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I really like this combination of plantain, coconut and green rooibos. I enjoy green rooibos, but don’t have many blends that feature it. The scent of this tea is of sweet plantain. It reminds me a little bit of banana baby food — mushy, creamy, strangely comforting. Sipping… there is a very nice balance of plantain and coconut here. The coconut adds a rather tangy note to the otherwise sweet and starchy plantain. The rooibos gives the cup a lovely freshness.

I’ve noticed that I have to be in the mood for this particular blend, but it’s delicious & really hits the spot when I do drink it.


Sounds interesting, like a pina colada minus the pina! Lupicia’s Golden Honey Dew is a green rooibos too.


Dustin- It’s definitely very tasty! I would give this one a try if the components sound like something you’d like. I had been wanting to try the honeydew from Lupicia, but they’re all out of stock!

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The dry leaf is so pretty! Thin black and gold strands – just lovely! It makes a beautifully dark, red-tinted cup. Sipping… I taste hay, sourdough bread and a tiny bit of dark chocolate. Not a whole lot of caramel here, but it’s smooth and sweet. I wish that I could taste more of that caramel as it would add another tasty dimension to the cup, but it is still very delicious.

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I pulled this teabag out of one of the traveling tea boxes and I’m actually glad that I remembered! I have a bad stomach ache tonight and need something soothing. I actually don’t have an herbal blend for these times, but I really should. I guess the herbs that are typically in those ‘tummy blends’ don’t appeal to me so I haven’t invested much time in finding a solid blend that will do the job and taste good.

This one is reasonably soft for the amount of herbs that are in it. It reminds me of Sleepytime tea without the strong minty note. To be honest, all of the flavors sort of mush together and shout together, “WE’RE HERBAL!” I like to think that it’s settling my stomach and before I know it, the cup is gone. This is a rather pleasant herbal blend for this evening — nothing too sharp or strong. I’m still on the search for a tasty tummy blend, but this was nice tonight!

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I’ve really been enjoying this tea ever since I introduced it to my tea collection. This tea is delicious. It has this lovely layers that fold away as you sip: plum, cream, oolong, a hint of spice. I’m very happy that I gave this one a try as it’s now a permanent tea in my own collection.

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This one smells very interesting. It’s a blend of rooibos, raw pumpkin (almost like it’s been recently scraped out) and spices. The combination doesn’t sound that bad, but it sure does create a rather stinky scent.

Sipping… well, not as bad as I thought it would be. The rooibos and the spices come together quite well. It reminds me a bit of a spice cookie. I detect a little bit of something fruity, but it’s mostly a mystery fruit, nothing specific. There isn’t any pumpkin in sight, but the cup is still tasty. I also like the creamy bit that comes at the end of the sip. It seems to come from the rooibos, almost as if it were a vanilla rooibos base.

I think that pumpkin pie must be a very difficult flavor to create in tea form. I haven’t found a tea blend that has been able to accurately bring that creamy, buttery pumpkin PIE flavor to a cup. The blends have either been too heavy on the spice, strange and without anything resembling pumpkin pie. I’ll continue the hunt, but I’ve lost some faith in finding that perfect pumpkin pie tea.


I find most pumpkin teas fail to deliver on the pumpkin pie promise as well. I think most rely too much on the spices to carry the association of pumpkin. I’m also noticing when I cook with pumpkin that it is a very delicate flavor that is easily overtaken by other flavors, and am guessing that plays into the difficulty of showcasing it in a tea.


Dustin, I agree! A majority of the pumpkin pie blends that I’ve had are just pumpkin pie spices. I’ll keep my eye out for other pumpkin pie blends.. haven’t given up yet!

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I bought a tin of this tea the other day as it was 50% off. I get sucked into sales so easily! This is a tasty rooibos blend — at least I remember it being one when I had it this past fall. The scent of the dry leaf is very much like an apple Jolly Rancher candy with a bit of rooibos in the background. As strange as that combination sounds, it actually works.

