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So far this is my favorite milk oolong tea that I have tried. I’ve sampled DAVIDsTEA, Holy Mountain, American Tea Room, The Republic of Tea and ThePuriTea milk oolongs. The leaf of this tea is quite large, even in its rolled form. The scent is of vegetables with a light spray of milk. Once steeped, the cup is very floral and I’m detecting honey notes as well. The scent lacks the buttery tones that I’ve found in other milk oolongs. There isn’t a sense of thick, rich milk, but this cup is brilliant. Even though I’m looking for creamier and richer notes, the honey sweetness mixed with the smooth floral flavors make for a very enjoyable cup. I will be sad when this is gone, but will look forward to my next milk oolongs.

190 °F / 87 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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My friend and I love drinking tea together. While we share similar tastes, we often have differing views on certain blends. I gave her a couple of teas I wasn’t crazy about and she gave me one of these bags to try. In her words, this tea “tastes like dirt. It’s terrible.” Looking at these other reviews, I can see that she’s not alone! The scent is mostly rooibos (not terribly woody in my opinion) with a hint of something fruity (think Creme Brulee from DAVIDsTEA). Nectar is a very appropriate word to describe this scent. As for the taste, the wood notes are most prominent. There is a fruity bit, but it is quickly smothered by the rooibos. I was expecting something far worse, but it’s actually not that bad. The finish is terrible, however. It almost feels like you are swallowing small wood chips (sounds appealing, I know). I’m glad to have tried this tea and I will finish the cup, but won’t purchase in the future.

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I’ve noticed that Tea Forte teas smell absolutely amazing. This tea was screaming to be iced, so that’s what I did! The strongest notes are citrus and mint. It’s refreshing, but I feel like there are far too many flavors going on. Tea Forte makes nice teas, but they seem like they are trying too hard to be sophisticated with all of their blends. My mouth gets confused with the mint, the citrus and some other flavor I can’t identify. It’s interesting, but not something that I would purchase. Thank you very much to Ottawa Tea for a sample!

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The apricot scent is spot on through the dry tea bags. The peach is a nice pairing, but the apricot is most noticeable. I’m having a cup of this iced today. Brewed, I find that the tea base is prominent and the fruit flavor comes at the end. The fruity finish is of true fruit, nothing artificial, which is quite nice. I only wish it were stronger! I think that this would be rather nice with sugar, but I don’t typically sweeten my tea. Overall, a decent & simple iced tea. Nothing superb or unique about it.

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I’m increasing the rating of this tea since my first try. I’ve tried this tea with boiling water and water at around 195-200 degrees. I’m liking the boiled version better. No matter how long I steep it, though, I do get a very drying sensation in my mouth from the black tea (From 3 minutes to 3 & 1/2 to 4). I don’t sense any kind of creamy texture or taste. I wish I did! How is everyone else getting this rich creaminess?
The vanilla tastes like it’s of good quality and adds a nice sweetness, but it’s the tea base that confuses me. It’s almost thin with a kind of coppery tinge. I really don’t know if I should buy a tin of this (even though I don’t love it) because I love that it’s decaffeinated — black tea at night! [ Any suggestions for awesome flavored desserty decaf teas are welcome! ]

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

I use milk and sugar with this. I haven’t met a decaf I like without it.


Are you using tea sachets or loose? If sachets, make it in a small 8oz cup, boiling water, for 4 min. I didn’t think it was great (using sachets) until I went to a smaller cup. And definitely add sugar if you are not. I don’t add any cream to mine,

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It’s a very smooth black tea, especially for Adagio (I’ve always found their tea to be a bit bitter and drying). The blackberry taste is definitely present. I don’t know if I would be able to identify it as blackberry, but it blends with the black tea base very well. The vanilla is detectable in the smoothness of the sip. I can’t really taste it otherwise. There is a tiny bit of astringency which adds a nice tartness to the blackberry note. I wonder what a little splash of milk will do to the flavors. Overall, a very fun tea! I might be popping this in my shopping cart in my next Adagio order. Thank you so much, SimplyJenW for a sample.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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I was so excited to see this tea in honor of the Royal Wedding. I’m such a sucker for anything limited edition or a product produced especially for an event. I’m usually not a white tea drinker as I prefer black tea and rooibos blends. This tea has a sweetness that lingers on the tongue long after you’ve finished the cup. I can’t really detect the vanilla or coconut as separate notes, but just a general sweetness. There is also a floral note in the background (not exclusively rosebuds) that blends well with the white tea flavor. Although it’s not my favorite, I might have to purchase more of it just because it is delicately tasty and rather different.

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This is an interesting tea. I usually don’t like plain black tea.. I enjoy black tea that has a pop of vanilla or caramel. Drinking it plain, I kept expecting a bitter or sharper taste, but it’s very smooth! I’m tasting mostly a smoky note and I have to say that I don’t like smoky teas (perhaps I would if I found a smoky AND creamy, sweet blend). The finish isn’t entirely smoke which makes it drinkable. Overall, this is a solid and bold black tea. Normally I don’t drink my tea with milk or sugar/sweetener, but I think it might be interesting to experiment.

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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The scent right out of the pouch is very fruity and very strong. The flavor is a bit difficult to describe. It’s fruity and with a little bit of something that tastes like sage. This flavor makes the tea more savory instead of sweet. The finish gives me that interesting fizzy sensation, like I’ve had a sip of soda. I think that this would be so much better iced, but even then I don’t think I’d go crazy for it. Thank you Ottawa Tea for a sample!

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I came home from work today and I felt like I needed a cup of tea. I made a bit of Harney & Son’s Tower of London Blend (Review on that one later) and then felt like having another. This tea smelled like strong wheat – very rich, roasted and hearty grains. The taste isn’t very different from the smell. It’s a starchy kind of tea with a whole bunch of toasty flavor. What I dislike is that there is very little dimension to the tea. It’s just relatively flat.. toasty, almost like bread.. but not the good kind. I think this would be good if you paired it with some kind of food. On its own, I’m not impressed and a bit underwhelmed. Soba Cha isn’t necessarily BAD, it’s just uneventful for me.


I agree this is the kind of tea that tastes best when accompanied by food. I’ve had it many times at Korean restaurants, and it goes well with kimchi and spicy noodles, but I’m not sure if I’d want to drink it by itself. I didn’t know Harney’s made a version of it…interesting!

Hamada Kaido

i first had this with noodles in tokyo but i also love it on its own. more of an acquired taste in that sense i guess. i like the nutty flavor but i also like coffee so it depends.

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