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464 Tasting Notes


Still moving through some matcha that I have in my collection. When I saw this flavor pop up, I knew that I had to give this a try. Bavarian cream! Sounds too good to be true! Plus, I love that you can add your flavor to RED matcha. Red matcha is so difficult to find, so I’m really enjoying trying it paired with all of these different flavors.

So far I’ve had the french vanilla red matcha and the cheesecake red matcha. I think that I actually prefer the red matcha more than the classic green, but that’s just my preference, I suppose. This flavor surprised me… I was expecting something creamy, yes.. but something more…. custardy, sort of like vanilla pudding? I honestly tasted a creamy citrus flavor instead! How strange. I don’t think that bavarian cream has lemon or orange in it.. so it came as a surprise. It’s not a bad flavor, though, just not what I was looking for in a “bavarian cream matcha”. I’d like to have something more like vanilla custard. Again, it’s not bad, but there’s a little bit more tangy fruit in here than I’d like. I still think that it fit the creamy note nicely, especially when paired with the frothy rooibos base.

I’m looking forward to trying more matcha teas from Red Leaf. If you’re interested in this blend, you can purchase the tea here: http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/bavarian-cream-matcha.html. I suggest the red matcha base for something a little different!


Do you typically like rooibos? I’d try it but it usually tastes too much like wood for me to enjoy it. Always figured the red matcha would be just as strongly woodsy. Would you say so?


Incendiare- I do typically like rooibos.. one of my favorite things to drink! Yes, the red matcha is definitely woody in its flavor.. but it’s a little bit more smooth & fun to drink. I don’t think there’s any way of getting around that characteristic rooibos note, unfortunately.. but it might be fun to give it a try in case the texture might sway you! :)


Thanks! Maybe the trick would be to order the stronger flavouring too to mask the rooibos haha. Either way, sounds intriguing.


I have always ordered the “There’s matcha in there?!” flavor strength.. just because I find rooibos can be quite overpowering. It’s still strong even with that flavor, but it might be different to your tastebuds!

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I enjoy banana teas, but haven’t really managed to find one that I adore. The best one I’ve had is the banana oolong from Davids, but it’s still not perfect! I saw this and knew that I had to try… The scent of this tea is very subtle. I don’t get much of a banana scent, but mostly a woodsy tea base.

Sipping… I’m really surprised by the banana! It truly pops on your tongue. It’s not at all like banana runts, but more like dried banana chips. The banana and walnut go so well with the tea base. There is a little bit of a drying sensation, but I think it’s from the walnut and the tea base. It reminds me a bit of a banana nut muffin without the pastry/muffin flavors. It’s smooth and rich and doesn’t taste artificial. I’d like to see this have a more buttery/banana bread-like flavor, but I’m very happy with this blend.


I definitively need to try this one. Walnut and banana together sound attractive and the woody base as well


It’s a subtle tea, it’s not in your face omg banana! Tea, which is what I like best :)


I see – I think I never had any banana tea and I’m curious about this. Not sure I would like a too much in your face banana tea.I’ll keep this in mind for my future BT order


Ysaurella – if we do another swap I can always send you some! I’ll be ordering more once MY tea arrives lol


Ysaurella – I think that you would enjoy this. It’s definitely worth trying especially if you haven’t had a banana tea before! :)

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This is another one of those teas that I just didn’t like in the beginning. It seemed very weak and metallic — I wanted a creamy vanilla dessert tea! I’ve taken to adding a bit of soy milk to this and it’s like a dream. Even though I do have to add milk to get the flavor I want, I couldn’t be happier. It’s creamy with a nice cloud of vanilla & it’s decaf! I’m sure that this will be a staple when the weather starts getting cooler.

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drank All Day Oolong by Teascent
464 tasting notes

Many thanks to Teascent for sending me a sample of their tea! I’m always so excited to try new companies and as this tea is an oolong tea, it seems like this could be a real winner!

I have to admit that the idea of a bagged oolong tea sounds a little… well, I just wonder how the cup will turn out. Will the leaves have room to expand? The leaves appear a little crushed, but that could be from the long journey they took! Once water has been poured over the bag, it seems to immediately give up its color & has me wondering if this will be too strong or astringent with a three-minute steep time. Giving the tea a sniff, it smells floral and sweet – really quite nice! I’m also getting a buttery scent in the background. Yum!

Sipping… this is a very floral oolong! It’s not too complex, but really just tastes like flowers to me. There is some astringency, but I think that could be due to the leaves being crushed and steeped at three minutes. Next time, I think I’ll try a shorter steep time.

Overall, I like the floral flavor from a teabag! As I’ve said before, I tend to like my floral oolongs to be paired with other elements as well. This is still very tasty and I’m very happy to have tried it! It might be nice to have some bagged oolong teas for those times when you can’t be bothered to deal with loose leaf.

