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You know, I’d say that I’m a fan of The Republic of Tea. I probably wouldn’t choose one of their teas over some of my favorites, but there are a few teas from The Republic of Tea that I like to keep in rotation. These teas also have nice memories attached to them… so I figure I’ll keep a few tins around. The scent of this tea is of lemon and herbs — a bit like lemon myrtle, but with a touch of sweetness.

Sipping… I taste a grassy sort of lemon. It’s not a tart kind of lemon, but more of a flat and generic lemon flavor with green rooibos in the background. The vanilla and coconut combine with the lemon at the end of the sip. Even though I cannot distinguish each individual flavor, they strangely come together to create something like a plain lemon loaf. It does lack a creamy element and reminds me a little bit of a chlorinated swimming pool. It’s not a bad cup of tea, but there are better lemony dessert teas out there.


interesting, I haven’t seen this one hit the stores yet


I dunno, anything that reminds you in the least bit of a chlorinated swimming pool doesn’t sound like it can be all that good…


Amy oh- I found this one online! :)
Kaylee- it isn’t as bad as it sounds.. For some reason, I just get that association with this tea.. I still wouldn’t want to drink pool water, though!

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We had our first snow of the season this morning! It was just a light dusting that quickly melted & the rain has taken over a little bit now, but still.. SNOW! I suppose I’m ready for the cold weather — more time to stay inside and drink tea.
The scent of this tea is sweet and mild. There is a slight earthy tone, but it doesn’t overwhelm the cup. There is also something savory in the background, but I can’t seem to put my finger on what it reminds me of.

Sipping… the first thing I notice are the woody, mineral notes. I definitely taste a bit of apricot — more like a dried apricot than apricot jam. There is a hint of sweet astringency at the tail end, but it’s rather nice. I almost wish that there could be more sweetness because I think it would take the cup to another level.

This is a nice tea, but a little too mild for my tastebuds.


Whoa. That is early snow!

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This tea smells a little bit like chocolate, but you have to really search for it. I mostly smell the rooibos and something that smells like the upside down cake flavoring.

Sipping… I’m not getting much flavor from this blend. Yes, I taste the rooibos, but there isn’t a ton of chocolate flavor here. The finish tastes just like the upside down rooibos only weaker. It also leaves a very bad artificial taste in my mouth.

I really didn’t like this one as much as I wanted to. I’m all about the sprinkles and chocolates in tea, but this one was gross.

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Thanks to kimquat for a sample of this tea! It’s been on my shopping list for ages and I’m lucky to have a chance to try it. This tea smells quite strongly of sweet rooibos and apples.

Sipping… ahh.. there is the pear! It’s sweet and juicy — very much like pear jellybeans. It’s bordering on the artificial side, but still enjoyable. The rooibos base is unfortunately the worst part of this blend. It abruptly ends the pear flavor and leaves you with a dry, woody aftertaste. I am a huge rooibos fan, but can’t really deal with the artificial pear & harsh rooibos pairing. The more I sip, the more cloying the flavors become… just can’t finish the cup. I usually like Art of Tea blends, but this one isn’t for me.

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When I saw this tea pop up on Butiki’s website… well, let’s just say my wallet is a little more empty! Pumpkin + creamy milkshake sound so perfect together. It’s a dreamy, wonderful match. When I opened the pouch, I was surprised to be smelling spices — a bit like cinnamon gum. I was expecting more vanilla and pumpkin instead.

The spices are a little more toned down once water has been added, but I taste cinnamon first. The mouthfeel is quite creamy which is nice, but I’m not tasting a whole lot of pumpkin. What’s interesting is that there is just a tiny bit of something creamy at the tail end of the sip, but I wouldn’t have noticed it had I not been looking. I suppose the creaminess paired with the spices gives the illusion of pumpkin, but I want more — pumpkin, vanilla, milk – all frothed up in a blender! Even with some added sugar, this tea just doesn’t have the flavor I want. Really bummed as I thought that this would be my favorite fall tea!

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Rose is another one of those flavors that has to be perfectly right for me or else it can remind me of perfume and give me a headache. I have hopes that roses paired with something creamy will bring down the sometimes overwhelming contribution that roses can bring to a cup of tea. The blend is gorgeous! Lovely little rose buds and beautiful white tea leaves.