After water has been added, the rooibos and caramel dominate the scent and the apple fades a bit. Sipping… everything is present here: the apple (slightly artificial), the rooibos and something creamy (I’m assuming this is the caramel). The apple is most like a Granny Smith to me as it’s more tart than sweet. The rooibos is definitely prominent, so if you aren’t a fan of rooibos, I would suggest you stay away from this blend. The caramel isn’t explicitly caramel, but is a generalized creamy note that pairs itself with the rooibos base. I’m increasing the rating for this one because it’s tasty and unique!

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I was really pleased to see that this was included in the twelve teas of Christmas sampler. I love everything related to sugar plums, so a tea is just perfect! The scent of the dry leaf doesn’t offer all that much – white tea, a hint of something fruity. After it’s steeped, it loses almost all of its fruity character and smells strongly of the white tea base.

Sipping…I taste a bit of fruit first .. not sure if I would call this plum? Next come some spices which I actually couldn’t identify at first. For some reason, I was thinking that this would be only sugared fruit, but there are some mysterious spices here. My tongue can’t tell what they are (cinnamon?), but they add a nice dimension to the fruit. I taste the buttery white tea last which brings a rather nice finish to the cup. Everything is wrapped in a lingering sweetness which contributes to the sugar part of the sugar plum. Overall, this is a creative cup of tea. The issue I have is that there is some unpleasant flavor that I taste with each sip. It’s a bit like a film that lingers in your mouth after chewing stale cinnamon gum for hours. I think I would like this tea more without that note because it really does spoil the cup, unfortunately.

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drank Green Caramel by Tea Guys
582 tasting notes

This tea smells of coffee, kukicha and toasted rice. I feel like I’ve smelled this before in other green tea blends, so I’m almost expecting this to taste familiar. Sipping… this is a very smooth and sweet green tea. It actually reminds me of marshmallow treat genmaicha, only less toasty. I don’t really taste caramel or burnt sugar, but a soothing and sweet green tea. Nothing is overwhelming or unbalanced. The flavors of this blend are in harmony, but they’re not that special. I wish that there were more caramel, but it is a quietly soothing cup for this evening.

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drank Fig Rose by Teavana
582 tasting notes

I’m not a big Teavana tea drinker and I much prefer shopping online instead of in store. That being said, I saw that there was a sale going on and took a peek at some of the available teas. Usually after dinner, I crave fruity and tart teas. I have quite a few herbal blends (mostly rooibos and sweet or creamy desserty ones), but not ones that are fruit-based. The scent of this tea right out of this bag was of mostly alcohol. It was a very strong, almost alarming smell, but the fruits came through a bit more and covered it up a little.

After the tea has steeped, I wouldn’t say that I smell a whole lot of fig or rose, but mostly strawberry! It is a cakey kind of strawberry — almost like a strawberry shortcake? It reminds me of something from my childhood that I just can’t put my finger on.. but it’s pleasant and sweet, a bit nursery-like.

Sipping… huh, I thought that this would have more defined flavors, but it really just seems like a mess of dried fruit leaning toward the strawberryesque. I do taste the more generalized sweet and tart characters than anything specific, but it’s okay with me. The finish is sweet and faintly reminds me of powdered sugar. There isn’t enough of it to push it into the dessert realm.. it’s really just a whisper.

I don’t know if I would purchase this again, but I will finish what I have. I think this will be a decent choice to have in my collection.

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drank Peach Melba by Lupicia
582 tasting notes

I received this a while ago, but haven’t written a tasting note until now. Lupicia does peach flavor so well and I love rooibos so I thought that this would be a nice blend. It smells strongly of an almost-medicinal rooibos and an almost-artificial peach flavor. The peach, while on the verge of being fake, has some depth to it — it smells tart, sweet and juicy all at once. A delight!

Sipping… Hmm.. this is not so nice. It has a very artificial quality to it — both in the rooibos base and in the peach flavor. I’m not getting much beyond the rooibos and the peach, which is unfortunate because this tea is peach melba (!) not just peach rooibos. It’s a smooth cup and leaves a little bit of a creamy aftertaste, but it’s otherwise not all that pleasant. Thanks to Azzrian for sharing this tea with me!

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