719 Tasting Notes

drank Vietnamese Black OP by Harney & Sons
719 tasting notes

So this one is woody, with a hint of bread to it. Might be really woody because I over-steeped it a bit, but It wasn’t a long over-steep so I think that that note kinda already existed there. :/
So yeah, not really a fan. Think I’ll just list this one as a freebie on my sale list. xD It’s not that it’s a bad tea, I guess I’m just not in the mood to play around with it tons to make sure that it can’t be a really good tea that I fall in love with. :S

Flavors: Baked Bread, Wood


You can make Hong Kong Milk Tea with this one… DavidsTea had a recipe a couple years ago. :)

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drank Kenya Milima by Harney & Sons
719 tasting notes

So I over-steeped this a wee bit today.
I’ve had this sample for a while now and I’m finally getting around to trying it. Figure I needed black tea in my system. Only got like two hours of sleep over all today and I’m feeling really stressed with having to move like everything in my room over to my gparents’ room so my dad’s worker can update my bathroom. Which I’m not super happy about for a few different reasons. :/
And valid ones at that!
The guy just came over and basically said this is gonna take a lot longer than a couple days, so not thrilled over that either. Oy. This isn’t my day.

On the bright side, other than this having that weird inky taste from over-steeping, it’s pretty malty. Which I love! Has a touch of bready notes which I also like. Definitely going to be trying this one again. I have a feeling that when I steep it right it will be an amazing black tea! :D

Flavors: Baked Bread, Malt

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Soo I don’t know exactly what I expected this tea to be…but I had really wanted to try it when i put in my order.
This tea was kinda flowery and grassy-it reminds me more of a green tea rather than an oolong to be honest. It’s definitely not a heavy or overwhelming tea. It’s very very light. And the dry leaf aroma is hardly even there.
Probably one of the lightest oolongs I’ve ever had. Well, least I got to try it. xD
But I won’t drink it again. It’s an interesting tea, but not for me.
Going on the “to sell” list. xD

Flavors: Flowers, Grass


Do you want to do a swap?


Normally, I’d probably say yes, but I have a crap load of samples from swaps or just from orders that I’ve been needing to try…sooo I am just gonna sell this one. I’ll sell it cheap though, if you’re that interested in it, well I’ll sell it cheap either way. But it’s 50g minus 1tsp, just opened it today, and put it in a ziplock bag to help keep it fresh since those bags don’t have a seal on them, Skysamurai.


ill have to try it and be a judge on it too

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Soo got this tea as a sample from my last Enjoying Tea order. Had really hoped it would be full of floral notes, but as I drink it now my excitement is being continually dashed with every sip.
Floral my foot!
I was hoping that this would be like Zen Tea Life’s Fragrant Golden Branch Oolong that I absolutely adore.
But no.
It’s definitely not.
I mean I can maybe, if I try hard enough taste a bit of orchid/orchard that reminds me of FGB. But it’s barely there. And the floral is barely there too. It’s just barely there, enough to make it drinkable.
But the rest just tastes roasted.
If you like roasted oolongs that aren’t too overwhelming, you’d like this one. But I’m just not a fan. :( Meh.
Least it was free. Guess this will go on the “to sell” list. xD

Flavors: Floral, Orchid, Roasted

Liquid Proust

If I can make this taste like the water from the lost city of Atlantis, would you be willing to let me revive it?
I must tell you that I cannot do that though :/


i don’t mind heavy roasted oolongs ;) i shall judge this one too someday

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This tea neverrrr gets olddd! Nor does it ever get bitter. :P
Took it with me yesterday during the family outting…which really wasn’t so much fun overall. I am not close to my dad, pretty much at all anymore. And since my sister returned home our relationship has gotten even worse…Which I guess isn’t surprising since she was the one that made it bad in the first place.
But still….being around my dad and sister in any circumstance is not fun at all, I tend to avoid it because it just makes everything in my own life worse. So yeah, Father’s Day was depressing…like everyone was just saying how much they loved their dads and all, which is great, don’t get me wrong. I’ve just not had a fantastic one.
Especially since recently finding out that he doesn’t think my severe health issues effect how I act and feel at all…that really just…I don’t know how to say it. He has knee and back problems so he assumes we are the same, even though we are entirely different. He assumes that since his issues don’t effect anything in his life, I shouldn’t let them effect things in mine, even though I can’t stop them from doing that at this point. I guess him being really arrogant about that on top of everything else just made me lose so so much more respect for him. And yeah…yesterday was just hard. really really hard. Really didn’t wanna be out. Was just a depressing day for me.
This tea was really a highlight though. It pulled me through the lunch we had at this Asian place that didn’t have any dipping sauce at all, so I didn’t eat anything. I usually would just eat rice, but I physically can’t eat rice thanks to that super tight wrap around my throat. :(
Anyway about the tea.
I love how I can just throw some leaves at the bottom of a tumbler and then just fill it with hot water and can let it steep g-pa style, and have it not get bitter at all. I wish it weren’t so expensive because this is the perfect tea for on the go! Seriously just never gets old. Still love it!
An oolong is always my go to, comfort tea for sucky times. They help tide me over! Definitely my favorite type of tea, hands down!


