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This is a smooth tea that has the lovely scent of a lemon dessert. I appreciate its creamy aspect and was actually expecting more of a tart flavor from the lemon. This is a great tea to have before bed. It’s creamy, sweet & very nice all on its own.

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I want to like this tea, but I’m not impressed. I mostly taste black tea with a flavor that wants to be caramel, but isn’t. Now, it’s not terrible, but I can hardly call it a dessert tea. It lacks the nice sweetness of caramel.

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drank Coconut Cream Pie by 52teas
547 tasting notes

Thank you to Meghann for sharing some of this tea with me! This is a good & solid flavored black tea. I like the sweetness that turns into coconut in the swallow. I’m not tasting any of the creamy or pie parts, just the coconut against a black background. The black tea is a bit stronger than I would have liked, but this is a pleasant cup!

Meghann M

I had to add a splash of cream to get the cream and never got pie crust, but enjoyed this all the same.

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I’ve tried many different chocolate teas in the past.. MANY and most of them have been mediocre. I was thinking about just drinking hot chocolate instead of tea until I brewed a hot cup of Chocolate Truffle! This tea is fantastic. It’s dark, has a rich smell and to be honest, doesn’t taste like tea. I wouldn’t say that the flavor is PURE, dripping and thick chocolate. Yes, it’s chocolate.. but it’s more of a bitter/baking chocolate taste. This tea strangely feels thicker in the mouth. This sensation combined with the flavor has me gulping it down without thinking that it’s tea. The aftertaste is of black tea leaves.. making me feel that the tea doesn’t want to be forgotten. “I’m here, too!” it whispers. A nice combination of a bitter chocolate & black tea. Delish.

Meghann M

Yum, great review, sounds like something I’ll have to pick up soon!


it probably feels thick because it has small milk chocolate chips in it, i’m guessing they melt when brewed. tbh i don’t really consider it a tea anymore :/ but still, bet it would be tasty…

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Spot52 was kind enough to trade some of this tea. I popped open the bag and found that it was just a hint of rooibos smothered by a bit of a medicinal scent. Brewed, I’m not tasting any white chocolate or toffee. The scent is familiar, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. It reminds me of some kind of liquor or medicine. This tea has so much potential, but there is just so much going on.. and way too much power from that odd flavor/scent.

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drank Coconut Custard by Teas Etc
547 tasting notes

I’m just about out of this bag! I have been having a pot at least once a day. I don’t know why, but it’s not tasting as sweet as my first few cups. I’m tasting more of the rooibos than the coconut/sweetness as before. Still good!


“I’m just about out of this bag!” may be a clue… maybe ingredients have shifted/settled.


I was thinking about that.. but it was about early/mid-way through the bag when it started to not taste the same. I’ll try shaking/shifting it a bit to see how it goes! Thanks!

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I saw this and wanted to try it so I grabbed a bag today from a restaurant. It actually reminded me of TeaFrog’s chocolate cream except it was far less bitter! I was a little concerned with the 5 minute steep time, but it wasn’t really bitter. It definitely brewed a deep, dark brown.. So much that I was expecting something too bold. This was just a nice black tea with a hint of chocolate and a bunch of coconut. The coconut stood out to me the most. I will try this tea again next time I’m at that restaurant. Not my favorite dessert tea, but still makes a tasty cup!


I usually brewed it for 3 minutes.

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This is very good! I haven’t tried it with milk or sugar yet, but I’m not sure if I want to. It’s sweet with just a hint of black tea. I typically like it when my black tea is swallowed up by a sweet flavor. I taste a bit of chocolate (not a large amount, but enough) and none of the cream, unfortunately. The flavors blend nicely with the black tea. Delish! Thanks lori! I’ll be ordering some of this later.


this tea is very sweet and creamy and pleasant w/milk and sugar…


Now is your chance to order – it is 33% off today for Select :)

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Okay, but I still like Coconut Custard more! The dry leaf has almost a tangy yogurt smell. It reminded me a lot of some sweet yogurt drink I had when I was younger. When steeped, there is a bit of a floral scent. This tea is just alright. A tiny bit drying after you swallow. It’s sweet, but I don’t really taste individual honey or vanilla.

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drank Coconut Custard by Teas Etc
547 tasting notes

This is probably my new favorite rooibos! I love rooibos and I love sweet dessert teas… what a perfect combination this is! I don’t detect something that is pure coconut.. I’m just getting a creamy, almost honey-like sweetness instead. This is so smooth! The perfect balance between rooibos and sweetness. I don’t know how, but it’s quickly soared to the top of my list. Delicious! I won’t ever go without this blend in my cupboard.

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