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I’m increasing the rating on this one a little bit. It’s not the BEST green tea that I’ve ever had, but I do like vanilla & I think that this tea has a nice vanilla flavor. The green tea base isn’t bad, but it has some notes that I’m not fond of.. sometimes it’s a little bit fishy, a little bit like ocean water & a little bit grassy. These notes weave themselves throughout the cup, so they do not dominate, but pop in and out every so often. The vanilla is quite strong, not so much creamy, but more “natural” tasting. It reminds me quite a bit of vanilla extract. I should also mention that it leaves a very strong, almost unpleasant sensation that lingers in the back of your throat — sort of like what mint does.

I’m still not loving this tea enough to buy it by the ton, but it’s something that I might consider popping into my shopping basket in a future order. *I can’t seem to remember who sent me more of this in a swap — I haven’t been able to get to my message inbox to track down previous swaps… but thank you to the person who sent this to me!

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drank Turtle Cheesecake by 52teas
527 tasting notes

The past few months, I’ve been buying more 52Teas blends than I ever have. I saw so many different teas that I wanted to try! I’m coming to realize, though, that I’m disappointed with a blend probably 50% of the time. Sometimes the tea is perfect in scent, but when it comes to taste — completely lacking. One of my favorite blends was the caramel cheesecake. I’m disappointed that I didn’t buy more when it was out. This one smells promising as it reminds me of that blend. There’s a bit of cheesecake and nuts that I detect. The black tea base is not a favorite of mine and it doesn’t smell particularly alluring, but the cheesecake bumps it up a little.

Sipping… yes, this is similar to the caramel cheesecake, only not as tasty. There is quite a lot of a dryness that I think comes from the nuts. It really doesn’t leave a nice sensation in the back of the throat. I don’t taste any chocolate, but I’m honestly just here for the cheesecake. The cheesecake isn’t strong and is, once again, just a wisp.. but paired with a tiny bit of sweetness, it’s nice. Boy, that dryness is not pleasant. I’d like this blend a whole lot more without the nuts & with a nicer base.

Tea Sipper

I’ve found that many 52Teas are better at very low steep times – 35-45 seconds. I’m sure each one is better at a specific time though!


I’ll give that a try! I’ve been doing no more than 3 minutes for most of the blends.

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I feel sort of silly, buying a tea that has two ingredients that I don’t really like (ginger and cinnamon) and a tea base that is not a favorite, but drinkable. But… it’s PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE and a caffeine free version, too! I thought that it was worth a try.. but giving this tea a smell, I’m nervous. It smells a little bit sweet, a little bit tangy & up close, very heavy on the ginger and cinnamon. Uh oh. After water has been added, it smells a little bit like burning honeybush: very strong ginger and cinnamon.

Sipping…I definitely taste cinnamon and honeybush at first. The sweetness of the honeybush comes out a little bit later, but that’s really all there is. The cinnamon is not as bad as I thought it would be. It’s not like cinnamon gum or cinnamon spice, but a flavor in between the two. I’m disappointed as this blend is rather plain — no pumpkin, no cheesecake. I’ll let the rest of the pouch sit for a little while, but I doubt any more flavor will develop with time.


Thank you so much for your review. I am also not so into ginger and cinnamon and I was waiting for someone to confirm my suspicions. Now I don’t have to buy it!


No problem, Jeweledthumb! I wish that there were more pumpkin + cheesecake.. so disappointed!


All I got from this the first time I made it was the spice flavor, but then I got a bit of something closer to pumpkin cheesecake when I steeped it longer (I don’t know how long, but at least 5 or 6 minutes) while covered.

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The scent of this tea is a bit more earthy than I would like it to be. It reminds me a little bit of dirt mixed with lemon. The lemon scent isn’t at all sugary like some other lemon rooibos teas. It still seems like it will be tasty — the scent just isn’t my favorite.

Sipping… the rooibos base is nice and smooth. It doesn’t feel like dry splinters in the throat which is always a positive. The lemon is very mellow and soft. It’s a little bit too light for me, but it’s very pleasant. I wish that there was another element here.. maybe something creamy or tart? It just seems like there’s lemon and rooibos and while the two together aren’t terrible, they’re just not special. I think this would be a nice tea to be paired with a dessert, but as a dessert tea by itself, it’s not all that satisfying.


