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First Steep: I am really loving the overwhelming sweetness. It’s floral, but does have a marshmallow-like quality. There is something fluffy, plush and soft about the flavor. I think this is the sweetest oolong I’ve tasted so far. Really delicious!

Second Steep: More floral and less of that marshmallow sweetness. Yes, it’s still tasty and sweet, but the flavor is dancing much more around flowers than anything else.

I would continue, but it’s time for food! I will update later with my thoughts on future infusions of this tea. For now, I am very happy with this tea and would honestly drink cup after cup of that first steep.

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This tea is so strange! It’s almost a little too strange.. to the point where I want to stop drinking, but can’t. It’s very difficult to describe. There is a definitely hearty sensation that I’m getting, but the floral component adds a delicate touch. The taste is a bit like savory millet mixed with stinky jasmine flowers and a honeysuckle finish. The end of the sip is sweet, but only just enough to leave your mouth intrigued. I’m glad that I got to try this tea and it’s likely the most unique blend I’ve had so far! Thank you to Amy Oh for a sample!

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I have enjoyed what little tea I have tried from Canton Tea Co, so I was so excited to try this tea when Melanie included this in a swap. Thank you! I detect primarily floral notes. It’s a tiny bit astringent, but I think that helps to bring out the faint tart & fruit flavors. What I like most about this tea is the sweet finish. It takes a few seconds for it to develop on your tongue, but it definitely lingers and calls you back for another sip. This is a very solid and enjoyable oolong.

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Oh, my stomach is killing me tonight. Too much of a yummy dinner! I turn to this tea because it’s gentle and has ginger and lemon. I must say that if I didn’t “need” this tea that it wouldn’t be my first choice. It’s a bit plain with not a lot of lemon flavor. I’m not the biggest fan of ginger, but find myself drinking it to help my stomach. There is something about that sweet ginger flavor that I don’t like. There is also a strange stale note in this tea — it doesn’t seem to be the freshest tea I’ve had. Off to rest my upset tummy.. oye.


I thought this was icky myself….


Yeah, definitely not my first pick!

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drank Milk Oolong by thepuriTea
591 tasting notes

My last cup of this and I am all out! I would be rushing over to purchase more, but their shipping is so darn expensive. I will probably end up caving and buying more anyway because I will miss this tea dearly. Tonight’s cup wasn’t as good as the others, but I honestly used what very little remained in the bag.

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drank Milk Oolong by thepuriTea
591 tasting notes

I am finishing up my two main projects for the end of the semester. My nerves are going a bit crazy thinking about my 15 minute presentation tomorrow. I had a cup of this tea tonight because I just needed something tasty, smooth and settling. So far, this is the best cup I’ve made of this tea! It’s smooth, rich, buttery, peachy and quite sweet! I really love this tea and will definitely be getting more when I finish the scant leaves I have left! So good, so delightful & so very comforting.


Good luck on your final projects! I know the feeling, although I’m done University now.. I miss it yet I remember the nerves and crazy feelings too :)

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drank Zealong Pure by Tula Teas
591 tasting notes

This tea has really grown on me. I love the nice yellow color – it cheers me every time! The sip is buttery, a bit floral and mostly like mild green veggies. There is definitely a clean, bright finish to the tea which actually leaves my mouth watering. I look forward to trying other types of Zealong tea in the future! Yum!

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I love the name of this oolong. It sounds delicious!

First Infusion: Lightly buttery, clean & fresh. Very smooth, not astringent in the slightest.

Second Infusion: Stronger butter scent. Floral notes are definitely coming through now. Not as smooth as the first infusion. Flavors are more floral and with a little bit of bite.

Third Infusion: Still a bit astringent. The dominate flavor is of flowers, but with something like buttered greens in the background. Quite tasty!

I am going to stop steeping now, only because dinner is on the way. This is a very fresh and clean tasting oolong with nice floral flavors. I prefer a bit more milky/buttery notes in my oolongs, but drinking this tea gets me in the mood for spring!


I do love this Oolong. One of the very best Alishan Oolong Teas I’ve ever tried.

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I very much like this tea – it’s creamy, smooth and silky. There is a strong vegetal taste, mixed with mineral and nutty notes. I’m reminded a bit of apple skins and very diluted milk. The floral component hides in the back of the sip and peeks out towards the end. This is a very tasty oolong! Thank you to Teavivre for a sample! I will be adding more of this to my next order.

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This tea smells grassy, nutty and strangely, a little bit like cigarette smoke. It’s smooth and grassy in flavor. I wish I tasted more of the milky note the description mentions. I’m always after that milky taste in teas!

I don’t think there is anything very unique or special about this tea, but it’s a nice end to the day, especially after having so many Easter treats!

Thank you to Tommy the Toad for a sample.

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