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The scent of this tea is pure creamy banana. I can’t really smell much of the oolong, but I’ll be honest and say that I’m just here for that banana and butterscotch.

Sipping… oh this makes me sad that I can’t buy more. It’s such a perfect creamy banana tea! The walnut adds a bit of coarse starchiness to the background reminding me of a banana bread. I don’t really taste the butterscotch, but I think I’m finding it in the tea’s smooth and soft character. The banana is beautiful and natural. I love the oolong base and the way it adds just a hint of that green leafy flavor to the cup. Everything blends together so well.. it’s just perfect!


Yum! Do you like this more than Foxy Roxy’s?


Fjellrev – They are both so delicious.. it’d be hard to pick a favorite. I haven’t had Foxy Roxy’s in a while, but this one is fitting my mood lately. Both are yummy!


RIP delicious Butiki banana blends :(

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drank Strawberries and Cream by T2
602 tasting notes

This one is such a disappointment.. I thought that it would be delicious – creamy, sweet and juicy. What I taste is that general fruity taste that so many of these blends have… not really anything specific, but more of a mix of hibiscus with just a hint of random fruits. I was really hoping for strawberries and cream, but it was mostly hibiscus with a tiny bit of sweetness.

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drank Vanilla Cacao by Tisano
602 tasting notes

I’ve been wanting to try this tea for the longest time, but never got around to buying a tin. I’m having a very big craving for hot chocolate, but not the additional calories… so onto this blend! I’m surprised to see that a majority of the blend is cacao shells.. for some reason I was expecting there to be more rooibos with just a few shells thrown in.

Sipping… mmm a rich, dark chocolate flavor with a touch of vanilla. The cacao is obviously the main flavor – not creamy like a milk chocolate, but richer and deeper. The vanilla is nice, but reminds me quite a bit of vanilla extract in that it has a note that resembles alcohol. I wish it wasn’t so sharp, but could be a bit more creamy. It would be so nice with the cacao!

The rooibos is somewhat hidden and mostly adds a dry, woody element. As much as I love rooibos, I think that it doesn’t contribute a whole lot to the cup. I’m glad that I finally tried this blend and will definitely enjoy the rest of it.

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Hmm.. I am still searching for a lovely creamy strawberry rooibos/honeybush, but I haven’t found one that I truly love. This one isn’t bad, but it is stronger on the rooibos and you really have to search for the strawberry. I don’t see why this is called “Strawberry Cream” as the cream isn’t present at all. I will finish up what I have, but I wish that it had more of a strawberry cream flavor. For me, it’s a simple rooibos with a faint strawberry note.


my cup
keemun mao feng perfect malty and has the taste and smell of fresh bread


this is not an item for this site

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This one smells very much like other coconut teas I’ve had before.. creamy & sweet. I’m really excited to try this one, though.

Sipping… I’m glad that this tea is a bit more unique than I was expecting. The coconut seems brighter, fresher and with floral character. For me, it also lacks the strong sour note that I often find in coconut teas.. it’s incredibly faint and I only notice it if I really search for it. The tea base blends very well with the coconut and doesn’t get in the way of the soft and creamy coconut.

This was a nice cup to have this evening, but I think I’ll need to be craving coconut before I have another cup.


You make this sound quite appealing!

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This is my first tea from A&D — I remember having had a sample of the Carävan blend years ago but never getting around to trying it. I’m excited to try this one as it’s advertised as being great with cookies! Although I don’t have a cookie here in front of me, I do have some cooling at the moment.

The scent of this tea smells really tasty… I detect hints of lemon and milk. It reminds me a bit of a solid breakfast blend with additions added by the drinker. Sipping… mmm I love how smooth this tea is.. It has floral and citrus layers and notes of milk. Delicious!

I’m happy to have grabbed a tin before it was discontinued.

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I’ve had this tea a few times and I finally feel like I can write a tasting note about it. For some reason, I’ve had to have a few cups of it to fully form an opinion. I was excited to try this cup as it sounded really delicious – chocolate, vanilla, a nice quality tea base.

Sipping… this tea is tasty – vanilla with light chocolate notes. Despite the strong vanilla flavor, this tea is a little too thin for me. I want a stronger tea base to lend a deeper chocolate note because I’m really just tasting a wispy sort of vanilla with nothing behind it. The vanilla is very nice, don’t get me wrong, but it really needs something more.

I wouldn’t turn down a cup, but there are other teas with a similar profile that I enjoy more. If you’re looking for a vanilla tea with nothing to get in the way, I would pick this up!


Did you use the teaspoon measurement or did you weigh the tea out? I just made some and realised that the teaspoon measurement on the label is off. One teaspoon will give you only 2.5 grams! If you weighed the tea out I beg your pardon. If you have not weighed the tea out try two teaspoons and see if this makes a difference. If it does great, if it doesn’t it doesn’t and I’m sorry and sad you didn’t enjoy our tea.

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The leaves are so pretty! Thin, soft, black with bits of gold. I love it when a tea tastes great, but looks pretty as well.

Sipping… I’m getting earth, raisins, sugar and smoke. What I’m really enjoying about this tea is that it has so many different flavor notes going on. When I think I taste smoke, the sugar comes in and steals the show.. only to have earth, dirt and leather show up. It’s pretty neat that a cup of tea can have so many layers!

While this isn’t my favorite from Teavivre, it is so unique & I can see why so many love it. Many thanks to Angel!

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I thought the melon and espresso combination sounded interesting, so into the cart it went! It’s not a bad tea at all, but I was expecting a little more. All of the flavors were there.. a light melon & a touch of espresso, but I’d love for there to be a bit more. It’s strange because I taste everything I’m supposed to, but still want something perhaps a bit brighter or stronger. I’m not sure if I’m fully describing everything well.. Glad that I gave this tea a try, though.

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I was going to have this tea the other night, but I fell asleep after I made my cup.. so no apple strudel for me! Tonight I’m giving it another try and hopefully I’ll sip before I fall asleep!

The scent of this tea reminds me a little bit of stewed apples. I love this smell and it weirdly brings back memories for me. Sipping… the start of the sip starts out not tasting like much.. perhaps a little bit of a watery rooibos? I taste a bit of sweet, stewed apple next. The finish is where the cinnamon pops a bit more. I really love that the cinnamon isn’t spicy, but adds that lovely sweetness you’d get on top of an apple crumble or a baked apple. The combination of the two is spot on! I’m missing out on the pastry bit of the blend, but the apple-cinnamon combination is tasty enough to appease me.

I can see myself ordering more of this in the future since it’s different from any other apple or rooibos blend in my collection. Happy to have tried this one!

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