I prefer lemon chiffon from della terra….this is missing that creaminiess I like too heh

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This is a tea that I’ve been eyeing for a while. I love oolongs and one called “heritage honey” sounded so alluring! The scent of this tea is very strongly floral. Super floral oolongs make me nervous, but I’m interested to see if this floral note carries over into the taste. Sipping… oh, good! It’s not a mouthful of flowers. It actually starts out as a very smooth cup and fades quickly into a light honey flavor. So tasty! Some floral notes do come out at the end of the sip and blend very well with the honey. The honey is not terribly dark and sweet like that in a Mi Lan Dan Cong tea, but it is so nice mixed with the floral and lightly fruity notes. This is a nice alternative to the darker, roasted, fruity and strongly floral oolongs. It’s definitely a unique tea that would be a nice addition to any collection. I’ll keep this one in mind for future orders! Thank you, Nicole for sharing!

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I haven’t had this tea for a few years, according to my last tasting note of this tea. Even though I wasn’t terribly impressed with it then… I thought a nice apple cider herbal blend would be great for fall. Plus, it’s a limited edition and any fall/holiday limited edition is special to me. Sometimes I depend on herbal teas just as much as rooibos when I don’t want caffeine. Herbals are a bit more tricky with my tastebuds, though. There’s more room for certain additions that I don’t really like.

This blend smells very tasty and comforting. I definitely smell apples, cinnamon, maybe a hint of sugar — it’s quite similar to an apple pie filling without the crust. Sipping… I’m tasting a really strange sweet note that quickly turns bitter. The sweetness reminds me of that gross character that licorice has, but it isn’t as bad. What’s really strange is the bitter note.. I don’t remember this from before. It’s reminiscent of the bad, tough core of an apple — the part that you don’t really want to eat. I do taste a little bit of apple towards the end of the sip, but it’s so light that I wouldn’t really call this a cider tea. I like that it’s not overwhelmed with spices..but I’m greedy and still want more apple.

I will finish the tin of this tea and will likely rotate it with some of my other fall teas, but won’t go crazy buying more tins to last me another year.

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The scent of this tea is delicious: Chocolate and sweet potato. Sipping… a little more astringent than I expected. The astringency is consistent throughout the sip and reminds me a bit of cocoa powder. There are definitely tones of dark chocolate in this cup. Slurping brings out more of the sweet potato. It also becomes a little bit more malty, too. I also taste some kind of a soapy and toasty floral note. It’s strange because it reminds me of perfume, but the toasty element is what keeps it from becoming too strong.

This is a tasty cup and I will certainly finish the rest of the pouch that I have, but it’s not my favorite black tea from Verdant.


Try this in a gaiwan if you didn’t at first. I like this tea with evaporated milk to bring out the cocoa potato flavor. Sometimes the right addition changes everything.


Bonnie, will definitely give it a go! I usually have better luck with Verdant brewing western style.. but I’m excited to try this tea in a gaiwan! :)

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The dry leaf of this tea smells like bananas and alcohol. The bananas smell very ripe and ready to be made into banana bread. I’m very happy that it smells more natural than banana candies.

Sipping… hm, this is a nice blend of banana, coconut and black tea. I’m not getting very much pudding. This tea tastes more like the individual ingredients instead of a nice blend. Actually, the more I sip, the more I realize that the flavors are not all that strong. I have a feeling that if I add milk, that the banana and coconut will be even more soft. I might try to experiment with a few more cups, but otherwise, not thrilled with this one.

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This tea’s scent reminds me a little bit of DavidsTeas pumpkin chai. They both smell like a pumpkin candle: pumpkin and spices.

Sipping… hm.. this tastes a little watered down, but I do like the pumpkin and spices. The pumpkin is cozy and soft. It’s not very much like pumpkin PIE, but more of cooked plain pumpkin. The tea base isn’t all that impressive, but I don’t mind since I’m just here for the pumpkin! To me, this is quite similar to DavidsTea, but lacks the spicy cinnamon bite.
I would say that this tea is decent, but not enough to make me scramble for more.

Next time, I think I’ll add more leaf for a stronger cup and possibly add some sugar or milk to see if I can draw out some pie flavor.


I had this one today for the first time and I feel the same way. Not really pumpkin pie, kinda watered down pumpkin spice. I was going to try it again overleafed with milk and agave tomorrow and hope for better results!


If you do end up trying it tomorrow, let me know if you like it better with milk and agave!

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[Backlog] – I didn’t find this blend to be all that different from other rooibos blends from Della Terra. It had a bit of that maple flavor, but not a whole lot of cotton candy. The sprinkles were a nice touch, but that’s really all I enjoyed about this tea.

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