I never had a great relationship with my Dad but it definitely improved after I moved out of the house. lol


im not too close to my dad either.

but you should find a sheng puehr you love and drink that too :)


TeaBrat yeah…I think distance would help a whole lot more. But I can’t leave the house now when my health issues keep getting more and more severe. I’m pretty much screwed. XD

Kirkoneill1988 I have a crap load more teas to try before I get to any puehr. But one day I’ll be there and find one that I love hopefully :P


No, I do not. But based on the description, it doesn’t sound like a kind of tea I’d like :P


did you read my reviews? i figured you would and that it may help you decide :)


Treasure them while you have them. It is much harder after they are gone.

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The other half of why I’ve not been around is because I have just been drinking the same old teas, well not really “old”. But I’ve been trying to sip down the ones I got last year-This one I went off and on with really liking. There was a few months there that it just tasted too woody, so I didn’t drink it much. But over the last month, having tried it again,it’s been a hit in my book! I’ve just been loving it-drinking it literally every day, sometimes a couple times within the day. Finished what was in my tin, then opened up my last bag of this delicious tea and put it in the tea.
I really do hope that they re-open. :( This tea is just so delicious.
I really was wondering if I was gonna have to sell it a few months ago since it tasted woody. But glad that I’ve caught up to that tea now since I’ve finished every little bit of tea that I had opened last year. So Hopefully I’ll have more time to finish off this bag.

Definitely have been a lot more depressed lately, with a lot more family issues going on, and just health issues getting worse, and having to deal with frustrating doctors that are either giving up on me or just refusing to help me because of my age. It’s all just frustrating and depressing, to be honest. I definitely don’t drink as much tea as I used to. And in the past tea drinking has proven to keep my spirits up more and just help me with the whole having a better perspective on things. I really need to get back into it more! I have so much to try, and I do want to try it, it’s just the actually doing it is what’s hard. Because I have to move around a lot, well “a lot” when you’re in a crap load of pain :/ So yeah…Anyway…
I’m trying to get back into drinking tea more-I really need it for my emotional/mental sanity!

Flavors: Maple, Maple Syrup, Sugar, Sweet

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drank Dragon Pearl Jasmine by Harney & Sons
719 tasting notes


The last night the boyfriend was here, we made boba which was quite exciting. :D Didn’t cold steep any teas before or soon enough to be really cold. And the boys( well my brother and his friend) were so indecisive about everything that day, they couldn’t think of a tea to have with it. So I basically just said, “You’re having this tea and if you don’t like it you can go find your own tea because I’m tired of going around in circles”. Yeah…my bro and his friend were causing a crap load of drama earlier that day for me, so that was annoying. But Anyway, this tea, even though it wasn’t as cold as it should have been, was quite good even lukewarm with boba!
So that’s good to know! Especially since I ordered some more of that good 5-minute boba since that’s really all I can make these days because my stupid health issues and my lame brother not wanting to do anything with me anymore…
But Yeah, if you are looking for a good tea to drink with boba definitely consider this one! :D

Flavors: Jasmine

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Okay…Read this description:
“As much a tribute to the classic rose as well as the award winning movie, American Beauty is a beguiling and intoxicating organic melange of premium white tea, roses, peppermint, and jasmine. The organic white tea makes an ideal base allowing the mint and the rose to take center stage complimenting each others heady notes that are heightened by the light sweet fragrance of jasmine. A new American Classic.”

That tea sounds pretty great, right? Well least for me. I like roses, peppermint, and jasmine. The guy let me smell the tea a couple different times because at first I didn’t know what to think but holy shanghai! I ended up so intrigued by the mix of those flavors. And it did smell quite light and delicious. Something I’d like.
But later when I opened the bag at home I was hit by a wave of flowers. Strong flowers. Overpowering flowers. Not the nice kind.
But I ignored the dry leaf smell and brewed up a cup of this one.
Much to my surprise I didn’t taste any peppermint or roses, or even really flowers.
All I tasted was lavender, which is pretty much my nemesis when it comes to floral flavors. It had a very very faint hint of jasmine, but not enough to make up for that lavender. Ohhh I drank half a cup. Can’t believe I got that far. But I really wanted to see if I could taste any more flavors at all. I couldn’t though. :( Not at all. It was just awful.
I was gonna put the other samples I don’t like on my sale list for like 25 cents each, but I just threw this one away. I can’t handle it being in my room, it was just overpowering. Wow.
I do not recommend this one unless you are a huge lavender fan! This one was even more disappointing than the lemon one actually :( I don’t think I’ll be getting more of their teas any time soon..other than Oh Canada. :S

