these…but as nicole says…3.5 oz of tea bags takes me forever to use up….if i could split them 4 ways with ppl or something maybe lol

this one does sound great!

Maddy Barone

We need more online stores that allow us to buy 10 grams or .5 ounce of a tea to try. I hate to buy 50 grams and find out I don’t like it. :(

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I’m not too sharp with intros, but I figured it is about time to give it a go.
I started out drinking oolong and green tea that my dad brought home from his China business trips.
Then I discovered Teavana, and fell in love with some of their teas. Eventually I stumbled across Steepster, and a whole ‘nother world opened up.
Have discovered so many different kinds of teas, and have been loving this journey! The tea world is insanely big and amazing! And I’ve met some of the kindest people here who have broadened my horizons in more ways I could have imagined! Happy to be here, and to be drinking so many amazing teas! :D

My rating system:
1-59: Really really not a fan. An awful cup of tea for me…Totally undrinkable.

60-69: Not horrible, but not something I’d ever drink again willingly.

70-79: Pretty good. Wouldn’t mind drinking ever so often. But not a keeper.

80-100: FREAKIN’ AMAZING. Always keeping on stock in my home!!

I like pretty much any kind of tea except green tea. Unless it’s genmaicha or strongly flavored, I don’t like it usually.

My Tea Goals:
To find the Best Caramel Tea
To find the Best Vanilla Tea
To find the Best floral Oolong
To find the Best Malty Assam Tea
To find the Best Maple/Syrup Tea

Notes I like: Fruit(primarily peach, melon/honeydew, Banana, Kiwi, but I’m open to other kinds), Malt, Desserts (Toffee, Cake, Cookie,etc), Vanilla, Caramel, Floral, Sweet potato, Pastry/Bread,Jasmine, Honey, Cocoa, Chocolate, Maple, Nutty, Coconut, Almond.

Notes I’m Picky with: Lemon, Chai, Roasted, Blueberries, Hibiscus, Smoke, Earthiness, Puerhs, White Teas, and Cinnamon

Notes I hate: Citrus/Orange (Everything that I hate in this life that I have to take for my health is orange flavored, and it just makes me gag…so please…just no), Watermelon, Raspberry, Wood, Apple, Bacon, Lavender, Most mints, Pepper, Spicy, Tart/sour.

Yes, I am a picky tea drinker, but I’ll usually try any straight black or oolong tea that I receive. I like most oolongs, and I’m still discovering straight blacks. They always seem to surprise me no matter what!

And Swaps! I’m always down for swapping. Everything in my cupboard is swap-able. So just hit me up and send a message and we can totally do that!

On an unrelated to tea note, my other interests are limited due to health issues. But when I can, I enjoy reading and writing. Watching Netflix and YouTube have also been fantastic when I feel awful (which is most of the time).
I love Rifftrax, Rooster Teeth, Dexter, Hannibal, BBC’s Robin Hood, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Psych, and Parks and Rec.
Love watching all sorts of movies too, but that would be too much to list. :P
I’m definitely more of an internet person and love talking to people on every website I’m on. So if you ever wanna chat, shoot me a message! ^^


California, USA



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