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I saw this and wanted to try it so I grabbed a bag today from a restaurant. It actually reminded me of TeaFrog’s chocolate cream except it was far less bitter! I was a little concerned with the 5 minute steep time, but it wasn’t really bitter. It definitely brewed a deep, dark brown.. So much that I was expecting something too bold. This was just a nice black tea with a hint of chocolate and a bunch of coconut. The coconut stood out to me the most. I will try this tea again next time I’m at that restaurant. Not my favorite dessert tea, but still makes a tasty cup!


I usually brewed it for 3 minutes.

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This is very good! I haven’t tried it with milk or sugar yet, but I’m not sure if I want to. It’s sweet with just a hint of black tea. I typically like it when my black tea is swallowed up by a sweet flavor. I taste a bit of chocolate (not a large amount, but enough) and none of the cream, unfortunately. The flavors blend nicely with the black tea. Delish! Thanks lori! I’ll be ordering some of this later.


this tea is very sweet and creamy and pleasant w/milk and sugar…


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Okay, but I still like Coconut Custard more! The dry leaf has almost a tangy yogurt smell. It reminded me a lot of some sweet yogurt drink I had when I was younger. When steeped, there is a bit of a floral scent. This tea is just alright. A tiny bit drying after you swallow. It’s sweet, but I don’t really taste individual honey or vanilla.

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drank Coconut Custard by Teas Etc
541 tasting notes

This is probably my new favorite rooibos! I love rooibos and I love sweet dessert teas… what a perfect combination this is! I don’t detect something that is pure coconut.. I’m just getting a creamy, almost honey-like sweetness instead. This is so smooth! The perfect balance between rooibos and sweetness. I don’t know how, but it’s quickly soared to the top of my list. Delicious! I won’t ever go without this blend in my cupboard.

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drank Love Tea #7 by DAVIDsTEA
541 tasting notes

Yum! This is definitely chocolate and strawberry. Sweet with a bit of black tea in the background. Thank you Lori for letting me try this.

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Big big thank you to lori for this one.
I have been waiting anxiously to try this tea.. and happily, I did this evening! I tried the tea without any milk or sugar just to see how it was on its own. Delicious. I love the flavors! It seemed to be a smooth black tea taste with just a bit of natural sweetness and almost a bakery-type flavor at the end. The black tea was not overpowering or bitter (even without sugar!). I’m sure it would be even MORE rich with milk and sugar. I almost don’t want to spoil it with additions! This cup was like nothing I have tried. It has a really mellow and complex taste. Very yummy. Definitely excited to drink this one again and again. I’ll have to purchase this!

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Yummy! Thank you to Jaime for this one. :)
This is delicious. It reminded me a bit of American Tea Room’s Extreme Vanilla. I wouldn’t say that I could taste any of the individual caramel or the apricot flavors, but more of just SWEET + green tea. Really very tasty!

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I normally love rooibos tea blends from Republic of Tea. I was really excited to try this flavor since it seems so appropriate for fall. The flavors are just uneventful for me. The chocolate and the rooibos seem to clash a bit (more rooibos than chocolate, for me) & I don’t really detect the ginger, but something not very pleasant. It’s not bad… just not as flavorful or tasty as I expected.

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I, like Jaime, was really excited to try this tea. The thought of rooibos + the flavor of red velvet was just too marvelous to pass up! This is my second cup of this today.. and I’m trying to get a grasp on the flavor. It does brew to a pretty red color and still has that distinctive wood flavor rooibos always seems to have. The chocolate scent reminds me of a scratch-and-sniff sticker from my childhood. It’s not completely artificial, but is on the border of being so. The flavor is sweet and balanced with the rooibos. I do very much like this tea and think it’s quite yummy.. but I wouldn’t necessarily call it red velvet chocolate. There are moments when I think “yes! That’s definitely it!” but it keeps slipping away. There are layers of chocolate, almost a berry tone and the rooibos. Overall, a very nice cup. Lots of flavors to keep your tongue occupied and your belly happy!

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This is exactly what I want in a fall tea. Love the cinnamon and the apple. I find that the spice/cinnamon is prominent, but that it’s balanced with the apple or sweetness. This is a great, sweet tea without the need of sugar or honey. I admit that there is a strange aftertaste.. and I’m not sure what that is. I’m too distracted by the other flavors, though. Perfect for this time of year!

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