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I must say that the dry leaf of this tea would definitely not win in a beauty contest. It reminds me a bit of pine needles and dirt that have been stuck together by tree sap… but it seems so promising that I don’t really care. The tea smells like sweet cinnamon bread, but with a fishy background. Ugh, I wish puerh wouldn’t smell like this!

Sipping… I’m happy to not be tasting a whole lot of puerh, but a lovely & sweet cinnamon bread instead! The cinnamon is not overwhelming, thankfully, but adds such a nice layer of sweetness. There is definitely a bread character to the tea that I really enjoy. There is almost a yeasty/sourdough-like quality to the bread and it seems like it comes out at the end of the sip. I’m very impressed that such flavors can come from a tea blend! Really the only thing that I’m not too crazy about is the fishy scent that lasts throughout the whole cup.

I haven’t yet decided if I’d like to buy more of this tea, but this is the best blend I’ve tried from sTEAp Shoppe yet!

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I’d like to start drinking more matcha in the morning, but when I wake, I’m usually craving coffee. I had a nice cup of this today with some almond milk. It made a very sweet and comforting drink. I’d still like to try other matchas out there and I think I like the sweetened ones a bit more than the plain. I also wish that this would be a nice powder to have with water, but I get the feeling that it might only be good with milk. Still on the hunt for a sweetened matcha that is creamy and yummy with water!

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drank Ruby Pie by Butiki Teas
464 tasting notes

I’m really enjoying the soft strawberry scent of this tea. I can’t really smell anything else, but I’m quite happy with the strawberry! Sipping… this tea bursts with flavor.. wow! I can taste the strawberry, vanilla and something like a pastry or shortbread. It all comes together nicely & the name “ruby pie” seems very appropriate!

I’m not enjoying the aftertaste, though. It’s a bit like there is an artificial film that remains. I usually enjoy Butiki’s flavoring and it’s never tasted artificial to me which is why I like so many of these blends. I’m happy to have sampled this tea, but I can’t really get beyond the aftertaste.

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The scent of this tea reminds me of very green leaves and flowers. To me, it smells like a very floral oolong I’ve had before. I do like floral oolongs, but I tend to like them if they have creamy, buttery or sweet notes as well. I can handle flowers if they are accompanied by something else — otherwise it’s a bit too much like perfume.

Sipping… yep… definitely floral notes coming through at first. They’re surprisingly not too strong or sharp. There is also a bit of grass in the background. The finish is sweet, but subtle. I’m not getting much cream, but the mouthfeel is a little bit heavy. This isn’t a bad oolong, but I wish I had tasted something a bit more creamy/buttery.

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I’ve got to drink more pearl teas. I just love how pretty they are and they seem more fun than other loose leaf teas. I can’t remember who sent this to me (I’m sorry for forgetting!) but thank you! The scent of this tea is very sharp and a bit brisk. I wasn’t expecting this kind of strength, but thought that I would smell something a bit more soft and sweet.

Sipping… this one is sweet and smooth. There is a prominent hay flavor which gives each sip an earthy note. I’m not tasting a whole lot of chocolate/cocoa, but that could very well be due to age — this tea has been in my collection for a while! Very pleased to have tried this tea, but there are some other black teas that I like a bit more.

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So excited to be trying this tea today! I recently placed an order with Verdant and now have quite a bit of Laoshan black after being out of it for almost a year! I have a soft spot for oolongs and was thrilled to see a new laoshan version. The leaves are thin, slightly curled and a bit of a stormy grey color.

First Infusion: the smell of this tea is quite toasty and reminds me a bit of a sweet bread. The scent has a kind of complexity that I can’t wait to experience! Sipping… very smooth, toasty & sweet. It has a rather thick mouthfeel that I’m enjoying. Mmm.. so far, tasty!

Second Infusion: this cup is a little bit more toasty. It’s changing from being thick and bread-like, to something a little bit thinner and bitter. When I say bitter, I mean the kind of bitter flavor one gets with dark chocolate. It actually reminds me of a watery dark drinking chocolate with a touch of cinnamon.

Third Infusion: It smells a bit more like chocolate + a hint of nuts… perhaps almonds? Sipping… ah, such a strong chocolate note! A creamy chocolate flavor hits my tongue and slowly fades into a bitter cocoa powder. This is absolutely my favorite cup so far!

Fourth Infusion: The scent is not as strong this time, but the wheat bread and sweetness are still present, if a little faint. The chocolate seems to have balanced out with the bread flavor. This cup is a bit more earthy, almost savory and isn’t as sweet. It’s a tiny bit astringent, but still tasty.

Fifth Infusion: A significant loss of flavor — most of the notes are very muted, but the other cups make up for this one!

This is an interesting oolong because it almost seems like a very light black tea to me… that might just be that so many of these flavors are present in the laoshan black tea as well. I think that I would purchase more of the laoshan black over this roasted oolong, but I did indeed enjoy these infusions and wouldn’t mind having more in the future!

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