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464 Tasting Notes

drank Sweet Temptation by Tsaa
464 tasting notes

I’ve had this tea for the longest time and have only about 1/2 a bag left out of the two I received from the lovely Indigobloom! I’ve been trying to save this blend because it’s so hard to get. This tea has the nicest blend of vanilla and sugar with a mild rooibos base. It’s very sweet on its own and soothes any sweet tooth or dessert craving! I definitely get the taste of nougat, but it’s more like the individual components of nougat, not nougat paired with chocolate. There is a twinge of something artificial, but it’s not strong enough to stop me from drinking the cup. It does lower the rating a little bit, though. I can’t really describe it — it just interrupts the overall taste of the tea and doesn’t allow for complete smoothness that the vanilla suggests in the beginning. This is a nice dessert tea and I will be sad when the pouch is gone.

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I must say that I love the name of this tea – it’s just so cute! I have been wanting to order some more of my favorite creme caramel from Teapigs, but shipping is so expensive! I thought that I would try to find a new alternative that would taste the same, but would be more readily available! This one smells promising: buttery, sugary, woody.

Sipping… It’s a bit different than I expected. This isn’t to say that it’s bad, it’s just not the buttery caramel rooibos tea I’m used to. The rooibos base is good – not medicinal at all. It’s just the caramel flavoring is a bit more burnt tasting, a little bit spicy even. It doesn’t leave the nicest flavor on my tongue. The spicy caramel is paired with a bit of a watery rooibos background. The other blends I’ve had feel a little bit thicker and more buttery. I’m going to finish the amount I have, but then I’ll probably continue the search for other caramel rooibos teas!


For some reason when I first read this, I thought it was Darjeeling! silly me.


A caramel darjeeling would be rather interesting, now that you mention it!


I think so to. Been craving caramel ALOT lately, for some reason. mmmm

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drank Birthday Cake by Butiki Teas
464 tasting notes

You know that if there is any birthday cake (or regular cake) tea, I have to have it! I was really excited to see that Butiki Teas was going to have a birthday cake version of their own so into the shopping cart this went!

The dry leaf of this tea is just adorable – very reminiscent of soft and fluffy confetti. I think that the pretty leaf makes up for the missing sprinkles (I know, I know, but I have a soft spot for sprinkles in tea. They are just so fun!). It smells a bit more like herbs that I expected. There is the familiar scent of Butiki’s egg nog blend, but I’d say that it’s mostly in the background.

Sipping… the marshmallow leaf flavor reminds me a little bit of Sleepytime tea. It has that same sort of cooling effect on my mouth. I do taste something creamy, but it seems to be almost identical to the egg nog flavor. Sadly, I don’t think that I’m tasting much cake at all. To me, this blend is egg nog tea with a different base. It’s not bad, but just wasn’t what I was hoping for in a birthday cake tea. It does have plenty of potential, though – I’d be interested in seeing how this would be with a rooibos base + a bit more cake flavor.


Glad I’m not the only one who thought of creamy eggnog when drinking this :)


Sil, me too! It was one of the first things I thought about… :)

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The scent of this tea reminds me a little bit of caramel mixed with the woody red matcha base. It smells very sweet, but actually doesn’t offer much as far as the crème brulee is concerned. From across the room, I do smell more of a buttery, vanilla frosting.

Sipping… the first thing I notice is the red matcha. It seems like it would be a difficult thing to hide as it seems so much more concentrated in a powder form. I love the taste: woody & sweet. There is a tiny bit of bitterness that lingers in the background and I’m not sure if that’s from the rooibos or the flavoring. It’s been relatively consistent in Red Leaf Tea’s red matchas.

The rooibos fades into a kind of creamy sweetness that reminds me more of vanilla than crème brulee. It really does remind me very much of the French vanilla red matcha from Red Leaf Tea. Not a bad choice, really, but I was hoping to pull more of that crème brulee flavor out! Still, this drink is creamy and makes a very soothing drink.

I’m going to give this a try with milk as I’ve found matcha to pop a bit more with milk. I have faith that I will get more crème brulee flavor the more I experiment. You can order some crème brulee matcha for yourself here: http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/creme-brulee-matcha.html.

