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Hey! It’s my 111th tasting note! Onto the tea review… Despite being exhausted from work today, I took a trip downtown to grab a cup of this tea. I couldn’t find a parking spot to save my life and ended up risking a parking ticket while I went into the cafe (the only cafe around here that serves this tea). It makes a pretty golden cup of tea and the leaves expand tremendously. The taste is of oolong tea (somewhat astringent!) with a floral note and a hint of something that desperately wants to be milk or cream. If I try not to concentrate too much.. I almost, ALMOST get a scrap of smoothness that could be interpreted as the milky quality. It’s not bad.. but there should be a bit MORE of that sweet cream taste. I’m looking forward to trying other milk oolongs out there and don’t think this one is the very best.

aisling of tea

I’ve heard nothing but bad things about The Republic of Tea. Wait until you try the Milk Oolong from DT that I’m sending you. You’ll be in love.


I cannot WAIT for DT’s Milk Oolong. Seriously! I am so very excited.
I don’t mind The Republic of Tea’s Good Hope Vanilla Rooibos, but I have to say that I’m not super crazy about their teas.

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drank Grape Oolong by Butiki Teas
537 tasting notes

The dry leaf of this tea is really pretty cute. Small, tightly curled leaves and a very overwhelming scent of grape. This grape reminds me of the grape in some candies (and even some medicines). As it steeps, the oolong steps to the front and mingles with the grape scent. Sipping.. I’m very impressed with the flavor. A nice sweet grape (I’m thinking purple grapes) wrapped around oolong. Delicious! No one flavor, to me at least, overpowers the other. I am really enjoying the earthy flavor of the oolong and the smooth sweetness of the grape. Thank you Stacy for a very tasty drink!

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I love rooibos and I love creamy dessert teas. I also enjoy a bit of fruit in them from time to time! Today I am sampling this tea and I am so glad I did! This smelled to me, like Joy’s Teaspoon’s Lemon Zest and Praise Tea’s Roo Lemon Pie. I honestly am not able to taste a large difference between all of these teas. HOWEVER, I did notice a smoother finish and swallow with Butiki Teas’ blend. For that, it does get a higher rating from me. Smooth, lemon dessert tea! This is my favorite Butiki blend (so far) and I must thank Stacy once again!

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Despite the shorter steep time, this makes a very dark cup of tea! The smell of the dry leaf reminds me very much of SpecialTeas’ almond cookie (another one of my favorites). While the scent is beautiful and very yummy, the taste is not as strong on the almond/cookie flavor. My tongue detects more of the tea base than the additional flavors. The flavor does not have the same doughy/bakery flavor that SpecialTeas’ blend has. It is a good cup, but I prefer my teas to be heavier on the flavor and lighter on the base. Thank you, Stacy!

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Steeping this tea, I smelled TeasEtc.‘s coconut custard. Yes, my beloved coconut custard rooibos blend. If I were blindfolded and had a side-by-side comparison, I don’t believe that I could tell the difference. The taste is almost identical to coconut custard except maybe with a little bit more of that rooibos woodsy taste. I don’t think that I’m getting a creamy aspect, but I am enjoying this just as much as coconut custard. Really, very good! Thank you so much to Stacy for this delicious treat!

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This tea is interesting. At first I thought that it had that gross liquor smell that a lot of these rooibos blends have, but then I realized that it was almost a bit minty! This is a smooth cup with a very nice sweetness. I’m not very fond of mint which is what ruins it for me, but I think this would be a great cup for someone who likes chocolate/mint together. I’m not even sure if it contains mint, but that’s what my tongue is tasting in tonight’s steep. Many thanks to Brandy for a sample!

Paul M Tracy

A lot of rooibos have a minty flavor for me. I think it’s their high phenolic content including methyl salicylate which is a primary component of wintergreen.

Paul M Tracy

Sorry, I should have included a “chemistry geek alert” with that last comment.

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I’m having a hot cup of this tea tonight. It’s a simple green tea with the slightest hint of sweet blueberry. This tea is very sensitive to being over-steeped and can be bitter even under a watchful eye.

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I like Sleepytime tea, mainly for the memories of when I had it has a child. The idea of the mint flavor being calmed by an addition of vanilla sounded VERY appealing! The first few sips were quite good! Sweet vanilla with the traditional Sleepytime scent in the background. As I got through the cup, I started to get a strange almost rubber flavor? I’ll assume that it was the vanilla flavor mixing with the mint or chamomile. I might give this one another try to see if maybe it was just a bad cup. Thank you Brandy for a few of these bags to sample!

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The description of this tea makes it sound beyond yummy. I made a cup today after classes and I didn’t taste cherry, cheesecake, caramel or any creamy aspect. Maybe my taste buds are broken since I seem unable to taste many of the notes others have tasted in teas. The black tea was quite robust and had a good, strong taste. There was also a sweetness (which I’ll assume is the cherries, cheesecake and caramel) that makes this quite drinkable without any additions. This is an okay cup of tea. I wish that the dessert flavors were stronger and more defined!

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drank Red Velvet by SerendipiTea
537 tasting notes

I. love. this. tea.
This is the ultimate dessert tea, in my opinion. The raspberry is perfectly sweet and tart. The first sip tonight tasted like vanilla ice cream with a hint of berry. So delicious!

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