Flavors: Flowers, Jasmine, Lavender

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drank Lemoncello by American Tea Room
719 tasting notes

So picked up a sample size of this tea-which was half an ounce. This was the first sample of the 4 samples I got from this store. The guy acted like it was a really nice creamy lemon, and even when whoever runs their IG account told me that it was a really nice creamy lemon tea like DTT’s Lemon Chiffon. So I gave in and got some with high hopes.
But man did they dash them.
This just tasted like a sour lemon. Hot water and a sour lemon. Couldn’t taste anything else-it was just awful. Oy. Not a fan of this one at all! Kinda feel betrayed :/
And it got such high ratings here.. :(
Bummer…I might need a replacement for Lemon Chiffon one day. :(

Flavors: Lemon, Lemongrass, Sour


i wont be trying this tea then. :(


This wasn’t lemony enough for me… I think I added more lemongrass to it :)

Liquid Proust

I can’t get this out of my mind… https://instagram.com/p/2vVhuFRYCI/

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drank Oh, Canada by American Tea Room
719 tasting notes


This has totally become the replacement on my shelf for DavidsTea’s Movie Night. Like I’m totally putting Movie Night on the sale list when I finally put it up, which should be sometime this week. Finally put this tea in a nice green double lid tin from Teavana that Is really pretty. Unless they change how they make this tea, this one is here to stay! Or unless my taste buds radically change. But I pretty much love everything about it. Even the slightly roasty, grassy green tea base flavor. It’s just that good.
After we picked up my boyfriend from the airport like two weeks ago I think it was? Yeah something like that… After that we went to The American Tea Room. Picked up 2oz of this one and a few samples. By far this is still my favorite so far from the other samples I tried. Oy. I don’t get how I adore this one tea but then all the others are all bad tasting to me. Like I really don’t get it. :S Oh well.
I will not question!
This one is always a winner! :D

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I’m not too sharp with intros, but I figured it is about time to give it a go.
I started out drinking oolong and green tea that my dad brought home from his China business trips.
Then I discovered Teavana, and fell in love with some of their teas. Eventually I stumbled across Steepster, and a whole ‘nother world opened up.
Have discovered so many different kinds of teas, and have been loving this journey! The tea world is insanely big and amazing! And I’ve met some of the kindest people here who have broadened my horizons in more ways I could have imagined! Happy to be here, and to be drinking so many amazing teas! :D

My rating system:
1-59: Really really not a fan. An awful cup of tea for me…Totally undrinkable.

60-69: Not horrible, but not something I’d ever drink again willingly.

70-79: Pretty good. Wouldn’t mind drinking ever so often. But not a keeper.

80-100: FREAKIN’ AMAZING. Always keeping on stock in my home!!

I like pretty much any kind of tea except green tea. Unless it’s genmaicha or strongly flavored, I don’t like it usually.

My Tea Goals:
To find the Best Caramel Tea
To find the Best Vanilla Tea
To find the Best floral Oolong
To find the Best Malty Assam Tea
To find the Best Maple/Syrup Tea

Notes I like: Fruit(primarily peach, melon/honeydew, Banana, Kiwi, but I’m open to other kinds), Malt, Desserts (Toffee, Cake, Cookie,etc), Vanilla, Caramel, Floral, Sweet potato, Pastry/Bread,Jasmine, Honey, Cocoa, Chocolate, Maple, Nutty, Coconut, Almond.

Notes I’m Picky with: Lemon, Chai, Roasted, Blueberries, Hibiscus, Smoke, Earthiness, Puerhs, White Teas, and Cinnamon

Notes I hate: Citrus/Orange (Everything that I hate in this life that I have to take for my health is orange flavored, and it just makes me gag…so please…just no), Watermelon, Raspberry, Wood, Apple, Bacon, Lavender, Most mints, Pepper, Spicy, Tart/sour.

Yes, I am a picky tea drinker, but I’ll usually try any straight black or oolong tea that I receive. I like most oolongs, and I’m still discovering straight blacks. They always seem to surprise me no matter what!

And Swaps! I’m always down for swapping. Everything in my cupboard is swap-able. So just hit me up and send a message and we can totally do that!

On an unrelated to tea note, my other interests are limited due to health issues. But when I can, I enjoy reading and writing. Watching Netflix and YouTube have also been fantastic when I feel awful (which is most of the time).
I love Rifftrax, Rooster Teeth, Dexter, Hannibal, BBC’s Robin Hood, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Psych, and Parks and Rec.
Love watching all sorts of movies too, but that would be too much to list. :P
I’m definitely more of an internet person and love talking to people on every website I’m on. So if you ever wanna chat, shoot me a message! ^^


California, USA



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