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Oh, this is so dangerous! I haven’t been loving hot matcha lately — it’s been thin and lacking flavor for me, but this is something different! I mixed some of this up with some soy milk and ice — it’s SO tasty. I feel like this is what people have been talking about when they rave about caramel & matcha. It’s sweet, creamy and has the perfect touch of caramel. The matcha flavor itself is definitely hidden, but comes out at the end of the sip. Maybe I should try making my regular caramel matcha with milk instead of water… This matcha is definitely better when had cold, blended and with milk and ice.

I do like that there are not too many calories in this mix, but there is quite a bit of sugar for a serving. It’s not something that I should drink multiple times in a day, but it does make a nice, sweet treat every once and a while. I need to buy more of this… it’s just truly that good! Here’s the link to purchase some of this matcha mix – http://www.redleaftea.com/matchaccino/caramel-matchaccino.html

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I’m having a cup of this tea with a bit of milk this afternoon. It’s very much comfort in a cup! I wanted to have a cup of tea that was unflavored and that could be taken with milk. I have a lot of unflavored black teas, but many of them should be had on their own. It’s a very solid, sweet cup that’s just what you need when you want something simple! Not my favorite cup of tea, but just right for today!

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I can’t find my gaiwan at the moment and I also know that I have better luck with western brewing as far as Verdant’s teas are concerned. Not sure why that is, but I am able to pick up on so many more flavors with that method.

First Infusion: this reminds me very much of the Laoshan Green tea that Verdant offers. Buttery green beans, lettuce and a bit of milk. It’s smooth, very vegetal and tasty! I am not actually detecting much of a difference between this and the Laoshan Green — which is fine with me as I love Laoshan Green!

Second Infusion: A bit more astringent this time around, but the same green, leafy flavors remain. It’s still got that milky & buttery quality about it — and I like that it hides in the background instead of being strongly present. I’m also getting more Brussels sprouts with grass than green beans.

This is a very tasty tea & I love that there are Laoshan oolongs available now! I think that I prefer the roasted oolong more as this one is just like the staple green tea I have in my collection. It’s definitely worth a try, though!

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drank Buccaneer by SerendipiTea
464 tasting notes

I haven’t had this tea for such a long time, but I remember enjoying it. The scent of this tea is of a creamy coconut. It reminds me very much of coconut macaroons — buttery, sweet and just a little bit salty!

Sipping… definitely coconut as the main flavor. It thins out a little bit as the sip continues and leaves a bit of a strange finish on the tongue. It’s not necessarily bitter, but a little bit like coconut + greek yogurt. This isn’t my favorite tea from SerendipiTea.. there’s just something off about it. Then again, I’m not the biggest fan of some coconut teas as they can be over the top. I’d probably like this a bit more if the coconut were balanced with chocolate and vanilla.

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I love a good cheesecake tea and in my past experiences, there have been very few that have truly been delicious. The most memorable ones have been Art of Tea’s blueberry cheesecake and 52Teas’ caramel cheesecake black. All cheesecake teas, though, have something a little funky about them.. it could be because it’s hard to get a true cheesecake flavor into tea leaves. After all, cheesecake isn’t something found naturally in tea.

The scent of this tea is of a green tea base, a bit of blueberries and something tangy in the background. I really love the plump blueberries in the blend — it’s always nice to see real fruits instead of just flavors in a tea blend. Sipping… oh, this is tasty. There is a great sweetness from the blueberries followed by a hint of something like greek yogurt. There is a very nice balance between the astringent green tea and the creamy flavoring. Even though I brewed it according to its directions, I have a sense that this is a tea that is very sensitive to being oversteeped — a few more seconds would have pushed this one over the edge.

This is a really nice blueberry cheesecake dessert tea. I’d be interested in tasting this tea with a rooibos base instead of a green, too.

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You all know that I LOVE and I mean LOVE Laoshan black tea. When I saw this blend pop up a while ago, I knew that I couldn’t go wrong trying it! This tea seems to be a little bit more mild compared to straight Laoshan black. It does have that chocolate note, but you sort of have to look for it. It’s also much more savory and nutty – I think of it like a snack/meal and less like a chocolate dessert. The entire cup is smooth with a roasted/woodsy quality in the background. I could see this blend pairing very well with food and I’m not much for food/tea pairing in general! I’m not sure if I would buy more of this one only because I like the original Laoshan black more. This is definitely a satisfying and hearty blend!


“I think of it like a snack/meal and less like a chocolate dessert”. Love that comment – that is so true. Well said. :))


Thanks, Dexter! :)

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