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464 Tasting Notes


I’ve had two terrible experiences with making iced tea lately — they just haven’t been what I’ve wanted and so I thought that a “classic” might change things around. Peach iced tea is the gold standard of iced tea for me, for some strange reason. I feel like it’s a perfect & solid summery choice! I hadn’t ever tried these iced tea sachets from Harney & Sons before so I was excited to give them a try. The tea certainly smelled peachy, but when I sipped, I was surprised that the flavor was so light. The black tea is not overwhelming or bitter, but the peach is really hidden. I wish that I had been able to bring out more of that peachy flavor. To be honest, I wouldn’t know that this was a peach tea if I hadn’t seen the tin. It’s certainly drinkable and refreshing, I just don’t think this is fruity enough for me.


Hmm I prefer my peach teas to be strongly peach tasting, so might avoid this one. The best peach tasting tea I’ve had is Perfect Peach by Bigelow, believe it or not. It also makes a passable iced tea. It’s got a black tea base too, but decaf.


I will definitely try to find that tea! Thanks for the recommendation!


I think you may love Nosy Bey from Dammann Frères, this is my favourite peach tea from far and Mélange de Galice (Theodor) is really awesome as well.

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I’m so excited to try a new earl grey creme. I still haven’t found my ultimate creamy earl grey, but it isn’t really a pressing matter… just one of those things that I would like to accomplish one day. The scent reminds me a little bit of fruity pebbles, which isn’t a bad thing because it’s been YEARS since I’ve had the stuff and actually wish that I had a bowl right now.

Sipping… this is very smooth and light and so very tasty! I think that this is the closest I’ve come to finding my perfect earl grey creme. The bergamot in this tea is definitely toned down and is actually just a wisp of a thing. This is just fine with me because it’s present, but isn’t that sharp, bitter note that typically screams in earl grey. There is a lovely vanilla flavor that is wrapped so tightly around the tea base itself, I can’t tell where one begins! The finish is slightly astringent and it leaves your throat feeling a little bit dry, but it’s not enough to be a bother.

I’m looking forward to placing an order with Bluebird Tea Co. (probably next on my list as soon as I drink down some of my collection) and this blend will definitely find its way into my basket.

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I’m finishing up the last bit of this tea and I haven’t yet reached a decision on what I think about it. I know that when I tried this tea last, I wasn’t very impressed.. or perhaps it didn’t fit my mood. I’m sure that these next infusions will confirm what I think! I’m excited to see what they bring.

First infusion: I’m getting a very strong wood scent – not like rooibos, but something a bit darker… it sort of reminds me of a damp log with mushrooms. There is also a hint of something toasted. Sipping… hmm… It’s so complex that I actually have to sip again to realize what I’m drinking. The dry wood flavor comes first and is the strongest for me. It changes into a nice sweetness in the same way a rooibos tea has that sweet element. It’s also very smooth, finishing with an almost bitter note.

Second Infusion: The cup still has that very woody scent, but it seems to be a little bit toned down. This one has a tad bit more astringency and seems “darker” to me. The wood and sweetness are still very present.

Third Infusion: I’m tasting some nice floral notes in the background.. they sort of explode when you least expect it! The sweetness has taken over and actually finds itself in balance with a playful bitterness.

Fourth Infusion: I like the mouthfeel of this cup. It’s rather full and think. I’m tasting a little bit of something minty at the tail end of the sip. There is still that drying, bitter wood mixed with a soft sweetness.

I will update further if there are any more cups to be had. It’s time for dinner, though & now wouldn’t be the best time to taste important details of this tea. I’m happy that I had the opportunity to try this tea when it was still around. I wish that I had tasted vanilla and waffle cones, but this one reminded me mostly of sweet wood.

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drank Momoko by Lupicia
464 tasting notes

[Backlog] – I am usually a big fan of Lupicia’s fruity blends, but there was something gross about this one. The peach seemed very artificial and the floral notes made it a bit more confusing — difficult to grasp what this tea was supposed to be! It was sweet, fake, floral, grassy. I was also not a fan of the green tea base, something about it was off. I really disliked this blend and dumped the rest of the cup.

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I love blueberries and am always willing to try a blueberry tea. The dry leaf smells like yummy blueberries, but there is also a whiff of hibiscus. The blueberry is the dominant scent, so I’m not too concerned about the hibiscus taking over. I am getting a strange note of… bubblegum? I feel like this might be because of the flavoring.

Sipping… There is definitely a tart hibiscus note. For those of you that dislike hibiscus, I recommend you steer clear of this tea. It changes into a rather nice blueberry flavor — sweet. There is also something a little bready in the background, a bit like a pastry. It quickly fades, though. I don’t know how I feel about the finish. It’s got a bit of a cooling effect, almost as if there is mint in the blend. There is also something artificial about it as well. This isn’t my favorite blueberry tea, but it isn’t terrible. It might make a nice iced cup.

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What? I had this tea ages ago and I thought that I had finished it off and written tasting note. Two surprises: I found a little tuocha today in my collection AND I guess that I haven’t logged this at all.

