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I was looking forward to this tea for a long time and finally just purchased a tin of it. The scent is pleasing and definitely more sweet than expected. The taste is of a black tea base plus caramel and other pleasant notes. I could really just detect the caramel and not a ton of the vanilla or cream. I may try this tea with a little bit of milk even though I dislike adding things to my teas.
Sweet velvet fog is bordering on the sickeningly sweet.. Even though I love sweet, creamy, dessert teas. I hope the milk might drown the sweetness a little. This is a pleasant cup of tea— but it seems like the creamy is replaced by extra sweet!

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When I smelled this tea I was worried that it would be a bit too much spice.
Drinking it is a nice smooth flavor. I am very happy with the taste. Little bit of sweet, little bit of spice. I was expecting more chocolate because I sensed it in the smell… but not too much chocolate here. Overall, a nice smooth cup that reminds me of Christmas!
Thank you so much, Lori!

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I received this in a lovely swap! Thank you Meghann!This tea isn’t bad, but not my favorite. I was wanting a bit more chocolate and not as much spice. The spice is pleasant and reminds me of gingerbread. It’s a decent flavor, but I’m looking for chocolate and chai, not just chai or spice.

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It’s not that I dislike this tea, it’s just that I’m not super enthusiastic. I like that it’s a decaf tea and that I can drink this before bed, but the flavors don’t wow me. It’s sweet with a nice base, just not super creamy, in my opinion. This tea left me expecting more.

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I very much enjoy this tea. It has a nice sweet berry scent. A bit more flavor on the base’s part and I would have liked a bit more of the fruit. Overall a nice tea with a smooth taste. One of my favorites.

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The description made me purchase a cup of this from Starbucks. It smelled like apple and spice and I was expecting something delicious! The tea left an unpleasant tickling sensation on the back of my tongue. I’m not sure if it was the effect of the spice, but I did not like it. The tea lacked any sort of vanilla flavor and didn’t really taste too much like apple either. The spice was almost too peppery (reminiscent of Yogi Tea’s disgusting peppery character) to enjoy. Had to dump this one.

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This tea is just okay for me. I had heard really good things about it, but it wasn’t as delicious as expected. It has a beautiful coconut scent, not so much cocoa included. For me, it tasted a bit watered down and uneventful.

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This tea has a beautiful smell and is definitely coconut. I think it would make a really nice iced tea, but as for hot.. the black base is a bit overwhelming, at least for me. I prefer tea bases to be somewhat “smothered” with the added flavor. This is definitely a pick for someone who loves a more balanced relationship of coconut and black tea.

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I love the name of this tea and wanted it to be great. The smell is of a creamy, rich chocolate. The taste, however, is significantly different. I can get hints of chocolate, but now as much as you would expect from the scent. Isn’t there a darn mate (or other tea, for that matter) with a rich, creamy chocolate taste? I might be asking too much.. trying to find a healthier, but equally satisfying replacement for hot chocolate. Anyway, this tea isn’t awful, just a bit disappointing.


Have you tried 52teas’ Malted ChocoMate? It’s got a pretty strong chocolate flavor!


I agree Janefan!! I love their Malted ChocoMate…too bad I’m out.


Janefan and mrawlins2, I will definitely look into this kind! Thanks for your suggestion! :)

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