545 Tasting Notes

drank Ali Shan by thepuriTea
545 tasting notes

The scent of this tea is very complex! I’m getting salt water, grass and flowers. It reminds me very much of a Japanese green tea. After it’s finished steeping, there is a strong floral note (orchid perhaps?) mixed with something buttery.

Sipping… this is a nice and smooth oolong. Flower and butter notes with a bit of mineral in the background. I also detect something like salt water, but it quickly disappears. It actually adds a bit of a sharpness to the sip. A lovely sweetness helps to round out the cup and it’s the last thing that lingers on the tongue. This is a very nice tea and would make a nice addition to a dessert.

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drank Weeping Angel Tea by 52teas
545 tasting notes

It’s a bit late for me to be drinking black tea, but I feel like I have to keep up with the Twelve Teas of Christmas. I’ve already been bad about logging a few of them already, so here we go! This tea smells a bit astringent to me and I steeped it for around 2 minutes, 30-45 seconds. I’m really not sure what to expect… eh..

Sipping… This is not as astringent as I thought it would be, but it tastes like a cheap black tea to me. It’s just really not giving me any sort of flavor besides tea.. and tea without any dimensions. This would be fine if it wasn’t supposed to be something unique, but this is 52Teas we’re talking about! Some of the best flavored blends come out of this company! I’m staring down at my cup shouting… “WHY!!!!! I’m not getting anything from you!” Well, that’s okay, I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s cup. Hopefully it will be better! Twelve Teas of Christmas: Day Seven

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I was a bit bummed to see this one today only because I’ve had it before and it wasn’t all that great. I did like that it was a caffeine-free blend so it’s drinkable any time of the day. The dry leaf in the packet had a very strong smell of alcohol – it was so strong that I almost didn’t want to brew the tea. After it’s steeped, a bit more of the honeybush comes out, but I’m still nervous.

Sipping… yeah, still no peanut butter cup or cheesecake. What a disappointment. The honeybush is sweet and pleasant, but honestly I feel like that’s all there is for this one. I really like the idea behind it — how amazing would it be if all of those flavors really did come through? I’m lowering the rank since it tastes like a plain honeybush to my tastebuds. Twelve Teas of Christmas: Day Six


nothing to do with honeybush nor peanut tea but I adore your new pic, I love the idea behind it


Thank you, Ysaurella! I love your pic! So cute. :)

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drank French Toast by 52teas
545 tasting notes

I’m a little behind on the tasting notes for these teas. Now that the semester is over for me, I will have more time to drink tea and write about it! One of the pouches I’d already had and another had a tea that I strongly dislike. I might go back and write something about ‘Day Three’ but otherwise, here we are.

The scent of this dry leaf is very heavy on the cinnamon. It doesn’t smell like pancake breakfast to me, but that could be because the french toast is hiding in the background? After water has been added, I do detect something similar to pancake breakfast, but the cinnamon is the main note.

Sipping… this one is interesting. It reminds me of pancake breakfast, but a stranger version of it. It’s almost like it’s pancake breakfast with a twist plus the addition of heavy cinnamon. Again, I don’t taste butter/eggy notes, but I’ve never been able to get those flavors from 52Teas. The maple syrup doesn’t taste as strong in this blend either. I think that given the choice, that I would prefer pancake breakfast, but I am glad that I got to see what the french toast version is all about. I can see this tea being quite the favorite for someone who likes cinnamon teas. Twelve Teas of Christmas: Day Five

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drank Carrot Cake by Tea Guys
545 tasting notes

I had been wanting to try this one for so long! I finally bought a little sample of it and I’m quite happy that I did. Plain, this tea is a bit like spice cake with a hint of carrot. The spices are prominent and I do detect some carrot towards the end of the sip. After I’ve added a splash of milk, it turns into a more delicious dessert tea — creamy, cakey, carroty. There is a little bit of that sour finish that I found was present in the other Tea Guys rooibos/honeybush blend. This tea would be even more tasty without that sour note, but otherwise, it’s a very nice dessert blend. If I ever buy more, I’m definitely going to have it exclusively with milk. The added creaminess takes it to another level.

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Pleased to see this blend as I contemplated buying it when it was released. Root beer flavored things can be very tasty, but can go wrong if they’re not done right. I love root beer floats & I have a feeling that this one will be tasty! The scent of the dry leaf is of a creamy root beer. I’m always so amazed when a tea can be so accurate in terms of scent!