Puerh and I have an odd relationship — sometimes it’s brilliant and a nice change from my usual cups and sometimes it’s too earthy, dirty, fishy. I never know which to expect, but I usually know right after the water has been added. Giving this cup a sniff, it’s starchy, very much like cooked, dry rice. You know the rice that is a bit dried, but not toasted? That’s what I picture with this tea. I’m surprised that it calls for a 30 second steep time. It’s like dipping your toe in the water, hardly enough time or area for a dip!

Sipping… most of the flavor comes at the very beginning of the sip. I don’t find there to be much substance as the sip fades. It’s reminiscent of rice, but there is something leafy.. almost a little dried & and hay-like in the background. I almost want a little bit more of that starchy, sweetness.. but it is quite yummy the way it is. I’m sad that Chicago Tea Garden isn’t around any more… so I’m going to have to find an alternative supplier of sticky rice tuocha. I could definitely see myself drinking more of this kind of tea in the future.

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drank Raspberry Cream by 52teas
464 tasting notes

Even though this tea interested me and I was THIS close to buying it, it didn’t officially make it into my shopping cart. Looking at my tea collection, I have SO many darn teas that I need to drink that I couldn’t justify making another purchase (unless it was a tea that I could not live without). Scheherazade shared a bit of this with me (THANK YOU!) so I will either regret or celebrate my passing up on this tea when it was on sale.

The scent of this tea is nice… a bit of a frilly raspberry, some floral note and a bit of black tea. I’m interested in seeing how this compares to other raspberry blends. Raspberry is such a lovely flavor in tea, but it has to be just right… Sipping.. a nice and light raspberry flavor that slides into into something like vanilla ice cream.. or maybe just an artificial vanilla note. I have to be looking for the creamy aspect as it’s not terribly evident. This blend leaves a strange and unpleasant aftertaste: a bit like stale tea leaves and chemicals.

I am very glad to have tried this blend and am happy I didn’t buy a whole pouch of it. I’ll certainly finish the cup, though.

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I’m finishing off the last bit of this tea that I have. It has that very familiar fruity scent that so many of these fruity blends have. It’s nearly impossible for me to separate the individual fruit from the hibiscus, but this blend seems to be a jumbled mess of hibiscus + fruits, all topped with strawberry. I don’t mind hibiscus as long as it doesn’t overwhelm all of the other flavors in the cup.

Sipping… to be honest, I don’t taste anything all that different from other fruit blends. The only thing that distinguishes this one from the others is the presence of the strawberries. The strawberries are actually very nice and sweet. The hibiscus adds a very tart note, but it doesn’t smother the other flavors. It reminds me a little bit of strawberry lemonade only without the heavy lemon. Overall, this is a nice blend for those who like strawberries. I don’t think that I will be buying any more of this tea, but it definitely made a very nice cup for the summer.

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Do you ever have those teas that you keep coming back to despite them not actually mixing well with your tastebuds? This tea and I have have a bit of a strange relationship because it was the first milk oolong I ever tried, it inspired me to try other milk oolongs and because it carries quite the high reviews and ratings. Despite all this, I haven’t been able to really taste what everyone else tastes with this tea. I have actually moved on to other milk oolongs since first trying this tea, but still… this one always creeps back up in my mind and grabs my attention and I think, “maybe THIS time I’ll make that cup everyone else has loved!” I know that tea tasting is very subjective, but with so many wonderful reviews, you would think there would be a large chance that I would follow suit. I’m not necessarily broken up about it, just curious!

Moraiwe was kind enough to share some of this tea with me in a recent swap (Thank You!) and I’m giving it another shot. Giving this tea a sniff, it seems much more like a regular green oolong than other milk oolongs I’ve had. There isn’t much of that buttery/milky scent that usually hits you in the face. Sipping… hmm… I am getting a nice milky note. It’s not as “obvious” as other teas, but it’s not bad. There is also a lovely sugary sweet finish that blossoms into something lightly floral. In the background is that leafy oolong flavor that ties everything together. Quite nice indeed! I suppose when you aren’t looking for the explicit milky notes that they slowly come out anyway.

This is a very nice oolong and if it weren’t so expensive, I would definitely add some to my collection. I don’t think it’s my favorite milk oolong, but it is one of my top oolongs to have in the cupboard now. Happy to have tried, retried and tried this tea again!

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Big thanks to Scheherazade for sharing some of this tea with me! I’ve always loved the reviews about Marco Polo, but unfortunately didn’t have the same experience. I found the black tea version to be disappointing at best. I love rooibos and knew I just had to try the rooibos version of Marco Polo!

Giving the tea a sniff… I notice the woody rooibos scent followed by a bit of berry and sweetness… quite promising! Sipping… ooh, this is lovely! I taste fruit, flowers and the rooibos all mixed up together. There is also something a bit like vanilla that adds the nicest bit of sweetness. How tasty! I wish that I had been able to detect all of these notes in the black tea version, but I actually think that given the choice, I’d still like this one more. As far as the floral note is concerned, I can’t put my finger on what it tastes like.. I’m thinking of a bunch of flower petals, to be honest. So very happy to have tasted this blend! Will definitely purchase this in the future.

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