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Another interesting tea steep tonight. This would be my third time having this tea and so far this is the sweetest the tea has been for me. I’m increasing the rating because the mouth feel is a bit thicker this time and it’s slightly more sweet and very buttery. I’m looking forward to re-steeping these leaves tonight!

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Today I’m beginning my long milk oolong train.. in hopes of finding the very best milk oolong. I heard good things about this tea and thought it would be nice as #1. The leaves smell like vegetables with a hint of milk. I’m almost getting a rubbery element (it’s interesting how I’m always getting a rubbery note in some of my teas) that I dislike. Steeping, the scent transforms from rubbery, milky vegetables to that true TEA smell with butter. I’m always amazed at how a tea can smell like a buttery, rich thing.

Steep #1: Sipping, I’m getting a different flavor than expected. I suppose I was expecting something far richer or creamier, but it’s nice. Definitely a milky flavor, but you kind of have to look for it in the sip. There is a nice, smooth transition into the more floral notes of the tea. Not as sweet as I thought it would be.. it’s more savory and buttery. Still very yummy.

Steep #2: A darker yellow this time. The leaves really opened up! I’m sniffing elements of buttered popcorn.. savory things, again. This is pretty good.. not terribly smooth, but not bad either. The floral taste is more present, but it still retains its buttery taste. Not as much like sweet cream as I would have liked.

In my 2-steep experience, I would say that I like this tea. It’s definitely buttery and somewhat milky, but lacks a real sweetness. This isn’t a bad choice for a milk oolong if you’re looking for less sweet cream and more salty butter.

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I had a stomach ache tonight and decided some chamomile tea would help. I’m coming around to this cup of tea. The flavor is still a little bit strange, but I like the smoothness. It’s almost “fluffy” — not in texture so much.. but just in presence. I also like how the vanilla calms the spearmint since I wasn’t crazy about that note in the original Sleepytime blend. So soothing, I may have a second cup tonight.

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drank Coconut Custard by Teas Etc
602 tasting notes

Really yummy cup of tea, as always. This is a perfect cup to have while relaxing at the end of the day. Delicious!

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drank Birthday Tea by Adagio Teas
602 tasting notes

I grabbed a pouch of this tea in my last Adagio order. I’m liking this cup today, but a bit less than my first few. My pouch had no sprinkles in it.. C’mon Adagio! So I added my own rainbow variety (perhaps a bit too many). I’m also learning that Adagio’s black tea is strong and drying even with a short steep time. A 3 and 1/2 minute steep is too drying for my mouth, so I’m sticking between 2-2 and 1/2 minutes.

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Hey! It’s my 111th tasting note! Onto the tea review… Despite being exhausted from work today, I took a trip downtown to grab a cup of this tea. I couldn’t find a parking spot to save my life and ended up risking a parking ticket while I went into the cafe (the only cafe around here that serves this tea). It makes a pretty golden cup of tea and the leaves expand tremendously. The taste is of oolong tea (somewhat astringent!) with a floral note and a hint of something that desperately wants to be milk or cream. If I try not to concentrate too much.. I almost, ALMOST get a scrap of smoothness that could be interpreted as the milky quality. It’s not bad.. but there should be a bit MORE of that sweet cream taste. I’m looking forward to trying other milk oolongs out there and don’t think this one is the very best.

aisling of tea

I’ve heard nothing but bad things about The Republic of Tea. Wait until you try the Milk Oolong from DT that I’m sending you. You’ll be in love.


I cannot WAIT for DT’s Milk Oolong. Seriously! I am so very excited.
I don’t mind The Republic of Tea’s Good Hope Vanilla Rooibos, but I have to say that I’m not super crazy about their teas.

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drank Grape Oolong by Butiki Teas
602 tasting notes

The dry leaf of this tea is really pretty cute. Small, tightly curled leaves and a very overwhelming scent of grape. This grape reminds me of the grape in some candies (and even some medicines). As it steeps, the oolong steps to the front and mingles with the grape scent. Sipping.. I’m very impressed with the flavor. A nice sweet grape (I’m thinking purple grapes) wrapped around oolong. Delicious! No one flavor, to me at least, overpowers the other. I am really enjoying the earthy flavor of the oolong and the smooth sweetness of the grape. Thank you Stacy for a very tasty drink!

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I love rooibos and I love creamy dessert teas. I also enjoy a bit of fruit in them from time to time! Today I am sampling this tea and I am so glad I did! This smelled to me, like Joy’s Teaspoon’s Lemon Zest and Praise Tea’s Roo Lemon Pie. I honestly am not able to taste a large difference between all of these teas. HOWEVER, I did notice a smoother finish and swallow with Butiki Teas’ blend. For that, it does get a higher rating from me. Smooth, lemon dessert tea! This is my favorite Butiki blend (so far) and I must thank Stacy once again!

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Despite the shorter steep time, this makes a very dark cup of tea! The smell of the dry leaf reminds me very much of SpecialTeas’ almond cookie (another one of my favorites). While the scent is beautiful and very yummy, the taste is not as strong on the almond/cookie flavor. My tongue detects more of the tea base than the additional flavors. The flavor does not have the same doughy/bakery flavor that SpecialTeas’ blend has. It is a good cup, but I prefer my teas to be heavier on the flavor and lighter on the base. Thank you, Stacy!

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Steeping this tea, I smelled TeasEtc.‘s coconut custard. Yes, my beloved coconut custard rooibos blend. If I were blindfolded and had a side-by-side comparison, I don’t believe that I could tell the difference. The taste is almost identical to coconut custard except maybe with a little bit more of that rooibos woodsy taste. I don’t think that I’m getting a creamy aspect, but I am enjoying this just as much as coconut custard. Really, very good! Thank you so much to Stacy for this delicious treat!

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49 & below – Depending on the more specific rating: Undrinkable. Yuck. Will not purchase.

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