Sipping… I’m tasting a bit more of the ice cream than the root beer, which is actually just fine with me! It’s smooth, a little bit sweet and has that signature root beer bite. I am finding that shorter steep times with 52Teas seems to bring out a better cup. The tea base isn’t as present or astringent & I can focus on the unique flavors a bit more. Three minutes was my standard, but I’m enjoying these teas around 2 1/2 minutes or so.

This is a very tasty cup of tea. I’m not 100% sold on buying more in the future, but it is indeed very yummy. Twelve Teas of Christmas: Day Two

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drank Smaug Tea by 52teas
545 tasting notes

I am excited and nervous to be trying this tea. I love the idea behind the tea (SMAUG!), but know that I don’t like some of the flavors/ingredients in it. Peppers/cinnamon/spicy/smoky flavors in tea and I don’t get along well. I know it’s so appropriate for the theme of the blend, but there’s a reason why I didn’t buy this it when it popped up. I do like Dragonwell, though, so maybe it won’t seem so bad?

Giving this tea a sniff, I like it much more after it’s steeped than when it’s dry. It is very heavy on the cinnamon, but it seems appropriate for the holidays. The tea base sort of sits in the background and doesn’t contribute much.

Sipping… yep, the cinnamon is the main flavor. It smothers the tea base, so I can’t get a bit of Dragonwell. When I think that I can handle the cinnamon, I’m hit with a very spicy and irritating finish. It actually burns the back of my throat! I don’t taste any smoke, but that could be because I’m concentrating on the cinnamon and spice. My brother also had a cup and reports that it’s “fine”. I’m glad that I tried it and that I could participate in the first of my holiday pouches, but am not sad to see it go. Twelve Teas of Christmas: Day One

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This has been on my shopping list for so long and so I was very happy to see this sad little sample in my first traveling tea box. It was just enough for a cup, stored in a squished up Ziplock bag. I think it was meant to be! This tea brews up a lovely golden cup. It smells like a sweet fruit, something between a pear and an apple. There is also a little bit of a metallic note in the background. I think it’ll likely disappear when it comes time to drinking it, but it’s not terribly pleasant.

Sipping… I taste a sweet, juicy pear. It’s nice because I’m not just getting the flavor, but the texture of the fruit. The sip finishes with the green rooibos base. It’s a very flavorful, but light tea at the same time. There is a little something odd about the general taste of the tea. I’m not sure how to describe it… perhaps the artificial flavor? It’s not bad enough to keep me from drinking, but it’s not really something I want in my tea.

I’m happy to have gotten the chance to try this tea after wanting to for so long, even though it’s not a future purchase for me.

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The scent of this tea is spot-on eggnog. It smells creamy & spicy. I usually don’t like nutmeg in anything, but I can usually handle it in eggnog. After water has been added, the spices come to the front rather quickly and the creaminess of the eggnog is lost. The cup turns into a bit of a cloudy, orange cup with a decent bit of oil on the top. It smells quite spicy now – nutmeg and cinnamon being most prominent.

Sipping… this one’s a little weird. The first thing I taste is something almost fruity? It reminds me a little bit of apple combined with the tartness of apple skin. The sip carries on and I pick up some marshmallow. The end of the sip finishes with some sweet rooibos. Not bad… This is certainly drinkable as I’m now about halfway through my cup. I think that this tea would probably work well with milk because it might tone down the tart, almost sour, note that I’m getting. The spices are there, but they stay in the background and lend a sweetness to the cup. They actually make me think of a spice cookie in the way they are present, but not dominating. I can detect a little bit of maple as an aftertaste, but it otherwise doesn’t show up.

This is a nice blend for the holidays. I’m going to try this with milk, perhaps as a latte and will write an updated note. For now, I’m not crazy about the tart flavor & want more of that marshmallow/creamy flavor to come out.

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I’m finishing up a paper and something soothing is needed! Rooibos is usually a good choice and as this one is new to me (Thank you kittylovestea!) it seems perfect. I have such a soft spot for french vanilla. It’s perhaps my favorite ice cream flavor and I always love the combination of a french vanilla/cream + rooibos tea. The scent is very much like other rooibos blends — there isn’t anything that would distinguish this from another.

Sipping… this is nice and smooth. There is a prominent woody note, but the actual mouthfeel of the tea is nice and milky – no dry, splintery sensation. Sadly, I don’t taste any french vanilla. I know that there is something that makes this tea different from just a plain old rooibos, but it’s very, very light. I’d probably describe it as a regular vanilla, if anything, and not a french vanilla at all. It is a nice cup of tea to have right now, but there’s not enough of that creamy vanilla beany flavor I love.

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