Sipping… mmm.. this is very nice. I definitely taste the white tea – it’s sweet and buttery. The roses are there, but they’re actually in the background as a floral wisp. The roses and the white tea are all wrapped up in a smooth, somewhat milky note. The finish does remind me a little bit of a bubbly champagne in that it makes your tongue tingle a little. This is a delicious tea that would be perfect for a special occasion. It’s also so mellow that it’s great for those times when you need something with just a hint of flavor.

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This tea smells like the perfect, smooth combination of honeybush and root beer.. pretty incredible! I didn’t think it was possible to recreate something so unique as root beer in something like tea, but the scent of this tea has changed my belief!

Sipping… I’m getting almost a carbonated bite from the root beer flavor. The root beer fades into a honeybush finish. I’m actually glad that the honeybush isn’t too prominent and that it’s mostly covered up by the root beer. I’m also pleased that the root beer isn’t too spicy. Still not too much ice cream flavor here.. my favorite part of a root beer float, but I’m still so happy that this tea can be so spot on as far as a root beer soda flavor is concerned. Wish that there was more creamy vanilla ice cream flavor, but this made a very enjoyable cup this evening.

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When I heard that there would be a caffeine-free version of the Brioche tea, I became very excited! I have enjoyed the original and knew that I would like the ability to drink it in the evening. For some reason, I thought that it would be a caffeine-free black tea brioche blend, so I was surprised to see that it’s completely herbal. The dry blend smells identical to DavidsTeas’ Forever Nuts.

It looks like they have the same ingredients: apple pieces, beetroot, almonds and cinnamon… perhaps in different amounts. Darn, I feel like I know what this is going to taste like even before sipping. Still, I am very much a fan of Forever Nuts, but can’t buy it regularly as I need quite a bit of the blend to make a tasty cup… and simply don’t find it to be a good value. That being said, it looks like this version from American Tea Room is slightly.. and I mean ever-so-slightly cheaper.

I used about two teaspoons for an 8 oz cup.. which makes the whole sample good for about two cups of tea. Sipping… yep. It’s Forever Nuts, though perhaps not as tart and with a better aftertaste. Sweet, a tiny bit tart, with nice touch of cinnamon. Yummy! I definitely prefer this blend to Forever Nuts. I can see myself adding a pouch of this to my next order if I can get beyond the large (and therefore pricey) amount of blend I have to use for each cup.


Thanks for the review! Less likely to get this one now since caffeine doesn’t bother me


I’ve been waiting to see reviews of this one, thanks!

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drank Bourbon Vanilla by Kusmi Tea
527 tasting notes

This tea is interesting. There is something in the background that reminds me of licorice. As I keep sipping, I taste more of the black tea base which actually resembles cardboard…? I can remember trying the Caramel blend from Kusmi and not being too crazy about the base. The vanilla is there, but seems like it’s more of an accent of the cardboard. The spicy licorice note is still very present, so I can’t really enjoy the cup. I’m happy to have tried this tea, though. Thank you so much, Nicole, for sharing!


I hate when black tea bases resemble cardboard :( So much nicer when they contribute tasty flavours to the tea.


Agreed! I’ve really only experienced two different teas that have had an explicit cardboard taste. Really wanted to like this one!

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I popped this tea into my shopping cart when I saw that it was made with a rooibos base. Even though I didn’t enjoy the black tea version all that much, it seems like it would have better luck with my tastebuds simply by changing the base! The scent of this tea reminds me of DavidsTeas’ Birthday Cake rooibos. They both have a relatively heavy maple syrup scent. I have to admit that the maple syrup scent is my least favorite part of the Birthday Cake blend simply because I’m looking for cake, not something with maple (although there is always a time and place for maple!)

Sipping… ooh, I like this one so much more than the black tea version. There isn’t a whole lot of pineapple upside down cake flavor — more of a generalized starchy sweetness. I actually don’t think I’d identify this flavor as being cake, but as something “desserty”. I know I’m not being all that specific, but that’s what this tea is like to me. Slurping brings out more of the fruity aspects of the dessert — again, not really specific for cherries or pineapple, but it adds a nice layer on top of the cake. There is a little bit of maple syrup still in the background which actually makes this tea taste a bit like pancakes. Not a bad thing… I LOVE pancakes!

This has now taken the first spot as my favorite tea from Della Terra. It’s not amazing, but makes a decent cup. I had to lower the rating on the Blueberry Crumble blend since it doesn’t taste all that great to me anymore. I’d recommend this tea to anyone who loves rooibos and enjoyed the original version of this tea.

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